tagGroup SexKass & Lexi: Football Fantasy

Kass & Lexi: Football Fantasy


This is a story in a series. Kass is the adventuress in most of them. Please enjoy the story. I love comments so please leave them. Remember this is a story for fun, not reality. Indulge me and the ladies I write for. Indulge yourselves. Thanks for reading my efforts

Kass was having breakfast in the House of Dreams the day after the Glory Hole adventure. She had gotten a good night's sleep and was enjoying bacon and scrambled eggs with Lacy and Lucy when Lexi walked in.

"Good morning girls." She nodded at the group. "Kass, you look refreshed and lovely this morning. I don't see and bruises or marks on you from yesterday and with that sheer black negligee, I certainly could see them."

With that remark, Kass stood and did a pirouette showing off her stunning body. Arms extended over her head, she twirled around as the other girls watched her high full breasts; her strong, lean & muscular legs; her tight butt; the curve of her flesh from thigh to hip to waist; her taut rib cage and smooth, sloped shoulders; no one missed either her bare mound or her nipples standing at attention. Feelings among the other girls ranged from envy to admiration to, "I'd like to lick her all over".

"Sit down and quit showing off!" Lexi told Kass and smacked her butt for emphasis. We have work to do.

I talked to the ownership group by phone this morning. They have agreed for us to host an entire college football team, coaching staff and high roller alumni this weekend. They arrive Saturday at noon and stay until Sunday evening. The ownership group wants 8 of us regulars and 2 "enlisted" women to entertain these guys. We are to make it special for them and do WHATEVER they want us to.

Kass spoke up, "I don't understand. Who are ENLISTED girls and what team are we talking about?"

The other girls grinned as Lexi spoke, "The ENLISTED girls are women who have run up debts they cannot pay at some of the gambling establishments the ownership group controls. Some are wives or girlfriends of men who have run up gambling debts. They will be using their bodies and sexual talents to pay off those debts."

"Why would they be willing to do that?" Kass wondered aloud.

"They are not given a choice. Some do it for fear for their own safety or to save their sorry husbands or boyfriends from harm. Some just like to be told what to do. Some actually enjoy it and become regulars. That is how Lacy & Lucy got here."

Kass looked at the two girls who grinned and nodded. Lacy spoke up, "I guess you could call us naturals!" They all laughed.

Kass still had questions, "Has anyone ever refused? Surely not all are 'naturals' like Lacy & Lucy?"

"We have heard that one woman had her kneecaps nailed to the floor when she refused. We have heard of husbands and boyfriend disappearing. We have never seen anything like that. I am not sure that the ownership group didn't start those rumors just for the fear factor." Lexi explained. "But, you have to admit, to run up hundreds of thousands of dollars of bad debts while gambling with no assets or intention of paying your debts is pretty close to asking someone to do something bad to you."

Kass was still thinking, "Sounds kinda creepy. Do we have to enforce anything?"

Lexi reassured her, "NO, Kass. By the time they get here, they already know what they are in for and if they lose their nerve or refuse, I simply have a driver take them back to the ownership group where they learned of the debt payment duties."

"Well," mulled Kass, "I don't want to dwell on that aspect. However, ever since you and I entertained the starting five of our college's basketball team, I have wondered what it would be like to do a football team. What team is it?"

Lexi laughed, "Would you believe the Texas Christian University Horned Frogs!!"

"Perfect," shouted Kass. "I will love screwing football studs from an uppity Christian college. I guess some rich alumni are not so committed since I am sure they are paying for this adventure."

"Paying and wanting some special entertainment!" stated sexy Lexi.

Kass was getting into it now. "Let's dress up like cheer leaders in TCU's Purple and White colors. No bras and no panties. We'll make the heads of their jock dicks purple too!"

So plans were set in motion for the next day.

Chapter 2

Since college football's regular season had ended and bowl games had started, the girls from The House of Dreams had a chance to catch TCU against Boise State in a bowl game. Boise was 12-0 while TCU was 10-2. Boise was favored and the game started out in Boise State's favor, but slowly, the tide turned and TCU came from behind to upset the favored Boise State. The girls had a feeling it was going to be a BIG celebration when the team met the Dream!!

