tagBDSMKate's Heavenly Hell Ch. 08

Kate's Heavenly Hell Ch. 08


If you aren't into chastity stories, please don't read, and don't leave dumb comments. If you haven't enjoyed the previous 7 chapters, you probably don't need to read or comment on this one.

If you have read the previous chapters, you know that Kate just locked me up when I was about to cum and planned to leave me locked up for 2 weeks.


Kate locked the cage around my cock.

"Um, Kate, where is the key?" I asked with concern.

Kate just looked blankly at the empty chain that usual had the key on it. She obviously didn't know where it was and was getting worried.

After an ominous pause Alexa said confidently, "Don't worry, I've already put is somewhere safe".

Kate's eyes began to burn with lust. She always got so turned on when she couldn't unlock me even if she wanted to. Kate pushed my head down to her pussy and moaned.


Once Kate and Alexa recovered from their climax, they lay together kissing each other lovingly. I slid up and spooned Kate, pressing my frustrated cock against Kate's ass, I cupped her generous boob in my hand. After a few minutes I started playing with her nipple and was rewarded with a gentle moan as her nipple started to harden.

Kate turned onto her back and kissed me, "you sure know how to turn me on lover." Kate slid her hand down to my trapped cock and started massaging my balls. Alexa, never one to be left out began flicking Kate's other nipple with her tongue. Enjoying the attention, Kate started to gently finger her own pussy.

As Alexa and I started to kiss, suck, and lick Kate's titties, Alexa began fingering herself as well. My cock kept trying harder and harder to get hard, but the cage kept him under control. With a little help from my hand Kate and Alexa brought themselves to another climax, this time a little gentler than the last one. Both of them fell asleep with that 'after sex' glow. I lay awake with an aching dick, thinking about the upcoming two weeks. It was obvious these girls were going to keep me horny and desperate for the whole two weeks, enjoying endless orgasms for themselves.


True to expectations, Kate made sure to keep me desperate and frustrated every day. Alexa and Kate enjoyed orgasms together while enjoying my denial. I loved devouring my wife's pussy and her best friend's. They took turns stimulating my aching balls with their manicured hands and their mouths. They gave each other cunnilingus while my cock stayed chased.

Finally two weeks later on Friday evening, it was month end and Alexa had completed her move. I was eager to finally get out of the high security steel cock cage. I hadn't even seen the key in over two weeks. The girls seemed awfully patient to get to the main event. It seamed that they had big plans for the evening.

Deciding I had waited long enough, I dragged Kate and Alexa upstairs to our bedroom. I started kissing Kate and undressing her. As her cloths came off, sexy lingerie came into view. Kate had on a matching black strappy lace bra and pantie set. Once I had her cloths off, she struck a sexy pose. Alexa whistled her appreciation. Kate blew us both a kiss, then moved behind Alexa and undressed her, treating me to an erotic strip show. Kate slowly revealed Alexa's lace push up babydoll with matching lace g-string, her nipples hardening above her top's half cups. They looked like a wet dream; like a pair of lingerie models. Kate licked her fingers then started pinching Alexa's nipples.

I kissed Alexa then Kate. Alexa grabbed my locked cock and held it appraisingly. "Patience, patience. I'll go find the key once you give Kate and I one more orgasm." I didn't have to be asked twice. I slid a hand down Alexa's side and into her g-string. While Kate kissed Alexa and fondled her breasts, I worked on Alexa's pussy. Within a minute Alexa was moaning loudly and her knees started to wobble. We moved her onto the bed and I got on my knees and began to kiss her smooth pussy. Kate and Alexa were kissing passionately and running their hands all over each other's bodies. I heard Alexa's appreciation when I pushed my tongue into her. I then sucked on her clit as I used two fingers to penetrate her. Almost immediately she came to a loud climax. As soon as Alexa's orgasm finished, Kate grabbed me and pulled me over to her. She grabbed my hair and pushed me into her wet pussy. I eagerly lapped up her nectar. I sucked her plump pussy lips into my mouth while licking her engorged clit. It didn't take Kate long to climax either. Once Kate was (temporarily) sated Alexa produced the key to the prison my cock had been locked up in for the last two weeks.

