This is a work in progress. I am asking for help.

1)I need a suitable surname for Kassie. And maybe another title.

2)I need to pick a direction to go after Kassie and her dad have sex.

3) Should I have Kassie and Shay get in trouble with the law again and they decide to use their bodiies to get out of trouble? If so how many men should be involved? A store keeper or the LAPD?

4) Should Kassie reciprocate with Shay's family? I was thinking of making Shay adopted (hence she really didn't have real family incset) and then making her family creepy, like something out of a Rob Zombie film with Kassie being tied and used.

5) Should I have Kassie bring home over friends? Should we go to a lesbian type of deal, with Jack being controlled by a harem of girls? Or maybe do all of the above? Please e-mail me or make helpful comments.

Kassie stretched out her arms and gave a big yawn as she awoke in her oversized bed. She was getting comfortable living with her estranged father on the coast . While she missed her mom, living with dad, Jack, did not become the evil carnage mom had predicted. Mom claimed Jack was a boring accountant. When Kassie asked he mother, "Well, why did you marry dad then?" The reply was honest and straightforward "Because Kassie, your father had a big cock and could eat pussy."

Kassie had long got over the initial shock of her mom's bluntness, and had moved on to a stage of curious. Living with Dad was great because he minded his own business while locked up in his home office all day. Besides, he rewarded for good grades in junior college.

Jack had been up since 4AM on his computer at his mahogany desk. Half his time was donated to work, the other half was stroking his meat to on-line porno. Kassie's full figure reminded him of his wife Tammy when they first met. It brought back memories of her giving him blowjobs in the car while pawing at her large boobs. After the divorce, Tammy got Kassie. Jack had visiting privileges, but rarely used them, living on the opposite coast. He barely knew his own daughter, Cassandra, who he never called Kassie until recently. Tammy had met with her demise when she was caught embezzling funds from the city of Atlanta. It was at this point Kassie opted to go live with her father, as her presence would overcrowd mom's cell.

Jack had a very nice crib for an accountant and Kassie loved the little luxuries that went with the privileged life, although Jack was a bit vapid. Kassie would soon end his dull life with some excitement.

The pool was what Kassie loved most about living with dad. It was secluded and inviting to a teenage girl. Kassie had bought a new bathing suit. She had put it on and was standing in front of the mirror, working up the courage to model it for her father. She placed her long blonde hair into a ponytail. It made her look like a teeny-bopper or so she thought. The suit fit her alright, there just wasn't a lot of it. Of course that is the idea when you want to get that all over tan with minimum tan lines. She took a few deep breaths and went out into the hallway.

Kassie balked and went back into her room. She wondered if dad might get mad and cut her allowance. She didn't know him that well, other than the fact he had married mom, who looked a lot like her. She took a few more deep breaths and again went out into the hallway. She got to her dad's study and knocked on the door.

"Yes, come in Kassie," came a sound from the other side of the large wooden door.

Kassie took a deep breath and swung open the door. She began to talk excessively, hoping to explain everything before dad could say a word. "How do you like my new sun suit. I bought it with your reward points daddy. I just wanted to thank you before I went out to get some sun."

Jack sat there with his jaw on the floor as Kassie approached him, sat on his lap and gave him a kiss. Jack could feel the heat of her legs against his trousers. He looked away from her as he spoke, attempting not to ogle his own daughter. "Kassie, that isn't much of a suit."

The suit consisted mainly of three small matching yellow triangles with strings. Kassie's body was barely covered. Her beasts, except for her nipples were exposed. Her ass was hanging out. And if she didn't shave her bush, pubic hair would definitely be showing.

"Kassie, You can't wear that out in public!" Jack exclaimed.

"I'm not. Just out by the pool, if that's alright with you?" Kassie said.

Jack continued, "But you are hardly wearing anything. You might as well be wearing nothing."

"Oh thanks daddy," Kassie said excitedly as she got gave her dad another kiss. Kassie moved off her dad's lap and headed for the door. "I didn't really want to wear anything to sun bath. I hate tan lines. Thanks for understanding."

While Jack was attempting to figure out what to say back, Kassie's thong-ass went out the door. Parenting was knew to Jack. He was getting a lifetime worth of manipulation in a short period of time.

Kassie went out by the pool. She turned the lounge chair around so she would face the house, which just so happen to be the side of Jack's office window. She sat down on the chair and opened up her lotion bottle. As she generously rubbed lotion on her flesh, Jack was turning his head to look out the window.

