tagIncest/TabooKat Finally Gets It From Daddy

Kat Finally Gets It From Daddy


Kat kept her face forward, ostensibly staring out the car's windshield at the expanse of utterly boring scenery, but her eye strained to the side as far as she could to admire the stiff bulge of Daddy's erection in his tight gray shorts. For the last twenty minutes, at least, his prick was fully erect inside those somewhat-tight shorts, so stiff that she could easily see not only the bulbous head but even the ridge of the helmet of his cock, and some of the ribs of the thick base. Over eight inches below the head, his balls filled out another bulbous sack of his shorts.

The 18 year old high school senior pulled her knees up closer to her chest, wrapping her arms around her naked legs so that her bare feet pressed against her soft tushy on the passenger seat of the car. Inside her thong and shorts, she felt her vagina leaking again, aching for attention she hadn't given it in over three days. This eternal road trip to look at colleges originally sounded fun, but spending day after day after day in the car -- often driving five to ten hours at a time -- was its own maddening form of torture.

The scenery of these Midwestern and southeastern states early had proved unable to keep the young woman's attention. Flat, flat flat . . . her C-cup chest had more altitude than most of the land. And if the view wasn't blocked by endless rows of trees, it was just replicated farm after farm, or worse, vast undeveloped fields, or even worse than that, nameless little towns that screamed out how remote they were from anything fun or important.

The enormous adult dick on the car set next to her practically screamed in her ears. Kat was relatively newly experienced at the joy the male anatomy could bring to her mouth and pussy, but the couple of guys from school weren't anywhere near as hung as Daddy apparently was. Five or six inch thin dicks could not possibly have made the bulge that had grown in Daddy's shorts. For a couple days now, Kat had repeatedly mentally visualized her fingers trying to hold the base of Daddy's dick, and she was sure her fingertips when formed in a circle around it probably wouldn't touch her opposing thumb at all. Not even close!

Had someone told the long-haired strawberry-blonde before her road trip that she'd be fantasizing about fucking Daddy, Kat probably would have pulled out a gun and shot whoever suggested it. Sure, her father was extremely fit and handsome, and some of her girl friends for years had told her how lucky she was to have such a "hot" dad. But for Kat, Daddy was just the sweetest, kindest guy she'd ever met. Daddy never looked at her developed bosom or fit swimmer's ass and thighs with the pervy smile that other adult men usually gave her. On occassion that she'd be in front of Daddy in just her thong bikini or tight cotton panties, Daddy's eyes never seemed to linger, or at least, she never noticed it. He was just . . . well, he was just Daddy, her Daddy, essentially an entirely different category from "man."

But her lacivious thoughts had taken a turn on this trip. Seeing Daddy wrapped only in a towel around his waist, his still-muscular arms and back dripping after a shower . . . smelling him in his cologne . . . being on his arm when he was dressed so fine in his expensive suit, as they went into an interview at one of the colleges . . . and now, several times in the car, being aware that Daddy had a raging, mammoth cock that was bigger than things she'd seen in Internet porn pictures. All of these images mixed in the bored teenager's head, combining with the dreariness of the long trips, and her lack of opportunity to satisfy her aching pussy with a good masturbation session. Only once on this trip so far had she had a chance to finger herself to orgasm, that in a long shower one night when Daddy had already fallen asleep on his side of the bed.

It was just a cock on a man, after all, right? Just a big hard dick, which probably was hot enough to burn a hole in ice, and hard enough and thick enough to stretch her tight teenage cunt to its limits. So what if it was Daddy's, this was just a question of what it would feel like if she could spend some time playing with and getting fucked by a fit, handsome stud with such a big penis.


Her senses caught her wandering lusty thoughts, prevailing on her to clear her mind of the disgusting concept. I'm not supposed to think of Daddy like that, she scolded herself. Stop looking at his dick, stop thinking about it. You're not an animal, Kat, she told herself, and you're not a slut, so what the fuck are you doing, sitting there imagining Daddy's cock being naked, in your hands, in your mouth, in your cunt ramming you over and over . . . STOP IT!

