tagIncest/TabooKaren Cums Out

Karen Cums Out

byAvalanche Man©

What a piece of crap life is. Imagine working so hard to get where you want to be, and your whole life turns and takes a big DUMP on you. Almost Fifty (Well, actually forty-eight) and just when things are finally getting easier...then your husband walks in and hands you divorce papers.

Worse or as bad, he had another woman already, and has the nerve to tell you HOW fucking bored he is with you. Even though things (Well, sex in particular) hadn't been great in years, you hadn't refused him THAT often...IT was just your job tired you out, and you weren't into all the weird, kinky ideas he had in mind.

You had taken care of yourself. Had done everything to make him and the family proud of all you had accomplished...ALL the sacrifices and time you had spent in getting your LVN. So, maybe, you only took care of senior citizens or "Old Farts" as the family like to call them...it was still a good, rewarding job.

Only 5'4" and a few extra pounds, but at your age, you still had a full, firm pair of 36D's that stood up and stuck out. Maybe your ass had gotten a little wider and fuller as you REALLY, REALLY filled your shorts or jeans these days, but after all, you weren't a teenager any more. And, BIG DEAL, you got your hair done about every two weeks, as you needed to cover those couple of gray hairs that showed otherwise.

What really HURT (or "sucked" as the latest expression went) was your kids seemed to take your husband's...Well, ex-husband's side in this; just when you needed their support the most. Fortunately, the only one left at home was your daughter, Brittany. Equally embarrassing was the way all your mutual friends and others didn't want to listen to your side of what had happened. In a big city you could have hidden or moved on so much easier, but in a small town everyone seem to know everyone else's business.

Only when Betty Wilson had talked you into changing shifts with her had you started to find out what really went on at the Care Center. Those 'Old Farts" had more sex drive than you had ever imagined. The ambulatory test they gave before admitting them should have been a sex drive test. You some times felt like a referee at a "swap contest", and often it was all you could do to get them separated, sedated, and in their own rooms before an all-out orgy killed some of them.

Fred Burmeister wanted you to measure his penis (only he said DICK very loudly), and kiss him before he would take his meds and go to bed. And every night it was "YES, Fred, you still have a good 8" of dick."

Emmie Franklin would have sucked every man there dry, if you didn't almost keep her locked in her room. You KNEW as you had caught her, and had to pull her off different dicks.

Bonnie Swartz never wore anything but housecoats, and would strip off and run through the halls like an Olympic sprinter. You just about had to hide and trip her to catch her.

Bill Smith would fondle your bottom (as he called it, "AHHH, a little fondling is good for you"), and could unbutton your top quicker than you could. You had left his room unbuttoned numerous times without realizing it, as he liked to skip or leave the top button still done.

Only after you had pulled them apart had Willy Jenkins stopped "pouring it to her", as he was reaming old lady Swartz's ass. YEAH, why didn't she run then, AND THEN they were both mad at you for several days.

At times, you felt like numbering all of them and getting them on opposite sides of the large recreation room, and announcing...OKAY, two and six, you do anal, four and eight, you do oral, and ten and five, you try it standing up. ALL the rest of you, just go for a group session.

NONE of this crap went on during the day when you had worked days, but there were extra aides and nurses during the day.

Betty Wilson had just laughed and laughed when you even suggested changing shifts back...as she had a NEW, young boyfriend to take care of in the evenings. SHIT...her new, young boyfriend was 42, and a half- wit to boot. But to hear her tell it...he was hung like a bull elephant and could go for at least half the night.

It all came to a head one Saturday morning as Brittany, your 18 year old daughter came home from a sleep over at a friend's, and found you crying about the latest insult to you. As you sat at the kitchen table, drinking coffee and bemoaning your rotten fate in life. She was sympathetic at first, and then went ballistic on you in ways you could have never imagined.

You told her about having to call in emergency maintenance to fix a short circuit at the nurse's desk, and had returned from old Bill Smith's room to find Roy, the maintenance guy, talking on the phone to some buddy of his. When he turned around to see you, he went,

"MY GOD, WHAT A HARNESS...No wonder they call you Nurse Cratchit!!!"

