tagGroup SexKass Visits Lexi @ House of Dreams

Kass Visits Lexi @ House of Dreams


This is a continued story of our adventurous Kass going on vacation to visit her college friend and roommate, Lexi. The story began with Kass Takes a Wrong Turn. You might want to read that story first, but suit yourself. Now, let's move on with our adventure.


Kass really needed some rest after her car trouble and all the sex that had ensued while she waited. While she hated the fact she was taken advantage of, she had to admit she did get turned on and had given back as much as she had gotten. She didn't like the group leader, Shep, but she admitted he knew how to use his cock. She was glad Tammy was there. Tammy's tongue, fingers and enthusiasm had made the whole ordeal bearable. She was tired, her ass was sore, her pussy was sore, her jaw ached and she had bruises from fingers and hands holding her tight while she got fucked by everyone.

That entire ordeal was in the immediate past; and that is where Kass wanted to leave it. She just wanted to get on down the road and get to see Lexi.

Even with what she had been through, with a sore pussy and ass, she couldn't help but think of luscious Lexi. She and Lexi had been best friends in college and had roomed together for a while too. They had numerous sexual adventures together as they dated during college. How well they got along encouraged them to room together the last two years. It was soon after they started rooming together that their personal relationship deepened. Kass thought back to that day several years before.

Kass had a couple of hour between classes so she went back to her room. Before she got to the room, she was reminiscing about a hot date she had

I returned from class one day a little early and stopped by to talk to a suite mate (2 girls on each side of suite with shared bathroom facilities in between). Rather that going back out in the hall to go through the front door of my room, I entered through the bathroom door.

I must have surprised Lexi because she rolled on her side away from me and acted peculiar. I thought I heard a buzzing or whirring noise so I walked over to the other side of Lexi's bed. Sure enough, I saw her panties pulled to one side exposing her pussy hair and saw that the buzzing noise was made by a cylindrical and pointed white vibrator.

I had caught sexy Lexi masturbating with a vibrator! Her face was red and she would not look at me. I knelt beside her bed and whispered to her.

"Lexi, honey, don't be embarrassed. Most of us masturbate. I have a vibrator too!"

As I spoke, I brushed her hair out of her face and apologized for barging in on her. I kissed her cheek to seal my apology. Then I rose and pulled my own vibrator from a drawer. I shucked my panties off and sat in a chair next to Lexi's bed, spread my legs and turned on my vibrator and rubbed it over my mound.

"Lexi, knowing you do the same thing I do kind of turns me on."

She stared at me. Maybe it was because my vibrator was dark purple and shaped like a cock (no question what it was for). Or maybe she was staring at my spread legs and pussy. She had seen me naked, we had even had sex with our dates in the same car, but she had never seen my pussy spread open and about to be used like it was now. She focused on every little move I made.

I spread open my lips with one hand and slowly pushed the vibrator all the way in. I had been wet from the moment I saw Lexi so it slid in easily. I rubbed my clit as I sawed the vibrator in and out. Lexi continued to focus on my hands and my pussy. Her eyes got wider as I pushed my hips at the vibrator to meet the thrust my hand was making. I moaned. And I think I heard Lexi moan.

"Lexi, use yours too. Finish what you started. Don't you need to cum?"

I saw an almost imperceptible nod of Lexi's head and she pulled her vibrator from its hiding place under her leg. She began to slide the point up and down between her inner lips and I could see she was very wet. I was hoping it was from watching me.

For several minutes we both reamed our pussies with our vibrators and stared at what the other one was doing. Just as I was about to cum, Lexi moaned loudly and clenched her perfect thighs together. Her cumming sent me over the edge too. We continued to stare as our vibrators, still buzzing, slowly slid out of our pussies while we came down from our climax. Neither of us closed our legs and neither of us quit staring at the other's pussy. I could feel the juices leak out of me onto the chair and down the crack of my ass. I watched as Lexi leaked onto her bed and between her cheeks.

In a few minutes, I rose and walked to Lexi. I hugged her and whispered how exciting and sexy that was. I felt Lexi nodding and then felt her lips against my face. I turned quickly so our lips met. I had never kissed a girl before but it felt so natural. I knew she was a good kisser because some of the boys she dated told me, but learning that first hand was an eye opener. Her lips were soft and wet. Her tongue was insistent on my lips and was soon invading my mouth. I sucked on her tongue and added my own to the fight.

