tagExhibitionist & VoyeurKaren's Big Discovery Ch. 01

Karen's Big Discovery Ch. 01


I don't think of myself as abnormal. I'm just a woman who enjoys what she enjoys. Is that so hard to understand? But maybe I'm getting ahead of myself.

My name is Karen and my parents were always protective of me growing up. That might be because I was a very late bloomer. Being a tomboy initially, I really didn't develop until the summer after my 18th birthday, right before my senior year in high school. But that was quite a summer for me. My hips widened and I went from having a B-cup to an oversized D by the time school opened after Labor Day. I also found myself thinking about sex constantly.

After a couple girlfriends volunteered to be managers for the football team, they talked me into it as well. And that's when the fun started.

Kim, my closest friend, and I were inseparable during summer practices. Although we didn't get the workout that the players did, we still had to deal with the August heat. Man, it was hot. So we all dressed lightly. And with my new-found figure, I wanted to show it off for the guys. I had an old cotton baseball jersey that was light. It was white with dark blue half-sleeves that reached just below my elbows. It was light enough to give some relief from the heat, but what I liked the most about this shirt was that it was probably two sizes too small for me since my "growth". My tits just popped off my chest and it was hard for any guy not to notice them. In fact, after only a couple minutes of the air conditioning in the gym, my nipples were easy to make out, even through my bra. It was fun having a nice chest to show off FINALLY. I was tired of having nothing, and this was my opportunity to take advantage of what a nice set of tits can get a girl.

There was one guy on the team that had been a friend since we were young. His name was John. We had been friends, but never considered dating. I just didn't think of him that way. And I'm guessing that he never thought of me that way either. He was a quarterback, but he wasn't good enough to start so he spent much of the practice on the sideline with the underclassmen and the managers like Kim and me.

I enjoyed hanging with the guys. Something about sweaty, powerful men that gets me going. And the uniforms didn't hurt either because the tight football uniform pants were an especial turn-on. All those well-formed, toned asses in tight dark-blue spandex. The curves were amazing.

But I guess the important part of this story began when John came off the field one afternoon after a few practice plays. It was the first time that I really looked at him. I mean, I had always looked at him, but I never really LOOKED at him in THAT way, if you get my meaning. Sure he had a handsome face, short brown hair, and broad shoulders. But as he ran off the field toward me on the sidelines, I couldn't help noticing his crotch. And he ran, and his body bounced up and down, what caught my eyes was a very noticeable bulge below his belt. His tight football pants stretched over his package and there was no doubt to anyone who watched that there was a lot of meat down there.

I suddenly felt wet, and I don't mean from sweat. I mean I was sweaty, but there was more moisture now. Thinking of John having a large endowment got me thinking of him in new ways. I decided right then that it was time to pursue this a bit further.

Grabbing a water bottle, I walked over to John and offered to squirt some cold water into his mouth. "Hey! Looking good out there."

"Oh hey, Karen." He opened up and I sprayed water into his waiting mouth.

I thought I would strike up a longer conversation with him. "You keep this up and you'll be starting in no time." As I spoke, I held the water bottle against my chest, figuring the condensation on the outside of the bottle would quickly soak through my shirt.

As I spoke, John's eyes dropped from my eyes and began to watch the moisture soaking into my shirt and making my bra and tits more obvious. After a few seconds, he realized that I had stopped speaking and that he was staring. "Oh! Right! Well, I don't think I'm anywhere near as good as Eric. He deserves to be the starter but I'll support the team as best I can.

While John was recovering from his view of my chest, I looked down to see if my efforts had caused any changes to his package. To my enjoyment, it was growing larger.

"Well, I'll always be one of your fans." As a spoke, I put my arm through his and rubbed one of my large tits against his elbow. My nipples began to show.

I looked down as if to appear shy, but I took the opportunity to take another look at John's crotch. I could see a definite extension down toward his right thigh. Oh man, I was making him hard!

Our conversation continued for a few minutes but we were soon interrupted when practice came to an end for that day. Since it was Friday evening, Kim and I spent nearly an hour packing equipment away for the weekend. And as we completed that task, I saw John leaving the locker room for his walk home. He lived a few blocks from our school. I decided to join him since my home was one block over from his.

As we walked, we joked and teased one another as was our usual interaction. But something had definitely changed as a result of our conversation during practice. I was certainly thinking about him in a whole new way, and I was hoping he was doing the same. As we got to my house, I wished him a good night and slipped inside. But rather than call it a night, my more amorous side took over, and I decided to sneak back out and follow John back to his house. I knew his bedroom was on the ground floor so I decided to slip around the back of the house and see if I could get a clear glimpse of that bulge that looked so impressive at practice.

I walked around the left side of the house and waited in the dark until I saw a light go on near where John's bedroom was. Just my luck, the curtain was cloth and was a bit see-through at night. The bright lights of his bedroom made it easy for me to stand outside in the dark without him seeing me, while I had a terrific view of him.

John walked into his room, I got a good look at what he was wearing. Dark blue t-shirt and gray sweat pants. Nothing too flattering, but he quickly pulled off his shirt to reveal a wide chest and a nice 6-pack of abs: very sexy. He then pulled off his sneakers, socks, and then walked over to the other side of the room and tossed those items into what looked like a hamper.