"Are you ready?" she asked.

"My balls have been aching for weeks. My cock is about to explode. Yes! Please unlock this prison!"

As I stood by the bed, the girls sat on the edge, Alexa unlocked the cage and Kate slowly slid it off my desperate cock. Kate kissed the tip. My cock grew so fast it forced its way into her mouth. Kate gave it a couple of long sucking strokes. When I gasped, she let it slide out of her mouth. "Can't go too quick; I have plans for your big guy."

"Big plans!" Alexa echoed.

They pulled me down onto the bed and rolled me onto my back. We all kissed, while they slowly stroked my cock. After two weeks of desperation, my cock was on a hair trigger. It didn't take long for me to feel the orgasm starting to rise. Kate sensed it approaching and they stopped the stimulation. They let me calm down for a minute while they repositioned themselves. Kate mounted my cock and Alexa got beside me positioned to lick Kate's stretched pussy. While Kate started working a nice cadence with my cock buried deeply in her, Alexa fingered herself while licking Kate's clit.

I was quickly approaching orgasm and Kate was moaning loudly. "God I have loved the fun we have had these last two weeks" she said. Just then I was reaching climax. Kate pulled off my cock, leaving it pulsing in the air. "That's why we are going to make you wait till Christmas for your next orgasm."

As she was saying that, Alexa devoured her pussy. My cock just tensed up tighter and tighter. Then, with no stimulation, it started to ooze its white cream. Together, the two girls, staring at my cock, screamed massive orgasms. My cock kept oozing creating a huge puddle of two weeks of built up cum.

I couldn't believe what had just happened. I had just cum but felt no pleasure or relief. Kate took my cock in her hand and gave it a few hard pumps. Not having been satisfied, I felt an orgasm again approaching. Alexa produced the infernal cage. "Watch this trick I learned on the internet." Alexa first squeezed the tip of my cock and slid it into the cage. Then she slowly but firmly applied pressure, very slowly forcing my engorged desperate cock back into the cage. Tiny bit by tiny bit, my cock was slowly forced to shrink and pushed into the cage.

"Your actually going to leave me locked up for two months straight?"

"No, we'll unlock you to play," Kate said.

"We love your cock too much, we'll let him out for some fun," Alexa said as the cage finally closed. Alexa locked the cage and kissed the tip. She handed the key to Kate who then put it back on her necklace chain. When Kate was about to put the chain around her neck, Alexa held out her hand, "I think I should hold onto that."

Kate hesitated, then trembled and slowly placed the necklace into Alexa's hand.

"I'll take good care of the key to your husband's cock". Alexa fastened it around her neck. They silver key nestled between her breasts. Kate kissed her passionately, first placing her hand on Alexa's breast, then over top of the key inside Alexa's cleavage.

While Kate and Alexa made slow passionate love, I sat on our bed in disbelief. Maybe having Alexa move in with us had not been such a great idea.

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by Anonymous

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by VancouverMan11/19/18

One of your best.

Loved the ruin

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by Ir0nh3adrat11/14/18


Loved it will you be adding more to the series later?

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by Perth8305/06/18

Permanent chastity and a lesbian couple?

Fantastic series and keep going, though from reading the stories, it seem (in my understanding) that Kate and Alexa are, more or less a couple. This 'couple' leaving him in potentially permanent chastitymore...

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by mrwidehorizons05/05/18

Just re-read the whole series!

This is absolute heaven for a chastity fan, awesome writing!! Thanks so much for sharing here. Please ignore the idiots who read chastity stories, even with your disclaimer, and still have to bash. Theymore...

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by airwolf6405/05/18


The weakest chapter so far.

And no explanation as to why he would allow himself to be treated like this.

Two stars.

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