tagInterracial LoveKaren Meets Master Jay Ch. 01

Karen Meets Master Jay Ch. 01


Karen and Mark had been married 10 yrs, when it all changed. We had been friends out of High School, and all through college. What they told me was beyond my wildest dreams. They seemed like such a perfect couple. Karen an attractive housewife, 5' '7 "very shapely long slim legs and very full breasts. Both had agreed they didn't want children at the moment so Karen started taking the pill. They focused on their careers, but they felt they needed more out of life. That's when Mark and Karen started to watch porno's, and that's what changed their paths. After experimenting with different positions, toys, whips, chains, they said they started to express their different fantasies. After trying a few "soft" swings, Karen finally admitted to Mark that she wanted to try an interracial affair, but not in the group fashion that she'd seen so many times when out swinging.

After surfing on the net, Mark finally narrowed it down to about three different guys, mostly on the ones that submitted photos, and a brief description about themselves. Education, job, financial status...etc....... He figured if that's the way she wants to try someone, it might as well be a good one at that.

After meeting them one at a time at a very public place, and having long chats, Karen made the final decision.

"I think James would do just right...OK honey?" Karen cooed.

"Well, he does seem nice, but isn't he rather large...compared to you?" Mark remarked.

James was all of 6' 7," and must have looked like a linebacker for the Lions. Younger than both of them, somewhere around 25 or so, but in good shape no less. The terms and conditions were agree upon, and the first meeting was set for the following weekend. Mark was to be present, and only participate when allowed. James was to pay for the room....only fair, that Mark was supplying the pussy.

They arrived at the Hyatt Friday night in Livonia. After meeting outside, James went up first...followed 5 minutes later by Mark and Karen.

"Room 234...on the top floor" Mark said. "You nervous babe?" he continued.

"A little...but I'll be all right" she replied.

After arriving and lightly knocking on the door, the big guy opened the door and invited them in.

"My, my...look what we have here" he said shaking Mark's hand, and then holding onto Karen's hand and waist and waltzing her towards the end of the bed. "Have a seat Mark, while Karen and I get better aquatinted" he bellowed? James opened up a bottle of wine, and poured drinks all around. After almost an hour of idle chit chat and constant drinking, things began.

"Let's have a good look at what we have here...stand up and model for me Karen" James said smiling. Karen got up, and walked up and down the large room they were in. Her knee length dress wasn't slutty or anything. In fact, as about as normal as you'd see on the street. Short sleeves, and a neckline that came to just the top of her cleavage, with a button up front. In her off white dress with flower prints on it, you wouldn't take a second look.

"Nice...very nice...now come over here, and sit on the edge of the bed with me" he commanded. He put his hand on her tit, and slowly rotated it, pinching her nipple through the bra and dress. He then leaned over and lightly kissed her on the lips. He drew back and said "yes, very soft lips, very soft...these will do just fine." After which he continued to kiss her, and moved his hand to her thigh, starting the slide up to Karen's moist pussy. As James motioned for Karen to spread her legs more, with his hand, he had no problem cupping her pussy and that too, was massaged.

"My, your getting wet already girl....and I'm just starting" he said smiling. As Mark watched, he was already noticing the contrast just between James and Karen's clothing, and Karen's lightly tanned legs. James was not a deep black...about medium, but the difference was still there.

"Stand up, let's try something" James again commanded. Karen stood up, and James got behind her. He began rubbing his hands up and down the outside of Karen's dress on the sides. He'd lightly start at her waist, move up the sides to her breast, slowly massage them through the cloth, move down past her stomach, and insert both hands in her crotch...move around to the outside of her thighs again, and then back up to her waist. Over and over he'd keep doing this for a good 10 minutes or so. Karen was enjoying it..for she said it felt so erotic having black hands exploring all that she had. The wine was taking affect, and James knew it, by the way Karen leaned her back on James chest. Karen's 5' '7" body was starting to relax, and ready for just about anything. After the constant touching, James started to whisper in Karen's ear very softly, what he wanted her to do. With Mark sitting about 6 feet away in the chair, it looked like Karen was doing it on her own, for he didn't hear James whisper these commands.

"Slowly unbutton your dress, and let it slide over your shoulders to the floor" was his first whisper. Karen did just that. When it fell to the floor, all you could see was these enormous black hands all over this white body. Rubbing the nylon laced bra...and sliding up and down her body from the white lace panties back to her tits.

