tagNonConsent/ReluctanceKate and the Biker Bar

Kate and the Biker Bar


{This is a repost of a story that was submitted a few years ago. A sequel is coming so this one needed to be reposted. This is a story of a wife who has sex with others and enjoys it. Don't be that guy, if that's not for you, don't read it, you'll hate it. Then, you'll blow off some of that self hate with drivel about how offended you are. If you like submissive sluts who get what they enjoy then read on.}

Wow. When my husband suggested that I go out last night I had an idea what I was in for but wow, it wasn't anything like this. John and I have been married for 8 years. I'm in my mid thirties, he's pushing fifty. We have an open relationship sexually. This was at John's urging, mostly because he spends weeks, sometimes more than a month, on the road running his business. He also readily admits his sex drive isn't quite what mine is. We've always shared the experiences, both his, and mine. We've found that it has added an extra thrill for when we get together after those long periods apart.

Well, I talked to him yesterday and he could tell I was getting antsy for something special. It was his suggestion that I go out to this one particular bar on the outskirts of town. This bar was a notorious biker bar. We'd been in there together twice, it was loud and rowdy, but we both had a good time. The interesting thing about the bar was that there was a back room which was a private area, for members only. I guessed that it was for one of the biker clubs. I could only imagine what went on behind those closed doors, since it was pretty wild as it was, up in the front where we were.

John urged me to go out and see if I could get myself laid. He mentioned "George's Pub" almost as a joke really, I don't think he actually thought I'd dare to do something like that on my own. I've done some wilder things than he knows about, well, he knows about almost everything, maybe just not the degree. I don't think he knows how much I secretly like it either, I am never sure how much I should tell him sometimes.

I dressed up casually, I didn't want to overdress for a place like George's. I can't help but pass for the lily white yuppie type I am, but I figure I can fit in anywhere with a denim skirt and a nice flowery blouse showing a little cleavage.

I arrived at George's and looked around. It was kind of dead, there were only a handful of people milling around, shooting pool or sitting at the bar. However, I noticed a larger number, mostly men, that would either go into the private back room, or return from it. It sounded more lively back there as well, I could hear the music vibrating through the walls. The men that went to the back were almost certainly bikers, most had on their leathers. The few women I saw go to the back were probably biker chicks.

The lady bartender noticed me watching the back. "Yes, it's much more lively in there," she laughed.

"Really? How is that?" I asked.

"Well, let's just say it is more of an 'anything goes' place than out here."

"How does one get in?" I wondered.

She eyed me over good before answering. "Well, a woman like you probably couldn't get in."


"Well, it's a members only area, either you belong to the biker club, or, you have to be one of their chicks and, judging by your appearance, I don't think you are either." She laughed.

I jokingly pouted and said, "I'm just looking for a good time."

She looked at me and said, "you'd better be careful what you wish for honey, trust me, you are safer out here."

Now honestly, I just wanted to find a stud for the night, get a good fucking, then go home. Even though it wasn't looking promising, I wasn't looking forward to driving somewhere else. I didn't have any other plans. I thought I'd stick around, see what happens. I noticed a group of women, the previously mentioned biker chicks, sitting around a table behind me. They suddenly made a commotion and I turned to look. One woman was holding a shorter straw than the others and they were verbally giving her the business about it. The woman got up red faced, smoothed her leather skirt out, took a long drag on her cigarette before putting it out.

"I guess I'll be back...whenever..." she said in a resigned tone. The woman headed out the front door. The bartender saw my quizzical look.

"See, that's what I mean honey," she said as she leaned in close to my ear, "this isn't exactly your cup of tea."

I laughed, "how do you know that?"

"Well, you seem like the professional type, reserved, probably a little too conservative, if you know what I'm saying."

"Hey, I resent that!" I said jokingly.

"Ok, let me ask you this then," she said, now whispering. "Are you the type of person that will walk out the front door, go around to the back, go into a 'special' room that has a certain hole in the wall and then provide....oh.....services for people?"

I'm sure she saw my face turn crimson. "Yep," she chuckled, "I thought so."

