Karen Ch. 10


As we neared the restaurant, I released Karen's wrists and she slipped her hands through the holes in the front of her cape.

"Your clothes are folded in your bag," I said as I reached behind the seat for her large purse. "Go into the ladies' room and clean yourself up and get dressed. I'll meet you at the table," I continued with a smile.

As she swayed and bounced through the restaurant everyone noticed Karen. She wore a long wrap-around skirt, high heels, and a sheer silk blouse that buttoned down the front. Her hair was beautifully combed out and her face was radiant. Her huge breasts swayed and bounced softly as she walked through the restaurant, her cape draped over her arm. More than one eye admired her as she came to my table. It was clear to anyone looking, that her huge breasts were unfettered by any bra. I smiled at Karen as she approached and standing up to greet her, I kissed her softly on her cheek. She smiled at me.

"Open one more button," I whispered with a smile as she sat down in the chair I held for her. Karen reached between her full breasts and undid the button between her breasts as I came around the table and sat down. The view of her full cleavage was spectacular. The maitre d. was very helpful and came by several times to see how we were enjoying our meal and to stare down the front of Karen's blouse.

We enjoyed a wonderful meal, talking and teasing each other. Karen slipped off her shoe and carefully guided her stockinged foot between my thighs and massaged my cock as we ate. After dessert, I excused myself and went into the bar. The maitre d. stopped by again to take a look at Karen's deep cleavage as I wrote a note and gave it to one of the waiters to deliver to Karen.

"Dear Karen," she read, "I hope that you enjoyed your dinner because it is now time to pay the bill. I suggest you work something out with the maitre d., since you have no money in your purse. He seems quite interested in you. I'll meet you in the car. Don't be too long," Karen looked up from the note, her face flushed red and saw me at the door. She looked at me pleadingly and I smiled back at her. She reached for her purse and searched frantically for her wallet. I'd left it in the car. When she looked up, I was gone. I'd ducked into the bar to watch through the lattice wall only a few feet from where our table was. I watched as Karen signaled to the waiter and he came over smiling as his eyes burned into her beautiful, full chest. "Would you ask the maitre d. to come over please?" she said softly.

"Is anything wrong?" he asked with a note of panic in his voice, afraid that she was going to complain.

"No, you were a wonderful waiter. I just want to ask him something," she explained. With a nod the boy vanished and moments later the maitre d. arrived, pleased at the opportunity to once again gaze down at Karen's breasts.

"Would you please be seated?" Karen asked the gentleman and he smiled as he sat down across from her. "The gentleman I was with just walked out and left me to pay the bill. I have no money with me and I am very embarrassed," she continued.

"This is highly irregular," he replied. "Do you have a check or a credit card?" he asked.

"No. I have no way of paying you," she pleaded. A twinkle came into his eye as he lowered his gaze to Karen's massive tits. He seemed to be afraid to suggest what he had in mind.

"Perhaps there is some other way you could pay for your dinner," he suggested hesitatingly. Karen looked up at him nervously.

"Do you have someplace private?" she asked, her voice wavering slightly. The man smiled broadly and taking her hand helped her to stand up.

"Please," he said as Karen picked up her things. He motioned for one of the waiters. "Please show this lady to my office," he instructed and the young man escorted Karen through the restaurant to the office.

Knowing the place well, I ducked into the back door of his office and found a place in the bathroom to watch the proceedings. The maitre d. went to arrange for someone to cover for him. As he entered the office, Karen was leaning seductively against the front of his desk.

"Let's see what you are offering as payment for your dinner," he teased. Slowly Karen reached up and began to unbutton her blouse. As the garment opened, it revealed the gold chain holding her pierced nipples together. The man licked his lips as Karen slid the sheer garment down her arms and let it fall onto the desk. Continuing, she untied the sash of her skirt and it slid to the floor. Karen stood proudly before this stranger, naked except for her shoes and the chain between her breasts.

"I hope you are half as good as you look," he said as he walked toward her. Wrapping his arms around her body, he pressed his tongue between her lips and his cock ground hard against her naked pussy. Karen's body responded with a deep moan as she sucked his tongue into her mouth and her hands started to remove his jacket. His hands began to wander over her body and he reached out to fondle her huge tits.

