tagBDSMKate's Capture Ch. 05

Kate's Capture Ch. 05


The Captain was livid as he went into the generator room. When Malachi had said he had locked Kate away for the night, he had assumed he had put her in the training cells. He would never have subjected her to this kind of torture for just doing what any girl would have done. He knelt and slid back the bolts to the trap door. He could smell fear, perspiration and urine. He pushed a switched which started a hydraulic lift under the floor. An exhausted and dazed Kate emerged and flopped helplessly to the floor at his feet. He cut the rope and lifted her in his arms without a word.

Kate couldn't help herself. The darkness and night and pain had been endless. She knew that he had captured her, but he had taken her out of there and now she clung to him. She had no more tears to shed. She began to shake and found she could not stop.

A strange anger building, the Captain took her into the training building and began to bark orders to one of the guards that often helped him. Missy watched curiously from her cell but didn't say anything.

A hot bath was drawn with scented oils. Very carefully, the Captain lowered Kate into the water and gently bathed her and washed her hair. He murmured softly to her how he was going to take care of her and make her feel better. By the time he had her out of the tub and wrapped in a large white towel, the guard had returned with a tray of food and a pitcher.

The Captain carried her to an empty cell and put her on the mattress motioning the guard to bring in the tray, "You are going to eat all of this and drink as much of this water as possible. If you want more, call out for it and it will be brought to you. I am going to bring you a pillow and some blankets. When you are done eating, I want you to sleep. Do you understand me?"

Kate nodded, still trembling, "Yes, Sir."

The Captain leaned over and kissed her forehead, "That's my good girl."

Kate felt an odd sense of warmth spread through her at his praise. Why should his praise mean so much to her? Confused, she began to eat the warm food while the guard watched her.

The Captain came back with a pile of blankets, sheets and a pillow. He stayed, making sure she finished her food and most of the water before making up the mattress himself and tucking her into the bed.

"Unless you need to make use of the toilet, you will remain in the bed. Do not make me punish you, Kate." His tone was low and gentle.

The bed felt so good that Kate felt like she would never leave it, "Yes, Sir."

He kissed her again on the forehead and smoothed back her hair, "I'll be back tonight."

Kate thought she heard sadness in his voice.

The Captain sat down across from Malachi and poured himself a cup of coffee, "You had no right to do what you did." He managed to keep his voice calm.

Malachi laid down his newspaper, "I am so sorry you didn't approve." The sarcasm hung heavily between them.

The Captain pushed his anger back, "She could have died the way you had her bound. That damn hole of yours is horrible enough without trying to strangle her to death."

With a shrug, Malachi refreshed his coffee, "I doubt she will try running again."

There was a long silence before the Captain spoke again, "I think we should postpone the auction."

"Whatever for?" Malachi looked at him suspiciously, "The buyers are here; the girl is here. What good reason do you have for this ridiculous idea?"

"She is no shape for the stress of an auction and then...." The Captain looked into his coffee, not liking the idea of what would happen to Kate tonight, "She was in bad shape this morning. A few days of recovery would be beneficial."

"No." The pronouncement had a solid finality to it. "She will be auctioned tonight."

Malachi watched the Captain carefully. He had never acted this way about a slave before. He hoped his boy wasn't getting attached to the merchandise. He picked up the paper nonchalantly and shook it out. "I was thinking it might be time to visit your sister."

The Captain froze, staring at Malachi with deep hatred and fear. He tried to keep his voice calm, "Have I done something to displease you?"

Behind the paper, Malachi smiled, "You seem to need a reminder that I own you, boy."

"The agreement was that I train the girls for you and you leave my sister alone," the Captain's voice was like ice.

Malachi slowly folded the newspaper and smiled at the Captain, "Fuck with me, argue with how I punish the merchandise or try to do something stupid, and your sister will be joining Missy in entertaining the rest of the island, and I will have you up on the auction block with your dear Kate. Lady Crystal is still very interested in you." He watched the flash of fear in the Captain's eyes and smiled darkly, "I have asked her to come tonight to be at the auction and stay while with us. I think you will entertain her afterwards...to keep your mind off of things."

"That's not necessary," he assured Malachi stiffly, "I will do my job to your satisfaction."

