tagNonConsent/ReluctanceKaren Takes Another Step

Karen Takes Another Step


This is the third of a series. Check out the others to see where this one fits.

* * * * *

When I saw Karen at dance class on Wednesday, she was a bit embarrassed but quite friendly. By the end of the evening she'd become even more affectionate than usual. When we walked to her car she pressed herself to me with a moist kiss, grinding her pelvis against my crotch.

"I feel guilty as hell cheating on my husband, but can we get together again soon for another session?" she asked.

"Of course we can," I answered, "but if you want to do this then you have to do something in preparation," I continued.

"And what would that be?" she asked sarcastically.

"I want you to go down to one of those adult book shops and buy three or four magazines on bondage," I told her. Karen blushed and looked nervous.

"I'd be so embarrassed going into a store like that. I've never been in one," she confessed.

"Well you've never done a lot of things before or at least until now. You can do it. I suggest you go in the morning; they're less crowded then. Also, there's a somewhat more respectable one over on 7th Street. Leaf through several magazines and buy the ones that excite you the most. By the way they're not cheap," I told her.

"When would you like to come?" I teased.

"Well, my husband is going out of town on Friday for a gig and he usually calls home at 7:00 before he leaves for work," she said.

"Wonderful. We can make a long evening and a full day out of it." I said as I leaned over to kiss her. I slipped my hand into her blouse and caressed her massive tit. She thrust her tongue deep into my mouth as I squeezed her hard nipple through her sheer bra. As she released me, I slapped her playfully but firmly on her beautiful ass. "I'll call you on Friday," I said as she climbed into her car. I leaned into the car and kissed her again as I slid my hand down between her soft thighs and felt the moistness of her silk panties. She moaned loudly as she sucked my tongue into her mouth and ground her drenched pussy against my fingers.

On Friday I noticed that the "Story of O" was playing at one of the local adult theaters. I knew the place and that it had a separate seating area in the balcony for couples and unescorted women. I called Karen in the afternoon.

"Did you buy the magazines?" I asked.

"Yes, but I was mortified. It wasn't bad enough having to go in there. Though the place is really not as sleazy as I thought it would be, the guy behind the counter kept giving me the eye. When I carried the magazines up to the counter and he saw what they were, I wanted to die," she said.

"I'm glad you bought them. I have a surprise for you," I said.

"Usually I like surprises but with you, I don't know," she teased.

"Don't worry this one is painless," I teased back. "I'm taking you to see an art movie this evening."

"Art movie?" she asked.

"Art movie," I answered. "It's about bondage but is not your usual run of the mill X-rated job. It's playing at the Uptown Art and I want you to meet me there at 8:00," I told her. "I want you to wear a halter top and your black wrap-around skirt and, oh yes, no underwear," I instructed her.

"No underwear?" she asked teasingly.

"You can bring some in your bag if you like. Also bring a change of clothes and your bikini," I added, "and don't forget the magazines."

"Okay," she said.

"When you get to the theater go in and go up to the balcony. I'll be waiting there for you in the front right section," I instructed her.

"Aren't you going to pick me up?" she asked. "No, and I want you to come by bus so we won't have to worry about your car," I added.

"I'd..." she started to protest.

"Do it!" I said sternly before she could utter another word. "I'll see you there," I said much more softly.

"Okay," she whispered softly.

The weather was lousy and Karen wore a cape over her clothing. She was relieved, since walking without a bra for her was most revealing. Her huge breast swayed and bounced with each step and she knew how that drew attention. She did not have a halter to wear so she wore a tube top, hoping it would be close enough. In fact it was better. I just didn't think she could wear one with her tits.

The parking lot looked empty as did the lobby and Karen was relieved, hoping not to have to confront anyone. She was surprised that the ticket taker was a woman and she paid for her ticket. She could feel herself blushing deeply. Once inside, she climbed the steps and entered the balcony. She looked for me as she saw the coming attractions running on the screen. She removed her cape and carrying it over her arm, called my name softly. When she got no response she started to leave but then stopped and sat down where I'd told her to.

The movie started and Karen became engrossed in the scenes before her. Silently I moved down and sat behind her. I watched her as she took in the movie. Her hands descended into her lap and she stroked herself gently as she moaned softly.

