tagCelebrities & Fan FictionKate and Her Mom Got it Goin On

Kate and Her Mom Got it Goin On


Sometimes luck deprives you of the cards you need or the smooth pick up line or the proper job. Other times a consortium of seemingly random occurrences comes together in the most astounding and brilliant ways. This was one of those times.

It was a Thursday night and I was in my dorm room in Los Angeles working on an unremarkable paper. All I could think about was the weekend. I didn't have any plans and was getting pretty sick of the average frat party. Drinking, drinking, drinking, throwing up, and passing out was a routine my body wasn't tolerating well. Just then my cell phone began to buzz. It was my friend John. He is a purebred Los Angeles surfing stoner native with a father in show business.

"Bro you wanna go see that movie with Owen Wilson and Kate Hudson. It's def going to hella suck but it's the premiere."

I mulled over the idea, "Sure dude at least we might see Kate."

"Yah I'd hit that in a second," replied John.

I carefully dressed in my only suit and spent twenty minutes working on the knot in my tie. I slept well the night before with something a little different to look forward to. John and me jumped into his car and made our way to the theatre. I was glad I put on the suit. This was no low key opener, rather a glitzy red carpet event you would definitely see broadcasted on E news. We made our way through the flashing lights and to our seats, not to shabby. The movie was funny at times but in the end not worth the ten bucks people would be expected to pay all across the country. The real highlight of the movie was Kate prancing around in a bikini oozing sex.

The lights came up and the audience applauded. We began to file out only to find hors de oeuvres and drinks waiting in the lobby. After chatting with some of the other audience members, word of an after party began to spread. We managed to squeeze out directions and headed back to the car.

The party was full of A-list celebrities, including the cast of the movie. The music was blaring and the DJ wasn't bad. I was really getting into a good bit of dancing when I rubbed up against a blond with a super tight ass. She started pushing back into me as we gyrated to the music. After several minutes of some pseudo-fucking the music slowed and she turned around. My eyes nearly fell out of their sockets but I tried to stay cool.

"That was some great dancing. Want to go grab a drink?" I managed.

"Sure," she replied.

Her small perky tits seemed to bounce with the reply. Her blond hair flowed behind her and I still felt the effects of a piercing smile. At the bar I grabbed two beers and handed one over to my new acquaintence.

"I'm Geoff," I spoke loudly into her ear over the music.

"I'm Kate," she giggled. It was obvious I knew who she was. It was also pretty obvious that she was drunk.

With a surge of newfound boldness I replied, "I loved Almost Famous and you were the best thing about this new movie for sure. I especially liked it when you licked Owen Wilson on the boat."

After a couple more drinks, continued chatting, and one more dance Jeremy Piven of Entourage got on the DJ's mike. He thanked everyone for coming and told everyone to get the hell out of his house, which answered the question of the host. I shouted, "Screw you Ari." That was met by resounding laughter, especially from my new friend Kate.

Outside of the house I saw Kate walking towards her car. I walked in front of her and grabbed her keys, "Your in no shape to drive little girl."

"I guess you're right. Want to drive a movie star home?"

On the ride to her house we talked about show biz and being a college student. My phone vibrated a couple times and I turned it off, John would understand. As we neared her house her hand began to slide up my leg. "I just wanted to thank you for getting me home."

She pushed a button and the gate slid open. I parked the car in her driveway and climbed out. I walked to the other side of the car and opened her door. She stepped out and I offered her my hand. She grabbed my hand and our lips met. She slid her tongue into my mouth and her hand found its way to my bulge. I grabbed that tight ass I was grinding on the dance floor and pulled her close. She broke the embrace and I followed her into a massive house. We wound our way through the house and passed a slightly ajar bedroom. Inside I glimpsed a sleeping women. That couldn't be? No there is no possible way.

Kate opened a door and walked into the bathroom. I took off my shoes, tie, jacket, pants and socks. I laid on the most comfortable bed in human history. I smiled stupidly until Kate came out of the bathroom.

Wearing only matching black bra and thong she glided over to the bed. She climbed onto the bottom and slid on all fours to the tent in my shorts. Delicately, she used her teeth to pull the waistband over my throbbing cock. Her hands finished the job as her tiny mouth opened and engulfed my sensitive head. She worked up and down grabbing the bottom of my thick six-inch shaft. Her spit coated my glistening member as her hand found its way into her thong. A moan escaped her lips making my balls tighten with anticipation. I grabbed her arm dragging her hand up to my mouth. I tasted her sweet sex for the first time. I flew over the edge as cum began streaming from my pulsing cock, filling Kate's mouth as she rhythmically swallowed to keep up.