"Roll your bra down over your tits, and let me feel them" was his next command, and again Karen did just that. This time, James cupped her tits, lightly squeezing them, and rubbing her nipples between this thumb and finger. A slight moan would come out, as she put her hands on his wrist, adding to the contrast. James next moved his one hand down to her pussy, which by now was getting wetter and wetter. You could see some of the moisture starting to show through. Not saying a word, James turned her around, grabbing her hand. He placed it on the crotch of his pants, saying "this is what's waiting for you...think you can handle it." Karen began to massage this bulge that was much bigger than her husbands had ever been. James began to unbutton his silk shirt, while Karen began to undo the belt, and the zipper. James removed his shirt, and Karen just looked at the ripples on his chest, then his ABS.

"Wow...are you in shape" she remarked.

"And that's just the beginning" he snapped back. James dropped his pants and stepped out of them, while Karen clutched the enormous tent pushing out of his boxers.

"My God your big....your picture didn't lie...did it" she sighed.

"Nope...and it's all for you babe....pull it out" she remarked.

Karen pulled the boxers down, and out snapped this sausage. Karen just kept starring at it. She then again grabbed it and starred. James lightly pushed down on her shoulders and Karen followed suit, for she knew what he wanted. She only could guess if she could do it.

She lightly stroked his cock back and forth, still starring at it.

"Go ahead bitch....suck it. This is what you wanted, now go for it, suck that black cock" he demanded. Karen wasn't use to being talk to like that, and the command in his voice told her that James was in control. She began to lick it up and down, then taking the head into her mouth...little at a time, then more and more. You could hear the slurping sounds as they got louder.

By this time, Mark was rubbing his meat through his pants, enjoying the show.

"Look at your husband, we haven't even started yet, and he's already enjoying himself...aren't you Mark" he said laughing. Karen looked over and saw Mark was stroking himself to the strokes Karen was making up and down James cock.

Karen, pulling the big black cock out of her mouth with a 'pop' said to her husband, "Why don't you take it out and relieve yourself."

"NA" said James, "remember, he can't participate in any way, so keep it in Mark" James snapped.

"OK bitch, hop up on the bed and face me on all fours" James then snapped. Karen did, and James continued to have her suck him. Every once in a while, he'd grab her short hair in the back, and pump her, fucking her mouth.

"OK, now turn around on all fours, and slide that ass here. I'm gonna watch you fuck this big black cock"

"What do you mean ME fuck you?" Karen asked.

"You'll see...once that pussy latches around this cock...well, you'll see" he remarked.

Karen turned around, and placed her ass up in the air. James grabbed hold of his cock, and placed it in her crotch...rubbing up and down on those wet pussy lips. With the feeling of his Helmut going up and down, and knowing that any second she was going to not only get a black cock in her, but a BIG one at that....was almost too much to bear. Charles inserted the tip in her, then pulled out...then put it back in. Karen could feel the insertion, fuller, without a doubt, than her husbands. James continued to insert it, then pull it out, and kept repeating this about six times. There about, Karen began to rock forward and back on her own, for James had now stopped and was just standing there, motionless, with his hands on his hips.

"That's it bitch....aaahhhhhhh....that's it...fuck my cock....absorb how good it feels...rubbing those inner walls....deeper girl, that's it....fuck it....fuck your black cock" he kept coaxing her. By now, Karen was pumping longer and stronger...whimpering and slightly hollering.

"God...ooh, oh, yes...that's it....yes....oh how good...yes...fuck...yes, ah...ah..." was all that was coming out of her. By now, she was able to just about sink all of it in. With her pushing back, you could hear James balls smack against her pussy as well. "Fuck me...oh yeah...fuck me...fuck me with that cock...fuck me" Karen was pleading, as she turned her head back looking at him with hollow eyes.

James now placed his hands on her ass, and began a slow paced pumping, which intensified into a piston of some sorts.

"You know what my nickname is? You know what most people call me?" he asked.

"Ah...fuck me...who cares.......ok...what is it" Karen replied gasping.

