Kat Finally Gets It From Daddy


She dove back into the water, hoping that some swimming would relief the anxiety for a good fuck.

* * * *

The strawberry-blonde stood over her messy pile of clothing strewn around the luggage, wondering what to choose for bed. Behind her, the bathroom door was closed, with Daddy inside. He said he wasn't going to be long, but she heard the water running, he was going to shower. Her amount of clean clothing was dwindling, she tried to pack something for every day on the 10-day adventure but for some reason she was out of fresh pajamas. Either she didn't pack enough, or invisible rats were munching them in the car. Whatever. She fished out a pair of pajama shorts and matching front-button blouse from the "dirty" pile, and it wasn't visibly disgusting, so it would get re-used tonight.

Kat then moved to her toiletries and dug out her bottles of shampoo and body wash. Getting clean wasn't the goal she had in mind, however; besides, the swim a couple hours earlier had basically made her feel refreshed from the long day on the road. After being horny all fucking day staring at her Dad's huge prick and now all worked up after exposing herself in the pool, Kat needed something much more interesting than a clean shower -- she needed a massive orgasm. The first orgasm was going to be fucking huge, she could just sense it. On a normal night, when she wouldn't even be this horny, Kat could have a long bath and induce three or four solid cums. But tonight, she didn't really have time for one of those long baths. After the pool, she and Daddy went for late-night ice cream (Daddy's idea) then she ended up on her cellphone with her boyfriend a while sitting in front of the story (also Daddy's idea -- he was so thoughtful), so now it was nearly midnight, and they had an 8:30 appointment at Tech.

Sitting on the bed, her jeans and thong still tightly groping her ass and crotch, Kat self-diagnosed herself to determine just how badly she needed to masturbate. She let herself thing about cumming, the feeling of having her fingers in herself, to see if the need was great enough to get on with it despite her schedule concerns. Immediately, then, she though about her father taking his shower now; that cock was nude, probably, getting stoked with soap. Maybe Daddy gets hard in the shower, sudsing it, holding it in his fist. Maybe Daddy even strokes it? Does he masturbate there too, pumping himself, making his dick get so big and hard, then shoot his cream against the tiled wall?

Ok, she was soaking in her jeans and thong within a few seconds. She was going to have to take a bath to masturbate, there was no room for debate.

The only sound was running water in the bathroom. She heard splashing time to time, as Daddy was moving around doing his hair or whatever. The bathroom probably was going to be all steamy when he was done; Daddy liked it very hot. Normally she didn't care for it, but right now, any sense or smell caused by a naked male was appreciated. She grew hotter knowing she'd be naked in the same tub where Daddy had just been nude himself.

Kat found herself barely breathing, straining to listen to the bathroom. Her odd attention to her father at the moment struck her as a bizarre symptom of her horniness all day; he was the only male around, and even though he was Daddy, he had a big dick and she wanted to get fucked. The fact that he would never touch her, or even let her see his cock, didn't matter. It wasn't that she was hoping to fuck him or even wanted to fuck him; her pussy just wanted cock, and he had one, so the thought of knowing IT was in THAT bathroom was making her wet.

And maybe . . . a very enticing thought crossed her wicked teenage mind. What if Daddy wasn't just nude in the water, with his fat prick; what if it was hard. What if Daddy's penis was fully erect, pointing at the wall, its massive head wanting to explode with streams of cum? Maybe right now, at this very moment, Daddy was leaning back and had his strong hand wrapped around the base of that gorgeous dick, squeezing it and stroking it as boys like, jerking it to make it harder and hotter. Daddy's dick was hard so much today, when was he going to shoot out his sperm and have that orgasm he must want so bad? Isn't he doing that right now, pumping a fist up and down the steely rod, making his cock get closer and closer to its final eruption, until finally Daddy can shoot out gobs and gobs of his white salty goo.

Thinking about Daddy's big dick having an orgasm was no longer a foreign or perverted concept. Kat relished it; the idea that her Daddy was having fulfilling sexual pleasure, even if from his own hand, was delicious. Visualizing Daddy's enormous penis having an orgasm did not come with an iota of guilt or trepidation. Horny Kat, her pussy itself aching for the chance to spasm and cum, loved the idea of her Daddy cumming hard.