In shock, you looked down and realized old Bill had unbuttoned your uniform top once again. Not only that, but your super, heavy-duty support bra was in full view of anyone and everyone, although only you and Roy were at the Nurse's desk.

When you screeched, he had hastily left; muttering that the short was fixed. And he definitely needed a beer...or two.

That had set your daughter off, as she jumped up and grabbed your pajama top and pulled you up also.

Still holding your flannel PJ top, she had ripped it off, sending buttons flying everywhere. In complete shock you let her drag you to your bedroom without a stitch on top, as she was screaming that she had had enough of your self pity and putrid attitude. After she had thrown you down on your bed you started to cover your breasts, but a stern look from her seem to indicate you weren't to do that or move until she told you that you could.

Tearing through your dresser drawers, she had dumped bras, panties, pajamas, and almost everything on the floor. She only kept the wild stuff that you never wore. With that crazy look in her eye, she had done about the same to your closet. When you had whimpered about what she was doing, she had shouted at you,

"NO MORE...NO FUCKING MORE...ENOUGH of this granny panty crap and bullshit. You aren't dead yet, so it's time to drag your sorry ass out of the grave."

You could barely listen as she told you that SHE was taking charge of your life, and that SHE would BEAT your ass black and blue if you didn't do as she said. All the time she was tying your granny panties in knots together. Only after she grabbed each of your wrists and tied them to headboard did you feel some beginnings of fear.

Grabbing each leg of your pajama bottoms, she had stripped them off you and took your panties with them, leaving you totally naked tied on your bed. Strangely, your nipples were hard and sticking out, and your pussy was wet. Pushing your legs apart, she then ordered you not to move or you might get CUT...somewhere you didn't want to be cut.

After she came out of your bath with razor, shaving cream, towel, and a bowl of hot water did you have a glimmer of what she was about to do. Once she had shaved your FAT PUSSY (her words) of all its hair, then she informed you that you were to be naked unless she said otherwise. This was a daughter that you had never known to be so assertive, and though not close to each other...she was like a stranger that had taken control of your life, and wouldn't take any lip back from you.

Once she had dried your pussy off, she proceeded to get baby oil and rub it down, which left you moaning and wiggling around even as you were still tied up. From her room she got a vibrator and a huge dildo, and came back to give you a "good work out." Holding down your screams and moaning so not to rouse the whole neighborhood, you had

orgasmed too many times to count, until you were soaked with sweat and pussy juice.

Finally, she had untied you, told you to take a shower, but not play with yourself. And then after bagging up all the clothes she made thrown on the floor, you were to take a nap. Bagging up all your clothes slowly gave you an idea of what your new life was to be like, but it still didn't seem real except for the soreness in your pussy. She came to check on your bagging and made you take them to the garage (thankfully the door was down) and leave them for the trash pick up on Monday.

Waking from your nap, you thought it was all a weird dream, until you realized that you were still naked, and had a very clean shaven pussy that was still a little sore. Hearing you make noises, Brittany had come in to tell you that she wanted spaghetti, salad, and garlic bread for supper. Under her stern eyes, you decided not to ask about your clothes, as being naked while she was dressed was a bit embarrassing. Tossing you a T-shirt and short denim skirt, she told you to get your sandals on and get your ass in gear to the supermarket with her grocery list.

Driving to the store was a new experience as you had NEVER, EVER gone out dressed (or really undressed) like that, but the cold air from the car air conditioner on your bare shaved pussy was definitely different. Walking carefully with your arms close to your sides so your nipples (why did they stay so hard and pointy) wouldn't show and your breasts wouldn't jiggle so much, you got the shopping done and headed home.

Bags and bags of your clothes (you guessed) were at the curb when you pulled in the driveway, so with a tear or two for your old life, you unloaded the groceries and went to start your new life.


Once you had gotten back from the supermarket, Brittany had made you strip down to just your sandals. Somehow, just wearing shoes and nothing else made you feel more naked than if you had been allowed to go barefooted. Every time you started to say a thing about how she was treating you, she got right in your face and screamed, "NO MORE GRANNY PANTIES, UNDERSTAND!!!"

