tagBDSMKate's Capture Ch. 03

Kate's Capture Ch. 03


Kate awoke with a start, half sitting up, only to be pulled back down to the bed by the short length of chain attached to the collar around her neck. Without thinking, she tried to reach up to the collar but the band around her waist held her wrist chained there. She gave a frustrated cry and pulled on the restraining chains as hard as she could, only to collapse on the bed panting.

"Good Morning," the Captain said as he strode into the room. He wore dark pants, a dark shirt and his boots. He unlocked the neck chain and helped her up. "I thought you might like a turn in the bathroom." He gave her a gentle push toward the small bathroom. "Just the quick necessities. I will give you time for a shower tonight if you earn it."

Kate stood tall inside the doorway and glared at him for a long moment.

He smiled back, amused. "Yes?"

"Move, so I can shut the door."

"You haven't earned privacy yet," his tone held no room for discussion.

Kate's face grew hot in embarrassment. Resolutely not looking at him, she used the toilet only to find the chains weren't long enough for her wipe herself.

"I need you to free my hands," she tried to keep her voice level. She would not show him how humiliating this was.

"Oh? Why?"

"Chained like this, I cannot clean myself properly. You don't want me getting smelly or infected or something."

"No, you are quite right," he stepped over, ripped off some tissue and wipped her himself.

She was still in shock as he forced her to her feet and back into the bedroom. He shook out her braid and brushed her hair with the ease of a man who has done it many times. Kate sat stunned. When would this nightmare end? She felt him braid her hair, quickly, twisting the elastic onto the end and dropping the braid on her back.

"Breakfast?" he asked almost cheerfully.

"No!" Kate looked at him like he was insane, "I don't want to have breakfast with you. I don't want to be fed like a dog. I want to go home. I want my clothes, I want these chains off. And I want this nightmare to end!"

"Of course you do. But this is your reality, Kate. Maybe you will be bought by someone that will give you a place at the table and clothes to wear, but you are never going home." The Captain looked her right in the eye. "Learn to accept it; submit to it."

"Like hell I will!" Anger eclipsed all fear. Kate punched at him with both of her feet, pushing him into the wall with a resounding thud. She dashed for the door, running into the hallway and into the salon. For a long second she froze as several of the men looked at her from around the room.

Frantic, she darted toward the deck door, hoping to get past them before they realized what was happening. Several of the men jumped up, blocking the route between her and the door.

"There isn't anywhere for you to go, Kate." The Captain said from behind her.

Kate tried to find a position where she her back wasn't to any one of the men, but she couldn't find one.

"Kneel on the floor, Kate and I will accept that as your surrender. There will be no punishment. If you do not, you will suffer the consequences."

"I will never submit to you, Asshole!" she yelled at him. Her anger was her undoing. Giving her attention to the Captain, gave Grigor the opportunity to sweep her legs out and push her face down to the floor, holding her there easily with his massive body.

"Get me some rope," The Captain ordered, "And tell Doc we need to feed a reluctant girl." In short order he and Grigor had Kate hogtied and helpless on the floor.

"She's a feisty one, Cap'n," Grigor observed, remembering his first meeting with Kate.

"She is," The Captain agreed, "And they make the best slaves once they are broken."

"Yeah, but we have to survive the breaking."

Doc trundled into the salon a few minutes later, giving Kate a curiously pleased look. "On her knees please. Head back." There was something about his tone that made Kate shiver.

Grigor roughly pulled Kate onto her knees and held her there with a leg on each side of her. He wrapped her braid around his hand and pulled down, forcing her head back. Kate breathed hard, fear making her heart pound. Were they going to kill her? Grigor held her so tightly she couldn't move an inch. She could hear the tearing of paper and the Captain whispering to Doc.

Then the Captain came into her view. His eyes were cold and his voice colder, "You will submit to me, Girl. You will learn to beg me for your meals and be grateful to take it from my hand. You will kneel at my feet by your choice."

He walked out of her line of sight and was replaced by Doc. He held a length of clear plastic tubing and was smiling a smile that almost made Kate ill. She tried to struggle, but Grigor's grip held her tightly.