The weekend after Christmas was the time scheduled. The day after Christmas was check in day for the ENLISTED women. A driver from the ownership group brought them to The House of Dreams. Sexy Lexi and Incredible Kass watched them get out of the limo and head toward the front door.

"Kass," Lexi pointed out, "The slimmer one is named Mandy. She is divorced and got to enjoying some gambling. She has a reputation for loving sex and an audience so she may not mind paying off her own gambling debts this way."

Kass watched the woman with shoulder-length, straight blond hair sway her hips as she walked. Yes, Kass thought, she'll fit in alright. We probably need to be sure she doesn't just take over.

Lexi spoke again interrupting Kass's thoughts. "The other woman is Sophie. She is married and her husband has over $400,000 in gambling debts. She better be good with that cute butt to work that kind of debt off. Word is that she and her husband would try to take other gamblers minds off the cards by her displays, but I am told she was not just a tease, she would definitely deliver."

As Sophie crushed out a cigarette butt with her foot, Kass noted she did have a cute butt. Sophie had medium cut bouncy blond hair. Well, maybe the hair wasn't bouncy. The way Sophie walked, all of her bounced, including her well formed tits.

Within 3 or 4 minutes, Mandy and Sophie were ushered into the room where Lexi and Kass waited. Lexi took charge.

"Mandy, Sophie." nodded Lexi. "I am Lexi and I supervise the activities around here. This is Kass. Whatever either of us tell you to do, you should do it first and ask questions later. Understood?"

Mandy and Sophie looked at each other and then back at Lexi but said nothing.

Lexi continues, "Just so you understand, if I don't think you are pulling your weight here or if you are causing me problems, all I do is pick up the phone and have a driver pick you up and return you to the ownership group. How you work off your gambling debts after that is none of my concern."

That seemed to get their attention. Both nodded their understanding and agreement to Lexi.

"Good! Glad we understand each other." stated Lexi.

Kass was impressed with Lexi's handling of the matter. She had not known her to be quite so 'take charge' in college. In fact, most of the trouble they got in was something Kass dreamed up. She liked this new aspect of her old friend.

"Now girls, strip! We need to see what we have to work with here."

Mandy was already sliding her top off her shoulder but could not resist a comment. She looked saucily at Lexi and said, "So, MADAM. Do you like to play with girls?"

You could almost hear Lexi's eyes snap back to Mandy's face. The daggers coming from Lexi's eyes almost scared Kass. The thought about if looks could kill came quickly to mind.

Lexi walked over to Mandy and stared calmly and deeply into her eyes. "If I decide to play with girls, I'll be the one letting YOU know. Until you learn who is in charge and respect that, I suggest you do exactly what you are told and do it when you are told without any comments. We may well become friends, but you'll have to earn that over time and you are not helping yourself. NOW GET NAKED!!" yelled Lexi.

Both Mandy and Sophie managed to get all their clothes off pretty quickly after that.

Sophie stood 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighed 128 pounds. She had blue eyes and a pot plant tattoo just inside and a little below her right hipbone. She was 28 years old and measured 32-26-36. She had a pleasant face and demeanor. She looked like she could dish it out and take it too. Time would tell. Her pussy was shaved and pink. Her anus was lightly pigmented. Her butt cheeks were tight. Her well formed breasts had great nipples and areola slightly darker pigmented. Her nipples stood at attention quickly.

Mandy stood 5 feet 6 ½ inches tall and weighed 110 pounds. She had hazel eyes and was also 28. Mandy was lean and lithe. She looked like she could and would twist into any position you wanted her in. Probably due to her unnecessary comments earlier, Lexi had Mandy spread her legs and then her pussy lips. She also had her bend over and spread her butt cheeks. Nice firm cheeks and an almost pink anus that looked like it may have been used a few times recently. Mandy was smart enough to avoid further comments.

"Okay, ladies. You both certainly have the equipment the guests will require. I may have you 'entertain" a client to see what you do before Saturday. I know you have been told little about what to expect other than lots of sex. So here's the deal. We will entertain the TCU football team, coaches and selected alumni this weekend. You will be expected to have sex in any manor and any place these men want. You will do your utmost to please them so this reward is VERY memorable."

