Karen Ch. 06


This is the sixth in the Karen series. I suggest you read the others first to keep things in sequence.


As my fingers spread the lotion over Karen's beaten and ravaged ass, they teased her clit and cum continued to ooze out of her loins. Climbing onto the bed, I straddled her head and released her wrists from the cuffs.

Karen raised herself up on her elbows, framing her huge tits between her arms and proceeded to stroke my cock as she looked up at me smiling. "I didn't think I could enjoy that," she said as I slid forward. Her head lowered and I felt her soft lips wrap around the length of my shaft as she swallowed my whole cock and teased it with her talented tongue. I moaned loudly as I leaned back against some pillows and removing the rubber band holding her ponytail, stroked my fingers through her luxurious hair.

My friend Steve appeared in the doorway. He had been taping the entire session with cameras we had hidden in the bathroom, closet and the hall. He was stripped and ready for action. His cock stood up at attention as his eyes gazed longingly at Karen's beautiful ass. I raised Karen's mouth off of my cock and cupping her face in my hands asked, "How do you feel?"

Karen looked up at me and said, "A little sore but otherwise wonderful."

"I'm glad you liked it." I said. "Would you like to do some more?"

"Yes." Karen answered smiling.

"Good. Your talented mouth is just wonderful. I could have you suck on me all day long," I complimented her.

"Okay," she said with a smile as she lowered her head back down and sucked my spent cock all the way into her eager mouth.

Steve moved between Karen's spread thighs and I could see how his ramrod stuck straight up between her spread asscheeks. I wanted to wait until Karen's mouth was filled and my fingers were wrapped through her luxurious, long hair before I nodded at Steve. He was ready.

Stepping up to Karen's open thighs, he pressed his cock down and aimed it straight into her open asshole. Karen froze as she felt his hardness fill her ass in one firm thrust. She had never been with two men at the same time before. She was frightened but her body was on fire. Fighting to get up and to scream, I held her head firmly in place with my cock filling her mouth. Her muffled screams tickled my cock as I whispered, "Relax," over and over.

I continued to stroke Karen's hair as Steve began to stroke into her beautiful ass, filling Karen to the hilt with each thrust. Realizing she could do nothing about it and responding to the sexual heat in her loins, Karen's fright turned to passion. She had no idea who the stranger in her ass was and that, in itself, was even more exciting to her.

Karen felt my grip on her head ease, though I did not let go and then she felt Steve's hands stroke up her sides and begin to cup her huge tits. As he rocked into her ass, her body lurched forward, grinding her clit against the footboard and forcing my cock deeper into her eager mouth as her tits heaved and Steve mauled her huge mams.

Karen's ass was not as tender as it had been when I entered her but Steve was not being anywhere near as gentle with her sweet ass as I'd been. He was really reaming her out and Karen was responding by milking his cock and sucking me right back to hardness. She could tell he was about to cum and her body continued to press back to meet his every impaling thrust. Steve and I smiled at each other as he shot his full load deep into Karen's hungry body. She felt his load fill her bowels and her own orgasm wracked her bound body.

Steve began to massage Karen's firm cheeks and then slowly withdrew his spent cock from her ravaged ass. He untied her ankles and helped her straighten her legs. Taking the bottle of lotion, he massaged her thighs bringing back her circulation as I continued to keep her mouth filled with cock. Karen felt his fingers teasing her clit and probing her pussy as he massaged the lotion into her body. She was spent and totally exhausted. I eased my grip on her head and she lifted her mouth from my cock.

"What the hell is going on?!" she demanded.

"I invited a friend," I answered matter-of-factly.

"But what about me? Don't I get any say in this?" she asked.

"Now that you ask, no," I answered. Karen was about to protest further when she saw the video-camera on the tripod.

"What the hell is that for?" she demanded.

