tagErotic CouplingsKarla's First Orgasm

Karla's First Orgasm


It's Saturday morning, about 9 am, you're lying in bed asleep. The phone rings, you pick it up: "Hello?" you say in a tired raspy voice. A deep, husky familiar voice says back to you "Good morning, baby, how'd you sleep?"

"Fine" you half moan into the phone, with a smile on your face. You hear a chuckle, "You gonna make it, hon?"

"Yeah, I'm fine, what's up?" You say, a little more awake now.

"I planned a little surprise for you today; you don't have any plans do you?" You think about it, wondering about your plans for the day. "Nope, not that I can think of," You say playfully. "Good, cuz I'm stealing you away for the day. I'll be over in an hour, be ready for a nice day." You smile to yourself, feeling warm and special. "Okay baby, I'll see you then."

"Bye babe, I love you." You grin ear to ear as the phone clicks off.

"Well, I better get going if I want to be ready for him," you think. You rush to the closet to find some clothes, throwing blouses and skirts and pants on your bed. You start matching outfits, then holding them up to the mirror. You toss stuff back in your closet...then decide on the right combo: red, velvet, v-neck blouse with a black knee-length skirt with black heels.

You slide into the ensemble, then head to the bathroom. You put your hair up in a twist, and then start on your make-up. Light shade of black eye shadow, mascara, a touch of blush, and ruby red lipstick. "Perfect," you think to yourself.

You hear a knock at the door. You run to it, calm yourself, smooth your clothing, and then slowly open the door. Your breathe catches. You see a tall lanky figure in a dark brown trench coat standing before you. He has a white rose in his hand. You continue to look up, finally reaching his face. He smiles at you, his brown hair thrown about, short, but wild, like it was just smoothed and left to lay. You see his brown eyes, and smile back.

Something suddenly dawns on you: "Honey, where are your glasses?" He steps inside, and then turns to you, winking, and said "I've switched to contacts, like the change?" You smile back, then wrap your arms around him and kiss him deeply. You both gasp for breathe as you pull away.

"I love them," you say. "Ready to go?"

"Yeah" You grab your purse and a jacket, and then slip out the door. You head for the door. You walk hand-in-hand as you go out to his car. You go to the mall, walking around and shopping, you buy some clothes. The entire time you laugh at his witty jokes and beam as he compliments you on your outfit. You leave the mall. It's around 4 pm now; you whiled away the day at the mall. You head to an upscale looking building. You walk in, and the Italian atmosphere welcomes you immediately.

The waiter shows you to a table, a lavish round table with a white silk table cloth, a rose sitting in an ornate vase, and a small candle holder. The penguin suited waiter plucks a white candle out of his pocket, waggles his eyebrows with a smile, then places it in the holder and lights it. "What can I get for you two?" His thick Italian accent permeates the area and lilts you slightly, dazed, and you wonderingly stare as your date orders two meals with wine. Then the waiter whisks away, as quickly and as quietly as he came. "This is beautiful" you say. "I'm glad you like it," He whispers huskily then leans over and kisses you deeply. You sigh contentedly.

The waiter brings the salads, with bread, and dinner goes by like a dream. It's so romantic you are just floating on air. He sees you looking so happy and he says "Don't get to content, there's more to come." He winks slyly, and then pays the bill. He grabs your jacket and helps you put it on. He throws his trench coat over his black suede shirt and walks you back to the car.

He starts driving, gets on the highway, and heads down, the routes twisting and turning you around. You turn to him, "Where are we going?"

"Not gonna tell you, it's a surprise" he says with a catty grin. Your mind begins to race, trying to figure it out...but nothing comes to mind. Just as you start to come up with some guesses he says: "Close your eyes, we're almost there." You obey immediately, without quite understanding why. You feel the car turn, then a short while later come to a stop. He walks around the car, opens the trunk and then shuts it, you keep your eyes shut, and still wondering what is next. Suddenly, a blindfold passes in front of your eyes and is tied snugly, no option of peeking now. He takes your hand and helps you out of the car. He guides you through the various obstacles to a final destination. "Can I take off the blindfold yet?" You ask, desperate to see him and his ingenuity.

You hear him moving stuff around, and toss something down. You hear the pop of a cork and the fizz of some liquid. He takes you by the shoulders and guides you to a particular spot. He slides the blindfold off and with a flourish says "Look!"

You open your eyes....and gasp. The sea is right in front of you, the waves just tickle the edge of your feet. On the horizon, the sun is slowly setting, casting the sea brilliant shades of red, gold, and orange. You feel a kiss on the back of your neck, and then a pair of strong arms slowly reaches around and slides your jacket off. He tosses your jacket away, and then kisses you, while guiding you over to a blanket with pillows and a champagne bottle set it ice.

He helps you sit on the blanket, and then slides your top off you, kissing your shoulders, neck, collar bone, and the tops of your breast with tiny, delicate flowery kisses. He reaches around you, and soon you find that your bra is off as well. He gently brushes his lips on yours, a sweet, airy kiss that makes you want more of it. But instead he turns, kissing your cheek, then over further near your ear, and then he gently nibbles around the edges of your ear.