Once Kassie had most of the lotion in place, she bit her upper lip and untied the strings to her top. The two little triangles of yellow material which covered her nipples was now on the wooden deck. Jack nearly fell out of his chair. Was his daughter outside really topless? He couldn't see that well due to the distance. Then he remembered his birding binoculars.

With binoculars in hand, Jack gazed at his daughter's perfectly formed breasts. He was thinking how much nicer these were than his ex-wife's knockers. He watched Kassie's hands and arms move and then he glanced downward. She had taken her bottoms off and was rubbing lotion down by her pussy. Jack couldn't believe what he was seeing. Kassie had spread her legs slightly. Not wanting to waste the moment, Jack unleashed his cock and stroked it. Jack was thinking how his daughter looked like one of those perfectly drawn top heavy hentai girls with large hips and a pretty pussy. He thought about his ex-wife's blow jobs as he creamed in his hand.

Jack immediately went to clean up. With Jack's image gone by the window Kassie turned over to tan her back. She would pretend not to have seen her dad jerking off. The idea she turned him on and he was jacking off looking at her brought a satisfied smile to Kassie's face as she plotted her next step.

Jack returned to his spot and binoculars, after changing his pants that he had dribbled upon. He focused looking at his daughter's naked ass, attempting to see some pussy lips from behind. No such luck. He returned to his work on the computer, occasionally looking out to make sure his daughter was tanning evenly.

When Jack heard the door downstairs, he knew Kassie was done for the day. He quickly put away his binoculars. Shorty thereafter Kassie was again knocking at his study door.

"Come in Kassie," Jack said as he stared intently at his computer screen pretending to be engrossed in his work. Kassie, now fully dressed in a tee and cutoffs stood by her dad and placed he hand on his shoulder and asked gently, "Daddy, can I have a girlfriend over tomorrow?"

Jack said, "Sure." He hadn't met any of Kassie's school mates and he thought it would be good to meet at least one and maybe with a girlfriend here, Kassie would keep her clothes on. It wasn't that Jack didn't enjoy seeing his daughter naked. He did. But on the other hand he felt guilty about it. He could only imagine what his ex-wife would say, or anyone might think. My God! He was jacking off to the sight of his own daughter! He certainly had mixed feelings.

The next day Kassie introduced her dad to her friend Seychelles (nickname Shay). She was an olive skin exotic beauty with long jet black hair and almond shaped eyes sporting sapphire blue contacts. Jack was thinking Halle Berry had nothing on this girl. Seychelles was overly polite which Jack liked.

Kassie turned to Shay and said, "Let's go out by the cement pond."

Shay smiled and said, "Nice meeting you Jack." Jack likewise returned the compliment and hurried off to his study as the girls walked in the backyard.

As the girls walked out Shay whispered to Kassie, "Your dad is cute, for an older guy."

Kassie looked around for her father then said, "Know what? He has a big cock too."

"You've seen it!" Shay exclaimed.

"No," said Kassie reluctantly. "I've just heard it from my mom."

"What kind of mother tells her daughter her father has a big cock?" Shay asked.

Kassie pondered for a moment. "I never thought of it that way. I guess an honest one."

"I'm dying to see it now." Shay said.

"Me too," replied Kassie. "I just am not sure how to do it."

"You sneak into his bedroom while he sleeps and look under the covers, " Shay offered.

"Really? What if I get caught?"

"It's easy," said Shay. "I used to do it on my brother all the time. And if you get caught, so say you were curious."

The girls giggled. "You'll have to show me, " said Kassie. "I'll ask my dad if you can spend the night."

Meanwhile Jack was in his study. He glanced out the window and watched the two girls as they strolled around the pool. All was peaceful as he returned to his hentai screen. A half hour had gone by before Jack looked outside again. His mouth dropped as he saw both girls sunbathing, naked as the day they were born. He scrambled for his binoculars, opening all his desk drawers until he came across them. He peered out.

Seychelles was beautiful. She had a slight muscular tone with olive skin which contrasted Kassie's soft, still needing a tan, body.

Seychelles' bush wasn't shaved like Kassie's. It was however well trimmed. The dark hairs made her pussy lips look pinker.

"I think your dad is looking us, " said Seychelles quietly without moving.

"Yes, he has his binoculars out. I normally part my legs when I see them. You should soon see some motion from his arm and shoulder," replied Kassie, also remaining motionless, except for a slight leg part to apply more lotion an area not typically seen by the sun.