Malachi sipped at his coffee, "Oh, I do think it is necessary. It has been far too long since you had a reminder of what I could do to you if I want. Now, I am tired of talking to you. Go train someone."

Kate woke, blinking sleepily. The Captain stood over her dressed in a deep crimson shirt, black dress pants and his shinning black boots. She felt a warmth toward him in that moment, that passed as she heard the coldness in his voice.

"It's time to get up, Kate. I have to get you ready for auction."

Kate stood up and did not resist as he cuffed her hands behind her back and hooked the leash to her collar. Where was there to go in this cell? Why fight and get more bruises and more time in that hole?

They traveled in silence out of the training cells and across the grounds to a large distinctive building. She noticed that it was late afternoon and she could hear what sounded like a party on the other side of the building. Unlocking one of the doors, he brought her into a room of cement block. One wall was tiled for a shower. Nearby was a toilet. The opposite wall had a large mirror and wardrobe cabinets.

The Captain moved purposefully, opening cabinets and taking out items. Kate took a step back when she realized that the equipment was for an enema. Once the Captain had the bag filled with warm water, he turned to her calmly.

"Kate, this is inevitable. You can cooperate and it won't be as unpleasant, or I can call for Doc to come and do it his way. It's your choice. Now bend over and grab your ankles or I'll get on the radio." There was no anger or impatience to his voice, just the matter-of-a-fact tone she was becoming familiar with.

Reluctantly, she bent over. She tried to let her mind go somewhere else during the process, but she could feel the warm water invading her and filling her. He made her stay that way for the longest time before he let her empty herself. He filled her two more times before he declared her clean. Cleaned out, he ordered her into the shower. He tossed her various products for her to use. Numbly, she used them all as directed. After the shower, he had an employee come into the room and massage oil into her skin and do her hair.

Kate looked at him in the mirror, "Sir, may I ask a question?"

He nodded curtly.

"What is going to happen?" she asked the question that had been burning at her since he woke her up.

"The buyers are going to bid on you. Whoever bids the highest gets to use you however he wants for up to twenty-four hours. Then you are returned to me for further training.

Kate was amazed at her calmness, "Wouldn't I be worth more to be sold as a virgin at the end of the training?"

He shook his head, "No. The men that will want to buy you later will want to buy you for your skill, for what I will train you to do. The men tonight only want you for your inexperience. It might not be that bad. If you fight and struggle, it can be pretty bad. Give into your passions, Kate and make the best out of this. They are going to have you and there is nothing you can do about it."

She opened her mouth to tell him what a sick bastard he was, but he stepped forward and put his finger over her mouth, his eyes dark with warning, "Do you want to go to the auction block with an application of hot sauce? Your twisting and squirming will inflame the passions of the men to want you more than they already will. Any thoughts of gentleness will be gone."

For a moment, Kate thought she was going to be ill. She finally managed a whispered, "No, Sir."

"Good Girl." He went to the wardrobe and looked at the selection of outfits. What would best present Kate? He toyed with the idea of something exotic, but she wasn't really exotic. Her lure was her girl next door freshness. He reached inside for a white nylon slip and tangle of strings that someone had decided made a thong. He tossed them to Kate.

"Put these on."

Kate obeyed, grateful to have clothing of any kind. She did not realize that the simple sheer garment made her more alluring than if she had been completely naked.

He went back to the wardrobe and returned with a gold metal collar that he snapped shut around her neck. Matching cuffs went around her wrists and fastened behind her back. Attaching a lead to the collar, he inspected her. She was delightful. She had an air of a young doe ready to bolt that would have the buyers bidding heavily for her. Her fear was tangible and delicious. If he had the money, he would be tempted to bid on her himself.

"Is she ready?" Malachi asked, bustling into the room, his face dark against his pure white suit. He spied her and smiled evilly, "You have outdone yourself this time. Has she been good?"

The Captain nodded, feeling the lead tighten in his hand as Kate edged back from Malachi. He gave her a stern look.

"Excellent. Then I shall let her see her visitor," Malachi chuckled.

"I don't think that is a very good idea," The Captain protested.

"Nonsense," Malachi waved away his words as he beckoned someone from the door.

