tagBDSMKass Attends a Master/Slave Party

Kass Attends a Master/Slave Party


There was a knock at the hotel room door exactly at 4 PM. ROGO opened the door and there stood Kass in a slinky black dress and 5 inch fuck me pumps.

ROGO said, "Come in Kassy. How was your day? Did you get any staff recruiting done?"

Kass responded that she had a difficult time concentrating on her work tasks since her pussy and ass still burned and her clit was so sensitive from the experiences last night. She felt she may have even lost a recruit or two as she lost her train of thought thinking about the pleasures of last night and the pleasures to come. Kass related that she was glad when the work day was finally over and she could go prepare for the night.

"Kass, strip everything off." I commanded.

Kass turned around and smiled. She slowly pulled the hem of her black dress above her knees and I watched it rise to the tops of her black lacy thigh high stockings which clung to her shapely legs. She continued pulling the hem up past the black lacy thong panties, she even turned around slowly so I got a good look at her legs and the muscles in her ass as she turned.

Kass has a world class ass and I love the way the thong rides up between her cheeks and cuts into the tender flesh. Because she knows I am as ass man, she has her back to me when she bends from the waist and gives me a good look at the curves of her legs and ass. She continues pulling her dress hem over her breasts and head to uncover a sheer and lacy bra that barely hides her thickening nipples.

She drops the dress on the floor, turns to me and stands with legs spread more than shoulder width, hands on hips and breasts thrust out defiantly. I look slowly from the floor past her pretty feet in the uncomfortable (but sexy as hell) fuck me pumps, up her slender legs and thighs to where they join her body and the throne of her sexuality lies.

The sheer black thong panties let me see the lips of Kass's pussy. The panties hide nothing, they almost seem to cup her pussy and offer it up for use. And, used it will be as the night progresses. My eyes take in the swell of her hips and then rise to those gorgeous tits swelling in her sexy bra, nipples already hard. I notice she has on a simple pearl choker and single pearl earrings. Classy, sexy Kassy, who will soon be wallowing in depravity as she is used by people she does not know for their own pleasure. She'll get pleasure too, but it will be because she enjoys what she is made to do, no one other than me will care whether she cums or not. They will just make sure THEY cum.

"Kass," I start, "You know you will be fucked tonight by many men don't you?"

Kass nods.

"You know you'll be required to do whatever they want you to do for them sexually don't you?"

Again Kass nods.

"You'll probably do things tonight you never thought of doing before, can you handle that?"

Kass hesitates, and then nods.

"Kass, the people you'll meet don't want to know who you are or what you do and they will not care about your pleasure. To them, you are just a receptacle for their pleasure. To them you will just be an ass, a pussy, a mouth, a canvas to spray their paintings of cum on. Do you understand?"

Once again Kass nods, but does not meet my eyes.

"Are you willing to do this, Kass?"

As I say this last question, I have stepped in front of Kass and worked a finger inside her panties and into her slit. She is already very wet. She moans as my finger rubs against her clit. She nods. I jam my finger into her pussy hard and let the base of my hand grind against her clit.

"Answer aloud and this time use my proper title." I command.

"YYess, Master." groans Kass. "I am ready; I will make you proud of your slave."

"That is good Kass," I say as I strum her clit with my thumb and work my finger in and out of her juicy pussy.

"Now, take off everything else but your hose and come to the bed."

With that statement, I turn and climb strip off all my clothes as I climb up on the bed. Kass comes over and climbs up on the bed with me; she is naked and sleek. My penis was already stiffening. "Make my cock hard, Kass, and don't use your hands on it."

Kassy turns to suck the head of my cock into her mouth. Her lips and tongue play lightly with my penis and it quickly rises to attention, full and stiff. Her hands stroke my thighs and her fingernails tickle my balls.

"Kass, do you know what the term 'toss my salad' means?"

She looks back at me questioningly.

"It means eat my asshole, Kass. I have cleaned it for you, but I can't promise others tonight will have done that. So toss my salad, slave and do a good job. You can use your hands on my cock as you eat my ass."

