Kat Finally Gets It From Daddy


Doing her business and wiping off, she stood to pull her thong and shorts back up. But the damp thong really needed to be changed; and her shorts, even, were perspiry. Kat immediately decided she'd get dressed, wash her hands, then go to the room and retrieve some clean panties and jeans.

As she stood and bent forward, however, a twinge of lust shot from her crotch. Well, wouldn't it be more fun if, just for a moment, she wasn't wearing the thong? It was pretty wet and, frankly, disgusting. And the shorts were probably pretty smelly, too. Daddy was in the other room, maybe touching his erection, if he still had one, thinking of whatever was making him hard. She wasn't going to get near his dick or anything, but just knowing she was in the same room as it, with it hard in his pants and her wet and unclothed, seemed like a pretty sexy thought. Hard cock and wet cunt, both would love to hook up, but it wasn't allowed to happen.

Kat kicked off her shorts and thong and reached for a towel. Roller her skin-tight haltertop above her belly-button, she looked in the mirror at her exposed pubes and thighs. An image flashed in her head of her creamy white thighs wrapped around the studly strong body of a grown male, maybe like Daddy, with a big fat male adult dick shoved up her cunt. Fuck, yes, she was still horny. Kat stretched out a finger and dipped it into her hairy pubes, sliding a fingertip over her clit and between her vaginal lips. Mmm, moist. Wanting to fuck still. Her finger came back dripping with desire, and Kat gladly stuck it in her mouth and sucked it clean. She loved the flavor of her vagina; she knew, someday, she was going to bury her tongue in another girl's pussy, she didn't have to convince herself that she'd love that.

Kat opened the towel and wrapped it around her waist,, hiding her sexy treasure inside. The towel clung to her firm meaty buttocks and legs, and inside she felt her wet twat moisten her upper inner thighs. It just seemed like fun, walking in front of Daddy like this, with his hard cock nearby on the bed.

The high school senior opened the door and strode casually into the bedroom. Daddy was sitting upright on the bed, back against the headboard, watching the TV. Sportscenter. He glanced over at his daughter, as she softly crossed the room to their yet-unopened luggage. Kat had to hold her towel closed over one hip, leaving her with just one free hand, which at the moment was clutching her dirty thong and shorts. "Daddy, I really need to change," she quietly informed him. He didn't say anything but continued to watch TV.

Turning her back and ass to him, smiling at herself how funny it was that she had a wet pussy and he didn't know it, she unzipped the luggage and let her clothing spill out. "Fuck!" she giggled as her panties and outfits spilled onto the table and floor. (Daddy was used to her swearing, it had been a non-issue for years with him. Now, Mom, that's another story.) She grabbed a clean white thong and hauled out her only-worn-once pair of low rise blue jeans, then turned to smile at her father before heading back into the bathroom. Daddy looked up and grinned in a friendly way. "Hurry up, let's eat," he muttered nonchalantly, drawing a quick approval from his daughter.

Back in the bathroom behind closed, locked door, Kat dropped her towel and looked at her pussy in the mirror. God, she wanted a cock in it. Her finger returned to her mound, but this time she used two fingers to find her clit. It was hard and wet. Her fingertips surrounded it and stroked it, tugging at it, then she used one fingertip to circle it teasingly and softly. She was so horny. She stepped to the side and put one foot up on the closed toilet lid, spreading her thighs open wide, and she leaned back into the wall of the small bathroom. Her vagina opened up too. With one hand still on her clit, she stiffened a finger from the other hand and slipped it to her wet cuntlips mostly unhidden in her dark thatch of soft curly pubic hairs. Fuck me, her pussy moaned. Her finger touched the magic hole, and Kat's knees weakened at the contact, but the urgent desire of her twat begged for more. She pushed the fingertip inside, reaching in, pushing, entering herself.

Fuck she was so tight! And wet, the juices were coating her hand now. Kat looked in the mirror at herself, leaning back and spread open, masturbating. She often watched herself fuck, it looked sexy, whether it was a cock or her fingers or a toy in herself. Kat knew she had a hot body and she loved sexy women, so it was extra-arousing to watch just how sexy she was herself. Her fingers on her clit withdrew so that she could pull up her haltertop and bra, quickly, exposing her nude C-cups and their pale pink areolae and now-hardened nipples. Big fat nipples that loved to be sucked, or that loved to rub against a wet cockhead.

