tagExhibitionist & VoyeurKaren's Big Discovery Ch. 02

Karen's Big Discovery Ch. 02


This story is a continuation from Chapter 1. It will probably make more sense if you read chapter 1 first. All of this is fiction and all the characters are over 18 years of age. I hope you enjoy it.

Chapter 2

When I got home that night, I must have spent an hour getting myself off just thinking about what I had witnessed.

I realized that I couldn't wait to see John in school on Monday. I just had to see him this weekend. So the next morning, I sent him a text asking what he was up to. John responded within a minute to say that he was at home getting ready to work out. He as a small gym in his basement and he uses it during non-practice days. I decided this offered a good opportunity for me so I replied, asking if I could join him. I know they have a treadmill, and I thought I could use that while he was doing other things. John's reply was "Sure, come on over."

Now, what to wear. I wanted to look good for John and show off my newly acquired assets. But I didn't want to be too obvious. Since I knew from what he said to himself the previous night that he was fixated on my tits, I decided to use that. I picked out a dark-blue t-shirt that wasn't too tight, but I skipped the bra so that John would be able to notice every sway and juggle of my oversized chest. That was the most important part of the outfit. I finished it with very tight spandex running pants that showed off my ass. I love the feel of lycra on my skin and it often makes me horny just knowing that everyone can see every curve of my newly developing body. John was likely to see that I was prepared to work out, but exuded a certain degree of trashiness. Should be perfect, I thought.

I rang John's doorbell twenty minutes after our texts. I prepared a slight grin as John opened up. He was dressed in a white t-shirt and black work-out compression shorts. Those shorts were so tight that his package produced quite a large lump that was impossible to miss. Our eyes met and I could have sworn I caught his eyes rising up to meet mine.

"Hi" I said.

"Hi, Karen! You got here quick." I looked down at his tight shorts. "I was just about to get started. It'll be nice to have some company. Come on in!"

I walked past John into the house, and as I turned back, I caught him checking out my ass. Now I don't normally think of my butt as one of my better parts, but I had to admit, the lycra running pants were tight and sexy (without anything underneath). I knew from what I heard the previous evening, that John was taken with my now prominent tits, but it he must be more randy than I thought if he couldn't now keep his eyes off my ass either. I was starting to think that there might be a real opportunity to get things going.

John led the way downstairs to the basement. He already had loud thumping hip-hop music playing on the music system. I tapped John on the shoulder to ask if the music might be disturbing his folks, but he said that they were at the shore for the weekend. Since John was an only-child, that meant we were there alone. I hadn't planned on that and began to think of the possibilities.

I began a hill-climbing walk on the treadmill as John worked with the free-weights. The sight of him curling 25 lbs. dumbbells in each hand was awesome. He strained by the end of the first set, but I really enjoyed his bulging biceps. He followed that up by putting one foot up on a bench and ripping off a set for his triceps while bent over. I enjoyed this view as well because the sight of his tight butt in those shorts was really doing a number on me. I was glad that the incline on the treadmill forced a real sweat for me. If not, he might have noticed the wetness between my legs.

John next moved to a shoulder press. Since he was facing me, I had to work hard not to stare at him. But each time I did look over, John's eyes moved away from my body. My barely restrained tits moved constantly as I moved past my one-mile mark.

With a grunt, John finished his last set of shoulder presses, and reconfigured the weights to begin a set on the bench press. As he lay down, his eyes focused on the bar above him. It was my opportunity to check him out once again. The bulging muscles on him arms would normally have kept my attention, but my eyes quickly focused on another bulge: the one between his legs. Oh my God! It was massive. I knew from the night before, that he was impressively endowed, but this was too much. To my surprise, the simple motion of my brisk walk in those skin-tight pants and the sight of John's tightly constrained cock was enough to send a small orgasm through my entire body. The pulsing began deep in my crotch and soon sent shivers all over. Wow. That was not expected.

Rather than stay on the other side of the room, I shut down the treadmill and volunteered to spot for John on the bench press. I jogged over to that part of the room, conscious to let my heavy breasts bounce and jiggle for John's benefit. As I reached him, his eyes were clearly focused on my chest, exactly as I intended.

I stood just above John's head as he lay on the bench. This gave him a clear view of my chest and as I looked down on his face, I could make out the clear protrusions of my hardening nipples. There was no way John missed them either.

"I'm ready when you are," I said. I wondered if he caught the double meaning in my comment.