"Some of the entertainment will be in a large room with sex swings, toys and other equipment the guys may want us in. We'll screw them individually or in small groups or in big groups if they want. If they want girl on girl, then we'll give that to them too. Some arrangements will be made for smaller parties and I'll let you know IF you are in one of those groups and what time and where to be. We'll have lots of sexy clothes or lingerie for you, but I can assure you that you'll be naked most of the time."

"Kass has suggested that for the initial meeting that we wear the purple and white colors of TCU. We'll dress as cheerleaders but with a little more slutty exposure. I believe Kass's thought was that we'll wear purple the color of a desperate cock head. I am counting on you to be sure we accomplish the color scheme in our dress and in cock heads. Understood?"

Chapter 3

Lexi and Kass did later observe Sophie and Mandy separately in action. Each was assigned one of the rooms with a double mirrored wall so they could be observed. Each had two of the bigger male employees sent to their room.

Sophie smiled big and placed a hand on one of the men's arms. The next thing she knew, she was stripped naked and flat on her back in the bed. One guy went for her pussy while the other guy approached her mouth with his cock. Lexi had told them to be a little rough with her to see how Sophie would react.

To Sophie's credit, she didn't let the rush to sex bother her. She grabbed the offered cock and sucked away while the other man ate her and then stuck his cock hard in her pussy. As Kass & Lexi watched, Sophie gained control and began making suggestions to the studs. Soon she had them doing whatever she asked and they enjoyed everything she did. She proved to be a good cocksucker and you didn't fuck her without her fucking you back. Before it was over, each man had used all three available holes and everyone seemed tired and satisfied.

Mandy also proved to be adept. As the door opened and the two men entered, Mandy was naked before both were fully in the room. She grabbed them both by crotch of their jeans and in moments had them naked. She sucked both cocks with the men standing next to each other. She had one guy fuck her doggie as she kneeled on the bed and gave the other man a first class blowjob. A couple of times only his heels and shoulders were on the bed but Mandy backed off just before he could cum. She put them both through their paces. The scene ended with Mandy being sandwiched between the two burly guys with one's cock in her slick pussy and the other's cock embedded in her ass.

"Kass, I think these two girls will work out fine. The guys will love them and if they are smart enough to observe our few rules, they could become permanent fixtures around here." stated Lexy.

Kass nodded in agreement. "Yeah, wonder if they are as good with women?"

Lexi smiled, "We'll find out before the weekend is over!"

Chapter 4

One of the assignments that Lexi decided she and Kass should handle was a special session with the most valuable players for the offense and the defense. Just the two guys matched with sexy Lexi and Incredible Kass. The quarterback, James Surry, and the cornerback, Jerome Sanders were in for one hell of a treat. All they knew was that something special had been arranged for them before the team arrived.

James and Jerome were taken to the top floor of House of Dreams. They were told they would have an interesting evening, nothing more. An attractive and demurely dressed Lacy took them to the big red door entrance to the "fun" suite and told them to enter and enjoy themselves. As they entered the room, they noticed the only light was several candles and their eyes were adjusting as Kass & Lexi walked out of the shadows. Each was dressed in a purple bra with just enough bra cup to hold large luscious breasts up and point stiff nipples at the guys chests. Purple thong panties and purple 5 inch heels completed the girl's outfits.

James and Jerome stood staring at the two beautiful women with mouths open. Lexi introduced herself and Kass and informed the MVP's that the two of them were their rewards for their great seasons. They would be available to them for the next six hours and would do anything the boys asked. They would fulfill any fantasy and teach them anything they wanted to know about sex and women.

After that introduction, Lexi turned up the lights enough to make it easy to see any details but not enough to change the seductive mood. Then Kass walked across the room (about 20 steps) to a huge bed. James and Jerome's eyes never left her ass, watching the smooth muscles bunch and release with each step. When she got to the bed, she sat that gorgeous ass on it, crossed her legs and motioned for Jerome to join her. He moved forward as if in a trance. Lexi took James by the arm and moved him toward the bed as well.

Lexi and Kass had been briefed well. Both boys were juniors and would be returning next year. They knew James was from McKinney, TX. He was 20 years old; six feet two inches tall; 210 pounds. He was a farm boy whose Dad had died when he was 10 years old in a farm accident. He had an older sister and brother and was the baby in his family and the first in his family to go to college. He was a great student and rarely dated since he spent all his time studying or practicing. He was determined not to fail

at the opportunities he had before him. He liked girls, but he was very shy and therefore had little experience.

