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Karens Pleasure


When I knock on your door, you answer it almost immediately, you have been waiting for me to arrive. You look good in a long red dress, which is low cut at the front and split up the sides, I am wearing a dark suit. We are going out to a nice restaurant and then maybe a movie. I smile at you and kiss your offered lips, while running my hand over your hip and ass. I can just feel the line of your underpants, a g-string, stockings and suspenders and I can see the tops of your breasts, it is going to be a good night.

After I have sucked on your tongue and you have sucked on mine I suggest we go. The restaurant is very well designed and elegant. The waiters are polite, but ours can't seem to look you in the face, preferring to try to look down your top instead. I smile to myself at the thought that he might just see a whole lot more before the night is out.

As you sit down you lean forward and flash your nipples at me, then look me in the eyes and smile as if to say that was just a starter. The waiter hovers as we place our order, with you showing him your breasts and a lot of your leg, he is going to give us very good service. I can feel you rub your leg up and down mine and I start to get excited at the thought of me dropping something and crawling under the table and eating you.

After we have had dinner and you have finally let the waiter see your nipples and flashed your g-string at him, we go to a movie theatre. Getting a seat is easy, we just sit in the back row. As the movie starts I put my arm around you and we start to kiss. I have taken my coat off and it is sitting over my lap, hiding the erection I have from the thought of what I am going to do to you. I slide my hand in your top and feel how hard your nipple is. So I pull your top down and expose your nipple, then lick down to it and start to suck on it, running my tongue around it and making it get even harder.

You reach under my jacket and undo my pants and pull my cock out, I am so hard I spring into your hand and you start to gently rub it, smearing the pre-cum all over the head. Your mouth is open and your looking at me as I suck your nipple sometimes running my teeth over it, making you jump a little. Your legs are spread wide for me, exposed through the split in your skirt. You stocking tops clearly visible and some of your thighs. I start to slowly rub your exposed leg, as you open your legs wider for me. I slide my hand up your leg onto your panties, then under them onto your bald lips. I can feel how excited you are, your lips are starting to part and I can feel your wetness spreading. I pull your lips open and slide my fingers all over your cunt, spreading your wetness and exciting your clit even more.

You are rubbing my cock and balls getting me even more excited, occasionally sliding your fingers around to my ass, teasing it. You hold my head and lift my lips up to your, thrusting your tongue deep into my mouth, then breaking the kiss you pull mu coat to the side and lean down, running your tongue over my hard cock. You lick and suck my cock then slowly draw it right into your mouth, working your tongue around it while playing with my balls.

I start to pull on your underpants, so you lift your ass and I pull the right off you and place them in your lap as my fingers sink deep into your wet cunt. There is a man and woman four seats up kissing, but they stop when the woman sees you sucking my cock, they just sit and watch as your slowly suck me. The woman then opens the mans pants and draws his cock out, leans down and starts to suck it, he smiles.

Amazingly you suck my cock without getting me off, then you sit up and share my taste with me, as you draw my fingers into your mouth and suck your own juices off them. You start to move to sit on my lap, to ride my cock home, when the movie finishes. We quickly straighten ourselves up, you without your underpants, and leave the theatre. I motion you to the railway station as we are going to catch the train home, just for fun.

We sit in the back carriage, with only about 6 people in it, and start to kiss. I lift your dress up and expose your hot little cunt to the light, admiring it and watching you get hotter. I pull your lips open and start to finger you, amazed at the wetness there, watching your lips get redder and more swollen. You lean back in the seat, your eyes closed and your legs wide open, as I work three of my fingers deep inside you and rub my thumb over your clit. I can feel that secret little spot in your cunt and I rub it gently, watching your hips start to thrust with your arousal.

I whisper to you that I want you to ride me, so you open my pants and get my cock out, then lift your skirt and sit on me, lowering yourself onto my hard cock, sliding it deep inside you. I pull your top down and start to suck your nipples as you get more excited and start to really fuck me hard.

The next thing I know, a woman comes over and sits in the seat opposite us, she is about 23 with red hair and green eyes. She has big breasts and nice legs, dressed very sexily. I look at her and smile as she watches us intently and smiles back, so I lift your dress at the back and flash her your bare ass and my cock sliding deep in your cunt. She moans and lifts her dress exposing her panty-covered cunt to me. She pulls her panties to the side and starts to rub her cunt, her lips covered with a red down. She moans lightly as you look around at her, surprise is soon replaced by lust as she smiles at you. I motion for her to sit next to us, which she does and promptly leans over and starts to kiss you, sucking on your tongue and pulling your nipples.

I say to you that you're a very naughty girl and will need a good spanking when we get home, and she asks if she can help, I just smile my assent as I notice that our station is next. You stand up and replace my cock with her help, then kiss her and me.

We find out her name is Sally as we move from the station to my car, which I have parked in the station car park in preparation of this event. You and Sally sit in the back seat and start to kiss and touch as I drive off. I find it hard trying to drive and watch you too playing in the back seat, bit Sally just tells me to drive, as she will have lots to show me when we get back to my place.

We walk in the door and I pour us a drink, when I get into the lounge room you and Sally as sitting on the lounge kissing deeply, with Sally's breasts exposed and you teasing and pulling them. Sally looks at me and asks if I really think you need some discipline, I nod and tell you to stand up, which you do immediately. I undo your dress and strip you, with Sally's help. Then we both strip also, Sally has a sexy body with big breasts and nipples and soft red down on her hot cunt.

I motion for you to bend over the coffee table with you legs spread. Sally kneels behind you and rubs and kisses your ass while running her fingers over your parted lips. She then moves back and motions ok to me, and I bring the ruler down on your ass several times, telling you you're a very naughty girl. You jump with each stroke and we can actually see your juices flow even more as I spank you. Once I have completed spanking you I start to rub the ruler over your ass and cunt. Firstly your lips then your clit, then finally I slide the ruler inside you and start to fuck you with the ruler, while Sally leans under you and sucks on your clit and lips. She has her hand down on her own cunt, rubbing and teasing her lips and clit, getting them wetter and wetter.

I look at the champagne bottle and at your cunt, then I grab it and pour the last drops over your back and down your ass crack onto Sally's tits. I then start to rub the neck of the bottle over your lips. The bottle neck gets wet, so I start to work it inside you, slowly working it in and out till it is in you. I fuck you with the bottle working it deeper and deeper till the thick part is deep in you. I hand the bottle to Sally and kneel down between her legs, taking her cunt lips in my mouth and sucking on them while I run my tongue over her clit. She wraps her legs around my head and starts to thrust up onto my face, moaning and groaning while fucking you. I move up her body and slide my cock deep into her cunt as she wraps her legs around me. I start to fuck her hard and deep feeling her hot wet cunt squeeze me. I then pull out and move around to your face, pushing my cock deep into your mouth watching you lick Sally's juices off my cock and balls.

Sally tells you she would love your mouth on her cunt, so you crawl around and push your tongue deep inside her, holding her lips open and teasing her cunt. You have your ass in the air as Sally sucks on your cunt, so I move behind you and start to fuck you, intending to finish off what we started in the movies. I hold your hips and start to fuck you deeply, thrusting till I can feel your cervix hitting the end of my cock. My balls slap against your cunt lips and clit. I can feel my excitement rise, when I feel Sally start to lick my balls and cock as it leaves your cunt. She starts to run her finger around my ass, then slides it deep inside me. This pushes me over the edge and I madly thrust deep inside you, cumming, as I feel you then Sally cum at the same time.

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