For a moment, Kate's heart leapt with excitement as her Uncle walked through the door. She was rescued! She took several steps forward and then stopped as understanding hit her. She blinked in stunned bewilderment as her Uncle walked around her, looking at her with pure lust in his eyes.

"You look good like that, Kate. I think this life will suit you."

Kate glanced at the Captain who gave a small nod to confirm her suspicions. She looked back at her Uncle, moving away from him until the Captain shortened her leash, forcing her down to her knees.

"You arranged to have us captured!" she accused.

Her uncle smiled and nodded, lifting Kate's chin with his hand, "Always the smart one."

"Why?" she begged.

"Money. Yours mostly. Do you have any idea what your trust fund is really worth? Do you think I was just going to hand it over to you? What a shame that you were lost at sea. So very tragic." Sarcasm laced his words.

"But your own daughters?" Kate tried to draw back as her Uncle fondled her breast, but the leash was too short.

"Their wild behavior would have destroyed any chance I had at public office." He laughed at the expression on her face.

Malachi laughed too and then said, "It is time to take your seat. We will start the auction in a few minutes. Let me show you out."

The Captain frowned as he pulled Kate back up to her feet. What was Malachi thinking? Kate should never have known about that. Still, it had put a look of shock and fear on her face that one only usually got with the first few hours of taking a girl captive. He took advantage of her stunned condition to lead her from the room to the curtained off auction block. Handling her firmly, he un-cuffed her and re-fastened the cuffs above her head. He took a few moments to readjust some of the lights to shine on her better and then pushed the button to open the curtains.

The audience was small, only seventeen bidders, but to Kate it was unbearable. Fear overcame her shock and began to pull on the cuffs, twisting in the bonds, desperate for escape, unaware that her actions only aroused the buyers. Dimly she heard Malachi speaking, but the words were meaningless. She looked at the Captain, standing sternly in his crimson silk shirt and black slacks.

"Please, Sir, please, don't do this to me, please!" tears gleamed in her eyes and one rolled down her cheek, the lights making it glisten like a diamond.

He reached up with the training crop and stroked her neck, letting the buyers see her unconsciously stretch her neck in pleasure at its touch. He listened to the bids with controlled amazement. He knew she was going to fetch a good first night price, but this was outstanding. He tried not to listen to her begging, as she got more desperate. Do not get attached to the merchandise, he reminded himself.

"Sold!" Malachi proclaimed and there was a smattering of applause. "The winner can come sign the terms of use contract and then retrieve his prize. The rest of you may return to the party. We have a new training slave named Missy who is eager to please all of you, and Jocelyn is back for flogging."

The Captain brushed his thumb over Kate's cheek, "Be obedient and it will go easier for you. There is pleasure to be had. I will be there to get you in the morning."

As gently as he could, he took down her arms and refastened them behind her back. He had not been paying attention to who had bought her, as his concern was her, but it was no surprise to him when Ahmed came up, his bodyguard in tow.

Kate saw him and started backwards as the realization that he was going to have her for the night. She had bit him last night and now he was free to do whatever he wanted. The leash jerked her back and pulled her toward Ahmed. "So, my dangerous little toy, I look forward to teaching you the consequences of biting." He purred at her, smiling when she made a noise of pure fear.

The Captain's face did not change expression, "I assume you read the part in the contract about permanent damage?"

"Yes!" Ahmed spat out annoyed as he pulled a reluctant Kate toward the door.

"And you read the clause about her being a flight risk?"

"Of course!" Ahmed sneered, flicking his crop sharply at Kate to keep her from dawdling.

The Captain gave a soft sigh of resignation. Kate was going to have a long and unpleasant night. It was just going to make her training all that more difficult as he would have to train out of her the terror and bad treatment of her first night. He went off to see if the crew had a pool set up on if Kate would try an escape from Ahmed.

"Captain Richards," a silky voice said behind him, "A delightful auction. Such a tempting little morsel you found."

He turned with a sinking heart but managed a polite half bow, "Lady Crystal, you are as lovely as always."

"Malachi said that you were mine tonight," she ran her fingers under his collar and gave him a smile that sickened him.