I thought, "Oh my god," that woman is going to go to some sort of glory hole in the back." I'd been to adult bookstores before and seen the holes there but never considered doing anything there. I'm sure I thought it was more of a 'gay' thing. Still, I'd sucked guys off pretty much anonymously in the past, at frat parties for example, where I sucked guys who I'm sure never knew my name nor even would be able to recognize my face ten minutes after. I have to admit, providing oral sex is one of my favorite activities in this world, I always told John that if I had my own dick, and if it was possible, I'd be sucking it all the time. The thought of doing it completely anonymously was making me moist.

I watched the woman outside, taking a shot of something from a flask, obviously stalling. The bartender looked at me and smiled, "Looks like she needs to get her courage up."

I had an inspiration based on my prolonged abstinence as well as this now brewing fantasy. I paid my bill in a hurry and told the barkeep, "you were right about me, guess I'll go find another place." I smiled to her when I left her a big tip and rushed out the door.

The woman was gone. I walked around the side and didn't see her, then finally I headed around to the back. She was still there, hovering outside a small door that looked like it led to a shed, though that shed was attached to the main building. I touched her shoulder and she spun around.

"Hi, I'm sorry.." I stammered, as I searched for just the right words.

"What do you want sugar?" she asked drunkenly. Her hair was nearly in a beehive, her front teeth were snaggled and her eye makeup was positively raccoon.

"I uh...um....god, I don't even know how to say it..." I choked out. "I heard that...back here...you go in there and there's some kind of glory hole..."

"Who told you that?" she sneered suspiciously.

"Nobody, I mean somebody...but I don't mean any harm, I just wondered..." I nervously said as a sick feeling started to come over me in panic.

"Wondered what?" she said, now intrigued.

I laid it out for her, the best I could. "I wondered, if it's true anyway, that there's a glory hole in there and that women, such as yourself, come out here after losing at drawing straws and then have to provide oral services for men there."

She laughed out loud, "oral services? What are you, a lawyer? Lady, we come out here and suck guys off!"

I blushed. "Well, yes, that's what I mean," and I giggled.

"What is it to you then?" she asked.

"Well," I said as I gulped not believing I was even going to ask this but, "I wondered if you'd let me do it instead, let me go in there, and take your place."

I really had the fantasy of anonymous sex, especially oral, and the glory hole idea had never failed to at least get me horny and here it was, what I thought was the perfect opportunity to enjoy the pleasures of random cocks.

She looked at me as if I'd just come from the stars. "Lady, you actually want to do it?" I nodded. "I don't know, if the boys ever found out I welched on my duties, well, I don't know what they'd do." She said with concern.

"They don't have to find out, it's just a hole in a wall, right? It's not like men can tell whose mouth is whose." I said.

"True, men are pigs, but still..." she said unconvinced.

"Listen, I'll give you a 100$ if you let me do it," I said, trying to convince her. I took out my wallet. She saw that I had more.

"Give me all of it," she said quickly.

"What? There's like 250$ in here!" I said in a panic.

"Give it to me, or I'll march around front and tell them some prissy slut is trying to fool them, you'd better be down the road a piece before they get out here!"

"Ok ok," I said defeated as I handed her all my money.

"Thanks sweets," she said sarcastically, "Oh, for this money I'll give you some tips. First, I'd take off your top and your skirt if you don't want to get it....messy...shall we say. I always use mine to cushion my knees." I

I nodded.

"Second, some of them ask for some pussy, it doesn't usually happen, they usually wait till we all are on the couches and such back there but you should be ready for it, just in case. Third, make this the last time you ever do this because you really are fucking with some hardcore people here, they'd tear a mouse like you up," she said before walking away. "Have fun!" she laughed, while she waved my former money over her head. I heard banging on the wall even before I opened the door.

"What the fuck are you doing out there Gloria? Let's go, the boys are waiting!" a voice boomed. They must've seen the light from the parking lot through their self made hole, "Ok, the slut is ready, finally."

I looked around the tiny room, illuminated only by the light through cracks in the wall as well as the hole. It really was a shed, formerly. There was a smell of gasoline or oil as if it was a storage for lawnmowers or equipment. There was nothing in the room, not a chair, a window, or even a light switch. I remembered the woman's talk and I quickly took off my top and wriggled out of my skirt. I folded it up carefully and placed it under my knees. I could see why she did it, the floor was nothing but frayed old boards. I had just barely hit my knees when the hole was filled by something. Mmm, my first cock.