In moments our clothes disappeared and I never even thought about it. It was like our bodies just wanted to touch, skin on skin. We sucked face a little while as our hands explored each other's butts and tits and our thighs moved between the other's legs to pressure against wet pussies.

I don't know how it happened, just like with our clothes, I never had a conscious thought of it, but there we were in a 69 position; me over Lexi staring at her wetness as she looked up into that same wetness in my pussy. Without words, our mouths sought out the wet, sensitive spots we had been staring at. We practically feasted on each other's genitals. She tasted sweet; she moaned and wiggled sexily as I devoured her pussy.

I licked from clit to asshole and back. I drove my pointed tongue deep into her and shook my head so she could feel it all over. I gently sucked her clit. I was so focused, I could not tell what she was doing between my legs; but I knew that it felt great. I didn't want it to stop, but in a few moments her hips bucked into my face and her thighs held my head in a vice grip as she came again. While she was doing this, she seemed to be sucking my entire vulva and pussy into her mouth. I came too, before she ever released my head from her thigh vice.

Just after we came, we collapsed. I just lay on top of her. I could feel her butterfly kisses all over my pussy and butt. I returned the favor. Then out the corner of my eye, I spied my purple, cock shaped vibrator. I grabbed it, put the tip against her pussy lips and pushed in one long slow push until the whole 8 inches was inside Lexi.

She groaned as my vibrator entered her. I had unconsciously turned it off earlier; now I just as consciously turned it back on. I made sure the knobby ridges at the base of the vibrator were hitting her clit as I stirred her insides with my purple cock.

She went nuts. I could not understand what she was saying. I am not sure SHE could understand it. But her body did as she humped her hips at my hand. And I knew this was a time for deep and fast strokes so I made sure she got that from me and my vibrator. I think she came for over a minute.

My face lay against Lexi's thigh. I knew we had started a new chapter. I still needed cock and lots of it, but now I had a new toy and I was crazy about Lexi. She was beautiful, she was sexy, she was sweet, and she was smart. I knew college and our dates would just get better after this.

Lexi chased that last thought away by inserting HER vibrator into my pussy. She was determined to repay the intense pleasure I had given her. Let me assure you she did repay with interest!! My bell got rung several times. We did not leave her bed the rest of that day. We both missed a class or two but we didn't miss a chance to make each other cum. My pussy was sore the next day from all the use.

Lexi admitted to me later that she had been wondering what it would be like to have sex with another girl but did know how to approach me. We both agreed it was fortuitous that I caught her with her vibrator. I grew to love Lexi, better than a sister or best friend.

Neither of us had any desire to limit ourselves to girls. We both liked males too much to ever give them up, but both of us had expanded our horizons and were going to make a lot of men and several women wildly happy over the next several years. We became very comfortable with who we were and what we wanted.

It might help to describe us. Lexi is 5' 3" with blond hair almost to her shoulders. She measures 37B, 21, and 34 and is slim, soft and smooth at 115 lbs. Very feminine, soft features, green eyes, very white, even teeth. Her nipples and areola are almost dark beige but become pinker with excitement. Her nipples are a little smaller than a pencil eraser but become very distended when she is excited. Her personality is sweet and caring, but she does have a little mean streak that can become cruel when provoked. Most of the time, she is just playful.

We share a lot of similarities. I am about 5' 4' tall with blond hair usually a little past my shoulders. My measurements are 36C, 25, and 37. I am not quite as smooth as Lexi. I grew up working just like my brothers and have some muscular definition. You would not think I was a weight lifter, but you would notice the muscularity.

Several guys have commented on it. One said he didn't want to make me mad because he suspected I could whip his ass. He was right, I could. Then I'd probably nail his ass with my strap on just to show him it was not luck. I weigh in at 122 lbs.

My eyes are hazel but turn green when I have been sexually satisfied. My teeth are good, just not as white and perfect as Lexi's, but no one has complained. My nipples and areola are ruddy colored and turn deeper red as my excitement grows. My nipples are particularly sensitive and get to about the size of the first joint of a man's pinkie finger when I am really stimulated. My personality is a little more outgoing that Lexi, but we both can get wild and crazy given the right circumstances.