With little hesitation, Kassy lifts my balls gently with one hand and lightly licks at my soapy clean asshole. Her tongue is warm and wet and I can feel her breath on my balls as she tentatively touches my asshole with her tongue. I wiggle a little and she must feel encouraged since she seems to increase her enthusiasm for the task. Soon she is licking all over my asshole and cheeks like a pro and stroking my cock with one hand. Her tongue is marvelous. I feel the point of her tongue actually penetrate my ass as she gets further into her task.

In a moment I feel her slip a finger in my ass gently. She licks and sucks my balls as she fingers my asshole. When I don't discourage her, she slides her finger further in my ass. Now her mouth comes up and covers the head of my cock and she moves her finger slowly in and out of my ass. She keeps the passage wet and slippery with her tongue. Suddenly her finger is touching my prostate gland and the sensation is fabulous.

Kass hears my moans and increases the pressure of her cock sucking and her massaging of my prostate. The tingling in the end of my penis is unmistakable. It was the same feeling I got the first time I rubbed my own cock as a young teen. It felt like I had to pee or something. Kass never let up on massaging my prostate or sucking the head of my cock. Then long before I wanted this to end, I stiffened every muscle and came in gushes directly into Kassy's wet, warm, sucking mouth. I must have spasmed six times and each time deposited more cum in Kass's throat. I think only my shoulders and my heels remained on the bed while I was cumming Kass just kept sucking, swallowing and massaging until I relaxed. As my cock became soft, she withdrew it from her mouth and kissed it gently. Then leaned down and licked my ass one more time.

"I hope that made you happy, Master." She said. By my grin she knew the answer.

"Kass, baby, that was wonderful. But we need to get you ready to go. Stand up, turn your back to me and bend over." I instructed.

Kass complied with no comment. I looked again at her beautiful ass with her glistening pussy framed by her ass cheeks. I slid my finger tip up and down her slit, then inserted my finger fully in her pussy, added a second finger and pumped in and out of her cunt. She moaned and wiggled her ass. With my other hand I poured some cool lubricant onto her asshole and inserted a finger of the other hand into her ass after laying down the lube. She jerked a little at the cool lube hitting her asshole and again as my finger went in. I added a second finger to her asshole and pumped both her pussy and her ass in an alternating rhythm. Her hips wiggled and her moans began. With the lower hand that had two fingers in her pussy, I started rubbing Kass's clit as well. Her breathing got faster and more shallow. Her hips jerked. I leaned in and whispered in her ear, "You need to cum Kass. This is probably the last time tonight someone will TRY to make you cum."

Almost as soon as I finished whispering, I felt her pussy and ass clamp down on my fingers and heard her moan loudly as she ground her pussy and ass against my hands.

"That is a good slave, Kass. Always do as your master bids." I whispered loudly.

"Yes, Master, I will obey you." was Kass responded appropriately.

I quickly wiped off my fingers but left Kass's pussy and asshole wet and lubed. I grabbed her equipment and stood in front of her. First I put on leather ankle and wrist bands with metal loops to be used later. Then I put on her leather collar with similar loops. Finally I put on her blindfold.

"Kass, you have on your uniform for the night. Your blindfold will be taken off once we are inside the party. I expect your hose will be shredded by the time this night ends. I have a long coat I will put over your body until we are picked up, but that goes away soon after we are in the vehicle"

With that, I wrap the coat around you and button a couple of buttons. I lead you out of the room and down the hall to the elevators. Anyone looking can easily see you are naked under the coat. Several look shocked at your blindfold and then more shocked as I part the coat so they glimpse your pussy, your ass or your tits. We get on the elevator and I guide you into the back left corner. There are 6 other people on the elevator with us.

"I am taking her to a surprise party." I explain to the other riders.

The looks are odd, but get even odder when I slide my hand inside the coat and squeeze your breasts and pinch your nipple. You stand still and make no sound.

When the elevator stops on the ground floor, I let the others exit (they all look back to see what they can). I steer you out of the elevator and into a waiting limo outside. I have to help you get into the limo and I make sure your coat falls away from your ass and legs as you get into the limo and almost a dozen people have the chance to see your lovely pussy and ass.

