tagLesbian SexKaren's All-Girl Party Ch. 2

Karen's All-Girl Party Ch. 2


(continuation of part 1)

"Is it just me, or is it getting hot in here." said Karen, as she unbuttoned her blouse.

Slowly Karen removes all he clothes leaving on her black bra and thong panties, soon everyone followed Karen's lead. At this point all ladies were on there lovely undies.

Karen begins to rub her pussy, slowly. Brenda gives Karen a lusty look.

"Don't you want to hear my story now?" said Linda.

"Oh, yes we do." said Jenny.

Linda is a account executive for an investment company, married, with two children, she maintains a beautiful body, so to attract the male clients.

"OK, here goes..." started Linda.

"My boss sent me across town to close a deal with two actresses, I was excited and went at once. I arrived at the condo and two beautiful ladies greeted me, Sherry and Beth. I didn't recognize them from any movies I've watched but I didn't mind. Once in the living room, they ask me what I wanted to drink, I begged off but they insisted. Soon we were having our second glasses of Scotch. I explained the investment proposal and after a while both ladies signed the contract. I was saying my farewell, when Beth insisted we finish our drinks. I said OK. I was roaming around the living room when I picked up a DVD case. Sherry's picture was on the cover of the adult movie case. But she had a different name on the cover.

"Uhh, you're in this movie...Sherry?" I asked.

"Oh, yes. That's not my real name, just my screen name." replied Sherry.

"But these are real, no silicone." added Sherry as she lifts both of her breast.

"I'm in that movie too." said Beth.

"Sherry and I did our best work in that flick." added Beth.

I smiled and ask-- "Do you really do it or just act the part?".

"When I'm doing it with a man, I just fake it. I enjoy doing it with a woman. Beth's the best partner I had, right Beth?" said Sherry.

"Of course..." said Beth. " Hey, Linda do you want to watch the movie?" added Beth.

"Oh no, maybe next time." I said.

"Don't be silly, sit down and drink up." ordered Beth as she operates the DVD player.

I sat down and continue to drink my Scotch. Sherry sat beside me and drunk up too. Beth bring it to the part were she and Sherry are kissing. This made me hot, imagine sitting besides two women, who's kissing in a movie.

"Do you like what you see?" Beth asked me.

"Yes." I said in a low voice.

When their scene ended I told them-- "I think I better leave."

"Nonsense, you'll stay for a while... please." said Sherry.

I don't know what to say, I guess I consented to her request. Suddenly, I felt a kiss at the back of my neck. Beth starts to lick my neck and Sherry starts to unbutton my dress. I didn't resist. Beth turned my face towards her and starts to kiss me. Her tongue entered my mouth and I welcomed it. Soon our tongues were slapping each other. We suck each others tongues with impunity . I didn't notice it but my dress was down on my hips and one of my breast was being sucked by Sherry. Her sucking felt great. These professionals really know what they're doing.

"We need a larger setting, let's go to the bedroom." uttered Sherry.

I stood up and let my dress fall to the floor. Beth unhooked my bra from behind. I was now only in my panties. Sherry held my hand and led me to the bedroom. Beth undressed as she walked to the bedroom. Sherry laid me to bed and she undressed. I felt quite insecure with my body, as I saw their beautiful bodies in front of me. Soon, they erased those feeling from my mind.

"Your so beautiful, Linda." said Beth as she bends down to kiss me.

I pulled Beth towards me as we kiss hard, we exchanged a passionate kiss, as our tongues are entangled to each other.

Moments later, Sherry joined us and our tongues are licking and sucking each other. Beth breaks from the kiss and licks my tits, I loved it, she licked and sucked my nipples until they were hard. Sherry and I continued our passionate tongue sucking. Later, I felt Beth's tongue in my pussy, she pulls my panties down. She licks my clit and sucks my pussy lips, I haven't felt this good in my life. She is the best pussy eater I've ever known.

"Sit on my face, Sherry." I whispered.

Sherry obliged. She sits on my face and I eat her wet pussy like a hungry animal. She gives a scream in delight. I felt proud, being able to make a pornstar scream in approval. Our bodies were grinding. My face was all wet with Sherry's juices. Without a moments notice I came hard on Beth's face, Beth continues to lick my juices. Shortly, Sherry comes on my face, I loved it. I continue to eat her up. Beth and Sherry now faces each other and kiss each other. Sherry licks my juices from Beth's mouth and tongue.

"You taste great, Linda." Sherry said.

I pulled her towards me and give her a hard kiss. Now tasting my own pussy juices. I pulled Beth too and licked her too.

"I want you, Beth." I said.

Beth laid down on the bed and we went to a 69 position with me on top. Soon our bodies were rocking. Sherry and I shared Beth's pussy, licking and sucking her, going deep inside her and we would occasionally lick each others tongues. After a while, I could feel Beth was about to explode and I ate her pussy faster, inserting my tongue back inside her pussy. She exploded hard. We continue to lick each other, lapping up all her juices . Moments later, Sherry went behind me and licks my ass. Beth was eating my wet pussy, while Sherry was tongue fucking my ass hole. I just loved it. Seconds later, I exploded. But they did not stop. They continued working on me, I opened up my ass and I could feel Sherry's tongue inside my ass, deep. Beth had two fingers inside my pussy, while sucking on my clit, they didn't pause a bit until I exploded again and again. I collapsed on the bed as we embraced each other. I woke up after a nap and both ladies were gone. They left me a note thanking me for a wonderful night and for helping them practice for their next movie..."

"So did you like my story, ladies?" ended Linda.

The ladies enjoyed the story alright. Karen had her head laid back on the sofa, with her legs apart, rubbing her wet pussy . Jenny has one hand caressing her breast and another hand on her pussy playing with her clit. Brenda, had a throw pillow covering her, being a bit shy, just marveled at what her schoolmates were doing.

(to be continued...part 3)

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