Jack was going crazy. He was hoping that this moment and school year would last forever. He was almost hoping Kassie would take years, maybe decades to decide her major, all the time bringing home her young hard bodied friends to sunbathe out by the pool for daddy. He watched the sun glisten on their shiny naked bodies. His binoculars scanned back and forth from naked breasts, to naked breast, from naked pussy to naked pussy. He wanted to feel their bodies. Jack was stroking himself. He couldn't help it.

Jack again reached climax. He still had to watch the girls after he had cleaned himself off. After spending 30 minutes in the sun, the girls splashed around in the pool. Jack watched intently as they came out of the pool wet and naked . The girls gathered their clothes and headed toward the house. Jack returned to his computer screen and attempted to get some work done.

They knock at the door made Jack jump. "Come in," he said with a squeak in his voice.

Kassie strolled over to Jack and placed her arm around him and asked sweetly, "Daddy, you don't mind if Shay spends the night?"

Jack cleared his throat, "Why, no, no. That would be fine. I'll prepare the guest room."

"That's okay daddy, Shay can sleep in my room. "

Shay walked over to Jack's desk and picked up the high power binoculars Jack had careless left out.

"Nice binoculars, " Shay said as she walked over to the window and peered out. "Do a lot of bird watching?"

"Why yes, yes I do," said Jack. "Why only last year I went down to Louisiana to do some bird watching. I have seen the rare Ivory-billed woodpecker thought to be extinct. I just wish I had a camera at the time." Jack knew she was on to him, but tried to play innocent.

"Woodpecker," Shay said as she smiled at Kassie. The girls held off on giggling until they were out the door.

"Shay! You should not have said 'woodpecker' like that. You are going to make me laugh in front of my own dad. What would he think?" said Kassie.

"I don't know, what would he think if he knew you wanted to see his woodpecker?" Shay retorted.

The girls both laughed. They went to Kassie's room, talked about boys, made some popcorn and watched Poison Ivy. Not that they needed any ideas.

The girls slept in the same bed clad in panties and a nightshirt. About 1:00 AM Shay was shaking Kassie out of a deep sleep. "Kassie, wake up. Wake up Kassie."

Kassie attempted to gather her senses, "Whaa, what? " She said as if she wanted to sleep.

Shay whispered loudly, "Kassie, your dad is snoring, he is fast asleep."

Kassie rolled over. "There is an extra pillow in the closet if he is keeping you awake."

Shay continued, "No Kassie, I thought we were going to sneak over and look at his cock."

Kassie was still half asleep and was no longer that excited about the idea. "Not now, I'm tired. You do it."

"Okay," Shay responded and with that got out of bed and left the room.

All of a sudden Kassie realized just what happened. She was now wide awake and her heart was pounding. She was anxiously awaiting Shay to return, worried that she might get caught.

A few moments later Shay returned with her hands over her mouth. Kassie was sitting up in bed.

Shay moved over to Kassie and says, "Oh my God! He is soooo huge. You gotta see this Kassie."

Shay took Kassie by the hand and they went out the bedroom. What Kassie didn't know was that Shay had never entered her dad's room. She got cold feet half way down the hall. Waited for a minute or so to save face and then returned, pretending to have seen her dad's cock. The ruse worked very well as the girl's tip-toed into Jack's room, whispering, and giggling as the crept, being serenaded by Jack's night time song.

When they slowly opened the door to Jack's room, the serenade became deafening. They knew he was out like a light. They tip toed over to the covers. They looked at each other and gave a quiet giggle as they simultaneously placed a finger to their lips, to indicate the other should be quiet. This didn't help, as the coincidence caused more giggling. Jack's night music continued.

Shay grabbed the end of the cover and lifted it up. The street light coming through the window was enough to light up the room sufficiently that they could see that Jack indeed slept naked and had a monstrous sized dick. The girls both gasped at the sight of it followed by some near giggles.

To Kassie's surprise, Shay reached out and touched her father's cock. She caressed the large velvet head and held it in her hand, while holding a cover with the other.

After getting over her initial shock, Kassie decided she would not be outdone. She also touched her dad's cock and went one step further by giving the head of his dick a kiss. Shay mouthed to Kassie, "How did it taste?"

Kassie pointed to the cock and mouthed, "Try it. Just like candy."