So what was Daddy thinking about, while jerking his dick? Mom? Maybe some hot girl at work? Maybe Daddy was tired of his oversized wife, maybe he wanted some hot little body to take his man-rod in deep. What kind of girl did Daddy like. Young or old? Big tits or flat-chested? Something like Kat's own body or -- no, Kat's voice told herself, let's not go there. If Daddy was jerking off, he wasn't thinking about ME. Get real.

But if Daddy was masturbating, he must have started in a very horny state, because his shower seemed to end abrubtly. Not more than five minutes could have passed before Kat heard the shower water stop running. He emerged from the bathroom as he usually did each night; damp, not quite soaking, with towel tightly wrapped around his waist. Kat waited for this moment then, with his body exposed as usual, she still found herself surprised by her luck of getting to see him again. His nipples were flat little circles on a chest that didn't have much fat at all; Daddy wasn't six-packed, but he was fit. Nice soft curves to his chest, and broad strong shoulders over defined upper arms. Not much hair on him, but what was there was a bit gray. His towel outlined an equally fit ass, which Daddy kept strong by working out constantly at home. His long legs were probably still strong enough to give her chase in a pool, although she hadn't raced him for a few years.

He wasn't particularly noticing that his daughter was staring at him. Daddy stepped across the room to his own luggage, which unlike hers had everything neatly folded. "Go ahead and take your bath, if you want," Daddy spoke while not looking at her. He was fishing out his clean underwear, a pair of briefs. He always wore briefs; Kat had rather come to like it this week, getting to see the shape of his balls on the few short occassions she saw him in just the briefs.

Kat didn't respond immediately, finding herself staring at her father's strong back, dripping a bit from his shower, but eventually she pushed herself off the bed to stand on the floor. "I suppose I should." She tried to sound like it would be a chore. She gathered her outfit for the night plus her shampoo and body wash, and she headed for the bathroom.

In the bathroom, turning to close the door, she caught sight of her father with his back still turned towards her. He had now gathered a pair of jogging shorts to put over his underwear for the night, and was busy applying dabs of deodorant and cologne to himself. As he raised one arm to put antiperspirant on his armpit, Kat's imagination conjured the potential that his towel might suddenly drop, letting her see her father's naked strong butt. She probably would freak if it did, but she'd probably have a different reaction if he was facing her when it happened. How big was Daddy when he was limp? Probably still huge; his underwear always looked stuffed.

She closed the door, and feeling an urgency in her thong, she quickly removed her haltertop and jeans. Left in bra and thong, Kat looked at the tub in the warm (not steamy) bathroom and prepared to lean over to turn on the water. But something stopped her; despite being tired, she had a funny playful side that was putting more fun ideas in her head. Walking in her bikini in front of her Daddy and that man at the pool was so much fun, giving a small sexual gratification even though it didn't involve any touching or nudity at all. Just knowing she was exposing her curvy, sexy female body to males with hard cocks was its own reward. Even if Daddy hadn't looked at her like the man at the pool, so what? It only mattered that her body was mostly exposed in the presence of an older man. She got a rush from being in her bathing suit with Daddy earlier that evening, and she almost had orgasms being eyed by the man at the pool.

So, Kat's playful side suggested, why not do it again, just something fun and quick. Standing in the closed bathroom in her bra and white cotton thong, the teenager wondered if it would be fun to go back in the bedroom, dressed down like this, just to parade in front of Daddy for a moment or two. He wouldn't look and he certainly wouldn't say or do anything to make her uncomfortable. But it would be just another chance to be dressed slutty around an older man, and the thong was far more revealing than the bathing suit was earlier that evening. And a few feet away would be Daddy's huge penis, although wrapped inside his towel. That would be as much cock as she'd get for the night, but Kat loved the idea. Be dressed in her undergarments in the same room as a fat adult penis that itself was barely covered.

Disregarding the protestations of her rational voice, Kat put her hand on the door and thought it out again. Nothing serious, just go out there, make some lame excuse, and come back into the bathroom. He'd seen her in a thong at home, in the past, although that was a bikini. And she'd seen him in underwear this week, although never for more than a few seconds. What if she did something playful, just for fun. Walk into the room like this, make an excuse. How bad would that be?

KAT, the voice roared more loudly, what a fucking idiot you are! Take your fucking bath.

