tagNonConsent/ReluctanceKaren Surrenders Her Ass

Karen Surrenders Her Ass


is the fifth story in the Karen series. Check out the others to place this one in sequence.


I motioned Karen forward and she moved to stand in front of me. I gazed up at her magnificent body and then held out my hand. Karen placed her wrist in my hand and I could feel her body tremble as I picked up one of the cuffs and wrapped it around her slender wrist. Closing it tightly, she felt it encase her wrist as she wondered how I planned to bind her beautiful body. I cuffed her other wrist and then motioned for her to lift her leg. Karen stepped back and lifted her long, tapering leg, placing her foot between my thighs. I cuffed first one ankle and then the other. Reaching out between her soft thighs, I slid my fingers up under the edge of her towel and teased her drenched pussy. Karen was amazed at how wet she was inside as she felt my fingers slip easily between her swollen labia.

Standing up, my hand still pressed between her soft thighs, I kissed her passionately as I continued to caress her oozing pussy. Karen's body began to writhe as she sucked my tongue into her mouth. Then easing my hand from her moist quim, I reached up between her pendulous breasts and pulled the corner of the towel from her deep cleavage. Slowly the towel unwound from around her body and slid to the floor as once again this beautiful woman stood naked before me. Taking her by her cuffed wrist, I walked her around to the foot of the huge bed. She looked down at the wooden footboard and noticed that along the top of it was a wide wooden railing that stood several inches above the rest of the footboard. She wondered just what I had in mind for her next.

Moving behind the naked beauty, I pressed her shoulders forward until her body was bent over the footboard and her chest and head rested on the firm mattress. The height of the footboard caused her feet to leave the floor and her legs were slightly raised as they hung in the air. My hands caressed her firm asscheeks and my fingers teased her between her thighs. Her mons was pressed hard across the smooth railing of the footboard and she parted her thighs to allow me to fondle her engorged pussy lips. Taking hold of her ankle, I bent her knee and tied her ankle to a cord coming from the end of the footboard. Karen felt her legs pulled apart as I tied her other ankle to the other end of the footboard. Her thighs were spread wide and the softest skin of her inner thigh was turned out. Karen realized just how vulnerable she was in this position. Her pussy and her ass in particular were fully available and accessible for beating, sucking and fucking. I ran my fingers across the softness of her inner thigh and dipped them into her steaming quim.

Karen lay face down on the mattress, her ass raised and spread over the footboard as her arms came to rest beside her head and her long, dark hair, pulled back by the rubber band, cascaded across her shoulders and the mattress. Looking down at her, with her long hair spread on the mattress, she looked incredibly sexy. From the headboard, I pulled two cords attached to the corners and attached them to her wrist cuffs.

With the touch of a switch on the headboard, Karen heard the soft whirr of an electric motor and felt her wrists being pulled toward the headboard and then lifted off the mattress. Slowly her upper body was lifted off the bed and Karen's head dropped down as she felt the strain on her arms and shoulders. She could see her dangling titflesh and beyond, her spread thighs as they were pressed over the footboard of the bed. She felt very vulnerable. She was.

I lay a long mirror on the pillows so Karen could see her body suspended for my pleasure. I slid my hand under her suspended body and teased her hanging titflesh as my tongue snaked into her ear and she shuddered. Karen's body had a beautiful arch in it as her arms were pulled forward and stretched. I slid my face under her dangling titflesh and nipped at her breasts teasingly. Trapping her nipple between my teeth, I sucked hard until I could feel her nub harden in my mouth. A deep moan escaped Karen's lips. Grabbing her long ponytail in my hand, I lifted her head and twisted it to the side as I leaned forward and kissed her passionately. Karen's body shuddered as I probed her mouth with my tongue. Her tongue snaked around mine as she sucked my tongue deep into her hungry mouth.

Walking around to the foot of the bed, Karen watched me from between her dangling tits. Her head hung down as she saw me pick up the belt. I brushed the lash over her firm asscheeks and Karen knew what was coming next. She realized I hadn't gagged her and took it as a sign of trust. She would not scream. The first stroke fell across her smooth buns and her head flew up as she bit back her scream. It was not a hard stroke but it was substantial in force. I leaned forward and kissed her smooth skin of her ass, right where the mark of the lash was beginning to appear. Karen's body shuddered. I hit her again on the other cheek and then leaning forward placed a wet kiss on her beaten flesh and then turning my head placed another wet kiss between her engorged pussy lips. As my tongue slipped into her body, I felt her go rigid as she gasped and then I tasted her sweet flow as her pussy filled with cum. Stepping back, I began to beat her ass though not terribly hard. With each stroke her body lurched and her mons ground against the smooth hardness of the footboard. Her head flew up and down as she watched her body in the mirror.

