tagIncest/TabooKaren Cums Out (All The Way)

Karen Cums Out (All The Way)

byAvalanche Man©

She was IN TROUBLE. Man, was she in trouble. This ran through her mind as she was slowly driving home. All her life she had done what was right and expected, and she never, ever got into trouble. But this time she had really screwed up and knew that she was in deep trouble.

Karen kept trying to go to the idea that it was Brittany's fault and not hers, as Brittany had refocused her mind on her nipples and pussy constantly for the last two weeks. Ever since Brittany had taken control over her life, she was in overload of sexual satisfaction and nothing else. Fighting not to rub her brafree breasts or bare, shaven pussy through her scrubs, she tried to think of how she was going to explain this to Brittany.

Although it was only a verbal reprimand, and actually not that bad, it was still trouble and she hated the thought of how Brittany was going to blow up on her. The Administrator of the Care Center had said that she didn't care if she wore a bra or not, but Don Ferguson (one of the owners of the Care Center) wanted to see her next Monday at 9 a.m. sharp in his office. His surprise visit late at night is when she had been doing something other than what she should on company time.

Blaming someone else for your own mistakes was wrong, and she had drilled this into her kids that accepting responsibility for your own mistakes was always the best course. So, as much as she wanted to slide the blame off on Brittany, she knew that she had made the mistake and so the blame was her alone. Imagining the worst and dreading whatever might happen, she turned on to her street and headed for the garage and whatever fate had coming for her.

When they had gone floating down the river on inner tubes the previous weekend, Brittany had made her wear a super short sun dress on the ride to the river. The thin straps and vee neckline had her nipples popping out every time she had moved or bent over. Her bare bottom and pussy were on full display also whenever she had to bend over for any thing. Only, once they had gotten down to the water itself, things actually got worse.

Brittany had handed her a red, one piece suit that was only wide straps covering the middle of her breasts and tied behind her neck. The straps went down to a high cut bottom that pulled up between her pussy lips and right up her ass crack. She had protested with her eyes, but Brittany had laughed and told her not to worry that she had brought plenty of sunscreen. Fortunately, there were no other people around and she knew you rarely met anyone when tubing on this part of the river.

Sitting in the inner tube meant you were somewhat leaning forward, and the straps covering her breasts were about worthless. However, as your butt was down in the tube, no one could see that it split you right up the middle. Karen had starred at her nipples and pussy lips for about an hour as they floated down the slow current. Then she gave up and watched the trees and scenery along the river banks.

Even though several other "river rats" had either passed them or were sitting along the banks, she hadn't tried to cover up as the others were also topless or had on skimpy bikinis. A late lunch beside the river, had included a "work out" from Brittany that left her on rubbery legs for the short hike back to where they had parked. Stripping off the swim suit and slipping back into the sun dress, her nudity hadn't bothered her in the least, only later when she thought about how it hadn't bothered her.

In the long, hot shower after the tubing trip, she had even given herself a real good orgasm with four fingers pushed up her pussy, while pulling her nipples with the other hand. "WOW" she thought, "I've never done that before." As she lay in bed once she had dried off, she noted how much longer and harder her nipples seem to stay all the time now. And her pussy was still fat, but definitely pouched out from all its recent exercise. However, all in all, she was a lot happier with her body and felt better from all the activity that was stretching her various parts and muscles.

Relaxing naked around the house all weekend, with the exception of the tubing trip and a late night run to the grocery store her mind had accepted anything that Brittany told her to do. Her grocery trip had been in a long sleeveless T-shirt that barely covered her ass cheeks and nothing else, but she didn't even think about what or how much she was showing, as she was now adjusted to wearing nothing at all. The fact that whenever she reached out an arm left her breasts in full view, or reaching up or bending down showed her butt or pussy never crossed her mind.