Jerome was 22 years old; Six feet four inches tall; 218 pounds of knotted rope sinew and muscle. He was from a broken home and was raised by his grandmother. In his younger days he was into various street troubles in Lubbock, Texas and was probably headed for a bad life. Fortunately a high school football coach saw some promise in Jerome that Jerome didn't see in himself. The coach became a substitute father that Jerome had never known he needed. Coach Johnson gave Jerome direction and purpose. He was a running back in high school but became one of the most feared corner backs in college. Jerome had 21 interceptions, 12 take-aways and 44 tackles during his senior season. He was destined to be a high pro draft pick. He had girlfriends, but nothing steady. He didn't want to be tied down

Kass took Jerome's big black hand in hers and placed it on the bare skin of her left breast. His fingers immediately tweaked her nipple. She moaned in response and he ordered her to suck his cock. She sat up straight and looked Jerome in the eyes.

"Big guy, I will wind up doing anything you ask me to, but you have to ask, not order. If are nice to me and give me pleasure too, you'll have the best night of your life. If you are a hot shot demanding asshole only interested in yourself, you can fuck you fist tonight. Do we understand each other?" asked Kass.

Jerome looked sheepish and flashed a big smile of dazzling white teeth. "Yes Maam. I'm sorry. Some women seem to want to be pushed around. Teach me how you like to be pleased."

In moments they were kissing and stripping clothes off. Since Kass had so little on, Jerome had to wait for her to uncover his sinewy body and a very stiff eight inch ebony penis. But as soon as she did, she straddled his hips and slid down that pole rubbing the juices of her flowing pussy all over his stiffness. By his kisses and his touches, it was obvious he knew a little about a woman's body and how to give some pleasure. He would know more before the night was over.

Lexi had taken James's hand and placed it between her legs directly over her purple covered pussy. She used her hand to rub his over her covered treasure. Soon he became aware of her juices because her thong panties were sopping within minutes. She was sure James was not a virgin, but she knew he had little experience other that high school and college girls and fumbling in the truck seat. She intended to introduce him to pleasures he had never dreamed of tonight. She liked his shy innocence and almost felt she was giving him his first introduction to sex.

Clothes quickly and quietly disappeared and Lexi stroked his farm boy muscles and held a seven inch steel spike that pointed straight out above his pink balls. She sucked that cock slow and smooth and built up speed as she played with his balls and his butt. He was already moaning before she slid a wet finger in his ass. AS she wiggled it in him, his moan got louder as his cum poured into her mouth. She had planned to get that first one out of the way and knew she could get him hard again quickly.

Lexi rubbed her big breasts and stiff nipples all over James's face and then had him lay on his side so he could explore her pussy and ass and watch Kass & Jerome while she tongued his balls and played with his asshole. He was getting something of a lesson by watching Kass & Jerome.

Kass had gotten Jerome's cock slick enough to enter her so she rose up enough to press her big tits in his face, then lowered her pussy on his love spoke. The head of his cock spread her pussy lips wide and the fullness and friction was heavenly. Jerome thought so too. He allowed her to flex her lean strong thighs to raise and lower herself on him for a few strokes. Then he stood up holding her ass cheeks with her thighs over his strong arms. Then he worked his hips back and forth sliding that cock in and out of her loving the feel of those slick pussy walls holding his cock like a glove as it slid out of her and then squeezing his cock like a hand on the way in. Jerome had never been with a partner who had such great muscle tone in her pussy as Kass did.

As he thrust in and out of her James and Lexi watched the obscene pounding her pussy took – nine inches on each and every stroke. They watched her tits bounce and her butt jiggle with each smack of their loins. They heard her loudly whisper for Jerome to stick his finger in her ass and watched as he did exactly that. They saw her face screw up and the muscles in her neck become taut as she worked toward an orgasm.

"Cum with me, lover!" she yelled at Jerome.

And he did as she did. He jammed that big cock deep into her and from the position he held her with splayed thighs, it looked like he had to be in her cervix. Her ass cheeks rested against his black balls as they both trembled with the exertion of their fucking and the quivering that comes with a great orgasm. Finally, Jerome collapsed on the bed and he and Kass uncoupled. Her pussy was redder and gaping open from its pounding.

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