The next few minutes were hell as Doc forced the tube into her nose and down her throat. She was gagging on the tubing and tears were streaming out of her eyes and still he forced the tubing into her. He finally declared her ready.

"Protein drink, please," Doc asked someone. Kate couldn't see who handed him the bottle, but Doc took it and filled a large plastic syringe. "Nice and cold. Do you know that the colder the fluid, the more prone you will be to have stomach cramps? Funny how that works. But don't worry, I'll be here to watch you suffer."

Kate tried to scream as she felt the ice cold drink hit her stomach. He pushed the fluid in hard and fast and then pulled the tube out. Grigor let her fall back to the floor.

She lay there coughing and moaning as she felt her stomach begin to cramp, praying that they would just leave her alone, when he poked her with the tip of his boots.

"Now that you have eaten, it is time to see about your punishments from yesterday and this morning."

Kate moaned helplessly as the Captain began to drop bundle after bundle of coiled rope on the floor next to her. The first bundle of rope was uncoiled and the Captain folded the rope in half, wrapped it around her waist and brought the rope around to her front where he tied it with a hitch knot. Smiling wickedly, he made a square knot several inches down and pulled the rope between her legs snugly. He made sure the ropes weren't twisted or that they weren't pinching, put the knot would torment her clit every time she moved. He brought the rope up and over the waist rope, tying it off with another knot before separating the two strands of rope and bringing the around her hips to the front. The single ropes looped around the vertical one and pulled them open to form a diamond shape on her front, tightening the crotch rope and then swept to the back to repeat the process again before being tied off.

Satisfied with that, the Captain, took another length of rope and released the ones that were holding her. Kate flopped almost bonelessly on the floor stunned, giving him enough time to reposition her arms and retie them behind her back with the new length of rope. She whimpered as he wrapped the rope around chest, above and below her breasts, circling around the back of her neck and tightening between her breasts. With her upper body secure he grabbed her left leg and bent it at the knee, wrapping rope around her thigh and calf and then securing it so she could not unbend her leg.

The Captain and Grigor lifted her up on her one free leg and balanced her there as they attached another rope to the rope harness he had created on her body. Grigor held this so she wouldn't topple over, while the Captain took the last length of rope and wrapped it around her left ankle. The trailing end of this rope was passed through a bolt. With adjustments in the two ropes they suspended Kate from the ceiling of the room, balancing her precariously on her one foot.

Kate yelped as the ropes tilted her forward so she felt she was falling. The only way to stand was on her tiptoe and even then it felt like the rope would break. She wanted to fight it, to struggle against it, but the fear of the ropes breaking and her falling was stronger.

Somewhere in the back of her mind, she knew this is what he planned, that logically, the ropes would hold her; however, getting the rest of her mind to accept that was another matter.

"Comfortable now, Kate?" The Captain asked solicitously.

"Go to hell, you Bastard," she whispered back, struggling to find the balance that would never be there. Her stomach cramped from the cold drink, but the ropes kept her from being able to bend to ease the pain.

"I see you didn't learn your lesson yesterday, so perhaps another day with a gag will teach you." He held out his hand knowing that one of his men would hand him the item that he needed. Indeed, the ball gag was put into his hand. His eyes caught the flicker of fear in her eyes. And while she didn't open wide for the gag, he noticed that she didn't fight as hard as she could have. He was wearing her down.

He stepped back to admire her in the ropes. She was beautiful. He cursed that she was a virgin and he would have to wait to have time with her. Still, he could enjoy flogging her for the first time. The ropes would provide her with some protection, but she would feel enough of it to make it worth the effort.

He took the flogger and gave a few practice strokes to limber up, letting her hear the swish of the leather in the air. Yes, he heard her moan in fear behind the gag. He let the suspense build, watched her struggle against the unnatural position of the ropes and then he struck with precision. The leather bit at her flawless skin and left red marks on her exposed inner thigh. Her muffled scream and wide eyes made him aroused.

"Grigor," he spoke, his eyes never leaving the trembling, bound form before him, "Get that Missy girl up here. I will have need of her when I am done."

"Aye, Captain."

