Kass & Lexi: Football Fantasy


"Damn!" Kass moaned, "That was awesome."

Jerome nodded his agreement. "No woman has ever fucked me that good. Most just lie back and take what I give rather than giving back."

Lexi asked James if he had ever eaten pussy. He admitted he had tried, but didn't think he had done well and the girl got embarrassed and pushed him away. So Lexi spread her luscious thighs and told him to start licking and pay attention to her moans and wiggles. As he started licking, she took his now hard cock into her mouth again and began to suck slow and languidly with plenty of warmth and wetness but not much friction.

James got into the pussy eating very well and gave Lexi a small orgasm that caused her to hump his mouth. But she had some more ideas for James.

"Sweetie, pull my cheeks apart and lick my ass." she instructed.

James did as instructed and licked the cheeks of her ass. It felt good, but was not what Lexi intended.

"No, sweetie." she stated, "Do it like this."

With that comment, she pulled his ass cheeks apart and applied her tongue directly to his asshole. He jumped a little, but it felt exquisite and he settled down to let her continue. As she tossed his salad, he did to her asshole what she was doing to him. After about 10 minutes of this, Lexi spun around.

"James, have you ever had your dick in a girl's ass?"

He shook his head no but understood he was about to and grinned from ear to ear. Lexi turned and presented him her succulent ass. It was better than any he had seen in real life or even in photos or videos.

"Well, come on big boy. I want you in my tight ass."

She didn't have to say it twice. James seemed to lose some of his shy nature and hopped up behind Lexi quickly. Her ass was already slick with his oral ministrations so he placed his cock head against her pink asshole and slowly pushed as she pushed backwards. The head popped in and James commented on how tight and hot Lexi's ass was. Soon she urged him to speed his thrusts and shortly her ass was bouncing as he slammed into her.

After 5 minutes of this ass plundering, Lexi had James lay back on the bad and she sat on his cock facing away from him. Once he was deep in her ass again, Lexi told Kass to bring Jerome over and put Jerome's cock in her pussy. Jerome didn't argue and Kass seemed to enjoy directing his cock into Lexi's pussy.

Once both cocks were embedded in her body, Lexi wiggled her hips and got the boys to set up a rhythm where one sawed into her while the other sawed out. The sensations of two good cocks working her ass and pussy were incredible. Within a few seconds Lexi was moaning. Within a couple of minutes she was practically screaming for the guys to fuck her harder. They sure gave it their best shot and Lexi was cumming continuously for several minutes. Finally both James and Jerome came too. That finally stopped the assault on Lexi's nerve endings.

Everyone was sated but Kass. So she simply straddled Lexi's face and demanded that she be brought to orgasm. Lexi willingly complied. Her skillful tongue and fingers worked Kass's pussy and clit for a few minutes and got her face drenched as the already excited Kass came hard expelling her juices onto her college friend's face. Well, it wasn't the first time and probably wouldn't be the last.

The ladies disengaged and walked naked to the restroom where they cleaned up a little. They warmed up a couple of wash cloths to clean up the boys when they returned. Before they left the restroom, Lexi confided in Kass, "I know you won't mind the fact that all this is being filmed. I was not told why. Maybe it is for the alumni's fun as reward for their footing the bill. Maybe to be sure James and Jerome come back for their senior years."

Kass frowned at that. "I don't like those tactics." She stated flatly.

"I don't either," sighed Lexi, "But we don't know that is why and we don't control it if it is. Let's just be sure it is worth it for the boys. They are both sweet good-looking and as hard and as willing as we could ask for."

Kass put a swing to her stride and Lexi admired that great ass as Kass suggested they go fuck the boys senseless.

The guys had big grins on their faces as Kass asked, "Ready for round two? Since you both seem to need a little stimulation to be able to perform (imagine that after each had cum twice), I will repay Lexi for getting me off. Just lay back and watch. Join us when you are ready."

Kass steered Lexi to the middle of the huge bed and sucked those big stiff nipples as she rubbed Lexi's clit. The boys lay on their sides surrounding the girls and watched as Kass made Lexi moan. They also stroked the sleek sexy bodies of both women.

