Kat Discovers Hubby's Friend


Chris begins to pump. Slowly and seductively at first, then harder as his testosterone and adrenaline and cum fuel his passion. Brad's left hand squeezes Kat's tits. Massaging them and tweaking the nipples; he can feel them shake in his grasp as her body gets invaded from below. Brad's other hand navigates through the trimmed, matted fuzz of her bush until it reach her needy clit. Chris has both hands on Kat's tits, squeezing them, loving them. He leans down and kisses her on the mouth. His hands slide around her shoulders and down to her sweet ass. He massages it as he fucks her body. Brad's hands are now pinned between his wife's pussy and his best friends pelvis. Chris kisses and sucks on her ear.

Then he says it. As he lifts her ass and lays his body fully into hers, the top of his head pushing against Brad's upright chest, Chris says softly but with conviction "I'm gonna lift your ass as I fuck your tight little pussy."

A quick "Okay," is all she can muster before his lips are back on hers. She moans in his mouth and her hips quicken as she ramps up her ascent to that much anticipated, greatly needed climax. With her body getting touched and kissed and fucked, Kat climbs to new heights as waves of passionate ecstasy crash over her like a sexual tidal wave. She wiggles her hips furiously as she grunts into Chris's mouth in time with his thrusts. Her hands slide down his back and to his firm ass. She takes it possessively in her hands. Chris pushes harder and grinds against her, trying to reach her cervix. A supernova explodes in her mind's eye as she releases torrents of cum over Chris's cock. Beautiful squishing noises fill the room as he fucks her cum-soaked pussy with reckless abandon. She writhes between the two men that coarsely run their hands all over her soft, naked body, squeezing, kneading. Over a minute passes before she finally regains her senses and form a thought.

Chris slows considerably and sits up again. She turns her head and kisses Brad, whispering "I love you."

He just smiles. "I love you, too."

"We're leaving you out," she suggests, sitting up to change positions.

"Oh I'm having plenty of fun," he replies.

She sits up to kneeling, turning her back to Chris. She then turns her head, leans back and kisses him, her ass presses against his harden as he reaches around and feels her marvelous tits once again, lifting them. Feeling their weight. Sliding his fingers up to her erect nipples, pinching and twisting them gently. Kat reaches up and holds his hands in place as she bends down to meet Brad's erect cock with her mouth. She slips it into her mouth as she tilts her ass up invitingly to their new partner.

Chris doesn't need to be asked twice. He lets go of her breasts and sits up. Taking hold of his cock he slips into her creamy cunt with ease. He grabs hold of her soft hips and begins to fuck Katrina like he thinks she deserves. His pelvis smacks against her ass as his balls slap her pussy with each thrust. It's all she can do to absorb his thrusts, staying still enough to keep Brad's cock in her mouth. She reaches down and toys her clit as she gets fucked. Moments later she almost gags on Brad's cock as she climaxes once more. Her mouth and pussy tighten on their respective dick's as she whimpers and shakes. Brad can tell he is close as he watches his wife cum while getting shafted from behind. He holds his hand up in the air. Chris sees it and smiles, giving Brad the obligatory high five as they double team Katrina, something both had only dreamed of and jerked off to for over a decade.

Chris's grunts and moans are getting more prevalent too. At this point Brad realizes "Either they don't realize it or they are beyond caring, but ... she's not on the pill since I got snipped, and Chris has made his appointment but hasn't gone yet. So right now, they are two fertile, virile humans about to cum together." He almost protests, then hesitates. He can't bring himself to say anything as he sees both of their faces lost in pure ecstasy. He himself brought this to fruition, he must see it through. Just as she's rounding the halfway mark of her orgasm, Chris's body tenses up. She's pushing back to meet each thrust, her pussy's soaked and sucking at his cock as he grabs her hips tight and releases a torrent of his seed deep, saturating her fertile garden. It's all too much for Brad as well as he squeezes her shoulders and unloads his own cum into her mouth. She swallows as much as she can but a fair amount escapes her lips. As she lifts her head she licks her lips and swallows again.

The three collapse side by side in the bed. Katrina's the first to get up. Brad and Chris are passed out. When she returns she wakes Chris up. "Better get back to the couch in case the kids wake up". He scoots to the end of the bed and grabs her naked body, pulling it between his legs, her lower belly pressing against his limp dick. He holds her tight and kisses her fully. "You know, you really are as good a lay as he said. I wanna do it again... soon," he says.

