tagErotic CouplingsKaren Ch. 02

Karen Ch. 02


Karen had spent the night with me.

I woke up the next morning to my balls in a wet squeezing place and pressure against my asshole. I realized that my balls were in Karen's mouth ((I love my balls in a mouth) and a finger up my ass reaching for my prostate. I was not that experienced at anal insertions then and it felt strange and erotic at the same time. My cock was rapidly hardening as she swished my balls in her mouth and fingered my ass.

Then she plopped my balls out of her mouth and pulled her finger from my ass. She rolled up to straddle me and reached to insert my cock in her pussy. It only had the tip in and I could tell that she was not comfortable. She rolled off and said she was to sore from last night to fuck like that. She asked if I would fuck her ass instead. I had never fucked an ass before but immediately agreed. Karen ran to the bathroom and came back with a tube of hand lotion.

She lubed my cock up with the lotion and got back on top of me. Her fingers grasped my cock and slowly pushed it against her asshole.

It was extremely tight but she slowly worked it into her ass until it popped past her sphincter. She gasped as it slid all the way into her ass moving slowly back and forth my cock moved in and out of her ass. It was so incredibly hot and tight.

It was so hot getting to fuck a really tight ass and soon I could not wait any longer and began to pump cum into her ass. It felt so incredible as she clenched my cock with her asshole.

After a couple of minutes her ass released my cock and it slid out of her ass with a trail of brown cum (I did not know about clean anal tricks then). She jumped up and ran to the bathroom. After a couple of minutes I followed as I really had to piss. She had just finished up and got up from the toilet. She wiped my cock off and then held it for me while I pissed.

She then stepped back into her red dress and shoes, kissed me passionately and left leaving behind her bra and pantyhose.

Hope that means she will be back.

Later that day -

Bill and I had a client dinner Tuesday night and got back to the hotel about 8:30. We went by the bar to see if Karen was there. i had pretty much been walking around with a hard on all day thinking about the night before. We went up to our rooms about 9:00.

The light to my phone was blinking. I checked the message and it was Karen wanting me to call. I called her room and we chatted about our days for a minute and she asked me what room Bill was in. I told her and we chatted for a couple of minutes and hung up. I thought she was going to go be with Bill since she had stayed with me the night before.

I usually hang around in my hotel room naked (like i am while i am typing this) and had taken my clothes off after Karen had hung up. I remembered she had left her bra and pantyhose last night. Had worn pantyhose before playing around with the wife and always enjoyed the silky feel on by legs, balls and cock.

I pulled them on. Her pantyhose felt so silky around my balls. I began stroking my cock thru the pantyhose thinking that Karen was going to be with Bill tonight. Then i saw her bra there all black and lacy. I got up and wrapped it around my chest. It was really tight and I could not hook it in the back. I turned it around, hooked it and pulled it up over my "tits". It was really hot wearing her things. I moved around the room a bit like and after a while took her bra off and laid down on the bed in her pantyhose slowly stroking my cock with her bra.

I was enjoying edging and looking forward to cumming in her pantyhose and on her bra when there was a knock on the door. Not quite sure what to do, i dropped the bra on the bed and went to the door. Looking thru the peep hole i could see Karen standing there, alone. I hesitated and then said what the hell and opened the door. She stepped in and stared at me in her pantyhose with my precum staining the crotch. Then she smiled and said that's hot.

Closing the door, I followed her into the room. I asked where Bill was and she said she had already seen him and it was my turn. Stepped into the middle of the room and slid out of her dress. She was standing there in only tan pantyhose and 4" beige heels.

I stepped up to her and kissed her rubbing our pantyhosed crotches together. She reached down and caressed my pantyhosed covered balls. Just loved the feeling of our pantyhosed bodies moving against each other. We moved to the bed and laid next to each other. She noticed the bra on the bed and asked what have you been doing? Told her I had been rubbing my cock with her bra and thinking of her. Did not think you were coming by tonite and was going to jack off on your stuff thinking of you.

She thought that was really hot and said you can rub them on the real things as she slid down and began to rub her tits over my cock which was still leaking precum into her pantyhose. Soon she slid down a bit further and began sucking the tip of my cock thru the pantyhose. Her sucking my precum like that was really turning me on. I reached around and began to massage her pussy thru her pantyhose which were soaked with her juices.

I could feel her breathing heavily onto my cock. She sat up and started to pull her pantyhose down. I stopped her and asked her to leave them on. She said she needed my cock in her now. Then she smiled at me, reached into her pantyhose and ripped them at the crotch, pulling them apart exposing her pussy and asshole.

She then straddled me, pulled my pantyhose down past my cock and impaled herself on my cock and began riding me. She quickly tightened her pussy and began to cum. As her orgasm rolled over her I rolled her over on her back, pulled her legs up and began to pound in and out of her pussy. I was soon pumping hot cum into her pussy.

After I caught me breath, I asked what she and Bill had done since there was not any cum in her pussy. She said she had needed to eat some cum and had walked into Bill's room, pulled his pants down and sucked his cock until he filled her mouth with cum. She said she was going to do the same with me till she saw me in her pantyhose. I then realized that I had been kissing her after her mouth had been filled with Bill's cum.

It was just Tuesday.

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