tagBDSMKassy's Transition

Kassy's Transition


As we ended the gang bang story, Kass had gone to wash up a little and then come to bed where we had both finally gotten some needed sleep. We pick up the next morning early. It is 6 AM and I have a 10 AM client meeting.

The next morning I get up and shave before Kassy wakes. As I am wiping the last of the shave cream off my face, Kassy stumbles into the bath naked and comes over to me and hugs me around the waist. Her skin is warm and soft against mine. Her breasts and hot against my back.

"Kassy, why don't you tale a hot shower, it may wake you up and take any soreness out of your body."

You nod, but go over and sit on the toilet. I move to the shower and turn the water on then adjust it to a hot steamy setting. After walking over to where you are sitting, I take your hands and pull you up to a standing position, then walk you over to the shower and push you inside. As soon as you are through the bath door, I take off all my clothes. I did not tell you I was going to join you in the shower, but I expect you thought I would.

You look around as I slip into the shower with you; you are soaping your breasts. I turn you away from me toward the shower jets, then press against you, surround you with my arms and take a breast in each hand. I cup them, squeeze them, caress them & gently pinch your nipples. You wiggle your butt against my groin. Ummm, is that a tingling I feel? Maybe there is life left in the old soldier after all.

Your breasts continue to fill my hands while I plant kisses all over the back & side of your neck. You shiver a little and wiggle your butt against me again, but I suspect you are searching for something. No, I won't make it too easy for you. You'll have to earn that second erection.

I kneel on my injured knee and using your hips, spin you toward me. Your hands settle on my shoulders to steady yourself. My hand goes out with palm open and up. You realize I want the soap & hand it to me. I work up lather and soap your breasts, under your arms, your sides & shoulders and your arms & hands.

You lean into me, relax and just enjoy my hands roaming over you. I spin you around again and rinse the soap off your upper body. I leave you turned away from me, lean in and kiss the cheeks of your ass. I hear you groan & your hands come behind you. I let your hands pull my face tighter to your butt and take the opportunity to lick any skin I can reach.

You spin around by yourself facing me which puts your pussy level with my mouth. A mistake on your part or maybe some direction on your part...doesn't matter. I just lean forward & lick anything I can reach. It takes you only a moment to be sure I can lick the lips of your pussy. Who am I to question fate, I happily lick all over your pussy...from top to bottom, up & down your lips which are swelling and wetting.

I press my face to you harder and lick deeper until I find your vaginal opening. Once I have located your opening, my tongue quickly slides in & out & in. Your hips start moving a little. After a couple of minutes, your hips are humping your pussy against my tongue. You are begging for release, but I am not ready to grant that wish yet.

I pull my face away and lather up my hands to begin soaping your lower body. I start with your feet & toes & meticulously clean them. Then I wash the inside & outside of your calves, then your thighs. I notice as I near the tops of your thighs, your legs seem to part a little more...you little vixen! I slide my hands up & down your thighs several more times & always, those legs open more as I am near your pussy.

Okay, you asked for it. Next trip up, I make sure one finger slides INTO your pussy. You gasp and I start moving my finger in & out rapidly. As I do, the thumb of my other hand rubs over your clit area. Your hips start twitching & you groan even more. I have you right on the edge of cumming.

Your pussy is fucking my finger in an effort to cum. Then suddenly I withdraw my finger, lather up again & begin to vigorously wash your pussy, ass cheeks & rosebud. You are moaning & humping against my hand, desperately trying to get off. I just touch the sensitive spots then move away, I know you are getting frustrated by not being able to come.

I push your lower body under the shower spray & wash all the soap off, then, with your back to me, I bend you from the waist so your pussy is now on display. My mouth finds your pussy lips and I basically attack your pussy with my mouth...licking, chewing, munching, tongue flying all around. Your clit is peeking from its hood & I lash at it with my tongue until you gasp and stiffen.

I continue munching, almost lightly chewing until you pull away, lean against the cold shower wall and tremble & shiver. I stand (my bum knee appreciates that fact) and take you in my arms just to hold you close and caress anything I can reach to touch. I move us both under the shower spray to warm us.

Your eyes look far away like you are in shock. I place one hand over your pussy & rub gently to pull you out of your cum induces stupor so you can be with me. Your body gives an almost imperceptible shiver; then you smile and lean your face against my chest.

You realize that I have not washed so you perform the same routine on me, but not as teasingly. You hold my penis & wash vigorously. That seems to wake up my cock & you grin as it stiffens.

"Not dead yet." you comment just before you take me in your mouth and gently suck. You seem to savor the soft skin and hardness under it. I savor the delectable feel of your mouth and tongue.

