Kate Ch. 05


Chapter 5: The Bath

When Jake returned a while later, Kate was dozing off. She awoke with a start as he turned on the lights, disoriented and wide-eyed.

"Shhh," he comforted her, waiting patiently for her to remember where she was. "It's okay, Sweetheart."

Once she was a bit calmer, he approached the table and untied her hands, helping her to sit up. Then he offered her a glass of water, which she gulped down thirstily, her parched throat thanking her. When she had finished, he took the glass from her, then untied her feet and helped her down from the table.

She wobbled a bit, weak from the "excitement" of the day. He wrapped an arm around her for support and guided her towards the door.

"Where are we going?" She mumbled sleepily, ending the question in a yawn.

"It's time we clean you up," he replied, opening a door down the hall to reveal a bathroom. She saw that the bath had already been drawn, and didn't put up much of a fight as he had her step into the tub, then sat her down. When he picked up a washcloth, though, she started to protest.

"I can take it from here," she insisted, trying to take the washcloth from him. Instead of answering, he began to rub it over her shoulders and back. When she figured out that her protests weren't doing any good, she decided she may as well stop. What he was doing felt kind of relaxing, anyway.

He reached up and quickly removed the clamps from her nipples. The pain, which had subsided to a dull throbbing, now assaulted her senses once more, and she yelped. He cupped the sides of her breasts in his hands and caressed her tender nipples with his thumbs, slowly easing the biting pain away until it was once again nothing more than a dull throb.

Jake cleaned the semen from her face, then washed her hair, careful not to get soap in her eyes. Kate let down her guard a bit and allowed him to bathe her without a struggle, not realizing that it was intimacy that he was after. He wanted to claim her body as his own, yes, and he wanted her pride, too. But he didn't just want sex and power, he also wanted to be intimate with her. He knew that intimacy was one thing which he could not force from her, not even through terror and threats. This, though. This was a significant step toward achieving intimacy with the lovely girl, and she didn't even realize that she was losing yet another battle. He never wanted this encounter to end.

When he had rinsed the shampoo from her hair, Jake had Kate lie down in the bathtub. He then produced a razor and a bottle of shaving lotion. When she saw this, she bolted up and moved to climb out of the tub. He pushed her back down.

"Be still or you'll get cut," he hissed. Once she had settled down, he lathered her up and began to carefully shave her light brown pubic hair off. He took his time, being sure to do a thorough job, and taking care not to break her skin. He shaved all along her slit, right up to her anus, making sure that she'd be completely bald there when he was done with her.

Kate couldn't believe this was happening. While she'd been laying strapped to that table with her legs spread open, she'd thought there was no way on earth that she could possibly feel any more naked, or vulnerable. Now, as she looked down at her naked genitals, she knew she'd been wrong. At least she'd had a bit of hair to preserve a portion of her modesty, no matter how small or insignificant. Now, though, the next time he strapped her to that horrible table - and she had no doubt that he would - he'd be able to see everything.

Upon finishing, Jake sat back to admire his handiwork, then commanded, "touch it."

Kate slid one shaking hand down her body until she reached her freshly shaved vulva. It felt smooth and soft.

"Good girl. Now I want to see you cum on your fingers."

Kate stared at him incredulously. "I can't do that! Not here . . . not in front of you."

"Oh, okay," he agreed. "That's fine. I can just put a clamp on your clit and pull on it until you orgasm, then." He reached for one of the newly removed nipple clamps.

"NO! No . . . I'll do it." She told him reluctantly. Moving her hand farther down, she parted her now smooth pussy lips, feeling that they were still slimy from her earlier arousal. She rubbed her index finger around her clit in a circular motion, the jolts of electricity it sent shooting up her spine causing her body to jerk a bit. She found a rhythm then, and continued to tease her clitoris as Jake looked on.

She hated to admit it, even to herself, but knowing that he was watching turned her on even more.

Seeing that she was nearing her climax, Jake instructed, "put a couple of fingers inside yourself before you finish."

Kate didn't think she could refuse even if she wanted to. She was far too horny to think about anything but her impending orgasm, so, as she fingered her clit with one hand, she pushed first one and then a second finger into her vagina, easily sinking them into her dripping hole up to the knuckles.

As her orgasm hit her, she cried out, arching her back and thrusting her smarting breasts into the air. Jake regarded all of this politely, not interfering, waiting for her waves of pleasure to subside. When he saw that she was finished, he slowly clapped his hands.

"Nice show," he told her, noting the tears of shame that were welling up in her eyes. "That was an excellent prelude to what I have in store for you."

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