The round-faced, size-8 girl forced herself to look out the passenger side window, staring at the nothingness of the local scenery rushing by the car down the highway. She squeezed her naked thighs and knees together again, as if trying to quelch the fire in her mound. Besides, Kat, she told herself, get real. Daddy would smack her, if she knew what she was thinking. Besides, he's probably sitting there all hard because he's thinking of Mom missing her, wanting to . . . EWWW, that's just a gross thought. So, just forget about the whole sordid mess, okay?

That was what Kat heard in her head, the voice of reason, chiding the girl just like it did everytime she came up just short in a relay, or screwed up a math test, or whatever task of life she happened to fail at. There were a lot of those, she was used to this voice.

"How long until we get to Tech, again, Dad?" she asked quietly, her eyes and face not turned to him still.

His answer took a few moments. "Just sit tight Kat -- probably not until 5 or so."

Fuck, she thought, turning forward to look at the clock on the dashboard. It was only 1:30pm. Three and a half more hours of this fucking drive today.

She released her legs from her arms, leaning back her sore limbs in her car seat damp from sweat. If she were alone, her fingers would have shot into her crotch to relieve the aching there, but she didn't dare do it in front of Daddy. No, she'd have to fall asleep, or find something else to think about, and stop sitting there horny all afternoon unable to do anything about it.

Not even two minutes later, she couldn't help it. Was he still? Her eyes glanced over cautiously, first looking at his face and seeing his eyes focused on the nearly empty, sun-lit road ahead. It was safe, for a moment at least. Her eyes glanced down, into his crotch, and indeed, it still was. Big, hard, bulging.

The images came rushing back to her. The aching in her pussy. The voice in her head.

Kat knew it would continue for hours and hours like this, just like it did yesterday, and the day before, and the day before that.

* * * *

It felt magic to press two fingers against her throbbing clitoris, even if it was through her shorts and thong. Oh, the relief, just burying two stiff fingertips against the mound above her thighs. Not wiggling or anything, just pressing hard. Her pelvis thrust up a bit to grind into her hand, increasing the pressure.

Kat quickly looked back out the car, seeing that Daddy was still turned to face the gas pump. She heard thumps in the car, as he opened the gas cap and started pumping fuel. Hmm, what a thought. She pictured the long stiff nozzle of the pump, sliding into the hole of the car, until it was deep inside, then it poured out its fuel for the car . . . .

She wanted desperately to spread her legs and stroke her clit forcefully, but the other travellers in nearby cars and crossing into the mini-mart would have seen her too easily. So, despite her dying needs to relief the lack of orgasms, she just remained still in her carseat, trying to be content to only push fingertips against her clitty.

Whoops, Daddy was walking around to wash the bugs off of the windshield. Kat had to put her hand on her naked thigh, but she watched hoping Daddy would finish quickly. Of course it seemed to last forever, but finally he moved to the back of the car, allowing her to dig her fingers into her crotch again. Ahhh, fuck, she was so wet in her thong. She could feel it clinging to the soft curles of her hairy pussylips. She so badly wanted something to stretch herself open; a finger or two would be sufficient, she figured she could cum almost instantly. But no, Daddy would be back any second.

"Honey," his voice called from outside the car, "I'm going into the shop, you want a snack or drink?"

Salvation? She turned to smile sweetly at her father, nodding. "Yeah, get me a diet coke, and some of those little bite-size cookies, or something, I have a chocolate need." (Among other needs.)

Kat watched her 45-year old father disappear into the little store. She scanned the area around the car; two other travellers were nearby, refueling and cleaning their cars. A few aisles over, a van had its doors open, and a small horde of young children were screaming to stretch their legs. Way too busy to push any clothing off, or to even put her fingers inside her clothing. Fuck! But Kat spread her knees a little, exposing more of her pussy to herself. Ah, fuck, she needed it so bad. So bad. Her two fingers were now rubbing circles around her clit, and to increase the pressure, she slide her whole hand over her mound until the base of the palm of her hand was grinding against her clit. With her feet flat on the car's floor, she pushed up her hips again and started to hump her hand. Her cunt couldn't get enough pressure this way, it was so wet and hot. She felt the need to have her twat stuffed with something thick, anything, a hair brush handle or a cucumber would do it.

The horny teenager thought about what would feel good inside her, if she could have anything. Any one. Ooh, someone studly like Vin Diesel, standing over her, pushing her swimmer's muscular thighs open, pushing his engorged penis into her teenage cunt. Just taking control, giving her what she needed, harder than she had ever had it.

