Kate Ch. 06


After her bath, Jake took Kate into the living room. Still nude, she asked him if she could put her clothes back on, but he denied her request, simply stating that he liked to watch her ass cheeks jiggle when she walked too much for that. He built a fire in the small fireplace, instead. The heat it generated helped to alleviate Kate's chills, but not her embarrassment at having to walk around naked while Jake remained fully clothed and as condescending as ever, his eyes constantly violating her body even when his hands were nowhere near her.

Jake made her lay down on the couch, and, sitting on the floor by her side, began to methodically kiss and lick her jaw, slowly working his way down her neck and across her throat until he reached her breasts. Kate lay quiet, lost in her own thoughts as he took her nipple into his mouth and began to suck on it, delicately at first, then increasingly harder. She began to wince as his lips gripped the tiny pebble-like morsel more firmly, as she was still sensitive from the clips he had assaulted her with earlier.

He was molesting her other breast with his fingertips as he did this, and the combination of pain and forbidden pleasure confused Kate. She wasn't supposed to like this - he was sexually assaulting her. Only a slut would derive so much pleasure out of being abused this way, right? Of course this was not true; Kate couldn't help her body's reactions to Jake's teasing fingertips. But somewhere along the way, Jake had instilled this notion in Kate, wanting her to be as disgraced as possible by the things he was doing to her body . . . and her mind. It had worked, and Kate hated herself for getting herself into this situation, and for reacting so strongly to his advances.

Just then, Jake raked his teeth over her nipple savagely, tearing her from her thoughts. She wailed and pushed his head away. She expected him to force himself on her again and prepared herself for yet another struggle, but he left her chest alone, deciding to concentrate on her stomach instead.

Kate wished he would do something else, even if it involved inflicting more pain on her now stinging nipples. She had always despised her stomach. She was painfully aware that she didn't have abs like Britney Spears' - most girls don't, but that wasn't the issue - and no matter how many crunches she did, she couldn't seem to get rid of the extra layer of flab around her mid section which prevented her from wearing bikinis and fitted tops with confidence. It seemed that Jake had somehow managed to zero in on one of her biggest insecurities, and was now exploiting it with glee, plunging his tongue in and out of her belly button as if it were a mini-vagina. Kate wanted to disappear.

Finally, Kate experienced her first stroke of good luck since the nightmare had begun: a phone rang. Jake looked irritated, but quit tongue-fucking her belly button and walked into the kitchen where he unlocked a briefcase and pulled out a cell phone. Turning his back on her, he began to converse with whomever was calling in a hushed, annoyed tone.

Temporarily forgotten, Kate wasted no time in soundlessly slipping off of the couch and tiptoing to the front door of the cabin. This was her chance. If she could only make it out the door, she could flag down traffic and get help, then it would all be finished with and she could wake up from this nightmare. It almost seemed too good to be true, but there it was: Her hand reaching out for the doorknob. Behind her, she could hear Jake still speaking in a low voice, unaware of what was taking place only a few feet away.

She turned the handle noiselessly and pulled, but to her horror, the door wouldn't budge. It was then that she saw that it was dead bolted shut. Frustrated, she hurried to unlock it, but found that her fingers weren't strong enough to push the sticking lock open. She looked around wildly, searching for another way out, but her mind - and legs - seemed to have frozen. Dimly, she heard Jake say that he had to go, and switch the phone off. Then he had her by the hair once more, pulling her back to the couch.

"You can't get away that easily, Sweetheart. You don't go anywhere without my permission, you understand?" As he chastised her, he produced a pair of handcuffs seemingly out of nowhere and secured her hands together in front of her. Then he sat down and draped her over his knee, his hard-on poking her in the stomach uncomfortably. He grabbed the remote control for the television from the coffee table beside him and flipped on both the TV and VCR, at which point a wet squishy noise resounded throughout the tiny room, along with the image of Kate bound to the table in the other room, writhing passionately as Jake fingered her pussy.

"It feels good," she heard herself say in a breathless voice on the television screen as his fingers hammered in and out of her.

"Do you like it when I play with your clit?"

"Yes." Kate was mortified as she watched herself on the screen, raising her ass up off the table to meet Jake's thick fingers, her clamped nipples an obscene shade of purplish-red and her cunt gaping wide open, leaking her pussy juice down her ass crack and all over the table.

Jake measured her response as she watched herself on the TV screen and was gratified to see that she looked more humiliated then she'd appeared all night. His hands were roaming all over her upturned ass, his fingers slipping into the crevice between her cheeks and sliding down over her well-lubricated cunt. Then, without warning, he brought his hand back and slapped her ass so hard that it stung his palm, her squawk of surprised pain music to his ears. He spanked her over and over as his free hand explored her pussy, watching the way that her hanging tits bounced with each smack. He was overjoyed to find that she became even wetter throughout the course of her spanking.

In between swats, he rubbed her ass cheeks soothingly, gently urging the pain away. Only after she had started to relax again would he surprise her with another hard slap. Kate first begged for him to stop, then wailed, but soon saw that it would get her nowhere, so eventually her wails tapered off to tiny whimpers of discomfort. By the time Jake had finished with her, her ass cheeks were flushed a deep pink from the punishment.

When finished, he sat her up and stared into her tear-stained face. "Thank you for a memorable night, Sweetheart. I'm sorry that we can't continue our little escapade tonight, but the phone call I received was urgent. Luckily, thanks to the camcorders I have hidden throughout the cabin, I've everything we did tonight recorded."

Kate's mouth hung agape as she looked at him in disbelief.

He smiled down at her. "Get what's left of your clothes on and I'll take you home, Baby. But don't worry. We'll pick up where we left off another time."

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by Anonymous02/16/18

I really liked this story; until the ending.

I think it would have been much better if it were longer and she somehow escaped. Then, him thinking, “we’ll pick up where we left off another time”more...

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