Stepping to her side, Karen realized what was about to happen. The lash would strike her spread legs and wrap over the most sensitive flesh of her inner thigh and lick at the very entrance to her sex. Her body started to shake as the lash kissed her sensitive skin. Cum oozed out of her body and I watched as it trickled down the smoothness of her inner thigh.

Dropping the lash, I knelt between Karen's open thighs and began to lick the sweetness as it seeped from between her engorged labia. Her cum was unbelievably sweet and the aroma intoxicating. Karen felt my tongue glide between her pussy lips and felt the suction of my mouth as I drank her sweet cum. Shivers ran through her body as she came again and again.

Placing my hands on Karen's beaten asscheeks, I kissed and licked her sensitive skin. My tongue snaked between her cheeks and flicked across her exposed sphincter. I felt the shudder ripple through her tender young body. I remembered her "Don't you dare!" from our wrestling match and decided she probably hadn't had too many experiences with anal sex or at least not too many pleasant ones. That was about to change. Karen realized it also and knew that in this position there was virtually nothing she could do to stop it.

My tongue continued to tease her tight asshole and then dip back to tease her warm, wet pussy. The combined sensations were taking their toll on Karen's supple body. I pressed the tip of my tongue directly into her nearly virgin ass and Karen's ass tightened. Patience and continued tonguing however were beginning to show positive results. She moaned deeply as my tongue teased her tender ass.

A loud moan escaped Karen's lips when I finally forced my pointed tongue into her tight sphincter. After several minutes of oral caresses, her tight sphincter had eased its grip enough to allow me to insert my finger. Opening a jar of KY jelly, I smeared a liberal amount across her asshole and then gently slid my finger into her magnificent ass. Karen groaned as my finger began to tease the inside of her ass. Her mons and her clit ground against the footboard and I continued to open her ass for the first time in many years.

I dipped another finger into her pussy and then replaced it in her opening asshole. I began to finger fuck my beautiful captive and her body was responding to each thrust. She was going to like getting reamed, it was just that no one in the past had properly introduced her to the pleasure of it. I teased and prodded her asshole with my fingers and my tongue until it was loose enough for me to slide my thumb in and out easily. My fingers caressed her pussy as my thumb probed her asshole.

Standing up, I withdrew my fingers from her pussy and still keeping my thumb in her ass, slid my cock between her engorged lips. Karen sucked in her breath as my cock filled her to the hilt. I gently rocked into her loins as my thumb continued to open up her ass. As I eased my cum-drenched cock out of her pussy, Karen knew what was about to happen. "Don't. Please don't," she whispered.

"It's been a long time hasn't it?" I asked softly.

"Yes. I hated it," she whimpered.

"Don't worry. I'll be gently with you. I want you to enjoy this pleasure too," I said as I pressed my slippery cockhead against the opening of her sweet ass. As Karen felt my cockhead touch her sphincter she squeezed her muscles shut as I'd expected. Stroking her body, I pressed gently against her ass. "Relax." I whispered as I felt my knob ease into her body.

Karen realized I was not going to plow into her and I felt her body relax a little. I teased her tight asshole without moving in. She moaned and then I pressed forward but only a little at a time. She would be fine. Slowly I prodded and pressed into her tight ass until finally Karen felt my thighs press firmly against her beaten buns and knew that I was all the way into her ass. My hands slid up her body and I teased her dangling tits as Karen saw me begin to pump into her ass. It had been many years since anyone had been where I was right now. Karen hated to admit it but it did feel good. She had been more frightened than anything.

I pressed the button on the controls and Karen felt her body being lowered to the mattress until her arms were relaxed. She gripped wads of the blanket between her fingers as she felt my cock begin to thrust deep into her bowels. Karen grunted and groaned as her ass was impaled over and over again on my ramrod. It did not take long to feel those wonderful muscles deep in her loins massaging my shaft as I skewered her beautiful body.

Karen knew by my breathing and the feeling of my cock in her body that I was about to cum. She began to press her body back to meet my thrusts and I felt her muscles clamp down on my cock with each thrust. With a loud scream I filled her bowels with cum as I watched her body stiffen with her own powerful orgasm. I leaned forward and kissed Karen on the neck as my hands stroked her sides and teased her heaving tits as they were mashed under her body. Easing from between her cheeks, I could see how open her sweet asshole was. I kissed her on her asscheek. Then picking up a bottle of lotion, I began to gently rub it into her beaten flesh. Karen moaned softly.

To be continued...

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