Do you think Daddy could do it good, she asked herself? Handsome Daddy, with that hot manly, hairless chest -- she'd seen it several times on this trip, she didn't need to imagine what it might look like. She could picture it, looming above her nude spread-open body. And down below, that huge cock was impaled inside her cunt, forcing itself inside, stretching open her flesh, making her back arch and her jaw drop as she sucked in air and screamed in delight. She pictured arching her back and showing Daddy her ample creamy breasts, with big hard nipples that men and boys always stared at, those tits bouncing around as Daddy's huge erection began to pump into her. His pubes banged into her clit with each thrust, just like her hand was doing now, adding more wonderful sensations to the severe fucking --

Fuck, Daddy was coming back out again. Kat's voice of reason immediately took the offensive, as her hand withdrew from her still-aching, now-saturated pussy. Kat sat upright in her car seat and mindlessly brushed out her hair with her fingers, trying to regain some composure. The car door opened and Daddy leaned in, offering her the drink and food she wanted. Kat hoped the smell of her arousal wasn't too obvious.

Still over two hours to their destination. She had only made matters worse; an orgasm had been nearing, but now, it just hovered in the distance, teasingly, something she wanted so bad but wasn't going to have. It was a penalty of death, or worse, sentenced to sit passively in the car seat with her pussy aching for attention and an older man's stiff big dick only a couple feet away, but the two forbidden to ever meet. Pure torture.

* * * *

Kat thought that offering to drive would have kept her mind off of sex. Didn't work. Now, with the wheel in her hands and the open road in front of her at her command, she found herself even more distracted. First, sitting in the driver's seat which Daddy had occupied all day, she immediately found herself drowned in a stronger manly aroma, and the warmth of the seat left by her father comforted her smaller body like a blanket. Then, with her hand needlessly resting on the car's gearshift (the car was automatic, not stick), a suggestive feeling of having her hand wrapped around a big hard cock encouraged her even more. Her fingers wrapped around the bulb of the gearshift, and her thumb aimlessly traced the top like it might have done on a penis, finding the eye all wet with precum.

Daddy didn't notice, he was soon lying back on the passenger seat, eyes closed, lightly sleeping. That, too, was a problem. His shorts still betrayed a fairly hard erection, stretching from his round scrotum all the way up a huge thick shaft to the fat round head. Legs slightly parted, the cock in his shorts was on display for the teenager's admiration. Look at me, it called to her, look how big and fat I am. Wouldn't I stretch your cunt deliciously? I'm sooo big. I must feel incredible, inside a tight teenage pussy.

Kat's fingers gripped the car's gearshift even more tightly. She deflected her eyes from the road, time after time, staring at her father's enormous cock in his shorts, and the muscles in her arms tensed as she held the gearshift with the same grip as she would have held a prick. The gearshift was so hard, it must have felt like a man's erection. Long, smooth, stiff. Having no purpose other than to bring insane pleasure to a horny vagina, or a wet female throat.

Just drive, you bitch! Kat screamed in her head. There wasn't much traffic, there weren't any real civilizations this far out in the countryside. The road curved time to time, requiring some minor iota of actual thought while driving, but the effort to drive wasn't nearly enough to keep her mind from thinking about cocks and sex. So who was going to be the first man to relieve this need between her legs? They were due to get home in three days, and her fuck friend Kelvan was going to be out of town on a long roadtrip for the football team. Her "boyfriend" Brad would have to fill the role, although only two hours with Brad's slightly older cousin Greg showed that Brad was pretty fucking inexperienced at fucking. And Brad's 5-inch tool wasn't anything close to what she really wanted to experience, something much larger and fatter, something like . . . well, like THAT, glancing over at her sleeping father's groin.

This trip was a disaster, she was sure of it.

Mancock, big, hard, for hours. Daddy must have been very horny, or else, he just was different from boys her age. She had never seen any of her three male friends remain erect anywhere near as long as Daddy on this trip. True, he didn't have any orgasms to interrupt his erection. But the boys she knew all came within 10 to 20 minutes of getting erect, whereas Daddy was up for three to four hours without interruption. Were all adult men like that? Could they fuck her for hours, never coming, always remaining hard? Kat doubted it, but the possibility was beyond intriguing, it was consuming. Every position, on her back, doggy-style, sideways, on top . . . just think, hours and hours of fucking, being drilled and stretched, being used, hardly having to stop!