I helped John make the initial lift of the bar and lower it to his chest. As he rested before the first lift, I glanced down to see this is package was moving. His cock was growing right before my eyes beneath those compression shorts. His cock was pushing out to the left and down his thigh and it pulsed as his heart pumped.

John started his set. With each push up on the barbell, his cock throbbed and expanded further down his thigh. My breathing quickened as his member grew to amazing proportions. At his 8th rep, John's muscles began to weaken, but it was at that point that I noticed I could clearly make out the head of John's massive member. I wondered if all the blood in this cock was making it tough to keep lifting. As John pushed up for the tenth rep, he just couldn't complete it so I moved forward to grad the barbell. In doing that, I had to stand over John's face and we both worked together to secure the weights.

As we both exhaled, I looked down to see John staring at my crotch. My spandex running pants were skin tight, and I was now showing a noticeable camel toe. My pussy lips are rather large, and since I had nothing on under my tights, it was hard not to see them. As John stared, my eyes drifted to his crotch to find his cock now pulsing and lifting up from his thigh, even under the restraint of his compression shorts.

After an awkward moment of silence, John cleared his throat and that bought me back to reality. I backed up, and John sat up on the bench. "Thanks for the help", he said. For just an instant, his eyes darted to my chest and then back to my eyes. I smiled.

"I kind of like the idea of helping you work-out. I'm getting a real charge out of it."

"Yeah? You want to give this a try while I spot for you?" John inquired hopefully.

"Why not."

It was starting to occur to me that John was totally taken with me and that he couldn't control his sexual reaction. I mean, his hard-on was obvious and he couldn't do anything to conceal it. When I watched him through his window the night before, he was fantasizing about me and even spoke out loud as if I was there. His cock grew to stunning proportions just from his memory of seeing me a few hours before. I started to imagine what he would be like if I was there in person, helping him with that hard-on. Would it grow larger? Would he cum with even more volume and force?

This being the case, I decided to put myself in a position of power over John and his impressive appendage. Why not have some fun with that?

We changed places, with me lying on the bench and John moved around to spot for me.

"Wait, I think it would be better if you stood over me to spot, rather than standing behind," I said.


"'Because I'm not much of a weight lifter, and I might really need your help."

"Whatever you say," John seemed to acknowledge, reluctantly. He came back around after setting the weights on the bar. But as he approached, I could tell that he hadn't lost any of his arousal. That bulge in his shorts was still gigantic and his cock was still pushing out to the left.

As I lifted up on the bar, John leaned in to be sure I had control. In doing so, the front of his thighs touched my tits and his crotch moved to just inches of my face. I decided to take control of the situation.

As the bar came down to my chest after the first rep, I spoke up. "John, I have a confession to make."

"Really, what's that?"

I pushed up for the second rep, and the bar returned.

"After we parted last night, I came back over to your house."

Third rep.

""Really? I don't remember a knock at the door or the doorbell."

"No, I didn't go to the door. I snuck around the back of the house"

Fourth rep.

"And peeked in your bedroom window."

John stopped cold. He stared at me and got a look of fear in his eyes. Very slowly, he asked "You did what?"

As the bar rested on my chest, above my protruding tits, I calmly explained. "I looked in your window. You see, when we were on the football field that yesterday afternoon, I noticed that you had a very noticeable package, and I just had to know whether it was the result of your tight football pants, or something else. I was pleased to find it was not the uniform."

I pushed up and with John's help, placed the bar back in the rack. As I continued to lie on the bench looking up at John, I explained further. John didn't move.

"When you stepped out of the shower, I couldn't believe the size of your cock." I emphasized the last word, hoping I could get a reaction out of John. If he was as turned on by my body as I thought, some language would only add to my control over him. "It was amazing. It hung there, thick and pulsing." I looked down to see that John's cock was now straining inside his tight compression shorts.

"But the most incredible part was after, on your bed. Seeing you naked, stroking your rock-hard cock was such a turn-on. As you pulled on it, I reached down to feel my pussy getting hotter and wetter."

John closed his eyes, and I could see a noticeable wet spot appear near where the head of his cock strained against his shorts, making them darker and slick. I figured he must have expelled a burst of pre-cum, soaking the insides of his skin-tight shorts.

"I just loved watching your hands pull up and down on your cock. With each stroke it got bigger. I had no idea you were so huge. How could you have kept such a thing from me? We've been the best of friends since we were little. Such an incredible cock." John's eyes remained closed and his massive hard-on continued to pulse and throb, the wet spot in his shorts growing ever larger.

I couldn't get over the sense of power I had over him. I decided to push it to see if he would follow directions.