Down between her thighs her finger was sliding in about two knuckles deep. Oh that's what it needed, it needed to be fucked, yes! Kat bit her lip and pushed it deeper. That felt so fucking good; it was like her cunt was sucking her finger inside.


The voice was Daddy's, but it might as well have been that voice inside her head. Dinner. Joining her father to interrupt the fun, Kat's own stomach gurgled a message in its own unique way. "Feed ME first, THEN that thing below," her tummy ordered.

Kat sighed, and pouted at herself in the mirror. Reality hit quickly, and forcing herself to listen to that voice of reason, Kat immediately pulled her bra and shirt back into position and stepped into her new thong. The strap slid hard into her buttcrack, and the fresh cotton stretched over her wet pussy lips. Her jeans were tight and needed to be pulled up forcefully, and they groped her asscheeks and pussy as she zipped them closed.

"Okay, Daddy, let's eat," the girl shouted as she darted back into the motel bedroom fully clothed.

* * * *

The light blue bikini wasn't the hottest thing she owned. It was a two-piece, but it covered most of her ample C-cup tits, and the bottom piece likewise covered most of her asscheeks. But the bikini's fabric was skin-tight, and when wet, it didn't leave much to the imagination -- resulting in her butt, tits and pussy essentially looking painted. Male reactions to it generally were positive. Kat, however, usually preferred wearing her thong bikini with the tiny triangular top, if male titilation was the goal. She didn't pack it for the road trip, figuring, if she made it to any motel pool, a thong probably wouldn't be appropriate.

Standing in the bathroom, she slowly disrobed down to her bra and thong. The food in her belly filled her, and normally she'd probably have passed on a chance to get in the pool so soon after a big meal. But she hadn't swam in five days, and for someone who lived at the pool daily, it almost felt like an out-of-body experience not to be swimming. So, with her Daddy's encouragement, she decided to go for a swim.

Her vagina had calmed down, for the most part, through dinner. The young waiter seemed to pay attention to the curves on her chest, but that was nothing new. Daddy was really funny, telling stories from his college days before he met Mom, which did the trick in disarming her horny mood. Still, her thong was damp and clung a little as she peeled it off. Kat bent over and stepped into her bikini bottom, pulling it up tight around her ass, yanking it so it dug nicely into her asscrack.

After removing her bra and donning the bikini top, Kat pulled her long, luxurious reddish-blonde hair into a pony tail. She noticed that, indeed, the bikini hung close to her breasts, she could see the lumps of her nipples even without them being hard or the bikini being wet. The cool night air, even in the hotel room, was chilly so Kat threw a body towel around herself at the waist.

"I'll be back, Daddy," she called to her father as she exited the bathroom and headed for the door. On the way she grabbed her swim goggles, but left her skullcap. Her Dad looked up momentarily, sitting at the small desk in the room. He was pouring over maps and traveler's aids. He said he might be at the pool later but wanted to call her Mom. Daddy also mentioned the possibility of going for ice cream after her swim, if she wanted -- apparently the town had some famous story with hand-made goodies. It seemed a distant interest to the teenager.

Kat quickly walked through the motel's dingy halway to the somewhat dim, over-heated indoor pool. Instantly hitting her as she opened the glass doorway was the powerful scent of too much chlorine. Someone overfilled the cleaning solution by quite a lot. Kat sneered at the amateurs who were operating the pool, but still, the sight of the blue water with light ripples called out a welcome to the high school swimmer.

The pool was largely empty. Two little kids, toddler-aged, were splashing around a baby pool in the far corner of the room. Some grandparent-aged couple was sitting on lounge chairs on the the deck, the woman reading and the man toweling off looking bored. The parents of the two kids were sitting on chairs themselves, the mom showing far more interest in the kids while the dad was reading a book.

Kat pulled her goggles tight and dove into the empty pool. The water was not only smelly, it was too warm; had she tried to work out in it, she probably would have passed out from heat exhaustion. Swimming needs a cool, crisp temperature. Amateurs. But Kat didn't really feel like working out anyway, not so close to finishing dinner. Instead, she casually slid under the water and glided from one end to the other, letting her body be soothed by the water's high temperature.

