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Kate - The First Time


After browsing and reading here for a bit now, I thought I'd try my hand in this field, though as a beginner, I've stuck with what I know and used a (mainly) biographical story from a few years ago... Comments, emails and PMs regarding this are welcome. Hope you enjoy!


Unlike some men, I've never had to think where my predilection for older women came from. It came from Kate.

I was just 20, working in my first proper job -- an office and a desk and everything... Kate wasn't my boss -- his name was Richard - but she was the same grade as he was and I'd see her walk in front of my desk to see him nearly every day. Lucky bastard.

She was 39, medium-height and stunning. Not coming from the classiest part of Liverpool, I'd always had a weakness for well-spoken women (something different) and Kate had a voice that belonged to a newsreader. Her dark blonde hair hung down to her neck, framing her face -- beautiful and more importantly, always smiling. She had a smile that made her face light up, but more importantly, it was a mischievous smile... A smile of promise. That, coupled with her womanly hourglass figure? Well, it just about made her the ideal fantasy, something I more than capitalised on when alone.

The special project came up after I'd been there for about eight months. Kate needed someone to work with her, overseeing one of our developments in the city. My boss 'volunteered' me and I agreed. Excited and nervous, the first week of working with her was a blur, unable to concentrate, stumbling over words and stammering... All of it making her smile That Smile.

I started to notice things. The way she'd cross her legs when I was in the ideal spot to glance up the slit in her skirt. The way she'd lean over to show me something on my PC screen when wearing one of her low-cut tops. If my cheeks were power stations, I would have solved the world energy crisis. She'd just walk away, innocent -- except for That Smile, of course...

Christmas came around. The office party. Her husband -- a sworn nemesis of mine even though I'd never met him and only knew he was called Paul -- would be attending. I made a solemn promise not to drink too much.

Then, the evening itself; me in my best suit, in a low-cut dress that clung to her figure and made her even more impossibly sexy. What's more, she was there by herself. "Here's my special helper. How are you, Michael?" she said as she led me over to the bar. "Let me get you a drink."

"Thanks, Kate. Paul not here then?" I asked, after giving her my order.

"No. Called away on business. Still..." There was The Smile. "Can't let it stop the fun now, can we?" I shook my head and tried not to look at her cleavage.

The night continued like that -- she was the belle of the ball, earning the instant enmity of women nearly half her age just by smiling and waving at the groups of men they were with. All the while, I always seemed to be within five feet of her. After a couple of hours, she came over to talk to me.

"Michael? Not enjoying yourself?"

"Yeah, I am... Just... Not really comfortable at parties."

"You should be more forward, Michael."

"Should I?"

"Yes. If you were more forward, I would have screwed you weeks ago."

I don't know how to write whatever noise came out of my mouth at that point. She smiled at me.

"You're very flattering to have around for an aging woman whose husband is fucking his PA, you know..."

"He's WHAT? He's insane." I blurted out.

"No. He's just Paul. Want to leave?"

I did the most sensible thing I've done since I got to the firm. I nodded and held a door open.

I hailed a cab quickly and we got in, her giving her home address. "He won't be home tonight... Want to come in when we get there?" I nodded again. "Cat got your tongue? Let's see if we can find it, shall we?" She leaned in and kissed me -- like an electric shock reviving a dying man, I was jolted back to my senses. Her mouth on mine, the scent of her, the weight of her chest pressed against me -- even at a young age, I figured that I was being used as revenge -- but in a SNAP, I knew that this was the best "using" I was ever going to get.

The kiss seemed to go on and on, but in reality we were at her house in fifteen minutes. She paid the cabbie, ignoring my protests at wanting to chip in -- "You can pay me back inside" was all she said. The cabbie shot me an envious look and we climbed out, her wide hips in my face as I bent to exit.

She unlocked the door and we were inside, the door slamming firmly behind us. We kissed more intensely in the hall, harder and firmer, our tongues exploring each other's mouths. She slipped a hand down over my shirt and stroked my stiff cock through my suit trousers and grinned against my mouth. "I knew it..." she said into my shoulder as I kissed her neck, gasping at her hand on me there.

"What?" I said, taken aback, not thinking straight.

"This..." she grinned, rubbing me harder. "I knew you'd be big. Good." She grabbed my tie and led me by it through the living room and into the kitchen to retrieve a bottle of champagne from the fridge. "Will you be the man and open this?"

I nodded and started to fumble with the foil and wire cage as she stood behind me, her tits pressing into my back as she kissed my neck and whispered into my ear. "I am going to fuck your brains out tonight, Michael. This-" She rubbed me again, causing me to double over a little, breathless. "-is going to be in every hole I've got..." I thought that her perfect English tones were exciting enough telling me about sales figures; hearing her say these things? Incredible...

