tagExhibitionist & VoyeurKaren's Nude Day with Coworkers

Karen's Nude Day with Coworkers



"Tomorrow is WHAT?" I asked. Surely I'd heard wrong.

"Nude Day!" Karen said, giggling.

"That's not a real holiday," I said.

"It is, look!" She handed me her phone. It was on some website that said that tomorrow was indeed Nude Day.

"This can't be real," I said.

"The guys said the resort is having an event for it tomorrow," she said. The guys she was referring to were Aaron and Jake, two of her fellow salespeople for the business research company they worked for. They'd had some sort of conference here in Miami for the weekend. She'd gotten her own hotel room as the only woman in the group, and I'd come along as a much needed vacation.

I also joined because I didn't trust Aaron and Jake one bit. They were both recently out of college, a decade younger than me and Karen, and absolutely infatuated with her. At every work function of theirs I'd attended over the couple years Karen has been working with them, I watched them follow her around like puppy dogs. They employed every trick in the Horny Guy Book. They'd follow a step behind her wherever she walked, drooling over her tight ass and swaying hips. They'd circle in front of her whenever she was still, hoping to catch a better glimpse of her perky breasts when she'd bend over. They'd insist on taking pictures with her whenever she showed even a little cleavage (which was pretty often, as Karen's breasts were above average in size, so didn't fit snugly under most tops she wore).

Karen insisted the three of them were just good friends. She knew they had crushes on her, but she made them keep it professional. They were the only other people on the sales team who didn't try to poach her sales, she said. They cheered her up when a sale fell through. And on and on. But I was no idiot. I'd spent plenty of my life as a horny single guy, I was wise to their games, even if she wasn't.

It didn't help matters that she insisted on teasing them from time to time. I knew she liked the attention her two younger colleagues showered on her and she didn't personally mind them leering at her body. She said that if they never took more than they were given, and being good friends and hot-blooded males, she was glad she could make them happy without doing much more than wearing a low-cut shirt. Whenever they had a work function, it was guaranteed both of the guys would post pics of them with Karen there, the shot angled as high as possible to show as much of her cleavage as they could. I laughed at how predictable it was, but at the same time felt full of pride that they were so desperate and that she'd always end up with me every night.

"But I'm leaving tomorrow," I said.

"I know, baby," she said. "And we'll miss you." Their team had closed so many deals at the conference, that the company extended their stay another night so they could have a day off to enjoy the resort and celebrate. They obviously wouldn't pay to change my flight too, though, or convince my boss to give me the day off. So I had to fly back in the morning, and leave my beautiful wife in a tropical paradise with two guys extremely horny for her. I'd been upset thinking about her spending the day with them in her bikini, and now I knew there'd be nudists everywhere.

"Just don't let them talk you into anything," I said.

"Oh please," she said. "I know they'll try and joke about me joining Nude Day, but you shouldn't worry."

I was worried. She couldn't convince me not to be. It kept me awake long after I heard her sleeping next to me. I finally passed into a fitful sleep well after midnight.



I woke up the next morning feeling refreshed for the first time in a long time. Three days of working a conference will do that to you, since setup started at 8 and post-conference dinner and drinks (where most of the actual deals get closed) didn't wrap up until midnight sometimes. Add in the stress of preparing for the conference the week before, and I hadn't been able to relax in forever. But now I could, and I was going to make the most of it.

I bounced over to the window and threw open the shades. Tom immediately groaned behind me.

"Sorry babe," I squeaked and shut them again. "Didn't sleep well?"

He just groaned in reply. I felt sorry for him, he came all the way out here and we didn't get to spend that much time together because I was so busy. In fact, we'd only tried to have sex once, and neither of us finished because I was so tired. I was thinking maybe we could make up for that this morning before he left, but he was way out of it and I wanted to enjoy the sun. I'd just have to live with being horny.

I fished my bikini out of my suitcase and put it on. I'd packed it with the hope that I could get use it this morning before heading back, and I was thrilled that I'd get a full day in the sun instead. We really killed it this weekend, and our boss said to go ahead and enjoy the resort, charge it to the room, and the company would pay for it. My plan was to spend all day laying out in the sun and trying every tropical drink this place could imagine.