It had to be maybe ten or fifteen minutes when she pulled to the corner of the pool, to relax and look around. The old couple was gone. Half of the family was gone, too; only one of the toddlers was left, playing with pool toys in the wading pool. The mother had apparently taken the one kid, only the disinterested father was left to watch the remaining child. This Dad had a sports magazine on his slightly oversized tummy, while he turned from time to time to make sure his kid wasn't drowning. The man's hairy, pale legs stretching over the lounge chair screamed couch-potato.

Kat slipped under the water and crossed the pool without coming up for air, emerging in the far corner. As she stood up, she found she was in the shallow end, so her chest came out of the water. Readjusting her goggles, Kat found herself looking at the father on the chair. He hadn't moved, except his head was now facing in Kat's direction, away from his kid. And, Kat could tell, he clearly was examining the shape of Kat's chest.

This was nothing new; men always looked at her body in swim suits, especially this tight one. Over the summer, she would not have paid this guy any attention or regard; he could stare at whatever he wanted. Kat's mood was not normal tonight, and having a stranger look at her tits was exactly the kind of provocative thought that made her clitty tinge with electricity. Without debating whether it was a good idea, Kat stretched her slightly-sore arms above her head -- arching her back, pushing forward her chest. Her nipples were growing harder, too. Through her goggles Kat could see the man watching her breasts with interest, now that their fullness was standing out on her rib cage.

Pervert, Kat whispered to herself, slipping under the water again. Still, it was always nice to know she could get attention. Halfway along the pool's length, she decided she didn't have enough air in her lungs to cross to the far side, so she came up for air, ending up floating on her back. Yes, again, her breasts were pushed up to the ceiling. The father-guy probably was watching that too, right? Kat only had to roll her head ever so slightly to the side, and she confirmed it. His eyes were staring at her chest as she glided past him.

This was probably unsafe for the kid, Kat smiled.

Kat never needed a reason to swim in a pool, whether it be a race, training, or just playing. She could spend two hours in a pool doing nothing but gliding and screwing around by herself. But after being so horny all day, desiring an orgasm so badly, having her tits watched by an older stranger provided a useful goal for her swim tonight.

Wonder how hard I can make his dick, mused the horny teenager to herself, rolling onto her stomach to breast-stroke her way to the pool's wall. She was cognizant her butt was now sticking out of the water; she chose the breast stroke not only because it was slow and required less energy, but because it didn't make a lot of splashes. She couldn't tell if he was looking at her ass, she just assumed he was. Emerging from the water, she saw the man had turned to bark an order to his kid -- but, pretty quickly, he looked back at Kat. She pretended not to notice, instead again arching her back and pushing her C-cups and hardening nipples forward. Think he can see my nipples, she wondered. Kat sank underwater, straight down, and she touched her breasts. The nipples were not that hard, yet, so she tugged them both a few times. Just think about it; a penis was lying on that lounge chair, maybe getting hard wanting to fuck you, Kat. He might be fat but he would love to sink that prick into your teenage body. He wants you, no doubt. Oh yes, her nipples were rock-hard now. And her pussy ached.

Kat came up for air, and she flipped onto her back to do a backstroke to the far side. She made sure to push her chest up. Oh, he was probably loving that. And she could look at him while simming, and he definitely was paying attention to her.

Full of her feminine powers, Kat did a flip at the wall to show off her swimming skills too. She came up halfway down the pool, flipping onto her tummy to do the breast stroke again. Only her pace was faster, more competitive; within three strokes she had swam the rest of the short length of the small motel pool.

As she popped up for air at the wall, she saw the man had called his young son over to scold or argue or something. Kat remained shoulder-deep in the water, relaxing, as if her show was paused. But as soon as the son jumped into the kiddie pool, the father's eyes darted in Kat's direction. She loved being the target of his attention, and she was going to get more of it. Kat turned to face the wall, and she pushed herself out, climbing onto the pool deck. Fully away his eyes were all over her, Kat slowly strolled around the pool and directly in front of the stranger. She had to keep her eyes averted in her goggles, and she repressed the smile that wanted to cross her lips. Act like he's not there, she told herself. As she passed a couple feet from him, she could feel his eyes on her. On her tits and ass, in her wet bikini, tightly forming on her curves.