Throughout the next week, Brittany had kept up her daily "work out" with different twists and intensities. She had also set out her scrubs for her to wear every day, but either with a shelf bra that poked out her nipples, or super tight thongs that pulled up in her ass crack, and usually her pussy lips also. Karen never complained about any of the clothes although she was either topless or bottomless every day, and was cheerful as she didn't have to worry about what to wear for work.

The day shift nurses, aides, and even the patients seem to be happier around her and teased her about the "New Karen", and her new attire and attitude. Going to work was a pleasure that she looked forward to now, rather than dreading it as she had before her changes. Roy, the maintenance guy, had been coming by about every night, and even helped her with some of her nightly tasks. Only, they were constantly bumping into one another, or rubbing against each other, while doing the inventories in the store room and nurses stations.

During one of their bike rides later in the week, she had gotten home to find Brittany waiting with the bikes as usual, but all she had on was a bikini. Once Karen had stripped out of her scrubs with nothing under them, Brittany had handed her a shelf bra and thong to wear for their ride. When Karen had just starred at her, Brittany had told her that they hadn't seen anyone in the past week and not to worry about it. So, after putting it on, they had taken off with her nipples sticking out in full view and the thong spreading her in the ass cheeks and pussy lips. As could be expected, not one or two, but about four or five cars passed them honking and waving. Two had even turned around and come back by for a second look at a almost totally naked woman riding a bike. She wondered if Brittany hadn't set it all up, or taken out an ad in the newspaper about their bike ride, and what she wouldn't be wearing. But, if they wanted a look at the "New Karen" then they were getting a good, full look. She really didn't think her nipples could get any harder, or her pussy any wetter once they had finished and gotten back to the garage.

Late Friday night, or actually early Saturday morning, while she and Roy were doing the storeroom inventory, he had finally given her what she wanted all week. As she was bent over counting the bottom shelf, he pulled her scrub bottoms down and inventoried her. "Pouring it to her" and reaching under and pulling her nipples, she had orgasmed about a hundred times it seemed. In that position, it was hard to tell if he had the nine or ten inches claimed by some of the other nurses, but it was a most fulfilling position.

When her mind had come back from the wild euphoria, she had looked up and found Don Ferguson starring at them with his mouth wide open. Realizing that she was still bent over, top pushed up over her bare breasts and bottom pulled down exposing her ass and pussy to him, she had grabbed a sheet off the shelf to cover herself. Roy had hollared "OOPs" and yanking up his pants, had made a hasty retreat. Don had turned, gone to the nurses station and called the Administrator.

Still sticky with hers and Roy's juices, she had to wait until after the Administrator and Don had a long conference in the front office. Thinking she was about to be fired, then she and the Aministrator had a short meeting before both Don and the Administrator left together.

Amazingly.........she still had her job..........she could wear or not wear whatever she wanted..........BUT no more double inventorys. And she had to meet Don Ferguson at his office at nine on Monday. Somehow, worse than the Administrator or Don, she knew that Brittany was going to come unglued all over her about what she had done.

Parking in the garage, she told Brittany that they had to talk as she had gotten into trouble at work. Brittany hadn't said a word, but put up the bikes and went with her into the kitchen to make coffee and talk about her problem. Without a word or any expression, she had listened to the stammering explaination of what had happened.

Karen had stripped off her scrubs in the garage out of habit, and sat starring at her coffee cup or sticky, drying legs and bare nipples and pussy while waiting forever for Brittany to erupt on her.

Screaming, "ALL RIGHTY" Brittany had jumped up, ran around the table, and hugged you as your mind had been ready for anything but this reaction. Kissing you, hugging you, and telling you that you had graduated with flying colors, she then went off to call some of her friends and make plans for the day.

Totally befuddled, sitting nude at the kitchen table, you wondered what in the world had happened and what you were supposed to do now. You just can't trust your own kids anymore, as once you get used to them one way they flip flop and change back to being a kid again.

Pulling on your nipples in the shower, you wondered about calling Roy to see if he was up for another inventory as you really needed a good "work out" to stay in shape. Hummmm.

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