Karen's hands slid down to his crotch and after rubbing his hard cock for a moment, she opened his pants. Expertly, her hand slid into his pants and searched for his cock. Pulling away from him, she sank to her knees and enveloped his raging meat with her lips. She could feel his hands stroke through her hair as he guided her lips up and down the length of his manhood. He could feel her expert lips and tongue bring him to the brink of a huge orgasm but he didn't want to come just yet.

"You're wonderful," he said, "but I'm not ready to cum until I've enjoyed more of your beautiful body." Karen eased up a bit but kept sucking on his cock. "Lie down on the desk and spread yourself for me," he instructed. Karen slid her lips off of his cock and then moved in front of his large desk. Leaning her sculptured ass against the rounded edge she lay back, pulling her long legs up over her massive chest and then spreading them wide as she grasped her knees. He looked down at her eagerly as Karen looked up, feeling very dominated and excited. He sat down beside her and let his hand wander over her huge chest. Her nipples felt the strain of the chain as gravity pulled at her huge tits. Slipping his finger into her deep cleavage, he pulled up gently on her nipple chain and watched as her nipples stretched upwards. "This is interesting. Where did you get it?" he asked.

"It was a gift from the man who I was dining with," she answered.

He pulled up a bit harder on the chain and the strain on Karen's breasts increased until she bit her lip. "I like it," he quipped as his hand slid across her smooth stomach and caressed her mons. He watched her face carefully as he dipped his fingers into her very moist pussy. He could feel her wetness and then his fingers found the gold rings that adorned her swollen labia. He tugged gently on them as the naked beauty gasped. Karen's face flushed as his fingers grazed across her erect clit. As he caressed her pussy, his hand stroked his rigid manhood.

Letting go of her oozing quim, he moved around to the front of the desk and stood between her raised thighs. Placing one hand on her raised knee, he grasped his cock and rubbed the tip across her parted pussy lips. Karen moaned as she felt the hardness of his cock tease her open quim. He wedged the tip firmly between her moist lips and then brought his hand up to her other knee. Wrapping his arms under her calves and around her this, he tightened his grip and then shoved his cock all the way into her tightness with one firm thrust. He could feel her muscles tighten around his shaft as he pressed his cock into Karen's drenched quim. Karen thrust her hips forward to meet his impaling cock. He continued to thrust into her body and moan deeply in pleasure as Karen's body did its thing. His hands slid down to her slender ankles and then he pulled her long legs up and wide apart as he gazed down at his own shaft as it pistoned in and out of her quivering pussy. Her huge tits rolled around on her chest as the chain kept them pressed tightly together. It did not take long for her inner muscles to work their magic on his impaling cock and with a loud grunt, he shoved hard into her beautiful body and shot his load deep into her twitching pussy. Karen gasped as she felt his load fill her tight quim and her own orgasm enveloped her luscious body. Her muscles then continued to milk every drop of cum out of his balls. He looked down and smiling at her said, "You are an excellent lover, excellent," and she smiled.

Pulling his cock out of her pussy, he gazed down at her magnificent body. His cock still hung out of his pants and he moved back and leaned against the armchair. Karen lowered her legs and he reached out for her hand, and helped her to sit up. Karen then slid her body forward so she leaned against the front of the massive desk. She saw that his cock was coated with cum and she quickly moved forward and kneeling in front of him, expertly guided his cock between her lips and licked all of their cum from his spent tool. Carefully, she slid his shaft back into his pants and closed him up. He turned and then stretching his hand out to her, he helped her to her feet. Karen started to retrieve her clothing.

"That was excellent," he said with a smile. "By the way," he interrupted her as she started to slip her blouse on, "What about the waiter? Did you leave a tip for him?" Karen stopped dressing and shook her head. "You know you really should give him something. After all, most of his income is tips," he said.

"Well..." Karen started to protest.

"Come on," the man interrupted her, "he's just a young kid, and not bad looking at that. He would probably explode if you sucked him off." Karen thought for a moment and remembered that he was a fairly handsome kid and the idea of pleasuring such a young boy took on its own excitement. She'd really never had a younger lover and certainly not one so much younger. Before she could speak, the maitre d. said, "I'll call him. You go wait over there," he added, pointing to a large armchair facing the couch in the corner. Karen scooped up her clothes and walked over to the chair and sat down as he picked up the phone. "Send Hank in here and get someone to cover his tables," he said putting down the phone. Moments later there was a knock at the door. "Come in," said the maitre d. and the young waiter entered.