The drive to Brentwood outside Nashville lasts almost 35 minutes. The coat comes off within two minutes and I gently caress your nipples to keep an edge on your senses. You are wiggling in your seat by the time we are ten minutes into the ride. You just have to endure the teasing. Occasionally I will push a finger into your pussy to make sure you are still wet. I am never unhappy with your body's responses to my ministrations. Your breathing is faster and I know you want to cum.

Even the limo driver (who can see everything I do to you) knows you need to cum. I am sure he would jump at the chance to help you cum, but he will not be afforded the opportunity, at least not on the ride TO the party.

Finally we arrive at the estate where the party is to be held. I wish you could see the grounds. The whole place speaks of wealth and power. But part of my agreement is to bring a willing slave that meets this group's standards of beauty and sexiness and that the slave cannot see how she got to the location or anything outside that might help identify the place... I help you out of the limo and your nakedness is stunning. The limo driver certainly agrees with that assessment.

I walk you to the entrance door, hand my invitation to the doorman and we are allowed inside. I lead you through the halls until we get to the great room where most of the activities will be. At that point I take your blindfold off and let your eyes adjust to the lights. Your mouth drops open slightly as your eyes survey the large room (size of a gym actually).

You see several large round beds covered in black satin sheets. You see racks with tethers where a slave can be fastened in and immobilized. You see low padded benches throughout the room and probably assume those are for sitting. You see several electronic fucking machines and vibrators everywhere. You see the female sex toy, the Sybian in several spots. You see several sex swings. Your eyes come to rest on the several odd looking contraptions with high racks, low racks and bench like contraptions that have tether attachments in many places.

I see question in your eyes so I lean over and whisper to you, "Kass, those devices are so you can be strapped in any position someone wants you in and all your holes will still be available. You'll find them very constraining, but I think you'll cum a lot while you are used there."

Your reaction is that your eyes widen a little. I see some tiny signs of concern.

Without another word, I hook a leash to your neck wrap and pull you toward another room. You hear noise as we near the room and then you see people. There probably 30 men and women clothed like me. There are also about 30 people naked like you. Most are women, but a few are men. Those are the slaves. There are also about another 30 people (25 men and 5 women) who have on Togas. I expect you wonder who they are. You'll find out soon enough. Suddenly the din of noise is broken by a deep baritone voice on a loudspeaker.

"Masters take your slaves into the fun room and take a position The party starts in ten minutes."

I lead you into the big room pulling you by your leash. We stop at one of the benches you saw earlier. I unhook your collar and move close to you and whisper in your ear. "Kassy, watch what is going on around you with all the other slaves." As I say this, I kiss your cheek and ram a finger deep into your unsuspecting asshole. You jerk, but stand still as I pump your ass with my finger and rub your pussy lips and clit with the other hand. You look around the room and see other slaves getting similar treatment. You see a girl bent over with a man behind her obviously fucking her ass. You see another woman being strapped into a sex swing with her legs obscenely spread and her wet pussy completely on display. Her Master is pinching her nipples to make her moan. Over another shoulder you see a slave on her knees with a cock in her mouth and one in each hand. You see a male slave stroking his cock as his female master bites his nipple and runs her finger in and out of his ass. A female moan makes you turn your head to see a woman straddle a Sybian machine and slowly lower herself onto the dildo standing up from it. Her moans get louder and the vibrations add to the sensation of her pussy being impaled on the large dildo. You see her Master roughly pinch her nipples and smack her ass. I feel your juices flow freely as your eyes take in the scene.

The loud speaker blares in that deep cultured baritone voice, "Players, you are free to perform!"

With that announcement, all the Toga clad people shed their Togas so they are all naked instantly. Every male has a hardon and every female has a strapon. The players spread among the crowd.

I whisper in your ear as I withdraw my busy fingers, "Kass, these men all have taken Viagra and their dicks won't get soft for long tonight. They were specially picked for their physiques and their stamina. Several can cum 6 to 8 times in a single night. The women players were picked for their beauty, sexiness and willingness to get nasty." Then a man and a woman player appear at our sides. The man is about six feet tall and well formed. His turgid cock is about 8 inches long and about 7 inches around. Except for the purple head, his cock resembles a tall beer can. He reclines on padded bench and snarls at you,

"Come on, bitch, hop on and ride my cock!" You look at me and I nod. You swing one leg up and over the man and the bench. By the time your foot touches the floor on the other side, the woman player has her hand on your pussy holding your cunt open for the huge dick. She helps line up the cock head with your cunt and then kisses your mouth hard, inserting her tongue. Her hands settle on your shoulder and push down forcing your pussy down the male players cock.