The champagne popped and fizzed over the top of the bottle. Grabbing it, she slipped her mouth over the top and sucked. After a mouthful, she swallowed and passed it to me, laughing. "Follow me..."

She walked through to the living room, threw her bag to one side, and unzipped her dress from behind. It slipped down and away from her as she walked, her stepping out of it in one movement. She looked over at her shoulder at me, her hourglass figure wearing only a basic white bra and panties and her heels. She didn't need ornamentation -- lace and silk. She was Venus to me at that moment. I put the bottle on the table.

"Well, you haven't been able to keep your eyes off them in the office, so..." She smiled The Smile again and unclasped the bra, sliding it down her arms and off. "...help yourself." Her breasts were incredible, more than ample, large pink nipples already erect. She took the bra in both hands and slung it round my neck, pulling me close for a passionate kiss and falling backwards onto the sofa with me. My hands were all over her, stroking her sides, her hips, until I moved them up and cupped her tits, squeezing, causing her to gasp against my mouth. "Oh, fuck -- use your mouth!"

I didn't need telling twice. My head dropped and I sucked and licked at them, enclosing my mouth around her whole nipple and sucking as hard as I could, making her cry out. I moved between one and the other, then found I could push them together and take both nipples in mouth at the same time, flicking my tongue in between them, making her arch her back. "Oh, oh Jesus..." she gasped, scratching her fingernails against the top of my head. After a few minutes, she pulled my head up and we kissed some more.

"You're incredible." I managed to speak just briefly in between kisses, my hips involuntarily dry-humping her, though clothed. She pushed my up off her.

"Strip for me" she said, flicking her hair from her face as she leaned up on her elbows. I stood eagerly, shedding my jacket, my tie, kicking my shoes to the floor. As I removed my socks, she slid her fingers into her panties and started to rub her clit, watching as I dropped my trousers, underwear and pulled my shirt over my head. I stood before her naked, fully hard, and breathing heavily as she removed her fingers and sucked on them, looking into my eyes. "Have you had much experience, Michael?" I shook my head as she sat up. "Are you about to cum?"

"I think so. Sorry."

"Nothing to be sorry about, darling. Come here..." She sat up on the edge of the couch as I stepped forward. "You've a lovely cock, you know. What is it, a little over seven inches?" I nodded. "But thick..." She looked at it as she took it in her hand and started to rub back and forth, making it twitch and pulse in her palm. She grinned, leaned in and kissed my stomach, stroking her other hand up and down my thigh. She kissed lower and lower, until her cheek was pressed against the base of my cock and then, looking up at me, she licked and kissed from the base to the tip. My knees buckled and she smiled as she took my cockhead in her mouth for a second, running the tip of her tongue around the swollen head and sucking, before pulling it out again. "Is that nice?" she said, licking and kissing at it while looking at me, cleaning it of precum as her hand started to pull on me again. All I could do was nod. "Good." She dipped her head and moved her mouth as far down my rigid shaft as she could, running both her hands up to my chest. She dug her fingernails into my pectorals and scraped them down the length of my torso as she pulled her mouth back to the tip. I was starting to cum and she could feel it; her motions became faster, sucking with more urgency, dipping her head more quickly, scratching me more firmly. I started to cry out, "Oh God, oh God, ohhhhhhhhhhhhh..." The first jet of cum caught her a little by surprise - her eyes widened -- but she coped, sucking hard and swallowing it and starting to jerk me off with one hand, playing with my balls in the other while rapidly bobbing her head back and forth as a second, third and forth spurt soon followed, my cries louder and louder each time.

Eventually I got some control and she slid me out of her mouth and licked her lips clean before taking a long swig of champagne. "I've had quite an effect on you, haven't I?" I nodded. "Don't worry about cumming so soon, Michael -- I'll get you hard again..." She leaned down to undo her heels and take them off -- "Leave them on" I said, "I like them."

She smiled and lay back on the sofa. Lifting her hips from the cushion, she slid her panties down and dropped them on the floor. "I take it I am OK to take those off, though?" she said, winking. I nodded and knelt down. This was one area I felt comfortable in -- my last girlfriend was a strict Anglican and would only EVER let me eat her out. I'd had a lot of practice. Kate parted her legs and started to rub up and down her pussy lips. I moved confidently in and removed her hand and parted her with my thumbs before licking and sucking on her wet folds. Kate's moans outdid my own I was shocked to notice; I suspected that Paul mustn't do this very often...

