tagBDSMKate After Dinner

Kate After Dinner


It was about 9:30pm when they left the upscale bar after spending several hours in the cocktail lounge. Kate looked so sexy wearing those tight fitting black pants and the low cut top. During the evening he had run a hand up over a full breast and nipple and she took her time pushing his hand away. He knew no one was watching but liked the feeling of caressing her big tits in public. As the evening went on she let him explore her tits for longer and longer periods of time before she got frightened that someone was watching them. Her nipples were hard and quite visible through the sheer top.

Two nights earlier she had worn a short black dress without panties and asked him if he liked the idea that her cunt was exposed under the table. She told him that she wished he could finger her under the restaurant table. She was feeling very sexy that night and when they got outside he pushed her face down over the hood of the car. Pulling up of her dress over her hips, he fucked right there in the parking lot as he grabbed her hair in one hand and pounded her senseless with his hard cock.

On this night, they got back to the hotel and she went up to the room to drop off her purse before coming down to join him at the beach bar. The beach was beautiful and they could hear the noises of the loud convention people near the bar. As they continued onto the wooden walkway leading to the big sandy beach, they stood there admiring the view on this warm Florida night. Looking at her, he pulled her close and their lips met.

There didn't seem to be anyone in sight and their kisses were heated and urgent. His hands dropped to her ass, pulling her into him as his tongue explored her mouth. After some minutes of deep tongue kissing, he turned Kate around and began to kiss the sensitive back of her neck. Paul's hands went under her top and immediately were on her big braless tits. His fingers pulled and pinched her already hard nipples and she responded by pushing her ass into his crotch and grinding it against his hardening cock.

Turning her around again to face him she asked if anyone was around to see them. Instead of answering her, Paul's hand went down the front of her black pants. Kate spread her legs as his hand went down between her skin and the black silk fabric of her pants. He felt the wetness of on her thong with a probing finger. Pushing a finger into her wet cunt, he continued to kiss her as they stood on the walkway. Kate was on fire and breathing hard as he pushed a finger deeper into her.

Looking up at him, she asked if there was a spot on the beach where they could go.

"Why," he asked looking down at her red lips.

"I need you to fuck me right now," she said almost like she was pleading with him.

"Do you want it hard," he asked her as his finger moved in her cunt.

"Yes, I need it hard," she moaned.

Paul did not answer but kept her standing there and then he pushed two fingers into her soaked cunt. The sound of Kate's fuck juice was very loud as the fingers moved in and out.

"Fuck me now. I need your cock, please" she said with her lips pressed to his ear.

Looking around, Paul told her to come with him as they kicked off their shoes and walked out onto the sand to the hut beside where the chairs were stored overnight.

As they got to the small hut, he turned her around to face the shed and Kate reached out to brace her hands against the rough wood. Paul pulled down her silk pants to expose her ass and wet cunt. Taking her top in his hands he pulled it up over her big tits. Paul pulled her hips back and then moved her wet thong to the side. It rested over the right side of her ass. Her cunt lips were visible as Kate pointed her hot ass at him and pushed back. He started to finger her again as his other hand began to spank her ass. She was trying to grind back at his finger as he continued to slap her and driving her crazy.

"Please fuck me," she pleaded.

Paul's pants dropped, then his underwear. His cock was hard and ready and he moved forward to her pussy lips. Her wetness touched his swollen cock head. Splitting her sexy cunt with just the head, he pushed all the way into her with the first hard thrust. Kate gasped and clutched the weathered wooden building.

Moaning, she dropped her head as he stroked her tight cunt from behind.

"Oh, yes. fuck me hard," she asked him as he reached back and slapped her ass with his opened hand. Then he spanked her again and again. Moving forward, he reached around to grab her swaying tits and found her hard nipples with his fingers and pinched them. Her hot ass moved urgently on his cock. She loved being exposed like this outside and being spanked and abused as he fucked her. Paul loved the idea of fucking this hot sexy woman right there in a public place and spanking her for anyone to hear. He knew he could not last very long as he continued to fuck her hard and deep. His balls were so full as Kate's hot ass moved on him like a stripper giving a lap dance. She started to scream as she climaxed with an urgency and power that drove her into sexual frenzy. Suddenly, he exploded deep in her cunt. But he kept savagely pounding into her as shot after shot of fuck cream filled her. His hands stayed on her big tits as they both moaned through an amazing orgasm.

When he was done, he put his hand on her cunt and felt his cum leaking out of her. Scooping a big amount of his cum into his hand, he turned her around and offered her the sweet nectar.

"Lick it up, slut," he told her as he watched her lips drop to his outstretched hand as she began to suck it all off his palm. When it was all gone, she licked her lips and smiled at him. They pulled up their pants and then headed to the hotel room.

When they got back, Kate came to him and began to pull off his clothes and told Paul that he needed to get hard so he could fuck her again. He discarded the rest of his clothes and sat on the couch as Kate went to her knees to take his cock into her needy mouth.

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