Shay held up the third leg and placed her mouth over the head and tasted the cock. She came up licking and popping her lips and mouthed to Kassie, "Peppermint."

Kassie held her hand over her mouth as she giggled. The girls got more daring as they each took turns licking Jack's sleeping cock and sticking it in their mouth. Soon a contest began as to who could get the most of Jack's cock in their mouth. Even though Jack was fast asleep, his cock had become awake with the constant handling. Shay got more daring and sucked on Jack's balls and then rubbed her tits on his cock.

Kassie whispered, "That looks like fun. Let me try." She leaned over Jack's resting body and placed his balls in her mouth. She then looked up at Shay and mouthed, "You spit on them!" The girls smiled and Shay nodded her head, "Yea."

Kassie then lifted her shirt and placed her dad's cock between her naked breasts. As her dad's cock grew stiff, Jack's snoring took a few stutters and it appeared as if he was waking up. Kassie quickly moved backwards. The floor rug, on highly polished wood. slipped from under her feet.

Kassie fell to the ground and attempted to catch herself with one hand on the nightstand. As she fell, her hand hit the touch lamp and turned it on. The thump her ass made on the floor was enough to wake Jack, who quickly sat up in bed, started from the sound and light. The covers were down to his knees, exposing his erect cock to his daughter and to Shay.

Jack was a bit groggy as he saw his daughter sitting on the floor. He asked her, "Are you alright?" Then he reached for the sheet to cover himself. He raised his voice a bit, "What are you girls doing?"

Kassie thought fast, "Daddy, we needed a glass of water." Shay laughed and thought, That's quite the spigot we were going to drink from.

Jack lectured. "What you girls are doing is wrong...is very wrong. It is an invasion of privacy."

Shay interrupted, "You mean like when you were looking at us through your binoculars? You didn't think we really thought you were bird watching? It's only fair we get to see you.

Jack didn't even try to deny it but was shocked. "You girls knew I was watching you? Is that why you faced the house? Kassie?"

Kassie was quiet for a moment and hung her head down as if she felt ashamed and said, "Yes daddy."

Jack didn't know what to say or think. He began to speak as if he was thinking out loud, "Well there is a difference between being up close and through a set of binoculars. You girls took off your clothes voluntarily." Jack paused for a moment trying to gather his thoughts.

"Would it be even if you saw us naked up close," Shay said trying to help as she lifted her night shirt to show Jack her breasts. Whatever thoughts Jack had gathered were now lost at the sight of Shay's beautiful breasts. Jack stared for a moment at her panties. They were wet. A faint outline of pussy was showing through. Jack was thinking about how wrong this was. He turned away to look at Kassie to see her reaction to all of this.

When he peered at his daughter, Kassie thought her dad expected to see her breasts to, so without uttering a word, Kassie lifted her night shirt also exposing her enormous tits to her dad. Jack saw his daughter's panties were stained too.

He looked back at Shay and then to Kassie as if to compare breasts. Jack's head was spinning. "Okay. I guess from now on this is a clothes optional house since we have all seen each other. Now off to bed before you get a spanking."

Jack couldn't believe he had threaten them with a spanking. The girls giggled at the idea and left Jack's room. Jack didn't know what to think. He was tempted to beat off, but instead took his boner to sleep.

Kassie complemented Shay on her fast thinking and thanked her for getting them out of a jam. Shay said, "No problem. With a brother you learn to think fast on your feet. Besides, I never got into a spot where these babies (lifting her nightshirt) couldn't get me out. "

Kassie giggled, "I guess men are just like boys."

The girls went to bed, not only confident they got away with one, but also felt they had a good lesson in life's philosophy about the battle of the sexes and how women are the superior race. Men can be led around by the penis.

The next morning the girls awoke to the smell of bacon. They went down stairs to find Jack in his robe over the stove. Bacon was frying. "How do you like your eggs?" he asked without lifting his eyes up from the frying pan.

The girls were topless. They had on thong panties, but might as well have ben naked. Jack caught they nudity out of the corner of his eye and pretended as everything was normal. He had remembered what he said about clothes being optional, he just didn't expect them to take him up on it in this manner. The girls both approached Jack and gave him a kiss on the cheek. Shay stood behind him and watched him cook, resting her head on his shoulder. He could feel her naked breasts pressing into his back. "However your making them, Mr. B. is fine by me," Shay whispered into his ear. Her hot breath sent a shiver straight to Jack's dick. He attempted to concentrate on making breakfast.

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