As he walked, I couldn't help notice that there was something rather large moving around inside the front of his sweatpants. That something was obviously large, and I was dying to get a look at it. John walked back to the other side of the room, fiddling with his bulge as he went, and removed his watch to place it on his dresser.

I felt strangely both embarrassed and erotically thrilled to be watching John in his room. He had no idea anyone was watching and I was seeing him at his most private.

Without any warning, John turned and exited the room. I decided to wait a minute or two to see if he came right back. Within a couple minutes, I heard what sounded like a shower coming on. On the off-chance that I could see something, I moved back along the side of the house, pushed through some bushes, and found a small window that was obviously for the bathroom next to John's room. I stretched up on my toes and was just high enough to see in the window. The curtain was askew enough for me to get just a small view into the shower and toilet area. The shower was on and there through the smokes glass door, I could see someone that had to be John.

This was getting better all the time.

After a couple more minutes, John shut off the water, grabbed a towel from over the top of the door and began drying himself in the stall. The door opened and John stepped out while rubbing the towel through his hair. This gave me a clear view of the rest of his body.

His stomach was flat and rippled with muscles: hairless and amazing. But my eyes were drawn lower to the most incredible appendage I have ever seen. His penis hung away from his crotch and down toward his knees. It hung thick and low, nearly half way down his thighs. As he dried his hair, his pendulous cock gently swayed back and forth, bumping lightly against each thigh. It looked heavy, but nowhere near erect. It was certainly larger than I ever imagined one would be. I mean, I've never been with a guy before, but I've seen photos in magazines. They NEVER looked with that. Wow. How in the world did he ever keep that hidden from me all this time. We've been friends for years. Then a thought occurred to me: Maybe he just went through a growth spurt the way I did? Perhaps his larger penis is as new as my newly enlarged tits.

John moved the towel around his torso and then down to his crotch to dry his magnificent equipment. He moved the towel under his balls, and then down the length of his large, but still soft bone. He seemed to take more time drying it than necessary and closed his eyes as he did so.

When John pulled the towel away and moved it down his muscular thighs, I continued to watch his cock. It was still soft, but his head appeared to flare a bit, looking more purple and engorged. I suddenly noticed that my right hand was pulling on my left nipple, desperate to promote some direct stimulation to go along with this amazing show John was providing. Without any fuss, John tied the towel around his waist and quickly exited the bathroom.

Figuring he was on his way back to his bedroom, I moved as quietly as I could back toward the rear of the house and to the spot that gave me such a good view of John's room.

As I got into position, I found him already on his bed, seated up near the pillows. From the window, I was just off to his left down at the bottom of the bed. John pulled on the towel as he lifted his butt into the air a bit, and just like that, I again had my eyes on my naked friend. His cock slapped his stomach as John sat back down and leaned back into the pillows.

John's right hand grabbed his appendage and began to slowly slap the head against his left thigh. Pat, pat, pat. I thought that was a strange way to treat a cock, but I quickly realized when John was doing. He was getting himself hard.

Pat, pat, pat...

Then it happened. It started to grow! At first, the head flared: once, twice, then again. It then started to lengthen and stiffen. As it grew, John reached a point where he couldn't keep his cock bent far enough down to touch his thigh. So he let go, and his throbbing cock loudly slapped his stomach. To my astonishment, his cockhead was past his navel and close to even with his nipples. Incredible. It looked to be about the length of my forearm.

With his right hand, he slowly gripped the back of cock, squeezing and sliding his hand upward, pulling the skin along with it. When he reached half way up the shaft, he pulled back and repeated the process. With his left hand, he reached down and handled each of his testicles. They were probably the size of plumbs and his scrotum was hairless, making them appear all that much larger under his towering hard-on. His left hand moved from his balls and took position around his shaft just under the head. His cock was long enough that he had both hands on it and there was still shaft showing.

I thought for a moment that I heard him saying something, so I moved closer to the window.

"Oh yes, Karen, show me those big tits of yours....oh yes..."

Oh my God! Was he talking to me? Was he fantasizing about me? I listened again.

"I had no idea your tits were so huge. Oh, yes, pull on your nipples like that...now rub those boobs on my balls...

I guess my chest was as big a surprise to him as my notice of his package.

John now had both hands on his massive prick and was pumping up and down with determination. His eyes were closed and his head lay back again the headboard. His cockhead flared again and precum began to ooze out, making his upper hand wet and slick. As he pumped away, minute after minute, I was amazed at how much he produced. It became a steady flow and poured out of his member.

My face felt flush and I realized just how turned on I was, watching this display of raw sexual activity in front of me. John had no idea I was there and was jerking off to the thought of my body. It was the most amazing and sexually stimulating thing I could have ever imagined. I reached down to find my pussy absolutely hot and soaking wet.

I looked up to see John still sliding both his hands on his cock. It was magnificent: slick with precum and pulsing with every beat of his heart. Then, I noticed something. His balls were slowly rising, moving closer to his body. John let out a groan and his cock-head flared to even larger proportions.

Suddenly, a rope of cum jetted up from his cock. It hung in the air for a split second, then splashed onto John's chest. The second blast left his prick with even greater force and splashed across his nose and right cheek. The third and fourth covered his neck, while the fifth and sixth poured over his hands and still pulsing cock. To my amazement, John kept coming. Additional blasts hit him again in the face.

After what seemed like more than a minute, the geyser from his massive prick finally subsided. There was semen all over John's chest and face, and his breathing was heavy and ragged.


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