It wasn't long before Kass was lying between Lexi's thighs with her face mere inches away from Lexi's sexy, wet and well used pussy. Kass just leaned in and licked juices away. In a couple more minutes she had Lexi moaning and humping her face at Kass's tongue. At that point, Kass stood on the bed, pulled Lexi's legs up so that her hips were raised into the bicycle exercise position. Kass then stepped between Lexi's legs and lowered her body until their pussies touched. They both moaned and slid their sexes against each other loving the sensitive slick tissues velvet feel. The guys looked on stunned for another minute until Lexi yelled she was cumming. Then each guy grabbed a girl and sunk a cock balls deep as they were repositioning. A fast and furious fucking ensued for the next ten minutes. Both girls came again and amazingly the boys didn't.

Realizing the guys were both still hard and ready to go, Kass announced she wanted what Lexi had gotten earlier - a double penetration. She had James lay on the bed and mounted his cock facing him. She could not resist rising and falling on his stiff spear for a few strokes. Then she raised her ass and looked over her shoulder at Jerome. He needed no instructions. He knelt behind Kass and slowly slid his big cock into her ass. Kass grunted as the ridged head popped into her butt.

Slowly Jerome moved and Kass moved to meet him. Once he was fully in her, the action halted a moment.

Kass breather through her mouth and almost hissed, "God, I feel full but I want more!"

The guys had learned how to set a motion so one was entering her as the other was withdrawing. Kass moaned her pleasure. Then without a word between them or any warning to Kass, they changed the motion so that each was sliding out of Kass and then each was sliding back into Kass at the same time. The difference in feeling was incredible. They bounced against her clit and her ass at the same time.

"Lexi, get your pretty ass over here!" called Kass. "I need something to occupy my mouth and hands."

Quickly Lexi climbed into position and let her pussy fill Kass's mouth and her tits fill Kass's hands. The boys continued pumping into Kass for a few minutes. Their motion did not allow her to move her hips much without fear of dislodging one of them and that was the LAST thing Kass wanted.

The moan started deep in her throat and Lexi could feel as well as hear it. Kass moved her mouth away from Lexi's pussy long enough to announce, "Fuuucckkk!! I'm Cummmminggggg!"

As she did, she pinched Lexi's nipples and licked her clit so that Lexi joined her in orgasm. Not to be left out, for the third time in three hours both guys came too, blasting semen inside Kass's cunt and ass. After 45 seconds, they all just collapsed in a heap on the bad.

They all showered a few minutes later and food was brought in. In the remaining couple of hours, a lot of leisurely playing and love making happened. The girls both sucked one guy, then the other. Dicks got hard again. Both boys were treated to tit fucks with two pairs of gorgeous breasts. Both got helpful tips on eating pussy and ass, on kissing and caressing women, on finger fucking, on some do's and don'ts, on positions that felt good to women, on how to read signals from women on what they like. Armed with these tips, these guys would never lack for female companionship in the future.

"Okay guys, we have done a lot tonight. What have we not done that you'd like to do and we'll end your MVP reward with that?"

James and Jerome whispered to each other then looked at Sexy Lexi and Incredible Kass. To their surprise, it was shy James that spoke up.

"We'd like to cum on your faces." He stated while looking directly into the girls eyes. His confidence with girls had definitely improved.

In answer, Lexi and Kass simply went to their knees on the floor in front of the boys. Lexi started sucking James and Kass started with Jerome, but later they switched. They were giving word class blowjobs side by side and rubbing their tits across the guy's thighs. It lasted about 15 minutes and the girls could tell both guys were getting close. Each caressed their man's balls with one hand and jacked his cock with the other, occasionally sucking the cock head. As the guys announced they were cumming, each girl aimed their guy's penis at their face and slid a wet finger in his ass. Cum blasted in their faces, over their noses and eyes, dripping down to their lips and even reached their hair.

Both MVP's kissed the girls and tasted their own cum, then kissed the other girl carefully avoiding the cum of their teammate.

Lucy came to take the boys to their rooms for the night. Four people slept the rest of the night exhausted and sated. Not a bad way to end a day.

Chapter 5

Finally the Team arrived on around 2 PM on Saturday. All the players were brought into a big banquet room decorated in purple and white with banners stating boldly "GO Horny Toads!" The players giggled at the Horny swapped for Horned. They also saw James and Jerome with smug smiles on their faces. All the players were excited but didn't know really what to expect. The din of raucous laughter and friends talking grew until suddenly, the TCU fight song came over the music system.