Maybe instead of calling Brad, she should go over to the community pool, and see if she could pick up one of the fathers there. Someone as hot as Daddy, someone who's swimtrunks looked packed with meat. Just for a test drive, right? Find out if adult men all had huge pricks that could fuck her cunt until she couldn't take it anymore. The thought was mesmorizing. She'd have to scream, "stop! stop! I'm so sore!" That's the kind of fucking she wanted. And the man would continue anyway, needing to cum, pounding into her raw aching vagina until at last he shot a huge load deep in her tubes.

Kat thought back to a day that summer, at the beach when she was in her thong bikini. Some guy, who knows who he was, he was about Daddy's age. Bit of a belly, graying hair, but handsome in his own way. Kat caught him staring at her ass for a couple of hours as she tanned, and each time she looked over at him, his eyes never wavered, he never looked away or appeared embarrassed. She moved around a bit, but if it wasn't her ass, it was her tits or back he seemed to oogle. And, disgusted though she was, deep inside . . . she loved it. A grown man wanting her. She wasn't just a girl now, right, she was 18, an adult, with an adult woman's body. Round full tits; firm thighs; juicy pussy. And this nameless, perverted man probably wanted to bury his thick cock in her cunt. She had no idea how big he was, but if he was like Daddy, if he could last a few hours without getting soft, maybe she should have struck up a conversation with him. Maybe she should have given him her cellphone number. Have some flirtatious phone calls. Meet for a soda after school at the mall, or on the weekend, something innocent. Wind up in his car. Let him fondle her breasts while making out. Reach into his crotch, seize his meat, open his slacks, lean over, give him the blowjob of his life. Act embarrassed. Talk on the phone a day later. Tell each other how badly they want to fuck. Make plans. Meet another time at a motel. Race to the room. Strip. Fuck. Get filled better than any boy at school could hope to do. Scream, "fuck me! fuck me!" Feel he pussy stretched open and a cock sunk into the back of her tube. Then feel male semen squirted into her womb. That's what she wanted, what she needed.

God, the girl thought trying to keep her mind on driving, I want to get fucked so badly. But here she was, in the middle of the middle of the middle of the country, driving all over the fucking place, horny with no real ability to get laid. Life is so unfair.

She looked over at her prone, sleeping father. His erection remained inside his shorts, stretching them, waiting for nothing. Here was a tight wet pussy for it, to let it do what it was made to do. She knew boys ached from their erections, although she wasn't quite sure how. But it couldn't have been comfortable, going days and days hard like this. Life was unfair to Daddy, too.

* * * *

She closed the bathroom door behind herself and locked it. For the first time since they left some other hotel at 10 that day, she was truly alone. Oh, there had been a bathroom stall at a restaurant; and in the car when Daddy refueled it. But Kat was competely by herself, without possibility of interruption. Daddy was in the motel room on the other side of the door, but he would never enter without knocking. She locked it anyway, old habit from home.

It was 5:30 pm, and she was hungry. Perhaps the only physical need that could surpass the desperation for an orgasm is the feeling an empty stomach could create. Staring at her body in the mirror, Kat thought about getting off quickly. She wasn't as horny at the moment as she'd been earlier in the afternoon, although her vagina had a low-level continuous aching. Her nipples weren't even hard. Instead, her tummy was demanding food, food, food, and her bladder pressed an immediate need for relief.

Kat pushed down her shorts and thong and squatted on the toilet. No, better to hurry and finish this, then go out for supper with Daddy. She'd take a long bath or shower tonight, and up front tell Daddy it would take a while. Then she'd do herself crazy in the tub, what her body wanted all day long.

Catching herself looking at her thong, she saw it was soaked. It had been pressed against her oozing vagina and clitoris all day, resulting in the pale pink thong turned a much deeper shade and even pooled with visible drips. The sight of her wet thong reminded Kat just how badly her pussy had wanted attention ealier in the car. Shit, she realized she'd been staring at her father's huge cock all afternoon. That couldn't have been me! she bemused, not really disappointed in herself, just more surprised.

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