Oh, my pussy hair is shaved off. Lexi keeps a trimmed patch above her mound but is clean shaven between her legs. As a hooker we once knew commented, you don't find any grass on a race track, and as long as we are physically up to it, our pussies will be where the action is.

And, we are both in our early thirties. That is as much detail as you get.

I was really looking forward to seeing and being with Lexi. It had almost three years since our last visit (a wild vacation in Cancun, Mexico, but that is another story). She had hinted that there had been some changes in her life and we need to talk about then face to face, so I am anxious and a little nervous about what these changes are. The address she gave me is north of Houston, TX and sounds like a ranch of some sort. I can't imagine sexy Lexi on a dude ranch.

According to my TomTom, I am on the right road and have only a few more miles to reach Lexi.


Finally, I arrive at the address Lexi gave me. Oh my God, the place is on grounds like a ranch but the building is huge! It is fancy too, not ranch house looking. More like a fancy brothel in the swamps outside New Orleans. Large steps leading up to a big porch and pillars. Rocking chairs and rattan furniture with cushions all over the place and what appears to be a bar at the end of the porch.

As I am climbing the stairs, the grand mahogany double door entry swings wide open. Two women in harem pants and tiny bras (with BIG tits) rush to my side and start gushing over me. A strapping cowboy in jeans, no shirt and a ten gallon hat grabs my bags. As I turn to watch him get my things, I am shocked to learn that he has no seat to his jeans. His muscular butt and two hairless balls peek out as he bends to pick up my things.

My mouth drops open and one of the harem girls whispers that he is one of the toys they keep around. With that, they whisk me inside and into a large office complete with desk and credenza and leather chairs and a leather sofa plus a round bed.

As they drift away saying Madam Lexi will be here in a moment and Ralph (the boy toy) will put my things in my room). Almost immediately, Lexi sweeps into the room in one of the sexiest black demi bras, sheer panties and garter belts I have ever seen. She has 5 inch spike heels and is strutting her stuff. I watch the flesh of her tits bounce with each step as she nears me. It is a 40 foot walk so I get plenty of time to check out that gorgeous body. It was even better than I remembered.

She finally drops her charade of aloofness and dashes the last few steps to grab me in both her arms. She hugs me so hard, I can't breathe. Then we stand apart and look into each other's eyes. The next thing I know, her lips are on mine and her tongue is exploring my mouth. We melt into each other and wind up on the leather sofa. A complete tongue bath and several orgasms later, our breathing has returned to normal. And Lexi orders sandwiches and long neck beers since we are both starved.

While we wait on the food, I ask Lexi, "What is this place?"

She grins before she says, "You are NOT going to believe this, Sweetie. This place is called the House of Dreams. We make people's fantasies come true here!"

"You mean a whorehouse?" I gasp.

Lexi giggles, "Sort of, but a very special one. It has some of the most beautiful and adventurous women you have ever seen for our men clients AND we provide fabulous stud muffins and for our women clients. And through these doors come some of the richest, most virile and handsome men you have ever laid eyes on as well as some of the most gorgeous and sexy women you'll ever meet.

I want you to take a leave of absence and stay with me for at least a month to see what goes on here. You can play or not as you please, but the pay we can get for running this place is more in a month than you can make in six months at your job. And the fringe benefits are unbelievable. Please say yes!!"

"Whoa, Lexi! A whore house? A month from my job? I don't know about all this."

Lexi nodded patiently. "We'll eat and sleep. You have to be exhausted (and she didn't know about my wrong turn). We'll talk more tomorrow."

Lexi always knew when she was losing an argument. She also knew how to delay it so that she had a better chance of winning that same argument at a later time. And she was not above getting me high on liquor or sex to do it.

Soon the strapping cowboy and the two harem girls bring in the food. My skirt is up to my waist and my panties are pushed to the side so my shaved pussy is on display. My blouse is open and my tits are fully exposed. Lexi is completely nude save her stockings and garter belt. Both our pussies are practically dripping from the tongue lashing we took from each other.