I grabbed her by the arms and pulled her tiny body on top of my own. We kissed passionately tasting our juices as they mixed in our mouths. I unstrapped her bra and flipped her onto her back. I fondled one of her globes, ravaging the other with my mouth. I slid my tongue around her hard quarter sized nipples feeling it as I sucked. My crafty hand found its way into her thong and onto her shaved sex. Her sopping wet pussy readily accepted my finger. My thumb artfully rubbed her nub and a loud groan escaped her lips. Kissing down her beautiful stomach I stared at the soaked thong. With one quick motion I found myself staring at the prettiest pussy you could hope for.

I dove into the soft lips avoiding the love spot. I took the time to kiss the inside of her thighs and drink in her nectar. She grabbed my head and whispered, "Give me something to scream about college boy." I took the opportunity to give her clit some rough licks. She responded with a deep moan and I continued my ministrations. I lubed up a finger with her bountiful juices and pushed into her tight asshole. I began to feel her shake as her silky legs locked onto my head. She wailed with satisfaction.

I lined up my stiff shaft with the entrance to her love canal. She smiled as I entered her to the hilt. Her tiny frame did not prepare me for the tightest pussy I have ever felt. I worked in and out of her sweet box trying not to break her in half. She pulled me in and grabbed my back with her sharp nails. I felt a trickle of blood make its way down. "Bitch you're going to pay for that," I growled.

I removed my coated cock and turned her onto all fours. I impaled myself into her twitching pussy. Writhing in and out she began to scream as another orgasm rocked her body. I turned her body and demanded that she suck my cock. She opened her mouth and I shoved my cock in, making her gag. After a couple of thrusts I picked her up and put her on top, I'd gotten my revenge. Kate lined up her pussy and slowly pushed my cock inside. She rocked back and forth, eyes shut, and mouth open. I thrusted up and down to move her along my pole. The familiar feeling in my balls began to build. Just as I felt myself bursting Kate's cunny began to spasm for a third time. We came together and nearly passed out. It took all of my energy to crawl under the covers and close my eyes.

The next morning I woke alone in the bed. A note lay on the pillow next to me:

Thanks for a wonderful night. I had to leave early for a press meeting Make yourself at home and take my car when you have to leave. Bring it back whenever you can. My mom is staying over but she knows you're here.



I grinned and rubbed my eyes. I looked towards the doorway. After a quick double take I realized that the person in the doorway was the sexy milf Goldie Hawn in a thin nightgown. My morning wood stood proud and I swear Kate's mom Goldie winked at me. That was all I needed. I climbed out of bed, ignoring the bulge, and strutted towards the seasoned actress. "I couldn't help but hear you two last night. It seems like you have just the skills I am looking for," purred Goldie.

As my mouth reached up to meet hers, she grabbed my package and carried me to the bed. She pushed my head down to her hairy pussy and I began my normal routine. When I stuck my finger into her ass she moaned louder than Kate. "Oh you like that do you?"

"Oh god yes, stick your fingers in my dirty ass," she wailed.

I briefly pulled away from her hot sex to tear through Kate's nightstand. I found what I was looking for, a squeeze bottle of KY jelly. Returning to Goldie's musky love hole I lubed up three fingers and reamed her tight ass. I felt a similar head clamp, doesn't fall far from the tree as they say, and a loud scream. I couldn't take it any more. I pulled my swollen cock out of its confines and penetrated her waiting snatch. Not as tight as her daughter but I wasn't complaining. Plus I had other plans for this milf.

After a couple of minutes I turned her onto all fours and pulled out. She begged me to put it back but I was busy with the KY. I lined my slick cock head up to her dark rose. The tight muscle loosened with a grunt from Goldie. My eyes rolled back into my head as the shaft slid deeper. It was even tighter than I could have hoped. "Rub your pussy you nasty slut."

She obliged. "Fuck yourself on my cock baby," I demanded.

"I love it when you talk dirty to me," she replied between moans.

I quickened the pace and drove even deeper. I could tell she was close to coming by the intensity of her moans. I rammed in and out in and out until I thought my cock would break off. Her ass began to tighten around me while her juices fell onto the bed. I pulled out again and spun her around. She sucked my cock deep into her mouth and I emptied my load. Squirt after squirt she swallowed, leaking only a drip down her chin.

I dressed and left with Kate's car wondering what would happen when I returned.

To be cont...?

Please post your thoughts and respond if you would like to read more. This is my first time writing but probably not my last. Thanks.

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