Kat thinks for a minute, grabbing his dick for a few gentle tugs. "If you guys stick around tomorrow, we could always do it while the kids nap."

"Sounds like a plan," he replies. "And..."

"And..?" she replies.

"And I'll probably have to fuck you once... alone."

"Oh you will will you? I think we can probably manage that." She smiles and leans forward into him, her tits pressing into his chest.

Their lips seal and he sucks her tongue into his mouth as he squeezes her bare ass, slipping his fingers down teasingly close to her hot slit. She responds in kind and toys his now semi-hard cock.

She suddenly breaks away, "Stop. Now get out there before we do irreparable damage to one of those kids."

The next morning she hops in the shower as Brad starts breakfast. Chris comes into the kitchen bright eyed and bushy tailed. Brad can clearly see the tent in his friend's shorts, which gives him a devilish idea.

"Hey..." Brad whispers, "Kat's taking a shower. Why don't you go surprise her?"

"You wouldn't mind?"

"After last night? I don't think there's much more you could do that you haven't done already."

"Oh I doubt that. But shit man, if you insist," adds Chris.

Brad can hear the bathroom door open and shut. Then he hears his wife yelp in surprise as Chris has surely pulled back the shower curtain. Moments of silence follow as Brad begins to imagine what's happening.

Katrina has allowed admittance to her guest. Chris stands behind her, washing her hair lovingly as his cock pokes her lower back. His hands slide down through the suds and over her slick breasts, she moans and leans forward, letting the water rinse her hair as he gropes her from behind.

In the kitchen Brad sets the kids' breakfast on the table in front of them and goes to peek in on the lovers. He opens the door and through the curtain can see their silhouettes and skin - a blur of flesh tones, highlights, shadow and movement. First he watches Kat turn and kneel in front of her beau as water rushes over his chest. She's got his dick in her mouth and is sucking for all she's worth as she juggles his balls with one hand and squeezes her breasts with the other. A few minutes go by before she breaks away to stand, turn, and then sit on the edge of the clawfoot tub, leaning against the back wall and spreading her legs wide. Chris kneels down in front of her and slips in once more to that horny home. He pumps in and out with power while leaning back, watching this awesome woman get fucked. Her tits bounce and shake in time with his pounding. Out of nowhere a flash flood of an orgasm sweeps through her body. When she slows a minute later, breathing deeply, Chris stops and pulls out.

"You didn't cum," she says.

"No, do you want me to?" He replies.

"Well of course I want you to cum. You wanted me to, right? Don't you want to?"

"Well der. Only like, every day always. Here. Stand up."

Kat stands up and he bends her forward. She bends at the waist as prompted and grabs the side of the tub. Chris slips in with ease and begins pounding her. Their wet flesh slaps together as her tits sway forward and back. He's got her hips, pulling her back against him. "I've always wanted to fuck you Katrina. Ever since I met you. I was always jealous of Brad getting to fuck you, getting to marry you... Well anyway, thank you, for letting me do this."

"It's my pleasure, literally. I've secretly been thinking about you doing this for a while as well. Years in fact."

"Well then we've probably fucked innumerable times, you were just with your husband and I was with my wife, but in our minds we were fucking each other."

At the thought of him thinking of her while fucking his wife, Katrina starts whimpering again, "Oh god. Oh god. I'm cumming again. Oh Oh Oh. Holyfuckingshit."

He replies in kind, "Oh god, Kat. Me too! Uuungh."

A few more deep thrusts as he unloads his cum once more deep into her sweet vagina. She stands and turns to him, letting his dick dip from her pussy and slap against his leg. She wraps her arms around his neck and pulls him close for a sensual kiss. His hands roam her wet, slick body as they make out in their post-coital bliss.

Brad scurries back to the kitchen to attend to the kids, who are eating peacefully with only minimal mess. Brad grabs a plate and sits down. Minutes later Chris and Kat enter, hair wet and faces glowing with goofy grins, to join the others for breakfast, as though nothing had happened.

After lunch Brad puts the kids down for their nap. When he returns to his room he finds the door closed and locked. He knocks lightly. A few seconds later the door unlocks and Katrina opens it a foot or so. She is stark naked. "I think we just want to be alone this time. Is that okay?"

"Uum, weren't you alone in the shower?" he retorts.