I giggled to myself as I remembered that today was a "very important and special holiday", as the guys put it. I certainly had no plans on getting naked, even if it was Nude Day. Maybe if I was still single and maybe if I wasn't with my coworkers, I'd consider going topless for a bit. But I wasn't and I was, so I figured this would just be some extra entertainment for the day. Seeing some naked people would be amusing, and watching Jake and Aaron go gaga over the naked women would definitely be hilarious.

They were horny little devils and I knew it. They were super friendly to me as soon as I started this job. I was no stranger to having a couple dorks drool over my body, so I just leaned into it, as I had no friends at the company. We started hanging out a lot, going to lunch together, chatting during the day, occasionally grabbing drinks after work, that sort of thing. Our friendship started as them trying to get in my pants, but soon we were all emotionally involved with each other's lives. Sure, they would sometimes lament the fact that I was married, but what can you do.

They didn't stop trying to get in my pants of course. It just switched from being a serious thing to being a long running joke. For example, when I first started there, they explained they were known as the Selfie Guys around the office and insisted on taking pics with me every couple days. I soon picked up that they did this whenever I was wearing a low-cut shirt. When they asked for more, I teased them that it was just for their spank bank. They only posted a tiny fraction of the pics they took of us together, I knew they were just jerking off over the rest. You should have seen their faces, kids caught in the cookie jar, I tell ya.

I didn't want them to actually feel bad, though, so I let them take the pics anyway. Soon the pretense dropped, and whenever they'd spot me showing some cleavage, they'd just ask if they could add it to their spank bank. I knew I probably shouldn't because I was married and these guys were clearly lusting over me, but I wasn't dead and still liked the attention. So I started getting into it, and I'd usually pop open another button (or two) before the pic and use my arms to lift and frame my boobs some.

One time, after a coworker poached a particularly large deal from Aaron, I opened my blouse all the way and let him take a pic of me in my bra. The bra wasn't see-thru or anything. It was a push-up bra, though, so the cups barely covered my nipples and left a ton of flesh bulging up over the top. I knew I probably shouldn't let my coworker take pics of me in my underwear, put I reasoned it wasn't really more than what he'd already seen since I'd been displaying a lot of cleavage for them on almost a daily basis at that point. Plus, it made his day and I was glad I could help.

I texted the guys to tell them I was heading to the pool. They responded they'd just woken up and would meet me down there. I threw on a tanktop over my bikini and headed out after giving Tom a farewell kiss and reminding him not to sleep through his plane. I ran into one of the new clients I'd signed on the way down. It was kind of embarrassing, since he was as old as my dad and I was only half-dressed. I kicked myself for not also putting on shorts, as my tanktop stopped short of my waist and I could feel his eyes boring into my backside as the elevator slowly clicked down. I knew he could probably see half of each cheek, but at least he was leaving, I told myself.

When we reached the lobby, I headed toward the outdoor pool and he headed to the exit (after watching me head to the pool of course). I discovered the resort was not kidding around about their Nude Day celebration. A huge banner over the doors to the pool announced the holiday, as well as a sign saying only adults were allowed in there today.

The pool was HUGE. We'd all gawked at it the first day, but hadn't had the chance to enjoy it yet. There was a swim-up bar in the middle and several more bars along the buildings on the side. I grabbed one of the couple hundred lounge chairs and laid down on my back. It was only mid-morning, but the sun was already bright. I was one of the first few people out here, and I watched the staff set up more decorations as I rubbed sunscreen onto my front. I had just finished up and was settling in when I felt a tap on my shoulder.

"Excuse me, miss?" the man said. I looked up to see him wearing a staff t-shirt. "I'm sorry, but the pool today is for the holiday celebration."

"Oh yeah," I said. "Nude Day? I saw. I don't mind. Nude people don't bother me."

"Well you see, the pool area is nude only for today," he said.

"Really?" I said. I didn't know they could do such a thing.

"Yeah," he said. "Nude Day is all about getting everyone on the same level. This isn't about looking at people who are naked, it's about being naked together and living without barriers."