My hips move of their own volition and I begin to fuck your mouth. Your eyes look at me as I do and they are absolutely twinkling. I think maybe part of your pleasure is giving pleasure. If so, we have that in common.

If we keep this up, I am not going to get a chance to be inside your pussy, so I take your face in my hands & pull you up. I turn off the shower and reach for towels for us. I wrap one around you and dry you with the other.

When finished drying you, I say "Go get in the bed, I'll be right there. Leave the lights on, please."

You nod and move from the bath. I finish drying and come to you. You are lying on your back in the center of the bed, arms behind your head and legs spread wide. You aren't cold since I turned up the heat before I joined you in the shower. You hands behind your head raise your breasts up.

I see the nipples are hard. So you are still excited. I climb on the bed between your legs on my knees. I reach down and gently rub your pussy making you squirm. I find the wetness I am checking for. That lets me know I don't need to prepare you much more.

I come forward and rest my weight on my hands & knees so I am directly over you and my penis is very near your core. I lean down and softly put my lips to yours & begin a sweet kiss that just deepens as we get into the moment & each other. Our tongues play lightly with each others tongues & lips.

I move to the side of your face and ask, "Are you ready to get fucked?"

"YESSS!" you breathe into my ear.

I then move to your ear, kiss it and quickly tongue it then move to your neck. My lips can feel the blood pumping hard through your veins in your neck. I lightly tongue & kiss your neck. As I get to that spot on your neck a couple of inches above your shoulder, I simply blow my hot breath on your neck and you cannot be still. Now that I have again located the spot on your neck, I concentrate on it while lowering my body so that my chest hairs tickle you nipples and my groin is pushing against yours.

Your hips push up as if looking for my penis. Not just yet, sweet lady, but soon. I kiss out across your shoulder; then trail my lips down to your right breast. I plant little kisses all over your breast before finally flicking the nipple with my tongue. You moan and wiggle. I take the nipple in my mouth and suck it while also lashing it with my tongue. I rise up and look at your face. You notice I have risen up and open your eyes.

"Are you ready now?" I whisper.

Your eloquent response is, "OH, God!" while raising your hips hoping your pussy will capture my penis.

Balancing on one hand, I take my penis in my right hand and lean forward a little. Your hips rise impatiently. I rub the head of my dick up and down the wetness between your pussy lips, purposely almost putting it in as your hips struggle to get me in.

Then I look at you and state, "lie very still, and don't move your hips."

You just look at me silently questioning why I am teasing you. I lean forward again and put the head of my penis at the mouth of your vagina. The head just barely slips in, you start to move your hips...I am not even sure it was on purpose.

"No!" I tell you & you are shocked, but stop.

I lean forward so that about an inch is inside you. You groan and are trembling.

"Can you take it all at once?" I ask.

You nod so I lean forward with my hips, pushing until my cock is all the way in and my pubic bone is solidly against yours.

You make an unintelligible sound that comes out as "Unnhhhh!"

You shudder and your eyes appear to roll back in your head. I grind my pelvis against you in tight circles. You aren't moving and look like you are in a trance.

"Kassy, are you okay?"

Your eyes open, you smile and tell me, "Dummy, you can't talk to me while I am in heaven!"

I am guessing you had your orgasm from my cock. Your arms come around me hugging me tightly. I was a little worried before that. I didn't take the time to tell you how incredibly good sliding in & out of you felt to me. I am not sure I have words to adequately describe it. So I comment to you on how good you feel to me.

"Quit talking and fuck me, ROGO." you mouth as your hips hump back at me.

We start a wonderful rhythm of hips moving back & forth slowly but the slowness doesn't last long. Soon our hips are slapping against each other. We keep that pace a couple more minutes; then I roll off you and pull you over on top. You make the transition easily and soon have my cock back in your pussy and are rising and falling on it. It feels delicious and I can watch your breasts bounce or reach up and hold them, caress them or just tweak your nipples.

After a couple of minutes, I help you roll off me and scoot in behind you in a spoon position. The range of movement is not as much, but we can rest as we lay on our sides and one hand can reach your breasts and your clit. That seems to be a good idea & you react positively as I rub your clit.

We move so much that my penis slips out of you. So I move you to fours to try some doggy style. I have always enjoyed this position since I can look down to see my penis come out of you glistening and then watch it disappear into your body. I can watch your hips jiggle as my groin smacks them on each thrust.

I grasp your waist just above the swell of your hips and use that for leverage to plunge into you and pull your hips into me at the same time. The friction feels wonderful and you are groaning with each thrust. On the next thrust, I hold you hips tight against me and move my hips like I was stirring with my penis. Maybe that is where the term screwing came from. It feels good; no it feels much better than good.