After you called her and told her supper was ready, did she almost treat you as a normal person (albeit a nude normal person). You and she had talked about things that were happening around town and her numerous friends that you both knew. Only you carefully avoided any mention of your job or anything you thought would upset her again.

Cleaning the dishes after supper, she told you she had several movies for both of you to watch before bedtime. Two movies of very, very explicit sex action of women together and older women getting it "poured to them" by extremely well endowed men, and you were ready to pass out. However, during the movies, you had to sit beside her while she gave you another really good "workout". She laid out the plans for you both to go bike riding in the morning to get you back in shape, and finally, she let you go off to bed.

Legs, pussy, and nipples were sore and throbbing a bit when you woke up, and realized that you were naked, and lying on top of your bedspread. A thin strap nylon tank top and matching shorts were on your kitchen chair, as you wandered in for the coffee you had smelled. Brittany smiled at you, then started talking about how you were going to begin using the bikes again, and go for daily rides.

She chatted about how nice it was that she was out of school, and even though it was the last summer before she left for college...she was going to use it to get you back in shape. As for the top and shorts, you could put them on before you got on your bike but not until then. Hoping to delay things you slowly sipped your coffee and dreaded the bike ride as you knew you were out of shape.

Finally she dragged you out to the garage, and let you put on the skin tight top and shorts. Your nipples showed through the light blue top showing your erect nipples and big areolas , and the shorts pulled up into your ass and pussy showing your complete crack and full pussy lips. When you started to protest, she got in your face and hissed, "I'LL drag you into the street and beat your naked ass in front of the whole neighborhood if you cross me!!!!"

Fortunately, your house was on the edge of neighborhood, and country roads were only a few hundred yards away. By the time you had gotten to the deserted country roads, the top and shorts were soaked and see thru from your sweat and excitement of your pussy rubbing against the bike seat. Constantly gloating you on was Brittany telling you how much better you were going to feel and be from a daily bike ride.

Still, your mind was having trouble coming to grips with how things had changed and that luckily no one was around to see you almost naked. Yet, the bike seat did feel sooo goood as you slid your pussy up and down it while pedaling. About a mile down the road, you had to stop as an orgasm ripped through you, and you almost ran off into the woods.

The light breeze across your nipples and wet pussy did feel good; and the bike seat was an old thrill, as you remembered when you used to ride all the time. Returning was a new worry, as you hoped none of the neighbors or anyone you knew would see you out bike riding almost naked. Sprinting back to the garage was a necessity, but once there; Brittany made you put up your bike and strip out of the wet clothes before she would close the garage door.

A hot, almost scalding shower helped to sooth your aching muscles, but yet, your nipples and pussy were still throbbing a bit from the sudden exercise they weren't used to. Spending the afternoon reading the Sunday paper, you almost forgot that you were naked and began to feel a lot better about everything. When Brittany wanted to grill steaks out in the backyard, a momentary twinge bothered you. But as it was secluded there was no one to notice your lack of clothes, or her in shorts and bikini top.

Another night of movies and her giving you a really, really good "work out" left you soaked again and worn out physically and mentally. While showering again and shaving your pussy of the stubble (as she had told you to), you began to worry about what you would wear to work the next day. Brittany answered your question in a no nonsense manner, and said not to worry. She wouldn't embarrass you, but would pick out something that would work for both of you.

Crashing and sleeping like a rock, you only awakened after Brittany had called you that coffee was ready. Stretching out on top of your bed, you were still totally nude, but did feel better even as your legs and pussy were still a bit sore and puffy. Dark purple scrubs (top and pants were in the chair beside the bed) with a red demi-cup bra and matching thong. While drinking your coffee you had meant to tell your daughter the bra she had picked didn't cover your nipples and the lace along the top of the cups always irritated your nipples, but from her look you didn't want another blow up. So, once you had breakfast (while most people might be having a late lunch), you went to do your make up and get dressed for work.

Half the night, you tried to keep your nipples tucked inside the bra cups, but every time you moved much, they popped right back out into the lace edging. The thong kept your butt cheeks split all night, and old Bill Smith had really liked his fondling even though he couldn't unbutton the scrub top, as it had no buttons. Everyone seemed friendlier. Several nurses from the day shift remarked how much better you looked in scrubs rather than the starched white uniform that was your norm.