Your eyes get wider as you feel that beer can cock spread your tender flesh. You have almost half his cock inside you and you are moaning. The woman hops up on the bench and pushes her breasts into your face. With her arms on your shoulders, she puts her full weight on your shoulders and then pushes hard to force you down that big cock until it all disappears inside you. I hear you groan as I see your lips take the woman's nipple into your mouth.

She rises up so that her strap on is at a level with your mouth. She pulls your mouth to her fake cock and forces it into your mouth. As you suck the fake cock, your hips rise and fall on the cock inside you. Now you understand that the height of the bench allows you to take control of the cock in you with simple bending and straightening of your legs. You never have to settle your pussy lips against the groin of the man unless you want to. She fucks your mouth while holding your head and he simply lies still while you slide up and down his cock. The motion of your hips includes some humping back & forth as well as rising and falling. You are getting into this dance. I reach over and pinch both your stiff nipples hard. You groan and shiver.

The woman hops down from the bench, unzips me and sucks my cock a moment before she stands, thanks me and gets behind you, she signals the man and he holds your hips still. While you are motionless, her hips follow her fingers to your ass and she gets the head of her fake cock lodged in your asshole. You groan again as she slowly and steadily slides her fake dick home inside your tender ass. You have both your nether holes impaled so I put two fingers in your mouth and tell you to suck them. You look like a woman who has missed a cock for months and my fingers get all wet with your saliva.

Then the two players start an alternate motion to fuck you. As one pulls out, the other pushes in, their rhythm picks up and soon it is a blur of asses and cocks invading your pussy and ass. I remove my fingers from your mouth and you scream out you pleasure and the fact that you are cumming.

Just for flavor, you add..."Oh, fuck, oh fuck, oh my God, fuck meeee!!" Your orgasm is visible all over your body and I can tell how your clit must be tingling by the jerky motions you make.

The player fucking you stiffens and you feel his cock jerk as he unloads inside you. He pulls his cock out as his last spasm hits and shoots cum all over your clit and pussy lips. The girl player pulls out of you and has you lie down face up on the bench. She jerks off her strap on and swings her leg over your head and lowers her wet pussy to your face. With no hesitation, you begin to lick her sex and run your tongue up in her pussy.

As she humps your face vigorously and smears her juices all over your face, another Master brings his female slave to our bench and instructs his slave to lick the cum off of and out of your pussy. This attractive redheaded slave dives to her task and I see her tongue lick all over your pussy and clit and slurp up the cum. Then she puts a lip lock on your pussy and sucks hard to get the cum out of you. It must feel good because your hips rise to meet her tongue and sucking mouth. You are moaning into the female player's pussy as she cums on your mouth and then I see you shudder as you have another small orgasm.

About that time a Master named Dominic walks up with his slave, Ruth. "Hi ROGO, you always bring great women. Mind if I have a piece of your slave?"

"No, Dom. I expect she'll enjoy playing with you." With that, Dom takes your hand and tries to pull you up from the bench. You look over to me and I nod, you get up and walk naked to a nearby sex swing with Dom. He and Ruth strap your thighs to the webbing; then each of them takes an arm and extends it over your head and straps it to the webbing that holds you up and acts as the swing mechanism. Your thighs are spread and your pink wet pussy is splayed open with a freshly fucked look that it earned.

"Now, Ruth, get me ready." instructs Dom.

Ruth goes to her knees and slides Dom's silk shorts (all he is wearing) down and he steps out of them. She takes his stiffening cock into her hands. With two hands on his dick, there are still several inches uncovered. Ruth has stepped to the side so you can see. I watch your eyes widen.

"How big does it get, Dom?" I ask.

Ruth answers for Dom proudly. "His cock is 14 1/2 inches long and 8 inches around." She tries with little success to get the head of his cock in her mouth stroking it with 2 hands all the while.

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