As I drive my cock in & out of your pussy, I put my fingers alongside my cock to gather some of your juices. I use those juices to insert one, then two fingers in your ass. I saw them in & out of you ass as my cock saws in & out of your pussy.

You groan, "Ohhh, Fuck!!" as the tempo of our fucking gets faster.

We continue this for about 3 minutes when suddenly you stiffen and groan. A small orgasm shakes your body. I slow down my cock, but not my fingers.

I pull out and playfully smack your ass with my hand & tell you to get on your back. You quickly comply, getting on your back, pulling your knees up so that your feet are flat on the bed, then just letting your thighs fall open, presenting me with a wet, swollen target. I lean forward and put my penis just against your asshole, then take your legs and put your feet on my shoulders before driving my hips forward to sink into your ass as deep as possible.

I start driving my hips back & forth and know that in the next few minutes we BOTH are going to cum. Because of the position, your hip movements are limited, but you are humping your hips at me as best you can. Your hands are busy caressing my sides & shoulders. Whenever my head is near you, you cup your hand behind my neck and pull me in for a kiss, and each kiss is very passionate. I can tell you are into this as much as I am.

My hands slide up the back of your thighs to the back of your knees. I take your legs off my shoulders and push them toward your breasts, almost bending you double. I lean forward until I am directly over your hips and start withdrawing; then I slam my dick into your hot tight ass. You are moaning with each thrust. I thought I was being relatively gentle, but your body bounces a little at the bottom of each down thrust. I hear no complaints, but clearly hear the squishing, sucking noise your ass and my cock are making.

I back away a little and push your legs together, then take your arms and have you hold your legs together just to one side.

"Are you close to cumming?" I say between labored breaths.

"Yesss! Please fuck me harder."

Your wish is my command. I start a rapid, hard thrusting motion while one hand begins strumming your clit. My movements are smooth & jerky at the same time. I can feel a distinct tingling in the head of my cock. My balls feel like they are tightening.

After a couple of minutes of this hard fucking and clit strumming, you stiffen and groan loudly as you cum. I feel your ass muscles clamp down on my cock and that sends me over the edge. I thrust deep and begin to spurt cum against the walls of your ass...two, three, four spasms. I almost black out.

When I regain my senses, you are still bent double & holding your legs. I do not want to leave the warm, tight wetness of your ass, but you can't stay like this. I back up and we hear a small plop as I pull free of you. I roll onto my side and so do you and we hold each other until our breathing returns to normal.

I take a finger and touch your cheek to turn your face toward me.

"Kassy, I'll be here the next two days. I want you to stay with me during that time all you can."

You start to nod, but I shake my head.

"Hear me out, Kassy. I want to be your master for the next two days. I want you to be my slave."

Your eyes get bigger.

"If you agree, Kassy, you have to do whatever I tell you to whenever I tell you to and where ever I tell you to. No hesitation, no questions. And, if you disobey me, you'll be punished and you won't enjoy the punishment, but you will endure it."

Your eyes remain wide as I say all these words.

"Do you agree to be my slave for the next two days, Kassy?"

You nod you head.

"NO, Kassy, I want to hear you say it."

With a little trembling in your voice you say to me, "I will be your slave for the next two days."

I thank you and then ask further, "Kassy, you understand that your body is not yours for the next two days. It is mine and you have to do anything I tell you to. I won't ask, Kassy, I will TELL you what to do. You may have to fuck people you are not attracted to. You may have to let others use your body or body orifices in ways you have not imagined. You may perform sex acts you have never done before. Do you completely understand there is no going back, there is no safe word to get you out of a situation that I put you into."

You nod your head again.

"Say it, Kassy!" I warn.

You again say with a tremble in your voice, "Yes, I do understand that you control me the next two days. I agree to do whatever you tell me."

"Good, Kassy. I have to go earn a living now. You may have business today too, but when I return at 4 PM, you WILL BE in this room with all your bags. If you have business past that time, you need to change it."

You nod your understanding.

"And, Kassy, when I return at 4 PM, you will be naked and lying on the bed with your legs spread wide apart."

Your eyes go wide again and you start to open your mouth.

"No questions or protests, Kassy. Either do what I told you or don't be here at all. You can have the key on the dresser; I'll get a second one downstairs."

With that comment, I finish dressing. As I leave the room, I walk over to the bed where you lay and push a finger up your pussy and saw it in & out for a couple of minutes. Then I pull it out and stick it in your face.

"Lick it clean, Kassy." Once you do, I turn and leave without another word.

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