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Kat the Pool Shark


This was my lucky day. I finally got a business trip to St. Augustine. I had e-mailed Kat and asked her if I could meet her and perhaps take her and hubby out to dinner. By a miracle she agreed.

I arrived in Florida, rented a car, checked into my hotel, and then soon found myself at the designated meeting spot, a park crowded with people. I sat there for a while watching the people pass by when Kat and her hubby finally arrived. I had sent Kat a picture of me so she knew what I looked like, but nobody needed a picture to recognize Kat. As she and hubby approached, the crowd parted, like Moses and the Red Sea, everyone (especially the men and boys) turning to look at one of the planet's most stunning women. Kat was wearing open-toed high heels that showed her gorgeous legs off to best advantage, a short skirt and a silk blouse. She was a vision of loveliness.

I stood and extended a hand to Kat, but she kissed me sweetly on the cheek. I shook hubby's hand (as I wasn't looking for a kiss from him). Kat asked where I was staying and I told themr. Hubby looked me up and down, checking me out. I guess he must have determined that I was harmless because he gave Kat a kiss and a squeeze and then said good-bye.

"What's happening, Kat? I thought he was coming with us."

"No," she replied. "He has another appointment. He might join us later, however."

I couldn't believe my luck. Alone with Kat for the evening. I must be in heaven, I thought to myself.

"Well, where would you like to eat? I really don't know the area," I said.

"I know just the place," she said. "I'm such a picky eater, you know."

We went to a quaint cafe and had a marvelous dinner and excellent conversation. When we were through, Kat asked if I like to play pool.

I said sure, even though I hadn't played since college. So we went to a small bar that had a few pool tables to one side. We got a table and began to play. Kat knew her way around the table and she handled the cue with deft accuracy. On the other hand, I only played with the intent of not looking like a complete pool moron.

Kat would bend over the table, stretching to make a shot and her skirt would hike up, revealing her white-thonged ass. This sight was not lost on me or anybody in and around the tables. Suddenly our little game became a spectator sport. It was amazing how many of the stretch shots Kat seemed to be taking. Then I realized that she was doing it on purpose. She would stretch out across the table, and then look back over her shoulder with that innocent-yet-not-so-innocent look and purr, "I hope I make this one."

Even if I were an expert pool player, I know that I wouldn't be able to shoot well, not with Kat cavorting around the table, flashing her ass all around.

Kat would make the shot and cheers would erupt from our growing gallery. I would muff a shot and get jeers from the crowd: "Step aside son and let somebody show you how to play" they would call. Kat just laughed and would be ready to take another shot.

After one game, Kat came up to me and whispered, "See that older guy over there? He's been watching me so intently I'm going to have some fun with him." I looked over her should and saw a guy sitting at a nearby table. She was right. I had noticed that the man had been intently watching every move that Kat made. Well, at least the guy had good taste.

Kat excused herself and went to the ladies room. I set up the next rack.

When Kat came back she asked me to break. I did so and didn't pocket any balls. Kat circled the table. She had a couple of easy shots, but selected a more difficult shot that again required her stretch over the table with her butt directly across from the man we had been talking about. I stood behind her to the side. As she stretched, her skirt road up again, but this time she wasn't wearing any thong! My mouth fell open as did everyone else's that could see. Not only was Kat's gorgeous ass exposed, but her pussy as well! I looked back at the man at the table and I thought that his eyes would fall out of their sockets! Kat calmly made the shot and moved on to her next one. By this time every eye in the place was riveted on our pool game. Whenever Kat would miss (which wasn't often) I would usually miss right away. This was because I'm not a good player, but also I knew that I might get killed by this crowd if I kept Kat away from the table.

When the game was over, Kat turned to me and said loud enough for everyone to hear, "I feel like playing some cut-throat. I wonder if we can get a third player?" She turned and looked around the room. Every man in the place had a look of pure and utter begging on his face that it was almost embarrassing.

"How about you, handsome?" she said as she went over the man who had been staring at her so intently all night.

He introduced himself as Joe and he shook hands with Kat and then with me.

We played a game of cut-throat and he sucked as badly as I did. But, oh, what a good time we had, and, oh, what a view. All the while Kat flirtly unmercifully with the man and me. You know that sexy look Kat has, the one that drives you crazy and says, "Boys, I am hot or what?". Well, she was in hyperdrive with that look.

When the game was done, Joe suggested going somewhere to relax and "talk". I thought, holy cow, this guy is cutting into my time with Kat. I felt like killing the guy!

"Why don't we go back to your hotel room, Alonzo. We can talk there," Kat suggested.

Going back to my hotel was a fine idea, I thought, but going back alone with Kat is what I hand in mind. Who wanted to go back with this bozo Joe.

But I agreed. What else could I do? When you're out with the most sexy, beautiful woman in the world, you do what she asks. Am I right?

We arrived at my hotel room. It was nice, but nothing too fancy. There were a couple of lounge chair in the room and Joe sat down in one and I sat down in the other. Kat moved over to me and sat on my lap, saying "Well, I guess I'll have to sit here," and she put her arms around my neck. As we talked, Kat started to squirm on my lap. She was still without her thong and needless to say, I was not unaffected.

"Hey, what's this lump I'm sitting on," she laughed. "Alonzo, are you getting excited?"

She knew damn well I was and she had been doing it on purpose.

"Well, I can't let such a nice hard lump go to waste," she giggled and jumped off of my lap and onto her knees. She began unzipping my fly and unbuckling my pants. Soon she had my cock out and was sucking it feverishly.

Joe, seeing this, began rubbing himself through his pants. I looked over at him and he looked back at me. He got up and began undressing.

I was really starting to moan now as Kat expertly sucked on my cock. Joe came over and got on all fours and began licking Kat's pussy. This only made her suck me more intently.

Kat suddenly pushed away from me and turned to push Joe on his back. She began sucking him off. I quickly removed my clothes and knelt behind Kat as she knelt on her hands and knees over Joe's legs. I couldn't stand it any more. There was Kat's pussy practically calling to me. I bent my head down and licked her pussy for a few moments before inserting my now throbbing cock into her. She moaned as my shaft went deeply into her. Joe was moaning pretty loudly himself.

Kat was like a wild woman, pushing back and forth on my cock and pumping up and down on Joe's. I thrust deeply into Kat and came in a torrent of ecstacy, cum gushing out of me. On this last thrust, Kat, too, came violently. Her mouth came off of Joe's cock just as he shot a stream of cum over her shoulder and onto her back. The three of us then collapsed in a heap!

Suddenly there was a knock at the door. Kat jumped up and answered it, totally nude, with cum dripping down her legs and back. She opened the door and there stood Hubby. He looked beyond Kat over to me and Joe. I hope he doesn't have a gun!, I thought.

"Kat, you've been playing pool again, haven't you?, he said. Kat just laughed.

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