tagIncest/TabooKaren Cums Out Two

Karen Cums Out Two

byAvalanche Man©

(reading KAREN CUMS OUT first will help in understanding this section)

"OUCH...OUCH...UUHH...AAHH," Karen gasped as Brittany, her daughter was pulling her nipples out about an inch or inch and a half. It seemed every time they watched those movies together, Brittany would pull, twist, and really work over her breasts and nipples. Her nipples throbbed for hours after they were pulled and twisted to their limits of what she could stand. Still, she didn't want to tell Brittany how much it turned her on when her nipples were included in the "work outs" that were now part of her daily routine.

Her whole world had just about turned upside down after her daughter had had enough of her whining and crying about how rotten life was treating her. Thinking back on what had triggered the start of these changes, she wished she had handled the incident with Roy, the maintenance guy, very differently. However, the almost daily bike rides and exercise that Brittany was making her do was slowly making her feel better about herself.

Wandering off to bed, with her nipples, breasts, and pussy swollen and sore from the pulling and reaming Brittany had put into them this time, she could barely hold her head up as she thought of her pillow. Why brittany was so rough with her tender parts she didn't know, but it seemed to be getting rougher and, strangely, she looked forward to it each time.

Awaking refreshed and invigorated, Karen stared down over her nude body and thought "Well, no need to change or wash the sheets, or pajamas as I haven't used either in about a week."

Pale, lime green scrubs and two bandaids were on her chair and this crossed her mind briefly as she padded down to the kitchen for her morning coffee. Sipping her second cup, she half listened to Brittany outline plans for both of them to go tubing on the nearby river that coming weekend. This was something they had done when Brittany was a small child, and apparently, they were going to do it again.

When she murmured about the clothes that were laid out for her, Brittany had told her that she still needed it because of her sunburn, and if anyone asked to tell them about her sunburn. Even though the sunburn was about totally gone, her nipples and pussy were still a bit red and definitely swollen from all the activity Brittany was giving them. So, resigned to her new fate, she put on her make up and got dressed to go fight with the "Old Farts" again.

Halfway through her shift, she looked up from the nurse's desk, to find Roy, the maintenance man, leaning on the counter and starring down at her. As she was filling out the shift report, she thought he was trying to read it upside down.

"Here," she'd said. She tried to hand it to him as she leaned back in her chair, but he just laughed and laughed.

"I came by to check the air conditioning out, and all the changes on the late shift," he stated.

Not understanding what he meant, Karen growled "Well, did you see what you wanted??"

"OH...YES...I saw all of christmas and part way into the New Year!" he said laughing again. After telling her to call about any problems that she needed him to fix; he had left and had even given her his cell phone number.

"How Odd," she thought, as there were no problems with the air conditioning other than it making her nipples really pop out more when she got near a main air vent. And for him to stare at her leaned over doing her report, but to be so nice and give her his cell phone number. Strange and stranger was her life becoming as she bounced a bit down the hallway feeling her breasts move and rub under the scrub top.

Sure enough, Brittany was waiting in the garage with the bikes out ready for your ride. Only this time, once you had stripped out of the scrubs, Brittany handed you a cut off sleeveless T-shirt top and some new shorts that barely came up your hips. As you struggled to pull up the shorts, you said, "They don't fit... or cover hardly anything!"

Brittany had come over to you, yanked them up in your butt crack, and zipping them up, but left the top snap undone.

"There", she said, "Now, you see how much more work we have to do, but you've really come a long way already."

Totally NOT sure about this, you had gotten on your bike and started out on the run to the wooded country roads. Smiling about her compliment about how you'd already come a long way, it still worried you about how much work she felt you had to do. Looking down, you thought at least the top covered your breasts and nipples.

You didn't realize that anyone behind you could see everything up the T-shirt top. And when you sat up straight, you could see the a hint of your pussy lips just below the top of the shorts.

People honked and waved whenever they passed you, and although still a bit embarrassed, you had begun to wave back. It was nice to live in such a friendly, country area, and the men seem to really enjoy your bike rides as much as you did. Brittany thought it was hilarious and said if you didn't behave she would start making you ride topless. Half afraid she was serious, you decided not to return any more waves when people passed you.

Stopping at the edge of the woods to rest a minute or two before making a dash for the garage had become a normal part of your bike rides. This time Brittany had told you that you were going to race for it, only that since you were the better, more experienced rider you had to have a handicap.

She had grabbed your T-shirt top and jerked it over your breasts, totally exposing them, and yelled "GO FOR IT, or I'll beat you!!!"

Not thinking about anything but the race, you took off with your breasts swinging, nipples jutting out, and raced for the garage.

Panting from the sudden exertion, you sat on your bike in the garage, with your top still up over your breasts, but you had beaten Brittany by a couple of seconds.

"NO MORE...NO MORE," you gasped, "NO more races or I'll have a heart attack!!!"

She thought it all was a big lark, and came over to help you off your bike and out of your clothes. Totally nude, she had made you go into the backyard where she could rinse you off with the water hose before going in to take your shower and nap.

Later, Brittany had woken you for a light supper or lunch, whichever you wanted to call it, and had new movies for you to watch. Staggering back to bed, wincing and almost crying, you thought "TOO MUCH" as she had orgasmed you out during this latest "work out." It felt like she had tried her best to pull your nipples off, and jam the dildo up you completely. But you had beaten her and taken it all without screaming for her to stop.

Once before, when you had started screaming for her to stop, she had gone and gotten a large, wooden spoon out of the kitchen. Sitting between your legs, she began lightly hitting your pussy with the spoon.

After smacking the daylights out of your knuckles when you tried to cover your puss, she had made you lock them behind your head and started all over. Gradually the hits with the spoon got harder and stronger, and although you had wimpered and cried...you also had had two tremendous orgasms.

However, walking around with an extremely swollen, sore pussy was not an experience you wanted to repeat any time soon. Women doing two or three men at the same time, and groups of women doing all sorts of things to each other filled your head as you fell back onto your bed. Dreams unlike any you had before seem to now be the normal, and waking up with a soaking wet pussy now had you sleeping with a towel under your nude bottom half.

Light, powder blue scrubs, sheer bra and thong were on your bedside chair when you woke up to that fabulous smell of coffee that you craved every morning (actually late afternoon to most people).

Brittany chatted about the weekend and what all she had planned as you sipped on the hot coffee and nodded your head barely listening. Once you had done your make up and gotten dressed for work, you knew that you had to say something.

"Brittany, this bra has the cut outs that my nipples stick through and the top is so light that my areolas and nipples show through. I can't wear this to work, as on Fridays a lot of family comes to visit the "Old Farts" and will see me," you stated while sticking your chest out so she could see what you meant.

"NO problem...we can fix that!!!" she had explained as if it were nothing. Then she got some liquid make up, pulled up the top and bra and covered both nipples with the cold make up. Blowing on them to dry felt great, but she'd quit after a minute and pulled the bra back down semi gluing them to the bra.

"If it bothers you, then take it off after all the visitors are gone," Brittany smiled, then almost pushed you out the door with a quick kiss on the cheek.

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