"That my dear is a video-camera and you my dear are the star," I explained. "I'll make you a copy and you can take it home to watch," I added. Karen was about to protest but then realized that I was not going to do anything to jeopardize my relationship with her and the idea of being able to watch herself being enjoyed so fully was exciting.

"I don't like this," she protested weakly.

"I know, but then again you didn't like anything we've done until after you'd done it," I answered and Karen blushed. She knew I was right.

"Was this your first menage a trois?" asked Steve. Karen turned to see Steve standing above her, his spent tool dangling between his legs. She was pleased to see how handsome he was but she was too embarrassed to answer him so she only nodded. "How was it?" he continued.

Karen found her voice. "When I first felt you enter me and so abruptly, I was scared out of my mind but then as you began to fuck me, it felt much better," she answered. Karen was a bit shocked to hear herself use the word "fuck" but it just came out. She smiled at Steve and then rolling over, took his cock between her fingers and sucked it gently into her mouth.

"That feels wonderful," he said. "I'm glad you liked the menage a trois because you've got a lot more coming." Lifting Karen to her feet, he scooped her up in his arms and we all headed for the hot tub. Karen played with both of us as we both enjoyed her body in the hot water.

After drying off, we went back inside and I suggested that Karen demonstrate the plow for Steve. He looked puzzled. She took him by the hands and led him to the center of the room and got him into position. I picked up the video-camera and began to film it all.

Karen moved into the plow and Steve couldn't believe his eyes or the feeling between his legs as he felt Karen's sweet lips close around his balls and felt her other lips close around his cock. Her muscles danced over his shaft as I filmed the entire action.

Taking hold of her legs, just below her knees, Steve began to rock Karen back and forth along the length of his shaft as Karen's fingers and tongue teased his asshole. He was not going to be denied the opportunity of cumming in this fantastic position. Karen could feel his balls tighten in her mouth and knew he was about to shoot even before Steve did. Locking her ankles around his back, Steve realized what was about to happen. He pressed his finger into Karen's upturned asshole and she gasped as her body stiffened as she flooded her wet pussy with cum and she held him still as gallons of his cum shot deep into her quivering pussy.

After a long moment, Karen released her locked ankles and Steve gently eased her pelvis forward but only until his cock slid out of her pussy. Lifting his balls out of her mouth, he held her in this position until drops of cum from his cock dripped onto her lips. Karen opened her mouth to accept his spent tool as cum began to ooze out of her own body and drip down onto her nose and cheeks from above. Steve smoothed the mixture of their cum into her skin as if it were beauty cream.

Unrolling Karen's beautiful but spent body, we both admired once again just how beautiful and sexually adept she really was. We helped her sit up and then Steve pulled her hands behind her, wedging them under his thighs. His hands came up to her massive tits and began to tease and play with her huge orbs.

Karen watched carefully as I made a loop with a length of string and she prepared to have me once again tie her huge tits. She was only partially correct. The string I was using was strong but much thinner than the cord I'd used earlier. The loop was also considerably smaller. As Steve began squeezing and rolling her tender nipples between his strong fingers, Karen realized what was about to befall her sensitive nubs.

When Steve released her hard nubbin, I lay the open loop on her huge breast. It slid down catching on her very hard nipple. Karen watched as I pulled the free end and the loop closed around her entrapped nipple. I tugged on the string and her breast was pulled forward. As I lifted the string, Karen felt her massive mam lifted away from her ribs as it dangled suspended by her tender nipple. I then tied her other nipple the same way.

Pulling on her nipple strings, I teased Karen's massive mams and she felt just how heavy they were as their full weight was momentarily supported by the string entrapping her hardened nipples. Karen felt her nipples stretching under the strain. I crossed the strings and pulled on them gently but firmly until her huge tits mashed together and her nipples stretched almost to the point of touching. Karen looked down in horror as her tits were pulled together. It didn't hurt but she could feel the strain. I eased the strain and then as Steve bent her body forward a bit, I pulled the strings tight and tied them together so that her nipples touched. Karen stared down in amazement, not really believing her tits could do that. There was very little strain on her tits because she was leaning forward. At least for the moment.