The servers grin and openly ogle my body. I cross my arms over my breasts and close my legs. Lexi notices and laughs at my shyness.

"Hey, Kass, lots more people than these three have seen you naked. Remember the time we celebrated the basketball team winning the Christmas tournament? Naked is a very usual state of dress around here. If it will make you more comfortable, Ralph, Lucy & Lacy will take off their clothes."

Without another word, the three strip naked and turn toward me. My eyes drop to Ralph's crotch. His package is big and even when soft. I can't help but wonder what it may grow to with appropriate stimulation. Lucy and Lacy turn out to be twins, not identical, but really close; and they are stacked , shaved and sexy. Lacy gets on her knees and sucks Ralph's cock almost like she had read my mind and wanted me to know how big he got. She withdrew her mouth from his now stiff cock and it was impressive - - - - - about 9 inches in length and as big as little Lacy's arm around.

Lexi asked me if I wanted to try it but I deferred, so Lexi nodded at Lacy. Lacy grinned and jumped into Ralph's arms and locked her legs around his waist. Her hand went between them to guide that big missile to her sweet spot. His hands came down to hold her up by her butt. In seconds they were slamming their hips into each other as if no one was around watching them fuck. I watched his cock plunge into and withdraw from her tight pussy over and over. It got wetter and redder with each stroke.

Within five minutes, they were moaning as their orgasms took control. I could see Lacy tighten her pelvic and ass muscles in an attempt to trap Ralph's cock inside her. But he kept driving into her loving the slick friction. They had a complete fuck in five minutes with Ralph standing and holding Lacy's cute ass. I don't think they ever even kissed; they were so focused on connecting and cumming. Ralph's legs never trembled. He was an oak.

I thought surely the show was over, but Lacy lay on a multi-colored divan and motioned for Lucy. Lucy smiled as she approached her sister and knelt between her legs. Then Lucy got her tongue busy cleaning her sister's pussy and removing all of Ralph's cum. When she finished, both sisters looked satisfied; and my head was reeling.

The servers left us and over the sandwiches and beer, I confessed that I had never witnessed anyone so easily perform for others. Lexi explained that sex, even group sex was common at the House of Dreams and she also pointed out that Lacy and Ralph liked to play together. The display may have been partly for me, but both of them wanted to jump the other's bones.

As we talked, Lexi explained that she had given up her flight attendant's job. She had gotten involved with a man who was a member of the House of Dreams (a costly membership and monthly dues were required). He had introduced her to this scene and she had fallen in love with the place. His name was Abraham Baldwin. She knew he was a professional gambler and seemed to know a lot of wealthy people.

She had suspicions that some organized crime was involved since occasionally there women brought to the House of Dreams (seemingly against their wishes) and made to work off debts they had built up gambling or some other venture. Some were paying off debts of their husbands or boyfriends. While many resisted at first, within a day or two, they all fell in love with the incredible sex and lovely decadence. The things people only dreamed of in their deepest, darkest minds were commonplace and condoned here. Decadence and depravity was the norm.

Lexi challenged me. "Kass, tonight I want you to think about your top two fantasies that you have never fulfilled. I am going to see that you experience them while you are here. Be honest and inventive. You won't shock me. You can tell me in the morning."

I nodded in agreement. Because of my long day and travel, I begged for a bed and sleep. Lexi led me to a fabulous room and finished undressing me. I was so worn out I really didn't pay a lot of attention to the room. Lexi tucked me into a nice bed with black silk sheets. I was asleep in moments.


Lexi had the harem girls awake me the next day around 9:30 AM. After a soothing shower, I was fed a great omelet and fruit. The black coffee helped clear my head even more than the good nights sleep.

Lexi came in wearing a colorful western shirt just tight enough to show the swell of her breasts. In case that was not enough, the top four buttons were open so you could see the beautiful slopes of the inside of her tits. The absence of a bra was evident. Lexi completed her outfit with tight faded jeans. I saw no camel toe at the crotch of her jeans; but there was a dime in her back pocket and it was on TAILS. That just seemed appropriate.

The first words out of Lexi's mouth were, "Did you decide what your top two fantasies are?"

"Yes," I responded, "But I am not sure you want to hear them.

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