The guesthouse was luxuriously appointed and Ahmed entered giving the chain lead a hard yank that sent Kate sprawling across the floor, unable to catch herself. He watched her like a predator playing with an injured bird as his men set about unpacking his belongings and preparing him a drink. Ahmed shed the outer robe of his traditional clothing and took a step toward his prey, delighted to see the fear in her eyes, the way she tried to crawl backwards. Oh, she was going to be worth every dollar he had spent.

"I think I shall rid you of these silly bits of clothing. You are a whore, so you should be used to be naked like a whore." He reached into his belt where he kept his dagger and pulled it free of its sheath. Kneeling, he cut the white fabric of the slip and pulled it off her body, tossing the garment aside. The stringed excuse for panties he just tore away, wanting her to feel his force over her. Kate shook as the realization of her helplessness started to sink in. She kept trying to inch away from him, knowing it wouldn't help, but she couldn't stop herself.

He was too excited to wait any longer. Ahmed grabbed her by the ankle and yanked her back toward him. He pulled his robes up, forced her legs open, grinning as she began to struggle and fight. He let her for a bit and then held his dagger to her throat, pressing the sharp blade against her skin until he saw a drop of bright, red blood. She was still now, but he could feel her heart pounding. He loved this part, tasting their fear, watching their eyes begging, feeling their naked bodies under his.

"Spread your legs for me whore," he hissed. Ah, the sweet sound of her misery as she obeyed. He savored it as he thrust into her, feeling her innocence tear. She cried out in shock and pain, struggling again to free herself from the pounding he started to give her. He knew he was big and long and often uncomfortable for experienced women. He dropped the dagger and groped at her breasts, pulling on her nipples and mashing them down, trying to make her scream. By all that was holy, he wanted her to scream and beg!

Kate thought that he was going to kill her by ripping her open and fought against his onslaught, but nothing she did could stop the painful pounding. He had to stop, didn't he? He twisted a nipple and she cried out in pain, but that only seemed to spur him on to thrust harder. The battering seemed endless and just as she thought she might mercifully pass out, he thrust hard and pushed, grunting, and she could feel something squirting inside her. He pulled out laughing, calling out something in Arabic to his men. There was more laughter.

Ahmed stood with a satisfied smile as Kate began to curl on her side into a fetal position. He had taught her who the Master here was. It was a lesson she would not soon forget. Feeling gracious, he unfastened her hands and locked the neck chain to a ring on the wall for that purpose. He would go have a smoke with his men and recover some before he took her tight ass. Now that would be pleasure.

Kate watched him stride into the other room, leaving her chained up like a disobedient puppy. She was more than happy to be left alone. Curled up against the pain, she rocked softly, her mind frantically searching for some way out of this hell.

Forty-five minutes later, Ahmed came back in, followed by his bodyguard who strained under a leather-padded bench. Placing the bench where he was directed, he gave a respectful bow and left the room. Releasing the neck chain, he ordered Kate to arrange herself on the bench with her ass in the air, or else. He was just congratulating himself on how meekly she was obeying him when he realized the meekness was feigned and underneath it was anger and hatred.

Kate had managed to conceal the dropped dagger and when she was close enough lunged at Ahmed. Too late, she realized he had seen the danger. He sidestepped her blow and while the knife still cut, it was not the incapacitating cut she had hoped for. He cried out in anger and surprise.

Frantic, Kate bolted toward the door. Her fingers fumbled with the lock but even with that delay, she had the door open and was running for her life across the sand. She heard laughter from the party and a voice calling out that Ahmed had lost his slave. Malachi shouted out that whoever caught her would get a thousand dollars. She darted toward a cluster of buildings and pressed herself into a doorway. Her mind raced as she tried to figure out where she could hide. The sounds of men looking for her grew closer. In fright, she darted forward again to another building and tried the door. It was locked. She pressed herself into the shadows as several men ran by shouting to one another. The darkness hid her for now, but for how long? Could she make it to the boat? She edged around the building to another door and found an unlocked door and slipped inside. As she turned Kate was stunned. She found herself in the auction room, having entered from the client's door. The stage was still brightly lit and hanging from the display was the Captain, his arms stretched out. His crimson shirt hung around his waist in shreds. She took a step closer in awed horror as she realized that his chest was covered in marks, some of them bleeding. He lifted his head and looked at her; their eyes meeting.

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