"Sir. You called for me?" he said a bit worried.

"Do you remember the couple at the corner table?" he asked.

"Yes, she was absolutely beautiful, but they left without paying the bill. Does that mean you have to take the tab out of my salary?" he asked nervously.

"Actually, the lady just took care of paying the check," he said and the boy sighed with relief. "However," he continued and the boy's face again turned to a troubled look, "I've asked her to make sure to leave a memorable tip for you," The boy looked a bit puzzled until Karen stood up and turning to face the boy, his mouth fell open as he drank in the fullness of her naked body. The kid's eyes practically popped out of his head as Karen walked towards him, her huge, chained breasts swaying with each step. Karen stopped inches in front of him and smiling at him reached down for his hands.

"Come with me," she said softly as she led him over to a large armchair and pressed his body back so that he sat on the padded arm. The boy sat stunned in front of this beautiful, naked woman as he felt her fingers reach down and rub his raging ramrod through his pants. Hesitantly, he reached up to touch her breasts as she unbuckled his belt.

"It's all right. You may touch them," she said as her fingers searched his underwear and retrieved his raging cock. The boy began to rub and squeeze Karen's tits as she stroked his cock. She slid his pants down a bit and then stroked his raging hard-on.

"Now relax," she whispered as she sank to her knees in front of him.

"You've got to be kidding!" he sighed as he felt Karen's fingers caress his balls as her mouth engulfed his cock. He looked like he'd died and gone to heaven as Karen's head moved up and down the length of his young cock. She felt his fingers stroke through her long, dark hair as he grasped her head and pulled it down onto his raging cock. She expected this and just swallowed his entire cock as she sucked on his manhood. It only took a moment for his balls to explode, sending gallons of cum into Karen's mouth. Karen swallowed and drank as fast as she could. She'd forgotten just how much cum a young boy could have, especially when he was as aroused as this kid was. "Oh, lady, that was fantastic!" he moaned as Karen's lips continued to caress his softening cock. Carefully, she eased his cock back into his pants and closed them for him. As she started to stand up, he looked at her with amazing lust in his eyes and helped her to her feet. Nervously he looked over at his boss.

"You don't often get a tip like that one," he said jokingly to the boy, "and when you do, it's something to remember, huh?" The boy nodded, afraid to say a word. "You can go back to work now and keep your mouth shut about it," he added. The boy nodded again and then smiling at Karen, he drank in her beautiful body one last time before leaving. Karen picked up her clothes as the maitre d. watched her.

"My dear, you are welcome to pay your bill here like this at any time," he said as he walked over and slid his arm around her slender waist. I slid out the side door and headed for the valet parking.

"May I use your bathroom?" she asked as his hand fondled her huge tits. Her massive chest was still heaving and he could feel her heart pounding in her chest.

"Of course," he said as he guided her to the bathroom. He waited as she cleaned herself out and got dressed. She fixed her make-up and brushed her hair. When she came back out he again reached around and fondled her magnificent body as he walked her to the door.

The car arrived just as Karen was coming out the front door and the attendant helped Karen get in. I called to the boy and as he peeked through the window of Karen's door, I held up a dollar. As he reached in to take it, I smiled and nodded at Karen. She took his hand and guided it over her huge breasts and then taking the money from me handed it to the young boy. He smiled and stood up speechless as we drove away laughing.

"Did you take care of the check?" I asked teasingly.

"How could you do that to me?" she asked with a bit of annoyance in her voice. "I had to screw the maitre d. and then to top it all, I had to suck off a high school kid," she complained.

"Yes I know. But you seemed to enjoy it and so did the kid," I said. Karen looked at me amazed. As she started to ask me, I interrupted her. "I was in the foyer and watched the whole thing," I said.

"You, you..." she started.

"Listen, don't kid me. I saw you swallowing that kid's cum. You drank it down like it was your favorite milkshake. Besides you gave him something he won't forget as long as he lives. I'll bet you were his first," I added. Karen smiled, realizing I was right, though it still embarrassed her a little.