As the players looked around, a door at the side of the banquet room opened and in pranced 10 great looking women dressed in white sweaters cut off just below their nipples and low slung purple cheerleaders skirts. The girls did a couple of cheers, jumping around and kicking their fine legs up. Not a single player missed the fact that breasts popped out from under sweaters and there was no bra to hide the flesh or the jiggling.

As the girls did their high kicks one of the huge linemen stated the obvious. "They ain't got no panties on!"

He was certainly accurate. Flat bellies, cute butts, sleek thighs, bald pussies (well, 2 or 3 had small landing strips) were flashed to an appreciative audience. Then at Lexi's signal all the girls got in a small circle with their backs outward toward the audience and bent over, flipping up the small skirts so that their assets could be appreciated. There was an immediate standing ovation by the players and about three fourths or the penises in the room.

Lexi then introduced the girls in groups of two. She and Kass were first. Their big breasts strained to peak out from under the tops. Lexi's short skirt stayed hiked up on one side by accident. Kass noticed and pulled and tucked the front and back of her tiny skirt in to the waistband exposing herself completely.

Next, Lexi introduced Mandy and Sophie. Sophie pulled up her top showing big stiff nipples and Mandy one upped her by stripping and bending over. The guys cheered each time a woman was introduced and got louder whenever one exposed anything.

Next introduced were the Asian twins, Lucy and Lacy. They each took off the other twin's top. Then they both did three back flips to expose more and ended their acrobatics by helping their twin sister out of the skirt she wore. At 5 feet 2 inches, almost 100 pounds of 33, 19, 34 womanhood, the twins immediately became objects of lust.

Next Lexi introduced Katie, a pleasantly plush redheaded Irish girl and then Alda, a slender Armenian girl with big tits and smoldering dark eyes. They quickly stripped too and Katie bent over and spread her cheeks to a huge applause. Alda watched, then spread her thighs and spread her nether lips with one hand while lifting a breast up so she could lick the nipple. The applause and cat calls never slowed.

The final two some that Lexi introduced were two black women, both lovely and vastly different. Katonya was almost six feet tall and slender with light ecru skin, medium sized high set breasts and a plump butt for her frame. Radonna was dark black with a big smile, and fabulously white teeth. She was not over weight but she was generously endowed and "baby got back'. Radonna pulled up the top above her tits and pulled up the back of her little skirt and demonstrated the dance move that shook her great ass to the thunderous roar from the players. Katonya did her own dance at the same time and the players eyes were fastened to her swivels, bumps and grinds. She knew how to move and guys were already calling for a chance with her to experience those moves.

After the introductions, one of the alumni backers took over and had the players break into offense and defense. They were sent into separate big rooms and the girls were split between them. Lucy and Lacy agreed to split up since they reasoned that EVERY room needed a HOT Asian woman or this party would be a bust.

Lexi, Kass, Sophie, Mandy and Lacy were with the offense group. The room had ropes and chains hanging from the ceiling. There were several big beds and couches and divans. Sex toys were laid out on a central table including dildos, vibrators, strap-ons and penis pumps. All the guys had looks that ranged from wonder, to anxiousness to disbelief to your basic shit eating grin. They weren't sure exactly what would happen, but they all expected they would enjoy it.

Lexi pointed out the open bar and food and told the guys that when they weren't "occupied" to enjoy some of the other pleasures life offers. Then she explained that for the next 5 minutes the girls were going to get each other ready to serve the TCU Horny Toads. Lexi grabbed Lacy's arm and led her to a bed. Kass reached for Sophie and they headed for another bed. Mandy looked for the guy with the biggest cock and knelt before hip. She stated THIS was how she preferred to get wet. In seconds an 11 inch marvel of manhood was halfway down her throat.

Lexi and Lacy had been together several times before so they lay on their sides in a 69 position and began to gently coax juices into the other girl's pussy. They drew an appreciative crowd that tentatively touched asses and tits as the girls ate each other.