She made her way to her towel, wiping off for a moment then taking off her goggles. It was her excuse to show off to the man. By now, her vagina was aching a bit again for attention, her clit starting to throb too.

Kat dove into the water and crossed it again with a backstroke. The pool was so small to her, she found herself about to crash into the far wall too early. She relaxed for a moment at the wall, then had a horny idea. Looking around, confirming the father was the only adult in the room, she pulled herself under the water and pushed off to glide near the very bottom. It was like her private hiding spot. As she had herself entirely under water, Kat quickly reached back to her ass, and she pulled her bikini bottom more into her asscrack. Gave herself a wedgie, essentially, uncovering most of her buttcheeks. Both sides. She had to work quickly, her body wanted to float to the surface, but she managed to expose most of her ass in short order.

She emerged halfway down the pool, basically right in front of the male. Kat made sure not to look at him as she popped out of the water, pushing herself up to the deck. Now she stood not even five feet from him. Kat turned her back, and she didn't need a mirror to know for certainty that the guy's eyes were riveted on the sight of her mostly-exposed asscheeks. A male was lusting for her butt, she loved the thought.

After giving him a look at her mostly-nude buttcheeks for a few seconds, Kat quickly turned to face him so that she could dive backwards into the pool -- more of a flop, really. She created a huge splash. But she hoped that, in the moments she faced him, he could see the slit of her vagina through her skin-tight bikini bottom. The mere idea that he saw her cunt made her pussy ache with increased zeal.

Kat couldn't resist giving him another look. She floated to the surface, on her back, and then curled backwards so her head sunk towards the bottom; her feet came out of the water, split slightly. For a short moment, her pelvis was above the water pointed at him. If he was watching, he got a perfect look at the shape of her pussylips in her tight bikini.

Kat grew hotter by the moment, putting herself on display.

To her chagrin, as she came up for air, the man's wife had returned with the other child -- fully dressed now. The man basically ignored Kat and began cleaning up the family belongings. Fuck, Kat thought, there goes my fun. But the damage was done, her pussy was aching again, just like most of the day, giving her renewed interest in a long bath with an equally long masturbation session. Oh fuck, she thought, Daddy wanted to get ice cream. Maybe he had changed his mind by now? They had to get up early; she didn't want to stay up too late. It wasn't blowing a college interview just to have a good orgasm or two. (Well, so said her voice of reason.)

Alone in the pool, Kat plowed aimlessly through the water a few times, making sure to return her bikini bottom to its rightful place covering her asscheeks. Daddy might show up, no sense in making him think she was a slut or something, parading around almost nude for strangers.

The pool door opened again, maybe fifteen minutes later. It wasn't her father, as Kat expected; actually, it was the man again. And he looked to be alone. Leaning against the pool's wall, Kat noticed the family had left a baby bottle or sippy cup or something, and he obviously was there to collect it. Seizing the last opportunity for some playful fun, Kat quickly jumped out of the water and crossed to her towel near the door. He was behind me, she thought, probably watching. She didn't know how long he'd be there, so Kat worked quickly. Taking her towel, standing with her back to him, she parted her strong legs and bent all the way forward. All the way. She dried her ankles and calves with the towel, but she was sure that behind her the guy would be checking out her ass and crotch as she bent forward. It was so bad of her, but she loved doing it.

As she stood up, she turned to face him, and he was kneeling on the floor as if looking for something else he lost. Of course there was nothing to be found, so Kat figured he was stalling. She smiled to herself, soaking in the man's admiration, and she wrapped the towel behind herself to dry off her back. It allowed her to arch her back again, pushing her breasts forward.

The man was leaving, but walking slowly past Kat. For a split second, Kat grew embarrassed, thinking she might actually have to say something to him. Or maybe he'd say something to her? But all he gave her was a smile, then a last look at her breasts in her light-blue bikini top. Her nipples pointed at him. She could hear him sigh, then he exited out the door and out of her life.

Kat immediately wondered if she should have said something. In an aroused state, she imagined what he might have done if she pulled her top up to show off her breasts; or if she rubbed her body against his cock. All sexy thoughts, but moot now.

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