He ran the strands of the flogger through his fingers a few times and then swung again, striking the soft curve of her backside once, twice, three times – each time harder than before. He ran his fingers lightly over the reddened skin, marveling at the texture and feeling. She marked perfectly. He stepped back and began a steady flogging of her ass and upper thighs.

Again he ran his hand over the red skin, feeling the heat, feeling her flinch and hearing her muffled moan. Curious, he ran his fingers along the crotch rope. The girl was soaking wet. He showed his wet fingers to the men watching and the small room erupted in catcalls and laughter.

"Captain," gasped Paddy in laughter, "Now we know why she's been fighting you so hard. She's just wanted you to beat her until she comes."

The Captain reached up and painted her lips with her own juices, watching the tears roll down her face. He wanted her on her knees at his feet. He wanted to see her submitting to him of her own free will. He wanted her for himself.

Surprised at the strength and intensity of this desire, he walked away from Kate. What was wrong with him? He had never wanted one of the girls this way before. Oh, he has wanted the girls before – wanted them to screw them or whip them, but never wanted one like he did this one. Suddenly the idea of selling of Kate didn't please him at all.

"Grigor!" he yelled sharply, "Hurry it up!" The Captain dropped the heavy flogger and picked up the lighter breast flogger and set to work on Kate's helplessly dangling breasts. She jerked and flinched in the ropes and screamed into the ball gag. He lashed at her steadily until Grigor pulled a struggling Missy into the room. Missy took in the situation quickly and stopped struggling. She wasn't about to get herself strung up like that and have them beat the living tar out of her if she could avoid it. She watched the Captain come over to her, a flogger still in his hand.

"I understand that you enjoyed yourself last night, Missy." She heard the tension in his voice.

"Well, whatever you put in the wine did the trick," she replied cautiously, her eyes darting back to the moaning figure of Kate.

The Captain grinned, "There was nothing in the wine, Girl. That was just you."

Missy looked stunned and then said rather imperiously, "Someone spiked my wine then, because I can assure you, I don't act that way."

"You did. And right now you are going to get on your knees and give me some relief before I decide to have you join her." He flicked at her thighs with the breast flogger, just hard enough to make her squeak with surprise and dance where she stood.

Missy dropped to her knees and reached for the Captain's pants. She hated to admit it to herself, but she was eager to see what he was like and even more eager to feel her mouth around him. She was still frustrated from last night. After all that hard, wonderful sex, not a single one of the men had let her orgasm. Then they had cuffed her hands so she couldn't touch herself and left her until now. Her sleep had been filled with dreams of sex and need and even now, her body was throbbing with desire.

She freed the Captain's hard cock and began to suck on it, her mind busy with ideas. She remembered the Captain saying that the other four crew men were going to have her today. Maybe if she could get the Captain to be interested in her instead of Kate, he would give Kate to them and she would only have to deal with him. In time, she could control him. She gave herself to sucking him with total passion.

The Captain moaned in pleasure at her enthusiasm and thrust into her mouth hard. He kept his eyes on Kate, imagining it to be her. He wrapped his fingers into her hair and pulled Missy even closer, pumping down her throat as she sucked and moaned and caressed his legs. He came with a long, shuddering gasp, forcing Missy to swallow his cum or choke on it. Releasing her only when he was sure he was done and pushing her away.

He tidied himself and looked at Missy, lying on the floor, stunned, "You seem eager enough to take care of the rest of the men. Grigor, keep your eye on Kate. I'll be back to see her get her lunch. The rest of you get to your work."

Butch, Viktor and Soren gathered around Missy. Doc came over with the bag of counters and offered them to the men. Soren drew the first go, with Butch second and Viktor third. There seemed to be some understanding that Doc would go last.

Soren pushed her onto her back and began pounding on her immediately. He roughly squeezed a breast in each hand, laughing as Missy cried out at the discomfort of both the sex and his mauling. She struggled under him, trying to find a position where it wouldn't hurt as much.

"You're hurting me! Stop!" She pushed on his chest.

He backhanded her hard enough that she tasted blood. Fear welled up in her and she screamed, struggling now as hard as she could. To his surprise, she managed to shove him off of her. She tried to roll on her side, curling up against the pain. Soren grabbed her by her shoulders, partially lifting her and slammed her against the floor. He forced her legs open again and thrust back in with a pleased sigh. God, this was almost too good for words. He came in her with a triumphant shout, thrusting deeply.

