He was about to drift off to sleep, happy and satisfied, when he was aware of someone banging on the door. He wasn't aware of it earlier, but the thought occurred that maybe it had been going on for a while.

He got up and slipped into his discarded boxers as he made his way to the door. When he opened it the fist pounding on it kept moving forward when the door was no longer there, and its owner almost fell into the room. Dean stared. The woman standing before him was gorgeous. She was a little taller than he was, but slimmer than Fiona. Fiona was cuddly and curvy, but this woman was toned and curvy. Her breasts were barely concealed behind a flimsy dressing gown, and her long slender legs were on display. Her blonde hair was cropped short, but it was just long enough to look disheveled. He noticed that her face was flushed, and she was breathing hard. Dean wondered if it was due to the constant knocking, or maybe excitement from what she'd heard. Dean never thought that anyone would hear, there had been more important things on his mind.

"Excuse me sir." she said angrily, and her tone made 'sir' almost rhyme with 'idiot'. Her clipped and practiced british accent was sultry on her lips. "But it's two o'clock in the morning, and I have been on my feet all day, since six this morning. I'm trying to sleep in the next room, but the sound of your girlfriend in there is keeping me, and most likely everyone else in this stupid hotel awake!"

"Karmina." Dean said. He had no idea how to deal with the situation, so he spoke instinctively, saying the first thing that came to mind. The same change he saw in Fiona happened in front of him. Behind him he heard the sheets rustle, and he turned to see Fiona sitting up, staring into space and awaiting instructions.

"Come inside." he told the blonde, and she did without hesitation. He closed the door and told her to sit down. Now he had two women under his strange spell, and the possibilities to this occurred to him for the first time. Why didn't I think of this before, he thought to himself. He thought about what this would mean for his whole life, and the future seemed bright indeed.

"What's your name?" he asked, and both women answered at the same time.



Dean shook his head. That was weird.

"Tracy, how old are you?"


"Are you single?"


Well that was a relief. Dean was enjoying this little adventure, but he didn't think he was ready to ruin someone's life yet.

He gave Tracy all of the same instructions he'd given to Fiona, and she repeated them back to him diligently. Then he woke them both up. Tracy blinked as she returned to reality, and Fiona fell back into bed, asleep.

"What happened?" Tracy asked. She wasn't angry or hostile anymore, due to Dean's suggestions of friendship and safety.

"You got dizzy and I invited you in."

"Oh really? I don't remember."

"Well it looks like you're fine now. Sorry that I kept you up."

"Oh that's ok." said Tracy, and waved a hand dismissively. "To be honest with you for most of it I was listening from my room and masturbating."

She leaned in closely and lowered her voice as though she was afraid someone might hear what she was about to say next.

"I came three times before I realized how tired I was." she whispered with a grin.

"That's so hot." Dean said, and felt another stirring in his boxers. He looked over at Fiona, who was starting to stir, then back at Tracy.

"Have you ever had sex with a girl?" he asked, and Tracy smiled and blushed.

"No, but I've sometimes thought about it."

"I did once." said Fiona, who sat up and didn't seem to be fazed by the fact she was naked in front of a strange woman in a dressing gown. "It was with a friend at a sleepover. It felt really good, but it was really awkward afterwards."

"Well, do you think you bitches would like to try it now?" Dean asked, putting a little emphasis on the words 'do you think' and 'bitches'. Both women's eyes lit up and said yes in unison. They got up and approached each other, and when they met they kissed passionately. Dean could see that they had their tongues all the way inside the other's mouth. Fiona wasted no time in removing Tracy's dressing gown, and soon the two of them fell onto the bed. Dean watched them as they kissed and groped one another's breasts, butts and faces. They rolled over once or twice, playfully fighting each other to be on top. Fiona finally won, and immediately slid down Tracy's body to start licking her glistening snatch. Dean watched from where he sat, gently stroking his raging boner.

"That's good bitch." he said, and the two of them redoubled their efforts to bring each other off. Tracy practically dragged Fiona around so that they had their faces in the other's pussy. They licked and sucked each other, sometimes pausing to let out a moan or yelp of pleasure. Dean occasionally called one or both of them bitches, and the effect was immediate and powerful.

Finally he got tired of just watching, and told Tracy to suck his dick. She threw Fiona off of her, and crawled her way off the bed and between Dean's legs. She inhaled his rigid shaft in one go, and Dean moaned deeply and held her head down with both hands. Fiona came up behind Tracy and knelt down so that she could keep sucking the blonde's pussy. Tracy moaned in response, and the vibrations sent Dean's body into waves of pleasure. He had to really focus to not blow his load right into her throat. He wanted to savor this for as long as possible.