"Let's go home," I said.

Arriving home we undressed and piled into the hot tub. Karen rubbed my body as the warm water cascaded over us. "I'm very proud of the way you performed this evening," I said. Karen smiled. "Now I'm going to whip you before making love to you." I continued.

Karen was not completely thrilled by the prospect of being beaten but she remembered how sensitive it had made her body and what made it all okay, was my use of the words "make love to you." Karen knew that our lovemaking would be particularly special tonight and she was excited about the prospect.

I lay several large towels over the table in the den and had Karen lie down on her back. The towels would protect her back against the hardness of the wood. I drew her legs up over her head and tied them to the edge of the table. She was almost in the plow position, with her legs spread to the corners of the table and her ass and thighs completely exposed and available. Her sweet pussy pointed straight up to the ceiling.

As her knees were slightly bent I lay a piece of wood across the backs of her knees and clipped her nipple chain to it with a rubber band. Now each time her legs moved, her breasts would be pulled up by the band. The tension was tight enough to work but loose enough not to hurt her. She would feel each lash in her tits as well as wherever it landed.

"Since you were so good before, I'll give you your choice. Lash, whip or paddle?" I asked as I traced my fingers across the back of her exposed thigh. Karen loved the feeling of my fingers teasing the backs of her thighs before she was to be beaten. It excited her and got all of her nerves ready for what was to come.

"Lash." she whispered softly. Picking up the leather lash, I caressed her inner thigh with my palm and then slid my fingers into her upturned pussy. I hit her across the backs of her thighs and as her legs bounced under the lash, her breasts were pulled by the rubber band holding her nipple chain. Her powerful love muscles clamped tightly around my fingers as they pressed deeper into her exposed quim. Red marks began to crisscross her smooth thighs and then I removed my fingers from her drenched pussy. I continued to beat her upturned ass and then the lash crept between her thighs and kissed her oozing pussy. Karen gasped in pain and pleasure as the leather caressed her womanflesh, kissing her erect clit.

"How many strokes do you want straight across that wonderful pussy of yours?" I asked.

"Three." she whispered hoping it was enough to make me feel she was accepting but too few to really hurt and three is what she got. The leather throngs cut down between her thighs and bit into the soft flesh of her swollen pussy lips. Her pussy was a bubbling pool of cum as I lowered my face to her gushing quim. Karen gasped as my lips touched hers and I licked her pussy. Her clit stood up eagerly and my lips and tongue went after it. I drank in the sweetness of her beautiful, young body.

Dropping the whip, I dove deeper into her pussy as my fingers danced across her beaten flesh. Karen had provided a lot of pleasure today and now it was her turn. I released her breasts and then her feet, easing her body down onto the table. Karen kept her legs bent and I pulled the towels forward until her ass rested at the very edge of the table. Sitting down, I kissed her thigh and then began to eat her sweet pussy as cum continued to ooze out of her loins.

Karen's body was overcome with passion as my tongue caressed her pussy and teased her clit. Her legs shook as orgasms periodically rippled through her sweet, young body. Finally she reached down and pulled my face out of her oozing quim. "Enough!" she whispered hoarsely as her body fell back exhausted. I helped her sit up and as she did so her beaten thighs pressed against the towel and she winced in pain.

"I'm sorry." I said as I helped her to roll over and I smoothed lotion onto her beaten thighs. As the pain in her legs eased, I helped her up. "You'll need to sleep on your stomach tonight." I said and Karen nodded. "And I have a way to help you." I added.

"I'd like you to braid your hair like an Indian." I said and Karen began to comb her long hair and braid it. I handed her two long leather laces and she tied the ends of her braids with them. She looked very sexy. I led Karen to the bedroom and lay down on the bed. As she climbed on top of me, I kissed her deeply as my fingers caressed her back. She slid her body down until her face was poised above my cock. I could see her braids dangling down across my stomach, framing her beautiful lust-filled face. Opening her mouth, she sucked my cock between her sweet lips. I felt her mouth begin to work on my shaft once again as she pleasured my manhood. Guiding her head along the length of my shaft, it didn't take long for me to fill her mouth with cum.

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