"So you're saying I can't be out here unless I'm naked?" I asked.

"Yes," he said. "If you're not comfortable with that, our indoor pool will remain clothed or you can head down to the beach." I sat unsure for a moment and he continued. "In any case, I'll give you a few minutes to decide, as you can see, we're still setting up." And with that he smiled and walked away.

I went over my options and none of them were good. The indoor pool meant losing out on the sun, and that was half the reason I was here. The other half was the free drinks, which I'd have to pay for down at the beach. And staying here meant getting naked with my coworkers. I'd planned on spending the day teasing them in my bikini. I'd chosen a rather skimpy one for that purpose. Having these two young guys drool over my married body got me hot and I planned to jump my husband when I got home tomorrow.

I had an idea. If I laid on my stomach and draped my towel over my butt, then I'd only have to take my top off and not actually show anything. My phone buzzed. It was Aaron, saying they were heading down and asking where I'd set up camp. I told him, then realized I had to quickly make a decision. I did not want them to be here when I undressed, so I quickly whipped my top off and laid down on my stomach. I was arranging my towel over my butt when I saw them enter. They quickly found me and walked over.

"Wow, you're already naked?!" Aaron yelled.

"No, I've still got my bottoms on under the towel," I said as they dropped their stuff in the lounge seats on either side of me. I kept my arms pressed to my sides so they couldn't see my boobs bulging out under me. I could feel their excitement seeing the entire expanse of my back naked to them and I felt really exposed laying there topless. "But they said we have to be naked to be out here."

"That doesn't seem right," Jake said. "It's probably just clothing optional."

"It's not," I said. "A guy came over and told me I'd have to get naked or leave."

"You can just admit you want to spend the day naked with us," Aaron said.

"Yeah, we won't tell Tom," Jake added.

I just rolled my eyes. "I'm being serious. He'll come and tell you the same thing, you'll see," I said.

"Holy shit," Aaron said. I looked up to see their eyes following a naked woman walking by. She was probably 20 years older than us, but still looked good, I had to admit.

"Today's gonna be goooood," Jake said. He and Aaron took off their shirts and laid out on either side of me. I had to admit, they both looked pretty good. Tom likes to call them dweebs, and they were definitely a couple out-of-shape dorks when we met. But I convinced them to take their health more seriously and they started eating better and working out. Now they were both trimmed and toned, and to be honest, I really didn't mind that I'd get to see them shirtless all day.

My phone rang and I searched for it under my discarded tanktop. I saw it was Tom and answered.

"Hi baby, you up?" I asked. They started playing loud music and I pressed the phone to one ear while plugging the other so I could hear.



"They won't let me in the pool unless I'm naked," I said. I stood in front of the doors to the pool, stopped by a douchey looking guy in a staff shirt.

"Yeah, that's apparently their policy for today," she said. "It's so weird, I don't get why it can't be optional."

"Where'd you go instead?" I asked, annoyed. I didn't have much time and wish she had told me about this so I didn't have to haul my luggage somewhere else.

"Oh, we're at the pool," she said. My heart started pounding.

"Are you naked??" I said too loudly. A couple staff members frowned at me.

"No," she said. "Well, not really. I'm on my stomach with my top off and a towel over my butt so they can't tell I've still got bottoms on. Jake and Aaron just got here and we were trying to decide what to do."

This was probably those guys' freaking dream, I said to myself. She may have told herself it was fine because they couldn't see any private parts, but I knew those guys were probably creaming themselves just to be next to her topless.

"Well my car's almost here and I wanted to say goodbye," I said.



"I'll be there in a sec," I said, and hung up. I'd lifted my arms from my sides to talk to him, and saw that both of the guys had noticed. They each stared at the exposed side of a boob, bulging out from under me as I lay on them. They were wearing sunglasses so I couldn't see their eyes, but they were each looking sideways at me, and then immediately got really involved rubbing sunscreen on themselves. They're sooooo clever.