"Not really, we totally heard the door and saw you. I mean alone alone. I promise you can see be there next time. And I can always just show you the pictures while you fuck me tonight." As she shuts the door, Brad sneaks a peek inside, glimpsing Chris laying back on the bed, naked, stroking his stiff cock as he awaits his lover's return. She shuts the door firmly and locks it again.

Brad wastes no time. He heads outside and sneaks over to the bedroom window. He peers in through the slight opening in the curtains and can spy his lovely wife posing for Chris as he snaps photos with her camera. A closeup of her tits. Another tight shot of her face. She pauses with one knee up on the bed long enough for him to snap a shot of her exposed snatch. They stop and talk for a minute. He continues to click away as she crawls toward him.

She lowers her mouth to his cock and swings her leg to either side of his head. As she takes his meat into her mouth she lowers her steamy pussy onto Chris's chin, dragging it up and against his open mouth. Brad watches his young wife atop his best friend, her cunt smashed into his mouth as she greedily eats his cock. Chris has switched the camera to movie mode and holds it a foot away from his mouth devouring this beautiful pussy. He sweeps out and takes a profile shot of her head bobbing, her tits smashed against him. He sets the camera down against the wall, across the bed.

Brad steals a glance around the neighborhood to make sure he can't be seen before unzipping his pants and sliding his dick into his hand. Looking back in he sees Kat abandon his cock and sit up. Her eyes are closed. She concentrates on her building orgasm as she sits on Chris's face. His light beard tickles her thighs as he eats her out. Her face goes flush as she begins the cherished flow of feminine cum into his eager mouth. He takes it all. He savors it. He drinks it. Her cum becomes him. It flows across his tongue and down his throat as he drinks like a man lost in the dessert.

"Ohohoh. That's right, baby. Eat Mama's pussy. Oooo it feels so good," she says as he swallows her juices.

When the climax subsides, she scoots herself down, still facing away from him, until she's lined up her outlet with his plug. She leans forward a bit and grabs his cock, sliding down joyfully onto the erection. Once she's got him fully inside her, she begins her keggles, squeezing and milking his cock with waves of muscles. He returns in kind, flexing and swelling his cock to it's full potential within her walls. She begins riding him like a pro. Her hip movements remind Brad of the strippers gyrating at the clubs. Chris watches her ass rise and fall, swallowing his dick with each downward glide. Brad can see her cheeks and chest flush from her recent climax.

Chris's meat, shiny with Katrina's love juice, slips nearly out of her body before she contracts her pussy lets her weight descend again onto his pole. She continues this with moderate pace, up and down, in and out, forward and back, forward and back. Kat sits up straight, her heavy tits swaying as she begins a slow rotation of her hips, twirling Chris's hard cock against all sides of her tight, silky soft vagina. Her breasts sway and shake, her face contorts as she begins another go at a climax.

Movement catches Chris's eye and he looks over and notices Brad at the window.

"Well if he wants a show, I shall give him one," Chris thinks.

Chris sits up and forces Katrina to her back, her head pointed at the window only a few feet away. Chris forcefully spreads her legs with his as he pushes his erection into her once more. He grabs her wrists and pushes them down above her head.

"Too tight," she protests. Brad watches helplessly as his wife twists and wriggles her arms helplessly. The more she struggles, the tighter his grip gets. He holds her down firmly and begins shafting this young woman with fervor. He's pounding her pussy relentlessly. Brad's watching it all from behind the glass, staring at her tits bouncing toward her head as she gets fucked. He looks up and meets eyes with Chris.

No longer a friendly look, Chris has a look of magnanimous conquest as he stares at Brad, pistoning in and out of his loving wife. Chris breaks the glance only to kiss his lover, forcing his tongue deep into her mouth where it dances with hers in humid darkness.

"Your my little slut, now," Chris whispers to her. "Okay? I'm going to be fucking you whenever I want, got it?"

Her eyes are closed, she nods in agreement.

"Say it. Say I can fuck you whenever I want."

"You can fuck me whenever you want," she repeats obediently.

"Can I fuck you tomorrow?"

She nods.

"Good. I want you to meet me at the park for lunch on Monday. Wear a skirt or a dress, boots, and no underwear. Meet me at shelter 12 by the lake."

She nods.

"Do you know why?"

"Because you want to fuck me."