Still heated up from the constant nipple rubbing by the bra and being split by the thong, you got home to find Brittany waiting in the garage with the bikes. Despite your reluctant attitude, you had to strip completely in the garage, then change into another nylon top and shorts for the bike ride. To your total surprise, your breasts swinging freely, nipples rubbing against the nylon, and pussy sliding up and down on the bike seat did feel great. A tingley flutter was in your stomach, as your nipples stayed rock hard and pussy juice soaked the bike seat.

After a longer ride than the previous day, and a few cars had passed and honked at you (to Brittany's delight), did you get back to the house. Physically beat and worn out from the two orgasmisms during the bike ride, you were more than ready for your shower and nap. A long talk with her was in order, but when she woke you to eat what she had fixed for supper, staying nude and putting off another confrontation seemed easier than getting things straightened out.

As you were barely awake during supper, Brittany let you go straight to bed afterwards. She had put some kind of chain on your nipples, and a clip thing on your clit. She said she would be in later to remove them while you slept, and too tired to argue; you had let her and went and fell onto your pillow, asleep when your head touched it.

Despite waking several times to find yourself pulling on your nipples while rubbing your pussy, you woke up when she called you that your coffee was ready. On the chair was a light pink scrub set, along with a sheer bra and thong set that would hide nothing. Fortunately, the scrubs wouldn't let them show, whereas your white nurse uniform would have let everything be seen. Doing your make up and getting ready for work, you thought about how you did feel a little better about yourself. However, the bra had two little slits cut in the middle of the cups that your nipples poked through, and the thong seemed tighter than the one yesterday.

Only when Brittany came and kissed you goodbye as you left for work did you realized that she knew exactly what she was doing. She had pulled your top out, so she could see your nipples poking through, and had pulled the scrub pants out in the back, so she could check the thong. Then telling you were doing very good, she kissed you again and let you leave for work.


If anything you were more aware of your butt cheeks moving when you walked, and your nipples rubbing against the light cotton scrub top. It seemed your nipples got harder and popped out more every time you got near one of the main air ducts. Yet, the day staff had told you that the light pink was a good color for you, and the patients were friendlier even when you stopped some of their antics.

Somewhere in the far back recesses of your mind, you still felt that this wasn't right and you shouldn't be dressed like this for work.. When old Bill had given your bottom a very through fondling, and then he slipped a hand up your top and pulled and twisted a nipple did you resolve that it was past time for a long talk with Brittany...as this was getting to be too much.

A late (early for the others) nurses's meeting had delayed your getting home after work, and you hoped Brittany wouldn't punish you for being late. Her punishing you seemed funny, as she was the child and you were the parent. Or that's the way it used to be. But you had to admit that she was far tougher on you than you had ever been on her.

Pulling into the driveway, you could see that the front yard was mowed, edged, and all cleaned up. The glistening green grass and flowers looked great, well cared for and the lawn sprinklers were on. Brittany stepped in the back door of the garage and waved you into the back yard. The mower, weedeater, rake, and trash bags were sitting there, as she told you, "I did the front, and the back is yours. Strip down and get with it. I' ll get us something fixed to eat while you take care of this and get your exercize."

Rather than argue, you took off the scrubs, bra and thong and handed them to her as she handed you a glass of iced tea. Mowing the yard au natural as if it was the most normal daily thing that you did, just didn't even seem odd or out of place as your mind relaxed and went with the flow. The bright ,early morning sun felt great on your bare skin, and you even went into the garage to get your sunglasses out of the car without thinking that you were totally nude and someone might see you.

Hours later, after you finished up did you realize that sun screen would have been a good idea as certain parts were glowing lobster red. She came out on the patio with tuna salad sandwiches, potato chips, and large glasses of iced tea. Once Brittany had checked out your very red breasts, pussy, and ass; then she went back in and got some aloe vera to coat you with in those places. Rubbing it in and all over you had felt great and she made sure that she worked in into you good, especially your pussy.

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