Reaching forward over the seat, I placed my hand over Karen's mouth as I whispered in her ear. "It's me. Don't make a sound." She recognized my voice after her initial fright and relaxed as she nodded her head. I eased my grip on her mouth and my hands descended to her panting breasts. I could feel her heart racing. I cupped her huge mams and then slid my hands into her tube top. Her nipples were incredibly hard. I folded down the top edge of her tube top so that her breasts were completely exposed. Karen tried to cover herself.

"Don't. I want them bare," I said as I teased her sensitive nipples. She looked around and realized we were the only ones in the balcony and almost the only ones in the theater. Karen squirmed a bit but resigned herself to obeying my wishes. "Watch the movie," I instructed. The movie was exciting enough but with the added stimulation of my playing with her nipples, Karen felt her pussy getting quite wet. I was ready to push Karen to the next step.

"I want you to stand up and remove your skirt," I whispered in her ear.

"What?!" she protested in a loud whisper.

"You heard me. I want you to stand up and remove your skirt, then fold it and put it in your bag," I instructed her as I pinched her nipples playfully.

"But I don't have anything on under it," she protested.

"Precisely," I quipped as I let go of her rock hard nipples.

"What if someone sees me?" she pleaded.

"Then they will see what a magnificent body you have," I answered. "Now do what you're told." Karen looked around again to see if she could see anyone near us and then she fumbled with the sash of the skirt and standing up, unwrapped it from around her long, beautiful legs. She tried to do it quickly and sit down but as she started to do so I said, "Move over one seat." Karen didn't think anything of it and quickly stepped over one seat and sat down. As her bare pussy touched the cold leather seat, she gasped. I kissed her neck.

"Can I at least put my top back in place?" she begged.

"As a matter of fact, why don't you take it off and put it in your bag also?" I said. Karen reluctantly removed her last piece of clothing, save for her shoes and slid it into her bag. She trembled in fear and excitement as she sat totally naked in this public theater. Looking up at the screen, she could see the heroine bent over a sofa as her lover was fucking her from behind. At the moment, she longed to be in that very position as the itch between her own legs grew ever more powerful. I moved up beside Karen and placing her hand on my crotch, let her stroke me as we watched the rest of the movie. She was relieved that no one else came in to the theater.

By the time the movie ended, Karen was so turned on she wanted me to fuck her right there on the floor. But as she heard people downstairs getting up out of their seats, she turned to me and asked, "Can I put my clothes on now?"

"No," I answered.

"No?!" Karen protested in a loud whisper.

"That's right," I answered. I took Karen's arm and turned her so she faced away from me. I took a piece of leather from my pocket and pulling her wrists together, bound them behind her back. "Now stand up." I instructed her. As Karen tried to stand up, I helped her and then turning her towards me, I kissed her deeply and then caressed her naked breasts. Her heart was pounding with fear and excitement. I picked up her cape and pulled it around her shoulders. I buttoned the collar but did not go any further. The cape hung closed over her naked body. I picked up her bag and put it in my backpack.

"Aren't you going to button my cape up?" she asked fully aware of how helpless she was.

"Walk very slowly and carefully," I said as I took her arm through the cape and led her down the back staircase. We passed several people on the street and Karen was absolutely terrified but then she noticed that they seemed to be totally unaware of her predicament. She kept looking at me to help her but I just kissed her and smiled. It had stopped raining but things were still quite wet as we approached my car. There was no one nearby as I opened the door for her and helped her get in. Her cape opened but I pulled it closed quickly, helping her to get settled.

"How did you like the movie?" I asked her as we drove towards my house.

"I liked it," she said nervously. I guessed what she was thinking.

"Don't worry. I'm not taking you to a place like that. I just know that you like feeling helpless." I said as I put my hand on her firm breast. "Tell me the parts you liked best about the film," I said as my hand slid into her cape and I fondled her warm breasts.

Karen started to tell me about the various scenes in the movie that had excited her most. When we got to a traffic light, I reached over and pulling the lever, released her seat back and pressed it down flat. I pulled her cape open and began to squeeze her huge tits. As she spoke, it was hard for her to concentrate and speak while I was stroking her body. She had a quiver of excitement in her voice. I let my hand drift down to her moist pussy and she parted her thighs to ease my way into her intimate flesh. Karen moaned as the scent of her womanhood filled the car. My hand grazed over her clit and her body shuddered with a powerful orgasm. I dipped my fingers into her sweet lovehole and felt how wet she was.

To be continued...

* * * * *

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