Kass had never been with Sophie, but she quickly learned her pussy was already wet. Sophie grinned and whispered that she got wet before the introductions just thinking about the possibilities and got wetter as things proceeded. Sophie's tongue slid up Kass's slit and proved this was not her first time with another woman. They also drew an appreciative audience and searching hands.

Moments later, Lexi got up, got everyone broken into small groups with one woman per group and about six guys per group. She explained they would start out there but could later move from group to group. She made sure the guys understood they could ask for anything they wanted but if the woman said No, NO really did mean NO. She was about to announce the fucking could commence when she heard grunting and noticed Mandy and the guy with the 11 inch cock.

Apparently once Mandy had gotten him hard enough to do her some good, she had climbed him like a tree and settled herself down on his cock. She was currently working her hips up and down his cock while he held her slender ass and fucked that huge cock into a supple Mandy. Her arms were around his neck. Her legs were partly around his waist, but her feet grasped his calves as leverage to meet every thrust into her with one as fast and as hard back at him. Mandy was loudly whispering in his ear after he said he was a tight end that she had a tight end too and he would find that out soon enough. The party had started!

All 5 girls had a cock in them now. Lexi was on her back with a big country boy lineman squeezing his huge body between her thighs as he worked a short but really thick cock into her pussy. Just the head stretched her as wide as she could remember being stretched. She put her hands on his shoulders to keep him from lying on and crushing her. He was so excited at fucking a beautiful older (by 10 years possibly) woman that he lasted maybe 20 thrusts before he loudly erupted. He was immediately replaced by a sleek and fast wide receiver with a long, thin cock. He managed to suck her nipples as he slid in and out of her slick cunt.

Sophie directed her guys where to be and got on her knees on the bed. She had a lineman behind her plowing her fabulous furrow. She has a running back on each side sucking her hard nipples and a fullback rubbing her clit. A split end was standing in front of her getting the blowjob of his life. Sophie worked her ass and her mouth to perfection and enjoyed the tickling of her nipples and clit. With help from these three guys, she came right after the lineman and the split end. The fullback flipped her onto her back and slipped a sizeable cock into her cunt as the two running backs sucked those nipples like there was no tomorrow.

Mandy had steered her man to the bed and made him fall onto it with her astride him. Cowgirl was one of her favorite positions and she began to swivel those well oiled hips on his big cock. She got the other guys to clap in time with her fucking motion as she rose until only the tip of her guys cock remained, then slammed down making her guy and herself grunt with the pleasure. When she started to use her pussy muscles on the upstroke, her guy lost it and she got a pussy full of wet, hot man juice.

Lacy had let her man enter her pussy, then removed him and had him rubbing his small cock between the cheeks of her ass. She was also sucking of a second stringer with a bigger weapon. But Lacy was not discrimination to the player with the smaller tool. After a little play, she held his cock head against her anus and pushed back until he was seated inside her hot tight ass. Whipping her hips back and forth, she drained that small cock in three minutes. But she was very good at giving pleasure. Her guy had no complaints with his fires ever ass fucking. Right behind him, the second stringer became a play maker by cumming in Lacy's pretty mouth. She swallowed every drop

Kass had watched the others as she took the first cock in her mouth as she lay with her head over the side of the bed. The pulling guard that fucked her mouth thought he was being dominate but Kass had always heard that the average guys penis was about 3 times longer than his thumb. She had spotted a black linemen looking player who has a 5 inch thumb. He was aggressive enough after she winked at him that he got between her legs and rubbed the head of his penis up and down her slit. The guard's n\balls lay against her =nose with his cock deep in her throat as the black lineman sank his tool into Kass's cunt. She grunted long and low as inch after inch slid deeper into her. Then the force of his thrusting was enough to help Kass blow the guard. After 5 minutes, maybe 7, both guys were shooting sperm into Kass's orifices.

Mandy took her guys to a sex swing and got herself in position with her pussy exposed and spread wide. One by one her guys came up to her, inserted his cock in her pussy and used the swing to move Mandy back and forth. If they did a good job, Mandy praised them in front of everyone. If not, then they took a heckling from Mandy about being a "lazy fucker". Within another 15 or 20 minutes the remaining three of her guys got off in her pussy with the swing doing most of the work. Mandy didn't mind. She liked fast, hard fucking so swings were right up her ally.

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