Placing a pillow on the mattress, Steve eased Karen's body backwards. As soon as her body position began to shift, Karen could feel the strain on her nipples as gravity pulled her breasts down and towards her sides. When finally she lay flat on her back, she was not in pain but she could clearly feel the strain of her heavy tits as the string held her nipples tightly together. Her tits were piled up on top of her chest, exactly where I wanted them.

With the pillow under her shoulder blades, Karen's body was raised slightly and her head hung back. Steve straddled Karen's face and spreading his asscheeks over her face pressed his asshole to her lips. Karen lay motionless under him as the strain on her nipples grew more noticeable.

"You know what I want," he said demandingly and to emphasize his point he slid his finger between her bound nipples and pulled up gently on the string. Karen's tongue shot out and pressed deep into Steve's ass as he moaned in pleasure. He shook her massive tits and then removed his finger from her cleavage and teased her bound nipples with his fingertips. I straddled Karen's body and moving closer, prodded the underside of her bound breasts. Karen knew immediately what I was planning to do. Her attempts at talking only tickled Steve's ass. I rubbed some lotion on Karen's bound tits and poured a healthy amount into her deep cleavage. I then rubbed some along the length of my shaft and slowly eased it between Karen's bound breasts.

The introduction of my thick cock into her narrow valley had an immediate affect on Karen's distended nipples. She could feel the enormous strain as my shaft inched its way up between her huge and very warm titflesh. Karen felt like her nipples would be ripped from her chest as my cockhead began to peek out from between her huge orbs. The valley between her breasts was snug, soft and warm and slowly I began to rock back and forth, sliding my thick shaft through it rhythmically. Karen's screams were muffled in Steve's ass as I watched her nipples stretch further and further.

Steve was hard again and we were ready to continue. He lifted his ass off of Karen's talented mouth and then lifting her head gently, allowed her to see how my cockhead was emerging from between her bound titflesh. Karen was horrified as she saw her nipples so distended. I held her breasts together and Steve untied the bow easing the strain on her sore nubs.

"Sit on my cock." Steve instructed Karen and as he lay back on the bed I helped her position herself over his shaft. Taking his rod between her long, slender fingers, she parted her pussy lips and slid her body down onto his impaling member. Karen brought her knees down to the mattress and then bracing herself, began to ride his rock-hard shaft. He played with her dangling and swaying breasts and then pulled her down on top of his body holding her tightly.

Karen stretched her legs out and Steve began to hammer his ramrod into her gushing pussy. Karen felt me moving on the bed behind her and quickly realized she was about to become the main course of a love sandwich. As I eased my fingers into her asscrack she started to beg, "Please don't do this to me. Please."

Steve pulled her mouth to his and kissed her deeply as I took hold of her breasts and eased my cock into her barely closed asshole. In a matter of moments, we had fallen into an easy rhythm as Karen felt her body impaled between our two thrusting cocks. Orgasms rippled through her magnificent body as she started to babble with passion. Karen had no idea how responsive her body could be, given the right stimulus. She was in ecstasy.

We continued to thrust into her soft, hot body and Karen's head flailed about lustfully as she screamed softly with each successive orgasm. Her loins were oozing with cum as Steve and I nodded to each other. Karen's inner love muscles had been doing their magic and together we both shot our loads deep between her satiny thighs. Karen collapsed between us in a dazed state as cum oozed out of both of her sweet holes. We all drifted off to sleep.

When we awoke we romped around in the bed, teasing each other and then Steve and I decided that Karen had earned a reward. Carrying her to the hot tub we bathed her and then we both gave her a complete and thorough body massage. We then let her sleep. She had earned it and was going to need her strength.

Steve began to edit the tapes and I began to get things ready for the coming attractions. It was also time to eat.

To be continued...

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