"Oh, yes... Oh, lick my clit, Michael!" I slid two fingers into Kate's pussy, feeling its tight, warm wetness for the first time in my life and exposed her clit with my other hand. I teased it at first, lapping around it, kissing it, moving my tongue around it in a circle, causing her to move and buck up under my mouth. I couldn't tease this woman for long. I started to lick and suck on her clit properly and she cried out "OH FUCK, MICHAEL... Oh, fuck... Oh, yes -- lick me..." and slung a leg over my shoulder, pulling me into her. I felt the heel of one of her shoes dig into my back, moving back and forth as I lapped harder, faster at her, my fingers fucking her tight hole with more and more speed, wet noises, her moans, the taste of her already starting to get me hard again...

I felt her cum once then, her words degenerating into moans, cries, heavy deep groaning as her cunt spasmed around my fingers and she started humping her hips up hard onto my face. I let it subside, slowing down my finger-fucking to almost nothing as she subsided, still moaning, chewing her lower lip, before sliding them out completely. She looked at me, red-faced, and I sucked the wet fingers hard. "Oh, you fucking..." she said and sat up, kissing me hard, both of us tasting our own juices on the other's mouths. She grabbed for my cock -- "Are you nearly hard again now?" I nodded and said, "Nearly."

She told me to sit on the sofa and I did. "Nearly?" She straddled me, kneeling and positioned herself above me. "Let's see what we can do about that..." With my cock in her hand she started to lower herself, until she rubbing the head of it up and down the lips of her cunt and around her clit. She moaned and pushed her incredible tits into my face; which I accepted with gratitude. I started squeezing, sucking on them, licking at the nipples, biting at the thick handfuls as she started breathily talking dirty to me -- "I'm going to ride your stiff thick cock so hard, you'll think you've gone to heaven... Do you want to cum on me later? I want that, Michael -- I want to watch you cum, see it splash on me as I rub myself..." -- over and over, non-stop as she moistened the head of my cock with her pussy juice. Soon I was totally rigid again in her hand and she pushed the fat head of my cock into her cunt and lowered herself, kissing me hard and passionately as she did, both of us moaning into each other's mouths.

The sensation of being inside her was incredible; her dripping pussy gripped me perfectly, the head of my cock feeling electric as she started to ride me, holding me in her as she carried on talking. "God, your cock feels soooooo good -- I've wanted this for ages, Michael, have you?" I nodded. "Fuck, you're so big in me. God, I fucking need this... OHHH..." She leant her head back as she started to ride me harder, the noise of her bouncing wetly down onto me getting louder and louder, the back of the sofa booming out as it hit the wall behind. "Oh God, I want to keep fucking you forever..." She kept on as I caught hold of her tits as she rode me, squeezing them and moving them in time with her motions.

Faster and faster she went, arching her back with her hands gripping into my shoulders, her nails digging into me. "Oh, fuck -- oh, fuck -- oh, GOD!" I felt her pussy start to clench me harder as she started to cum again, harder than when I was eating her out. "Oh, hold me down and fuck me, Michael!"

I grasped her hips and turned so she was flat on her back on the sofa and moved myself; I knelt on the cushion with one leg and planted my other foot on the floor and started to buck my hips into her cunt as hard and as fast as I could, pushing her shoulders down with my hands to hold her in place as she scratched and clawed at my chest with her hands, her tits bouncing up and down her chest in time with my pounding. "That's it, fuck me, fuck me -- oh God, FUCK ME, give me that cock -- give it to me..." she shouted at the top of her voice as I fucked her as hard as I could, my own noises limited to almost animal growling in time with each thrust. She carried on cumming and I felt my own release start to jet into her -- six thrusts of my hot cum until she yelled, "Pull out -- let me see, let me see that fat dick! Let me see you cum on me...." I did as she asked and her hot, red and flushed face grinned widely as she grabbed it and started pumping her hand up and down it causing another few spurts to splash across her stomach and tits. "Oh, FUCK!" I said, over and over, unable to utter any coherent thought. She pushed me backwards and moved quickly around, my cum dripping from her onto my leg as she sucked on me again, licking me, savouring the taste of her pussy, my cum, our fucking, rubbing the swollen shaft against her cheek and neck, until we both slumped, breathing like marathon runners and moaning.

She moved slowly up my body, my cock stroking her tits as she did, until we kissed for what seemed like days, recovering ourselves. "Hmmm... I'd best get a shower, don't you think?" I nodded. "Will you be joining me? I did say I wanted you in EVERY hole, didn't I?" she said, raising an eyebrow...

Given that this was only the beginning of Kate and I, is it any wonder I have never had to think where my predilection for older women came from? After this, it only got more intense...

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