"John, I want you to show me again. Take off those shorts and show me that massive cock of yours."

For a second, John's eyes opened and he stared at me. I guess he was trying to decide how to respond. Then, after what seemed like forever, he backed away from me, and pulled down on his tight shorts, dropping them to his ankles. First one foot and then the other pulled free, kicking his now soaked shorts off to the side.

Hanging there off his muscled torso was that magical appendage I saw the previous evening. It stuck out at nearly a 90 degree angle from the floor, pulsing with every beat of his heart. The head flared and pre-cum oozed out of the slit. It was simply magnificent: smooth and hard, with just a hint of veins along the shaft.

I sat up on the bench, and slowly massaged my tits. The nipples were hard as rocks and were begging for some attention. In response, John placed both hands on his cock and began to slowly stroke it while his eyes never moved from my chest.

"Your tits are fantastic, Karen. Can I see them?," he asked.

Rather than give in, I decided to retain my power position. "No, not now...but maybe soon. For now I just want to see you jerk off for me. I want to see you pump that massive bone until you can't control yourself. I heard you last night talking about my tits as you stroked it. Now you can actually look at me while you do that. I'm going to keep my shirt on, but I think it's tight enough to give you a good sense of them. See how hard you made my nipples. Oh...they are just straining they're so hard.

Precum began to pour steadily from John's cock, oozing down over his hands.

"I love watching you stroke yourself. It must feel good since you obviously like it. I'll bet you wish those were my hands on your cock. I'll bet you'd love to have my soft hands sliding up and down on that hard shaft, helping to milk all that precum out of you."

John's eyes closed and he began to moan. I got the sense that he really was starting to lose control. It was time to push him over the top.

"Oh, John, the head of your cock is all wet. That is so hot. All that slick precum pouring out of you. If I was to let you see my tits, would you like that?"

John's eyes flashed open and locked on my massive tits.

"If I show you my tits, will you cum for me?"

"Oh my GOD, YES!"

"Then maybe I should do that...just pull up my t-shirt and let these babies out. Just let them out and let you see what you've been fantasizing about."

"Please, Karen, let me see them," John pleaded, his eyes looking weak while his cock pulsed and flexed with every stroke, precum now leaking steadily onto the cement floor of the basement.

The sexual power I held over John was intoxicating. I'd never felt anything like it. And it was a huge turn on for me, as the dampness in my crotch began to spread. I looked down to see a growing wet spot.

I looked back up to John and his continuing manipulations of his massive member. It was like he was worshipping his own cock, stroking it because it demanded pleasure. "John, do you see how hot you are making me? My pussy is soaking wet with my juices and it's all because of you and that incredible cock."

I think instead of showing you my tits, I'm going to play with myself and see if I can cum at the same time you do. Would you like to see me cum?"

"Yes, I would..."

With that, I slid my left hand into the tight waistband of my spandex tights. They were wet and slick, and my fingers slid easily between my pussy lips. My clit was so engorged that just touching it sent a shiver through me. My fingers moved back and forth as my eyes locked onto the pulsing head of John's cock. My right hand joined my manipulations only it was on the outside of my tights, helping to add pressure to my pussy.

"Oh, Karen, that is so fucking hot. I've dreamt about seeing you like this."

And with that, John closed his eyes and I again saw his balls rise toward his cock. He was preparing to blow. My fingers moved faster to catch up with John, but before I climaxed, he groaned and the eye of his cockhead widened in preparation for his orgasm.

The first blast was massive in both volume and velocity. A thick rope of white semen rocketed from his cock and into the air between us. I watched as it flew through the air with such velocity that it crossed the ten feet between us and landed on the backside of my right hand. It was almost as if his sperm was desperate to get to my cunt. Three more ejaculations landed on my thighs, soaking me in John's juice.

But that was just the beginning. John leaned back and pulled his cock vertical. It continued to pump out amazing amounts of cum, all of it pouring around John's hands and all over his massive member. He just kept cumming. Blast after blast firing out and landing on his hands as they pumped and pumped on his amazing appendage. Eight, nine, ten, blasts.

There was so much cum, I felt myself pulled over the top into a powerful orgasm, sending shock-waves through my body.

When that finally passed (about a minute later), I opened my eyes to see that john's orgasm was slowly coming to an end. It looked like an additional half-dozen spurts had landed on the front of his shirt and cock. His unbelievably oversized organ was covered in man-juice and that allowed his hands to continue to slide up and down.

John slowly opened his eyes to look at me. "Holy SHIT," was all he said.

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