tagBDSMKate's Capture Pt. 02 Ch. 02

Kate's Capture Pt. 02 Ch. 02


Kate felt the plane start to move and whimpered as tears began to roll down her face. She was able to move some more and managed to roll into a fetal position, as if that would somehow protect her.

Dimly, she felt Ahmed remove her shoes and begin to unbutton the long cotton dress he had made her wear. Part of her mind registered his gentleness. Part of her wanted to fight, but why? He had already proven he had the upper hand, he could over power her.

The plane bumped along as it taxied. There was no help for her here. None. Her mind moved ahead frantically. They would have to refuel, but it was doubtful she would be let out of the plane or anywhere near the people at that airport. If he were smart, she thought, he would knock her out just to be safe. Somehow she had to avoid that.

The plane stopped and the whine of the engines increased as the spun up to full speed. The plane trembled with the power and the slowly began to move. Ahmed slid the dress from her body and Kate couldn't hold back the strangled sob of despair.

Gently he stroked her body, glorying in her smooth, soft, pale skin. "You are so beautiful, my Little Doe," he whispered. "You have been a great deal of trouble, but I think it is well worth it now that I have you again."

He rolled her onto her back, smiling at the groggy attempts to resist. Her beautiful dark brown hair spread over the pillowcase in a tangle of curls. Her dark brown eyes shimmered with tears.

Never taking his eyes off her face, he reached down and began to tease her clit. She jumped under his hand and moaned in fear. She was nicely wet from her fear. Curious to her reaction, he pressed two fingers into her body and began to fuck her with them. She was so tight around his fingers that he could not resist a moan of his own. He teased and finger fucked her until she was close to the edge, her fighting now groggy attempts to meet his pumping fingers.

With a wicked smile he drew out his fingers and left her panting in need. There was no hurry to let her be pleasured. He fully intended to have her know by the end of the trip that he was in control.

Her body throbbed and Kate bit her lip not to beg for more. She was not a slut. She heard herself whimper at the throbbing need that seemed to fill her. Suddenly there was pain so sharp that she arched. Ahmed was pinching her nipples. He didn't let go and the pain filled her in a wonderful way that made her ache for more, yet wanted it to stop.

"Please..." she gasped at the raw need for more.

"Please what, Little Slave?" He teased her, twisting her nipples a bit to ratchet up the pain. Her hips lifted, begging, against her will. He teased her clit again drawing out a cry of need that made him hard.

"Oh, God! Please!" she wasn't sure what she was begging for now.

He let go and grabbed her wrists, pulling them over her head. Straddling her, he pressed himself against her wiggling body. The short term drug was beginning to wear off. He could see the desperation in her eyes, so beautiful.

"Please..." she sobbed. How could this man make her feel this way? This wasn't at all like that other day when he had taken her. She could feel his hard cock pressing against her and she knew that if he took her, it would ease the throbbing pain, but she couldn't beg for that.

Ahmed chuckled, reading in her face, her every thought., "So hungry, Little Slave. There is nothing wrong with what you want, but I will make you beg, and beg prettily. Be assured that when I use you, I will take my pleasure of you, but unless you beg to cum, I will allow you none."

He got off the bed, leaving her squirming. He got too leather cuffs from a compartment and returned to the bed. He chuckled again when she tried to resist his strength. He easily held he locked the cuffs around her tiny wrists and then hooked them to a latch on the headboard.

He sat on the edge of the bed, "When did you eat last, Little Doe?"

Kate frowned in confusion at the sudden change of subjects. He drove her to the edge of begging and then started asking about food? "Breakfast...."

A stinging slap to her face brought tears to her eyes that rolled down the sides of her head.

"Breakfast, Master...." She gasped as she realized her error.

"So you must be hungry?" Ahmed ran a finger down her chest and around her hard nipples.

"Yes... yes, Master."

"You disobeyed me at the airport," he ran his finger down the soft concave of her belly. It was interesting, he thought idly, she had kept herself shaved after she had escaped. He gently touched her pussy lips, smiling at the groan from her.

"I am sorry, Master, please.... Please forgive me." Kate struggled to be still, struggled not to respond to the touch of this man.

Kate visibly relaxed some. How hard was that? Maybe there was hope of turning the tables on this man in some way.

Ahmed smiled again and left the bed, walking over to the wall intercom. He spoke in Arabic, ordering his dinner. In a few minutes the fragrant meal was brought in.

Kate's eyes widened as her mouth began to water at the smell of the spiced meat. Her stomach growled painfully. She heard his soft laugh and felt something brush over her lips, smelled the meat. She opened her mouth to get the bite, but there was nothing except a touch of the meat sauce. She licked her lips, savoring the flavor, her stomach aching

"I must punish you." For a moment his heart ached at the fear that showed so quickly on her face. He knew that Malachi had been extremely harsh with her. There were more effective punishments than outright torture. "You will have no food for 24 hours."

Never had she known how powerful the smell of food was. Never had she wanted something she couldn't have, like she wanted to eat that meal. She lay there, trying not to think of food, but it lingered even after his dishes were taken away.

So engrossed in her need for dinner, she did not hear him shed his clothes. When she felt his naked body against hers, she struggled in panic. She was no match for his strength as he pushed into her.

She gasped in shock and need. She had no idea what he whispered to her in Arabic, but she tried to get more of his thick cock, pressing up against him. She would not beg... she would not beg!

Skillfully, Ahmed used her body, teasing her, tormenting her until she writhed under him like a mad woman, her only thought that of climax. He kept her on the edge of need until she was sobbing. And then he pulled out, spraying his cum on her glowing, damp skin. She screamed in anger at being left in throbbing need.

"God, damn you, you bastard!" Kate yelled in frustration.

"I thought they trained the cursing out of you, Khansaa. Such bad manners. I guess I will need to work on that myself."

He got up and went back to the toy compartment, retrieving this time a metal gag. He managed to slip it in her mouth as she tried to frantically apologize. As the metal tab pressed down her tongue, Kate struggled desperately. It was like having a cold metal tongue depressor locked into your mouth. The gag did not fill her mouth, nor would it stretch her jaw painfully. She realized that she could wear this for some time. The gag was just long enough to keep her from gagging, but she was just on the verge of it.

She felt him get on the other side of the bed and pull the covers around him. Her stomach growled painfully again and she began to cry. It was a long time before exhaustion finally put her into a restless sleep.

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