No, said the playful voice, just walk out there, let him see you. Another voice, this from down between her legs, was asserting its independence. Let Daddy see what a sexy woman you are. See? Kat arched her back, turning sideways in the mirror. Her bra adequately contained her C-cup breasts, but they stuck out from her chest with emphasis. Her tummy was flat and her curvy strong butt was nicely nude, framed by the thin straps of her little thong. Other men like the man at the pool stared at her; why not let Daddy see what he can't have.

You're a fucking idiot, retorted her better senses.

Kat's hand gripped the door handle more tightly. Don't think, just go, it'll be only a few seconds, just for fun.

As she rolled around the idea of being in her thong in front of her father, alone in a motel room, her vagina's leaking grew appreciably noticeable. Her cunt wanted to be touched in the worst way. Squeezing her thighs together wasn't providing much relief, so Kat instinctively parted her knees a few inches and shot a hand into her groin. Three fingers arched around the curve of her mound, pushing stiff fingertips up against her clit and pussylips. Oh fuck, I'm wet, she realized. Her thong, already damp from covering her drenched twat, now became saturated in her juices as she ground the fabric into her swollen clitoris and soft pussylips. Feeling her fingers rubbing her clitty was such a relief, and Kat thought about forgoing the entire plan and just stripping immediately to fingerfuck to relief. Yes, yes, her cunt moaned to her, do THAT, get naked, take off this stupid thong, bury two fingers in me. Hurry. I need to be penetrated so badly, I've been waiting all fucking day. Three days, almost, in fact. Fuck me now!

But instead, she took her fingers off of her drenched thong, and sucked the juice off of each one. Fuck that tastes good. Being extra-horny was just giving Kat more incentive to go walk almost naked in front of her father, the man with the enormous dick.

A moment from barging through the bathroom door, she paused. Cover story, I need a cover story. Kat's eyes looked around the bathroom, and she formulated an excuse. She forgot her bath wash, she had to go out to retrieve it. Of course, the bottle was sitting right there on the sink's ledge. So, to make her story plausible, Kat grabbed the bottle and bent over, placing the bottle on the floor, then she tossed a sem-wet towel over it to hide it. There, it rolled off and has been hidden, it's not her fault. She has to go look for it now, in her toiletry bag.

Just hiding the bottle like that gave Kat's pussy more charge. You're really going to do this, right, walk in your thong in front of Daddy? Fuck me, her cunt ached, just do it, it sounds fun, then get back in here and shove your fingers in me. The giddy teen opened the door to the bedroom, realizing she was doing it slowly. She had to do it quickly, with confidence, like nothing was wrong. So she redoubled her efforts and pushed open the door quickly, and stepped equally brazenly into the bedroom.

Daddy was now in just his underwear, half-turned to her, about to bend over to put on his shorts. The appearance of his eighteen year old daughter in the bathroom doorway, wearing just bra and thong, did not escape his attention. His face jerked in her direction, his eyes absorbed the full image of her body. There was no mistaking he saw her.

The girl found herself smiling inside, having accomplished her mission already. But, she had to carry through. "I forget my, uh, my body wash," she lied. Trying not to stare at her father, she walked over to her small bag of toiletries, which was on a desk separate from the credenza where Daddy's own luggage was sitting. But she had to move directly in front of him, standing not even four feet away, as she turned to face her bag and lean forward a bit to look in it. She could feel her mostly-nude ass now pointing at her dad, right behind her. Kat wanted to turn and look in his eyes, just to see if there was any chance at all that Daddy, like the man at the pool, would be checking out his daughter's butt and body. Kat doubted it, but maybe, just maybe. What a rush that would be; Daddy oogling her almost-nude ass! But no, she didn't dare actually look back at him. Way too confrontational. The voice of reason still had some of its authority.

Instead, she spent the better part of a minute looking through her fat bag of makeups and hair sprays and lotions, knowing she wasn't going to find her body wash. "Where the fuck is it," she groaned with feigned disgust. She kept looking and looking, until she thought she'd given as much of a search as someone truly looking for the body wash.

Half-turning towards her Daddy, Kat pouted and moaned, "Don't tell me I forgot it this morning when we packed." She shrugged her shoulders and prepared to smile at him, but instead, her eyes were glued to his crotch. His underwear was huge; inside was a rigid erection, only, his underwear barely contained him. The shaft completely filled the thin garment, and the head was so near the top edge, Kat could see a dark shadow where the elastic waistband had separated away from his skin. Shit, inside that hole was the head of his penis, just barely inside it, she was sure. And below that tantalizing dark spot was the shaft itself, which she could easily see through the very thin cotton fabric. Below, his scrotum sack was just as vivid; Kat could make out the twin separate balls inside, they stretched the bottom of his crotch with two distinct round bulges.