I licked it around the head and it began to perk to life. It was salty, and definitely musky. There's something about that that drives me crazy. I licked and swirled my tongue around it and I could hear him talking.

"Damn, Gloria is feeling it tonight boys!" he whooped. I smiled. I took pride that he seemed to be inferring I sucked a better cock than that skank that took my money. My fingers found their way to my tits and I pinched my pierced nipples lightly as I took his cock fully in my mouth. I'd chosen my favorite little loops for tonight, hoping that I'd find someone to twist them in that way I so enjoy. I took it upon myself at this time to lightly spin them around.

He was fully erect now and bucking softly into my mouth. I chuckled to myself that I'd bothered to take off my clothes, knowing that I'd had in mind to swallow as much cum as I could handle. These are the types of things I'm not sure I should tell John, I don't know what he'd think of his wife, if he knew she was a cum guzzling slut. Cock number one was getting to that recognizable point of no return and I readied my mouth for its prize. I was not disappointed, he filled my mouth with his cream and I slurped it up like it was heaven sent. I let his cock out of my mouth with a loud 'pop'.

Cock number two came through and it was slightly longer, but definitely thinner. I like taking thinner cocks deep, deep as I can and I gave him my best deep throat. I heard appreciative groans from the other side.

"Goddamn, this is the deepest Gloria has ever taken me," he said with shock.

I smiled and continued worshipping his manhood. He didn't last long and soon his cum mixed with his friend's, in my willing mouth. His cock was deep in my throat when he started cumming and I choked a little on it, which caused some of his precious cum to drip onto my chest, then down my body to my legs. I'd have cleaned it off with my fingers but cock number three was already on its way through the hole. This cock, and the next one, added their cum to my mouth and my stomach started to gurgle from four loads of cum. My fingers had found my pussy by now and I was going to try and match my orgasm to the next load of cum in my mouth.

Instead, the next guy put his face near the hole and snorted, "gimme some of that snatch momma," before sticking his fat dick through the hole. Even though his crudeness wasn't inspiring I certainly wasn't going to argue with that so I turned around and backed up my glistening pussy onto his cock. God this was heaven. All the cock I can suck and now a fucking, I was in slut nirvana. I loved the way his thick cock felt in me. I only wished that the wall wasn't there for deeper penetration, but it didn't seem to faze him. He expertly pulled out to the very brink before he jammed it back in each time. I went back to playing with my pussy and I was able to time it so that when he started filling me up with his jism I too joined him in orgasmic bliss. Suddenly, the shed door opened.

"What in the flying fuck!!??" said the scariest guy I'd ever seen. He was huge, 6'5" or so, probably more than 250 pounds. He was bald but even in the light from the parking lot I could see his head was tattooed. So were his arms, as much as I could see of him. He had a fire in his eyes.

"Who the fuck are you....where is Gloria?" he yelled. I swear I almost fainted, I've never been so frightened.

"I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry," I kept babbling at him as he yelled at me. "I just took her place, she didn't do anything wrong, I just wanted to..." I sobbed.

"You fucking whore," he barked, "you getting your kicks off at our expense?"

"No! It's not like that...I just....I just thought I'd..." I cried uncontrollably.

He just grabbed me by the back of my hair and yanked me out the door, naked, into the open. He marched me around to a side door. I must've been a sight, a naked woman, being dragged by her hair into their private area, dripping cum from everywhere.

He threw me through the door onto the middle of the floor. It was like a den of wolves. There were a dozen men, at least, circling me.

"This fucking slut did something and took Gloria's place." The leader said. "This whore said she did it because she wanted to....unfucking believable."

I could feel their stares burning a whole in my nakedness. I just kept my head down to the floor, I was still sobbing. They seemed to huddle to themselves for a moment, before the leader stepped forward. "This is highly unusual." he said with obvious understatement. "I mean, we certainly get our share of sluts around here, but this really takes the cake."

I chanced a look up at his face as he spoke. His jaw was tight, but he seemed much more in control then he did at the shed door.