He kisses the back of you ear, then makes a trial of light but sexy kisses with his tongue darting out over your neck. You run your hands through his brown tresses as he gently kisses your collar bone and moves to the tops of your breasts once more. Just as he reaches your breast, running his lips just once, he stops and leans back on his haunches, his brown eyes filled with desire.

He reaches up and slides his black shirt off, his skinny, but taut body glowing in the setting sun's golden rays. As you look at him, he hungrily launches himself at you, showering your breasts with light kisses, heavy kisses, tiny nips with his teeth, and finally suckles them in his mouth. He runs his hands down the curve of your back, while licking your nipples, sending pulsations up your spine.

He begins to fade from your breasts, tracing a slow, tantalizing circle down your body towards your stomach. He stops at your stomach, teasing you with gentle kisses and darting tongue strokes over every inch of it. He softly blows hot breath on your navel, and then follows it with cool, airy blows from his lips, making your body ache for him.

A gleam comes to his eyes as he quickly kisses his way up to your lips, devouring yours and making you gasp for air. He pulls away, reaching for the bottle of champagne; he places it down next to himself, on the blanket, then unzips your skirt and puts it aside. He kisses your legs and teases your inner thighs before finally sliding off your panties. He places you on your back on the blanket.

He picks up the bottle of champagne and slowly pours a little out over your neck and breasts. He begins to lick it up as it spreads out in little rivulets. Your body tenses, your nerves going wild with pleasure. He picks up the bottle again and pours some champagne over your stomach; he licks it off, but allows some to flow down towards your pelvis. He slowly licks after it, finally reaching your now completely wet vagina. He begins to lap up the champagne, sending spasms of pleasure to your brain.

He pours some champagne over your vagina, lapping it up as his tongue flicks out over your thin, delicate pink lips. As he pours and licks, he tongue flicks over your clitoris. You moan deeply, the pleasure pouring out like the alcoholic beverage in this god of a man's hands.

He puts the bottle down, and begins to lick your pussy with more vigor. His tongue massages your lips, then darts out and presses your clitoris, then tastes the deepest insides. You begin to moan louder and louder as he plays you like a fine tuned instrument. You gush, and he keeps going. He slides two fingers into your dripping hole as he licks at the upper parts of your vaginal lips and clitoris. Your body convulses, you shudder, your moans becoming loud screams. He slides his fingers in and out faster and faster, his tongue darts back and forth over the top of your vagina maddeningly.

Your eyes see dots and bursts of color, your body tense as pleasure washes your brain. The feeling builds under all the attention, the feeling deepening as the explosion slowly begins to form in your pelvis. You feel hot, and then cold, then every part of your body, every nerve, every feeling, and every individual cell fills with sexual tension and pleasure and you explode in an orgasmic fervor. You scream loudly as the feeling passes over you over and over again. Finally he releases you from his "torture." He settles back on his haunches gasping for breath, as he looks at you lying there on the blanket, covered in sweat.

He slides out of his pants, and then takes off his black, cotton boxers. He places his hands on you and guides you onto your hands and knees, then spreads your legs and slides his now rock hard mass into your vagina. He slowly slides in and out of you, reaching down with his hands to caress your breasts and tease your nipples.

He picks up the tempo, slowly, sliding in faster and harder. He moves his hands up from your breasts to your shoulders. As he thrusts, he pushes into you harder and harder, slamming your body with waves of pleasure as he exits and enters you over and over. He reaches from your shoulders to your hair and grabs it gently, using it to pull himself into you, the rough act arousing and surprising from its sudden nature.

With sweat glistening from his chest, he moves you onto your back, on the blanket. He slides into you again, your legs spread wide and his hands gently rubbing your breasts. He kisses you deeply, continuing the kiss as he slides into you faster and faster. You begin to moan again as you feel him penetrating deep within you. He pumps harder and harder, the wild excitement in his eyes showing his arousal.

Your bodies come together in harmony as he slides in and out of you and you push yourself against him in counter motion. You both begin to moan softly, then louder as the feeling washes over you both. Your bodies mesh and you begin to spiral into a crescendo of pleasure, his pumping becomes almost a furious thrashing, he moves his hands around under you to your butt as he pulls you into him, the action pushing his member deeper into and causing you to moan even louder. You feel the explosion again, then he pulls out of you, careful not to cum inside, he saves the juicy part for last, cumming all over your firm, breasts and stomach as he moans loudly and completed.

He lies next to you on his back; the both of you sigh contently then look up. You see a sky full of beautiful glimmering stars and constellations as you look up, both of your chests heaving in contented bliss. You look over at him, and with a happy smile you say, "I love you." He reaches over with one arm, wraps you in a warm embrace and says "I love you too, baby." As he pulls a second blanket over the two of you, you drift off into a blissful sleep, in the arms of the man whom you love the most.

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