Suddenly, her eyes were on his face, as if she instinctively realized she was caught checking him out. Kat wanted to look away even before she laid her eyes on his face, but what she saw was comforting. Daddy wasn't surprised or shocked or anything, he looked incredibly calm and casual. "Maybe it fell behind the table," he suggested of her allegedly missing body wash, pointing to the floor behind her feet. The table had drawers under it, creating a space between the wall and the table that could easily have contained something that might have rolled off the table and fallen behind it.

"Uh, yeah, maybe." Kat blinked, feeling her face flush nonetheless that Daddy undoubtedly caught her checking out his prick. His very huge prick. "Let me see." Kat welcomed the opportunity to turn her back again, so he couldn't see her face, as she pretended to lean over the table, to inspect the limited space between the wall and the back of the desk.

As she bent over the table, Kat realized her ass was sticking up at Daddy; the strap of her thong was probably barely covering her butthole, and the shape of her pussylips would have been completely obvious to him in her white thong. Fuck, Kat, you're basically exposing yourself to Daddy! Mom would fucking kill you, if she knew . . . but, she's not here, is she? And Daddy isn't complaining, is he? In fact . . . the reality his Kat quickly. Daddy asked her to look under the table for a reason; not to look for her stupid not-missing bottle, but to check out her ass in the thong.

Jesus Christ, Kat gulped, Daddy is checking me out after all!

And Kat loved the idea.

Fuck, he's up there staring at my butt. Kat could feel the thin thong strap, and she could thus feel her entire buttocks completely nude and exposed to her Daddy. Knowing her Daddy's huge prick was inches behind her, with her ass exposed to him, it was like they were going to fuck. Now how taboo and forbidden was that! Yet it made Kat sizzle, her gushing cunt leaking even more. So Kat pouted again, "Can't see it yet," and she immediately stepped back from the table to descend to her knees on the carpet. She didn't dare look at her father, but instead she stuck her ass up again while on her fours. It was like she was fucking doggy-style. Kat spread her knees wide, very wide, so that Daddy had full access to observe her ass and asshole and pussymound. Oh, the wet thong definitely was outlining her cuntlips. Daddy, if he was looking, would have been getting an eyeful of his almost-nude daughter, with her painted-on thong. He probably could see the parallel ridges of her lips, and the wet spot between them, the hole made to take a fat cock deep into it.

Was Daddy imagining fucking her? Did he want to? It was so hot to think so; maybe, like the man at the pool, Daddy wanted to get off stuffing his mammoth penis into a tight teenage pussy. Who cares it was his daughter; it just made the whole idea of prohibited sex even more enticing.

Kat found herself playing with the idea, teasing her father by assuming the fuck-my-cunt-from-behind position, dropping her chest almost to the carpet and leaning way under the desk so that her butt was shoved up high. She was the ultimate in forbidden candy; that hard prick of his was probably going to explode, if she stayed on the floor too long.

How long to stay here? Kat felt the throbbing inside her thong, her vagina demanding attention. It was getting more desperate to be fucked, knowing she was exhibiting her femininity for her father, and knowing he was looking. Time to get into the bathroom and get off. "Nope, not here," Kat reported with a sound of finality, pushing back and standing up again. Her eyes immediately fixated on his underwear, and his penis was as big and beautiful as a few moments earlier. But she couldn't stare at it; almost right away she looked up at her father, trying to appear confused about her missing lotion. "Yeah, maybe I lost it."

"Here." Her father gave her a very common glare, the kind that a male gives to the female that is always losing things. Mom was like that. Dad, however, didn't seem mad at all, unlike with her Mom. Instead, he had a very reassuring manner at the moment, as if he was confident he was going to find what she'd lost. "Let's pull everything out." Daddy stepped next to Kat, and she found herself now within arm's reach of his bulging cock in the tight underwear. Daddy was so close, in fact, she could peer down and inside the space between his underwear and skin. To her disappointment, it was too dark to see anything inside, but she knew what was there. Her eyes had to be pointed at it, just unable to see it is all.

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