"Master Jay......they call me Master Jay. You'll soon find out why" James said, as he continued to pump her pussy harder and harder. "Master Jay" continued fucking the hell out of Karen. Karen said because of the size, she swore she could feel the veins on the side of his cock, and it drove her crazy. Late into the night, "Master Jay" fucked Karen sideways, backwards, front wards, cumin not only in her, but on her as well. One time, after Karen told me she must have been on her fifth orgasm, he pulled out of her and came in her mouth, almost making her choke on the amount of cum he shot down her throat.

Poor Mark...every time he wanted to whip his cock out and whack one off, "Master Jay" forbid him to do it. Mark said he must have came in his pants three times over the hours watching Karen get her brains fucked out. Mark was make to sleep in the chair all night, waking up to sounds of Karen getting fucked repeatedly.

Saturday morning, Mark woke up only to find Karen laying next to James stroking his cock. It wasn't hard yet, for James wasn't awake. Karen told me that after a while, she got use to having that big black cock stuffed in her, and felt like it should have been there all along. With Mark watching, Karen would lick it up and down, swirl her tongue around the tip, then lick down the shaft to his balls.

"Karen....don't you think you've had enough" Mark whispered over to her.

Not breaking the stroke, Karen replied "Oh Mark...no way...this is too good, I want more of this."

"Well, what about me....look at me. This damn things been hard all night, and the only relief was in my pants" Mark whined, pointing at his pants. There was a small stain in the front, apparently from the numerous times he came watching Karen get fucked by this big black guy. Karen slid quietly off the bed, and knelt at his feet. "Baby, let me make you feel better...oh, I'm so sorry....." as she unsnapped his pants, and pulled his cock out. After getting Mark's cock in her hand, she realized how small it was compared to "Master Jay's, but nonetheless, began to suck him anyway.

"Hey...come back here....remember the deal" they heard a coarse voice bellow. It was "Hammer," and he just woke up.

"James, I was just trying to give Mark some relief. The poor baby" Karen replied.

"I don't care. The deal was that I had YOU all weekend, and you agreed, so come over here" his reply came swiftly. Again with his cock left "hanging," Karen crawled back in bed.

"Come on...let's get cleaned up and get some breakfast" he ordered. Karen said James and her fucked again in the shower....with him trying to fuck her in the ass after lathering up with soap. It hurt too much at the time....so Charles said maybe later. As they dried off, they both got dressed.

"We're going out for breakfast....you stay here and eat" James commanded, and they both left.

With James size, there was no arguing really, so all Mark could do was wait. At about 2pm, the came back. Mark could hear them giggling as they both came up the hall. 'Sounds like they had a good time' he thought to himself. The door opened, and Karen was holding onto Master Jay's arm by now.

"Where've you guys been. I've been waiting here for hours" Mark snapped.

"Oh, shut up man, and sit down. I don't wanna hear you shit" James replied, walking over to Mark...starring him down. Mark sat down, and was in no way big enough to say otherwise.

"James and I had brunch, then he and I went shopping" Karen cooed. "Yeah...she picked out some real nice stuff....why don't you go and put it on babe...and show it off for us" James said with a big smile on his face. Hhhhuuummmmmmm....I wonder what could be up, Mark thought to himself. Karen went into the bathroom, bags in both hands. While in there, James told Mark that Karen was one of the best pussy he ever had, and couldn't believe he 'loaned' her out to him for the weekend. "Before this weekend is over, she'll be asking for more, and there's nothing you can do about it buddy" James sneered. Mark sunk in the chair right then and there. He knew 'Master Jay' was right. He knew there was no way his cock could compare in pleasure with Master Jay. About that time, Karen came out of the bathroom, looking very stunning in this outfit. It was a light semi-see through black blouse, with only a trace of a black bra underneath. On the bottom half, she was wearing a red skirt, about two inches above the knee, white sheer nylons with black pumps for shoes. 'What was abnormal with that' Mark thought to himself.

"Come here baby....." James said, with a huge smile on his face.

As Karen came over, and the two embraced. Looking from the side, Karen stood up on her tip toes to reach 'Master Jay's' lips. As they embraced, kissing deeply, 'Master Jay' began rubbing her ass around and around. The more he did it, he slowly turned so that her ass was within two feet of his face as Mark sat on the chair. Working his hands slowly, each time James hands went up, it would 'pinch' a bit of fabric between his fingers, thus raising up the skirt. After a few times, Mark realized why. As the skirt drew up, he could see the garters Karen was wearing. A few more times, and the full view was there. Karen had on a red garter, trimmed in black lace, attached to those sheer white nylons. Not seeing any panties, Mark would later see that Karen had on a G-string. Mark's cock instantly began to grow, and James/Master Jay knew it would too...that was his objective.