"Well slut, I'll call you slut even though your name is Kate Wilson." I gasped when I realized he'd gotten my purse out of the shed. "Here's the deal, this is a private club, notice I said the word private. Nowhere in that statement does it say public club."

My sobs continued as he chided me.

"We guys here like to keep this private for a reason, we do things here that, oh, shall we say, are better off in a private setting. So, here comes a slut that thinks she's smarter than us."

I remember that I kept begging him that it was all just a fantasy, that I didn't want to hurt anyone, break any rules. He just ignored my pleas.

"No one has been hurt here doll," he sneered, "but, rules are rules, we do not allow non-members access to any part of the club, and that includes out back, you understand?"

I wailed that yes, I understood, I'd never do it again, I'd never come back.

He just laughed. "You don't really get it, I said non-members can't be back here..." I just looked at him questioningly. "It's simple, you are going to be our newest member."

I looked at him hopefully.

"You are going to join our club tonight." I nodded meekly, hoping that the worst was over. "All new members go through an initiation, isn't that right boys?" he grinned.

I felt a sickness come on. "Enough of the talk, the slut is joining our club!" he laughed all the while he paraded me naked and dripping around the room while the men copped their feels and smacked my tits and my ass freely when I passed. The leader, "Spike" as they called him noticed my pierced nipples.

"Good, good, saves me the trouble of doing it for you," he said as he grabbed my hoops and pulled me down to my knees.

He pushed my head to the floor and someone tossed him some handcuffs and he snapped them on me, behind my back. I was naked and cuffed on my knees on the cold tile floor while it seemed that the men were swirling around me. Spike returned with some thin wire.

I was panic stricken. I thought, 'Oh god, oh god they aren't going to kill me are they?"

Spike had no such idea. He took the wire and fed it through the loops of my nipple rings. He then attached the ends to a ring on the floor, probably used for other bondage games for all I know. I was now wired to the floor by my nipples, I had only a few inches of leeway before they'd tug on me.

"Boys, I think the slut is ready for her initiation. " He leaned close to me as he knelt before me. "Listen, what goes on here stays here, you know what I'm saying?"

I nodded, the tears still spilling freely out of my eyes .

"You can thank Gloria for your current position. Yes she told us, she really is a good slut, she's knows better than to cross us."

My tears were forming a small pool on the floor.

He continued softly, "so that we're clear, no one here is doing anything unwillingly, right?" He looked directly into my eyes.

"No sir," I said, hoping to not displease him.

"Good, the slut is ready for the initiation boys!"

I heard whooping and hollering but I kept my head down, trying to preserve at least a perceived anonymity. Suddenly I felt something cold on my ass. It was leather. Spike slid it slowly across my ass, then SMACK, he let it come down on my cheek with authority. I yelped. The men cheered. He continued, SMACK! SMACK! One after the other, I was being whipped in front of all of them. Embarrassingly, this is another thing I'm always afraid to tell John. I can't seem to tell him that I really like him to be rougher. I'm afraid for him to know that I can get off on being spanked hard, treated roughly, I mean, what would he think? But here I was, wired to the floor by my nipples while some big mean guy was lashing my ass with a piece of leather and I was getting wet by it, god help me.

I think it impressed Spike how much I could take. He leaned back down to me and growled, "you like this don't you baby, goddamn, I think you really are a fucking total slut!" I just shook my head no, unconvincingly.

My ass must've been a shade of red seen only on Mars, my skin is so porcelain white, I have Irish blood in me and that blood no doubt had rushed to the surface of my ass. "The slut's ready boys!" Spike called out.

Instantly there was a guy behind me. He shoved his cock into my pussy and I'm sure he was surprised by how easily he slid in. I'd had the luxury of at least being opened up first earlier and lubricated by the other guy but, that wasn't the only thing causing this degree of wetness in me, it was humiliating really. He fucked me good while the men chanted, "Slut, slut slut" in my ears. He filled me up only to be replaced by another, then another. I was being gangbanged. I'd never experienced it before, in my total fantasy world I'd wondered about it, got horny thinking about it, fantasizing about it, but here it was, even though it was not in my plans.

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