Missy lay stunned, gasping for air, her whole body aching and throbbing as Soren left her and Butch rolled her over onto her stomach. He prodded at her ass, smearing some of Soren's cum around the puckered hole. The realization of what he was doing hit Missy.

"Oh, God, No! Please, No! Please, Don't," she begged, turning around and clinging to his legs, "Please, don't do that me, not there! I beg you."

Butch laughed, "And what will you do for me if I don't?" He motioned to Soren to bring two lengths of rope.

Thinking she was getting somewhere, Missy's hope's revived, "I'll – I'll give you a blow job – a good one, and I'll – I'll –"

Butch grabbed her right hand and quickly tied it tightly to her right ankle, "Bitch, you're gonna give me a blow job anyway. You're gonna take my cock anywhere I want to put it." He tied her left wrist to her left ankle and flipped her back over onto her face so her ass was sticking up in the air.

He lubricated her asshole again and began to push in. He moaned at the tightness of her ass as she yelped. She had thought last night that she was being stretched apart, but this guy felt like he was twice as big. She begged and pleaded and still he forced himself into her ass until she was sobbing. Then he began to thrust, pulling almost all the way out and then shoving himself back in hard, laughing at her scream. Over and over he thrust into her until her pushed deeply, squirting his cum inside of her. He pulled out, slapping her on the ass only to have Viktor thrust himself into the same hole seconds later. Viktor pounded at her and pounded at her for what seemed like hours until her finally pulled out and sprayed her back with hot spurts of semen.

To her surprise Doc untied her and rolled her over, touching her gently. "Shh, it's okay now," he crooned softly, holding his body close to her, "I'm not going to hurt you. I won't let anyone hurt you."

She clung to him crying, her whole body aching from the abuse of the other three men. Gently, Doc began to stroke her body – a soft caress to her breasts, a gentle touch to her clit – until her body began to respond and Missy found herself getting closer and closer to orgasm. He laid her on her back and slipped between her legs, sliding in painlessly and began to gently make love to her, still teasing her body to a higher level. He bent down and suckled her nipples until she begged him to stop because she didn't think she could take the sensation of it anymore.

"Do you want to come?" he whispered to her, teasing her yet higher.

"Yes," she moaned, "yes!"

"Then come for me," he commanded. He moved his hands from her breasts to around her throat and began to cut off her air, a strange smile on his face.

Missy's eyes grew wide as she realized what he was doing. She tried to claw his hands off, but his positioning gave him the leverage and her struggling was using up her oxygen. She felt herself orgasm, but it didn't matter. Air. She needed air. She struggled frantically and felt him come inside of her. And then there was darkness.

Kate struggled with herself. She could smell dinner cooking. Any moment he and Doc would be back. She felt tears slide down her face. She couldn't keep fighting. He had proven that he would just win.

She glanced over to where Missy lay on the floor sleeping. She thought the doctor had killed her earlier. She wasn't dead just unconscious. Soren had fastened a collar around Missy's neck and fastened her to a leg of the table by a length of rope.

Right before lunch, the Captain had come by and checked on both of them. Missy was still unconscious, but otherwise was breathing fine. He then moved over to Kate. He ran his fingers over the marks on her body from the flogging, caressing them like a connoisseur. He did not speak to her, but called Doc over and had him put the tube down her nose again to feed her. Then he had Doc catheterize her. The shame was horrible. She sobbed as they finally lowered her left leg, massaging it briskly, only to bind her right leg and put it up in the same suspension.

The afternoon passed in a daze of growing horror. Missy came to and was given some food by Francis who was in the room watching both of them. Kate began to realize that the more time that passed, the closer it got to another encounter with Doc and his feeding tubes. She didn't think she could take another forced feeding, let another session with the catheter. Her whole body ached from being tied and suspended. By the time the Captain entered the small salon again Kate was almost desperate. She tried calling out to him.

He came over and took a handkerchief from his pocket and wiped up the drool from her ball gag, "You seem to wanting to communicate something to me."

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