Kate the Kid Ch. 12


"Kate," he said, intending it as a warning but her name came out an almost breathless plea.

And then Kate stood up. Her body was that of a goddess or nymph, a huntress or battle deity to be sure. She was so perfect, so beautiful his heart ached. He would gladly trade his life in that moment just for the chance to hold her, but he knew if he did he would be a man lost to his own sensual hell, and in the morning Kate would think this was all he wanted.

"Take off your clothes," she said in a steady, if soft voice.

Rafe started. "What?!"

"You've been a good gentleman, but tonight I don't want a gentleman. I want you, Rafe."

He squeezed his eyes shut knowing no man had ever faced such a trial. "Kate, I-" His eyes flew open at her soft touch on his shirt buttons. She had crossed the room silently and he was frozen, watching those long, slender hands undoing the buttons of his denim armor.

"Rafe, no games tonight. I want this, you want this, why fight it?"

Because I love you and I want you to see that, he wanted to shout, but no sound came out as her hands slipped inside to stroke his bare chest. Rafe sucked in a deep breath and clenched his fists.

"I've been good too, Rafe. I've kept my hands to myself, no matter how many times I wanted to bury them in your hair, to kiss you senseless, to feel your naked body nextta mine." Her twang was gruff with emotion and though his heart pounded, Rafe forced himself to remain still.

She pulled his shirt free but with is arms tightly at his sides it only got halfway down his arms. Kate took a shaky breath and bent to circle nipple with her tongue. Rafe groaned and his eyes closed once more, seeking the strength to fight when every instinct shouted that he grab her and end it in a way that left them both breathless and satisfied.

Something deeper, a voice he didn't often hear, the voice of good sense that sounded suspiciously like Faith, told him she needed this. It had always been a tumble into ecstasy for them before, but perhaps he needed to let Kate take the reins.

Her hands wandered to his waist and below and when he felt her firmly cup his erection he worried for a horrified moment he would spill his seed like some untried youth.

"Mmm, it seems you've been feeling the same way."

He let her lick up his neck as her hands fiddled with the buttons on the front of his jeans, unsnapping them in a slow manner he found to be sheer torture. She claimed his lips then, finally and her let himself hold her arms. Not to clamp down and trap her, but steady himself on shaky feet.

As her tongue slid in her hand clasped his rigid length and he moaned long and low. Rafe was lost and the only fight left in him was to let Kate set the pace.

She stroked him, long and slow, feeling the vibration of his body echo hers. Kate felt powerful and drugged. Before it had been Rafe always guiding them but tonight it was she. The thrill off it almost made her lose composure, but only nerves trained in years of gunfights kept her steady.

He felt so hot and heavy in her hands, her body softening and growing even more damp, aching to feel him fill her. Kate would not rush this, she needed to put all her emotions into her movements, to show him how she felt. She needed to stall and gather the courage to tell him.

Rafe was losing his mind. Her other hand came to cup the base of his head and draw him down further. As he bent he felt Kate land on her full feet and press closer, her hand still stroking.

He wanted to pleasure her but was afraid to break the spell she had cast. Kate solved the problem for him, drawing her back into an arch and forcing his head down lower to the tops of her breasts. He kissed them hungrily, laving them with his tongue, ignoring the most sensitive bits, delighting in her throaty moans.

Finally at a sound of impatience from her lip he used his teeth to lower the sheer material and captured a soft, plump nipple. He suckled and pulled with his teeth, movements he knew she enjoyed, and he was not disappointed.

He felt her grip tighten and her movements still, and Kate's head fell back. He licked and laved, teased and nibbled, and suckled until he felt her legs tremble, and then he moved to the other offering.

Kate mewled and ran her free hand through his hair, arching her back and holding him tightly. At long last she pulled him away and dragged his swollen lip up to hers and claimed him in a deep kiss.

She pulled back and stared him, and he knew he must look a sight. "Now, take off your clothes," she said with a smile.

He easily returned it and slipped his shirt off, tossing it to the floor where his boots and socks soon joined it. His pants came next until he stood naked before her. Kate's eyes burned like pure flame as they swept over him. Rafe had never been one to show off, but he found himself growing more heavily aroused under her regard.

She backed up and let a hand dangle on the bed. "Lay down."

It went against his grit to take orders from anyone and how Rafe wanted to fight, but that damn voice was back. He moved slowly, unaware that his movements were that of a great hunter in her eyes. He lay on the bed, waiting, temper at the edges warring with the sensual anticipation of what was to come.

Her eyes held his and Rafe didn't know what she was seeking there, but he could definitely see she looked for some sign. If she found it, he couldn't say, because Kate suddenly knelt by the bed and grasped his erection again. He felt his pulse thunder through it, growing heavier as she held it and too late he grasped her meaning.

Kate bent her head over it, a daring act for a woman like her, and innocently she kissed him there as she would his lips. The delicateness of it almost wrested his control and he gripped the sides of the mattress and cursed.

She fumbled delicately, experimenting carefully until she learned from his noises what pleased him. She licked him up and down, swirling hr tongue over the head, flicking it at the small ridge under the head. He was almost shouting, his entire body tense, and Rafe thought he was in danger of losing his mind.

Then she sucked him deep and the war was lost. With a loud roar he exploded his pleasure into her mouth, his body shaking and quaking with the force, his hips pumping and hi head tossed back in surrender.

At long last his muscles went limp but his mind was still wound tight. Kate climbed in beside him and snuggled into his side, her body still warm and tight and he was acutely aware that she hadn't found her release. If he had his way she hadn't found the first of dozens he intended that night.

"Let me pleasure you," he said, finding he still wanted permission, still wanted her to feel a measure of control.

"Oh, you will, but for the moment I want to talk."

She looked at him with such fiercely tender hope and it all unraveled. "Kate, I love you."

She froze, about to speak, her delicate mouth formed an O.

"It's not the sex talking, damn it, if I have to pleasure you senseless and walk out her hard as a rock to prove it, I will. I love you Kate and if you argue with me that I don't I swear I'll handcuff you to me until we get back to Frisco, do you hear me?"

"You...love me?" she asked, dazed.

He nodded and gathered her close in hi arms, sprawling her half over him. "I love you and I want you. I want us, whatever that is. You want to ranch, you want to open a hotel, you want to go into the family business, move to a big city, or keep working as a hired gun, whatever it is, I want to share it with you."

She raised a flame colored brow. "You mean that, if I wanted to ride as the Kid you'd be my partner."

He kissed the bridge of her nose where the bare ghost of freckles trailed. "I mean it."

"What about kids?"

"We don't have to have them. I want kids, I honestly do, a whole passel, but if you don't it's your life, and I want us to have our life. Whatever works for us."

After a long moment she lowered her forehead to his. "Do we have to plan this all right now, it's kind of killing the mood."

He laughed and kissed her, rolling them until he was on top, pressed between her legs, earning him a gasp from Kate. "We have our whole lives ahead of us. I meant what I said, Kate. I want you to know how I feel, and if proving it means walking out of this room leaving you with a grin, I'll do it."

"Don't," She said, cupping his cheek. "Spend the night with me. I want to wake up with you here. I want to stop running. Because I..."

His entire being tensed. "Because?"

"Because I love you too."

With that Rafe claimed his woman at last, and set about making sure she knew in excruciating detail just how she felt.

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