Tracy bobbed her head up and down, sucking his hard dick with obscene slurping and slipping sounds. She really knew how to suck a man's dick, and she was giving it all that she could. Every now and again she'd go all the way down and take his whole dick in her mouth until her lips were pressing against his groin and her nose was buried in his pubes. She'd let go with a gagging noise, and then keep going like before, bobbing her head up and down. Fiona came around beside her and started to suck Dean's balls, which Dean thought was a nice touch, and wondered why she did it since he never told her to. The two of them took turns sucking his dick, while the other would take his balls in their mouths and run their hands over his body.

Eventually he told them to stop, and they did. He got up and lay down on the bed, calling Tracy to him. She climbed into bed with him, and he moved her so that she was straddling him, cowgirl style. She took the opportunity to maneuver his dick inside her, and she sank down on it with a grateful sigh. She started to lift herself off the bed to move him in and out of her, and she was getting caught up in the moment. She lifted her arms above her head, and bounced up and down on him, giving him a glorious view of her generously plump and jiggly breasts bouncing with her. Fiona got onto the bed as well and smacked Tracy's ass. Tracy screamed in shock, but didn't stop her motion. In fact she leaned forward to give Fiona a better angle to do it again. Fiona smacked her again, and Tracy yelped, and moaned as she started to hump Dean faster. She wasn't bouncing up and down now, only pressing herself hard against him and grinding her pelvis back and forth. This felt incredible to both of them. To Dean he felt his dick being pressured and rubbed from every angle, and for Tracy it moved his dick around her pussy just right, and it was rubbing her sensitive clitoris against his torso, which was driving her wild.

Every now and again Dean would make them do something else to spice things up further.

"Tracy, do you think you'd like Fiona to bite your nipples?"

"Oh yes." she's breath, and in a flash Fiona would be there, taking one of the sensitive nubs between her teeth and biting with a playful growl.

When Dean was ready to give all he had left, he told Tracy to get on her hands and knees. When she was in position Fiona, who knew what was coming, 'lubed up' Dean's dick again, and spread Tracy's ass cheeks for him. She spat on her twitching, puckered asshole for him, and licked it to make sure it was nice and wet. Tracy was moaning as though it was the most sexual think anyone could do to her. Dean entered her softly, but this time neither of them wanted to go slow. She was backing into him like a bitch in heat, and Dean told her to hold onto something while he took a firm hold of her hips. He fucked her harder than he'd ever fucked before. Fiona sat in a nearby chair, watching them with her legs draped over either arm of the chair, madly fingering her pussy. Dean repeated the magic word over and over again as he pounded Tracy's ass, keeping the rhythm of his strokes with his chanting.

"Bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch." he said, again and again. The girls were screaming now like a pair of cats, yowling and purring in even intervals. Finally he yelled out 'slut' just as he emptied his balls into Tracy's bowels. All three of them came at the same time, and the noise was deafening.

The next day, Dean woke up to find himself alone in his room. There was no sign of the girls. At first he thought the whole thing was a dream, but then he heard a knock at the door. When he answered it, both Fiona and Tracy were there, fully dressed and looking very refreshed and happy.

"Hi there sleepy-head." said Tracy, and kissed him gently on the lips before sauntering past him and back into the room.

"We just checked at the airport, and there's still no flights for today. So we have another whole day with nothing to do."

Dean was grinning like a fool as he got dressed, and the three of them went out for breakfast in a fancy restaurant. The Maitre d was a woman, and Dean had no problem convincing her that he and his two friends could eat for free. As they ate, Fiona ducked under the table while no one else was looking, and took Dean's dick in her mouth while she fingered Tracy. The two of them tried their best not to react to this special treatment, but Tracy in particular couldn't help but let out the occasional faint moan or sigh. Dean grunted as he fired his load into Fiona's eager and earnest mouth, and when the coast was clear, Fiona came back up to resume eating as though nothing had happened.

The rest of the day was spent in Dean's room, finding new and interesting ways to please each other, then the next day, and the day after that, until finally the airport reported that the ash cloud had moved on, and the skies were now clear. Dean decided that it would be best to let the girls get back to their lives, even though he wanted to make them his permanent love slaves, it wouldn't be fair to them. So when they were packed and ready to head for the airport, Dean put them back in a trance, and removed all of his suggestions he'd given them, but added that they would always remember their adventure together fondly, and that they would always keep in touch as really good friends. Then they parted ways, and made their own ways to the airport.

As Dean boarded his plane, he thought about his dreams, what they'd been trying to tell him, and what this would mean for the rest of his life. He sat down in his seat, smiling as he imagined what his world was going to be like when he got home. He looked over to see that the person next to him was a very attractive redhead. She was ignoring him, flicking through a magazine. He checked her out all through the takeoff, and made his move when the seatbelt sign turned off.

"Hi there."

"Hi." she said without looking at him.

"Have you ever joined the mile-high club?" he asked, and she gasped, turning to sneer at him in disgust.

"Pig!" she muttered as she returned to her magazine. Dean smiled and leaned closer.

"Karmina." he whispered in her ear.


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