"That's right." His pumping continues unabated through the dialogue until he feels her cunt contract around his meat, sucking it into her depths once more, milking it. He feels his cum welling up from his sack. He leans up once more and announces that he's about to cum. He looks Brad in the eyes as he grimaces and releases a flood of sperm through Katrina's cervix, which she gladly accepts into her body. He continues shafting until his balls are empty and his dick is limp.

Chris collapses on Katrina, exhausted. Letting his weight rest on her soft body. She has trouble breathing but doesn't want him to move. He feels so warm and masculine on top of her. His limp cock has found a nice bed in which to rest within her. They fall asleep in this position only to wake up a half hour later to his dick swollen within her body once more. It rouses them both.

Katrina feels the growing appendage in her pussy and finally thinks to ask, "You're snipped aren't you?"

Chris just raises his head from her shoulder and shakes his head, smiling a bit as he begins the slow in and out once more. "No. No I'm not. Is that a problem?"

"Well I'm not on the pill?"

"You're not?" he asks.

"Well, no. Why would I be? Brad's snipped."

An ornery grin washes over Chris's face, "Yeah, I know. I was actually thinking... maybe I could make you pregnant. Really that's my ultimate fantasy. Beyond just fucking you, I've always wanted to make a baby inside you."

Logic remaining elusive in the mist of fresh sex, Katrina internalizes the idea. Her heart starts to beat faster; she channels that energy into her pussy for another quick, powerful orgasm.

"Oh you like that idea?" he asks as she clenches her teeth through another climax. "You want Uncle Chris to make you pregnant, baby?"

She bites her lips and nods imperceptibly as he fucks her flushing body. "Good," he says as he tenses up. She wraps her legs around his ass and pulls him close against her body. He shoots his cum one last time between her legs.

They rise quickly and dress as it's time to wake the kids up and reluctantly part ways. Chris's goodbye to Brad is cordial enough, but when he gets to Kat he hugs her tight, kisses her deeply on the mouth and lets his hands roam her body one final time before the drive home.

That night Katrina easily lures Brad to the bedroom where her she removes her silken pink panties and hands them to her husband.

"What's this?" he inquires, smelling it.

"Oh, I just put those on right after Chris fucked me for the third time today. Thought you'd enjoy jerkin off with those." He opens the crotch and can see a mixed mess of male and female cum dried in the crotch. He puts them to his nose and inhales deeply. His cock stiffens with the smell of cum from her underwear. Without delay and despite their mutual soreness, Brad and Katrina jump into bed and proceed to fuck the night away like smitten teenagers, whispering descriptions and thoughts on the past 24 hour's events, looking through the pictures and watching the video, where they watch Brad in the background as Chris assails Katrina's body.

"You want him to come back?" Brad asks. "You wanna fuck him again?"

"Mm, sometime sure. But if you're into this sorta thing now, and I know you're not gonna get all weirded out watching me get fucked, there's maybe a few other people I can think of that might like a turn."

"And... who did you have in mind?" he inquires.

"Well..." her heart starts to race again. "There's maybe... David, from work... Oh, and young Dan from work... boy there was so much chemistry on our last site visit to Dallas. I didn't tell you but we shared a hot tub at the hotel. Our bare legs touched beneath the water. Whew... I mean... wow. Just having him touch my legs was so erotic, I can't imagine having him slide between them." Her eyes glaze over and she lets her mind wander. "Well, I guess I can imagine it. Hey, you've always wanted to watch your brother fuck me, right? And I'm sure he wouldn't mind? Or haven't you noticed the way he looks at me? Might be a nice birthday present!"

"For whom?"

"Whoev," she replies with a shrug of her shoulders.

"Well lets just take it slow after this weekend and see where things go."

"'kay. Oh, but just so you know. Chris wants me to meet him for a lunch fuck on Monday. He told me to meet him at the park wearing just a dress and boots so he could fuck me on the picnic table. Is that okay with you?"

Brad cums intensely at the thought.

"I'll take that as a yes," she concludes.

The next morning Brad rises early, dresses and runs to the drugstore. When he returns home he finds his wife in the bathroom peeing.

"Here" he says.

"What's this?"

"Day after pill. Cuz you're not on birth control and Chris certainly wasn't wearing a condom the innumerable times he came inside you."

"Oh," she says, kind of taken aback for a second.

"Kay, thanks," she says as she quickly grabs the pills from him, sets them on the back of the toilet and shoes him out the door, swinging it shut behind him.

From the bedroom he can hear the toilet flush.

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