Of course it did excite me a little to see how they fawned over my body. Just because I had a husband didn't mean I didn't enjoy being flirted with or checked out. It flattered me that even though I was off the market, they still couldn't help being little puppies around me. Still, I had just planned on prancing around them in my bikini today, so I had to be careful now that I was topless.

I slipped my hands underneath me and cupped my breasts to cover them as I stood up. The guys tracked my every move, of course. I thought about throwing my top or tank back on to head to the entrance, but decided to get in the holiday spirit a little, and just draped an arm across my breasts as I walked over. The pool area had filled out a little since I first got here and I had to walk past a few old, naked men who I swear literally licked their lips as I walked by in just my bikini bottoms.

I got to the door where Tom stood fully clothed with his luggage.

"Whoa!" he said, looking at my breasts bulge out around my arm.

"I know, crazy, right?" I said, giggling. I could tell some of the guys passing through the lobby were trying to get a look at me. I explained the situation to Tom, how the indoor pool and the beach weren't going to work and how I could pretend to be naked out here without really showing anything.

"Are you sure about this?" he asked. I could tell he was freaking out.

"It'll be fine," I said. "It'll be a little more awkward, but listen..." I pulled him close. "The guys know I'm yours at the end of the day. And anytime they forget, I'll remind them. Really, you should feel sorry for them with how tortured they're going to be all day."



I couldn't stay mad at Karen when she pressed herself against me like that. It felt good to be reassured that she'd still be mine no matter what. I actually got a little optimistic that maybe they'd find some other naked girls and finally leave her alone.

"They'll need to haul their balls out of here on a stretcher once today is over," I said and she giggled.

"You should have seen them trying to get a look at my boobs when I stood up," she said. "They think if they just wear dark sunglasses I can't see their mouths drop open and heads whip every which way."

I laughed. I remembered I only got mad about them when I forgot what total dweebs they were. Karen was way out of their league, and all four of us knew it. Still, something about these two guys trying desperately to get a glimpse of what I got to see every day stroked my ego and turned me on a little. I looked down at her exposed cleavage, her small arm and hand failing to cover even half of each breast, but managing to beautifully display the engagement ring we'd picked out together. I realized she was right. They were goners today.

"They're gonna get kicked out for jacking off in the bushes before noon," I said.

"They'll probably get kicked out as soon as they pop a boner," she said.

"True," I said. "They've been dying to get even this good a look at your tits, they'll probably be out on the street in ten minutes."

"So you don't mind if I tease them a little?" she asked. I figured she meant wearing only her arm as a top like she was right now. Letting them see her bare back, maybe a little sideboob. Definitely a little naughty, but nothing that out of the ordinary. It felt really weird leaving my topless wife to tease a couple other guys, but I had to admit it was kinda funny and kinda hot to think about.

"Yeah, go ahead and tease them to your heart's content. Just make sure they come back in one piece," I said. "I don't want you to get fired because you acted too naughty and caused two of your coworkers to explode."

She laughed and I felt my phone buzz. It was my driver, he was waiting outside. I said goodbye to Karen and kissed her. I made her promise to keep me up to date on everything that happened. I walked to the entrance, wondering why her teasing the two dweebs aroused me.



I was pretty surprised Tom took the situation as well as he did. Most of my anxiety had been based around his reaction, so when he was cool with it, I realized that I didn't have to worry either. He even said I could tease them and act as naughty as I wanted.

I turned to go back into the pool, when the same staff guy from earlier stopped me.

"Sorry, miss," he said. "You know the rules."

He pointed to the sign next to the entrance that said no clothes were allowed on the patio today.

"But I was just saying goodbye to my friend," I said. I was embarrassed to admit that I was staying on this nude patio without my husband, so I didn't.

"That's fine," he said. "But as I made it clear to you, you've gotta be nude to be on the patio today."

My clever plan of only pretending to be naked was now completely out the window. All my stuff was still over at our lounges. I hadn't even brought my phone with me to call the guys. No, now I was either trapped in the lobby topless, or I was going to have to follow through and celebrate Nude Day for real. With a sigh, I used my free hand to push my bottoms down over one hip, then the other. They fell to the ground and I felt the ocean breeze caress my naked bum and pussy for the first time.

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