"This ass is like a peach...perfectly round, and ready to be eaten" Master Jay laughed.

"Come over here babe...let's show him something" he said softly. "Wouldn't you say she looks ready to go to her accounting job, Mark?" James asked. Mark just shrugged his shoulders, and nodded his head. Then, unzipping his pants, and Karen pulling out his cock, she bent over and began to give him a blow job, while her ass was only three feet away from Mark's face.

"Who'd ever think that under this nice outfit, she'd have on a get up like a slut.....huh?" Master Jay said almost laughing. "Oh yeah babe...you suck some good cock...you know that" he added. "Now Mark, look at her ass...would you ever imagine she's wearing that? Huh...would you?" he asked. Again Mark shook his head no. Mark was being humiliated...but what could he do...nothing. Now, 'Master Jay' had Karen turn sideways, and lightly pushed her to her knees...still sucking on his cock. It was then that Mark noticed how erotic it was. There was Karen on her knees, with this big black cock slowly sliding in and out of her mouth, and her left hand stroking it at the same time.....showing her wedding ring and diamond. Mark started to rub himself again....looking at the sight in front of him.

"Every time she wears this outfit to work, she'll be thinking of sucking this cock...you know that...everytime...and she'll want it too...you know that Mark" he said taunting Mark. "You want this babe?....huh, do you want this cock...answer me" he said to Karen, swaying his cock in his hand. Damn..it looked more like a hose, than a cock Mark told me later. Karen just shook her head yes, and starred at it. "Show Mark how much you like this cock...and please yourself Karen" Master Jay stood grinning. With that, Karen began unbuttoning her blouse, and let it drop to the floor, exposing that black lace bra. Next, she unzipped the skirt, and threw it over with the blouse. There stood Karen in a red garter, trimmed in black lace, white nylons, and a matching red G-string in red pumps. Awesome...just awesome, that's what Mark told me later.

"Master Jay' put his hand out, and Karen put her hand in his, and he let her to the bed. This time, while she sat on the edge, he reached up and pulled the G-string off, exposing her pussy, which by now was a little moist, according to Mark. This time, Master Jay bent over and began to eat Karen's pussy. Mark had full view of Master Jay's tongue licking up, down, back and forth, and darting in and out of her pussy. Karen was uncontrolled in bucking and hollering.

"Lick my pussy....damn it.....ahh..ah..uh...oh my God...lick it...that's it...yes....flick that tongue....yes...eat my pussy" she kept repeating over and over.

"Baby...when I get done with this pussy this weekend, it'll be MY pussy, get that....it'll be MY pussy.....watch" Master Jay commanded. Master Jay slid Karen up further on the bed, and started to mount her from above. He arched his back and stopped short of putting in that giant lizard..."put it where you want it bitch...show me..." and not having to say it a second time, Karen reached down, grabbed that big black cock, and inserted the tip in 'his' pussy. He slowly slid it in, pulled out, and because she was so wet by now, rammed it home on the second time. Karen let out a short 'oomph', and a series of grunts, but as 'Master Jay' began to pound that pussy, Karen wrapped her legs around his torso, and held on for the ride.

"Hey...see...I told you that your husband liked watching you get fucked....look at him" said the hoarse 'Master Jay.' With that, Karen looked over to see Mark with his little cock out, jacking off like no tomorrow. This seemed to intensify 'Master Jay,' for he then threw Karen's legs up over his broad shoulders and began a fast/slow fuck, making Karen beg.

"Oh my God...your so deep....fuck me....fuck me with that black cock...cum....take your pussy....yes...that's it...take it....this is your pussy Hammer......fuck it all you want..." Karen was beside herself. Pulling her legs down by the ankles...and holding her legs wide, he slowly pushed in and out. Doing this didn't seem enough for Karen, for she began to buck him for more cock..."fuck me you bastard, give me that cock...put that cock in me...please....fuck me..." she kept begging.

"Whose pussy is this..huh...whose" he asked?

"Yours, without a doubt" Karen replied.

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