tagLoving WivesKate's Heavenly Hell Ch. 09

Kate's Heavenly Hell Ch. 09


If you aren't into chastity stories, please don't read, and don't leave dumb comments. If you haven't enjoyed the previous 8 chapters, you probably don't need to read or comment on this one.

If you have read the previous chapters, you know that Kate finally unlocked me from a 2 week lockup, only to ruin my orgasm, and locking me back up. Kate's new plan is to make me wait till Christmas before allowing me to cum.


"I'll take good care of the key to your husband's cock". Alexa fastened it around her neck. The silver key nestled between her breasts. Kate kissed her passionately, first placing her hand on Alexa's breast, then over top of the key inside Alexa's cleavage.

While Kate and Alexa made slow passionate love, I sat on our bed in disbelief. Maybe having Alexa move in with us had not been such a great idea.


When I woke up the next morning, Kate and Alexa were already up. After a shower I wandered downstairs to find them on the couch. My two beauties were lounging in matching bra & panty sets. Silky black with sexy red lace trim, their boobs almost spilling out. Each of them had a little red bow right in the middle of their bra, perfectly highlighting their deep cleavage. Half sitting on each other, they were giggling and touching.

"Good, you're up!" Kate said. "We need to talk. I need to know that we are not forcing you into this crazy two month lockup."

"That's right big guy, its decision time" Alexa said while twirling the key to my cock cage in her slender fingers between her two generous breasts. The key now featured a small black silk ribbon bow. One of them must have been added that this morning.

"Well what are my options?" My cock was already trying to get hard in its ultra secure cage.

"I think you should sit down," Kate said patting the couch. They had moved apart slightly, and Kate indicated I should sit between them. Once I was sitting, Alexa climbed onto my lap and started kissing me, gently and sexy at first, but then getting more aggressive. As I slid my hands up toward her heaving breasts, she slid down onto the floor. Kneeling in front of me, she made a show of teasingly unlocking the steel cage.

Alexa gently stroked my cock till it was nice and hard. As she took me into her mouth, Kate started explaining the 'options'.

"I know that we made the last two weeks very... hard for you. And we were kind of cruel last night. But we both had unbelievably intense orgasms last night, isn't that right Alexa."

Without pausing, Alexa replied, "Uh-huh." God, that felt good on my desperate cock.

"You must be ready to explode," Kate continued. As a matter of fact, Alexa was rapidly getting me close to exploding.

"I know Christmas is two months away. That is a long time to make you wait to cum. So I need to know that you agree to this... um, game; I'm calling it 'The Christmas Spectacular' because once Christmas arrives, you're going to be unlocked for a whole week, all the way till New Years. But, no one is going to force you to play the game." Alexa realized that I was about to cum, so slowed down and managed to keep me right on the edge.

"So, option 1; If you don't think you can survive till Christmas, we can just go back to how it was three weeks ago. You locked up, but with semi-regular unlocks." To give my cock a bit of a break, Alexa started kissing my swollen balls. "But no week unlocked at Christmas."

"Option 2; Alexa and I tease you mercilessly. We will be having multiple orgasms every day while unlocking you and edging your cock. While you get exactly zero orgasms in the next 55 days, between the two of us, we will have at least 200." Alexa had the head of my cock back in her mouth, and had me riding the edge again. I must be going crazy because option two was sounding exciting.

Alexa took my cock out of her mouth for a second, "I think your cock likes option 2, it started twitching when Kate was explaining it." Then she took my cock deep into her mouth.

Kate continued, "I am going to count to ten, then your decision needs to be made. If you chose the first option, all you need to do is stay where you are. Alexa will swallow your cock, making you cum deep in her throat." Alexa had me so close to cumming, I thought I was going to lose my mind. I needed to cum so bad; I know this was going to be the option I would have to choose.

Kate slid a hand into her panties and started sliding her fingers over her pussy lips. "If you chose to play The Christmas Spectacular, I need you to take your cock out of Alexa's mouth, slide over here and kiss my pussy." I couldn't think, Alexa's mouth felt so good. Kate's started caressing her bra covers boobs with her free hand. Her nipples visibly hardened, poking through the silky bra. All I could think of was Alexa deep-throating my cock.

"One... Two..." I was so horny after last night. I needed this orgasm so bad I could already feel it.

"Three... Four..." Why on earth would they reward me for choosing the 'wrong' option? I couldn't think straight.

Kate moaned. I watched in amazement as Kate sliding a finger into her pussy.

"Five... Six..." That ruined orgasm last night had just made me even more horny. Alexa had me about to tip over the edge. I needed this orgasm more than anything. I could hardly even breathe. So why was I starting to think about Kate's pussy?

"Seven..." Watching Kate finger herself, my mouth started to water.

"Eight..." The closer Alexa got me to cumming, the more I wanted to taste Kate's hot pussy.

"Nine..." Alexa started moving her head down, sliding my cock deeper into her mouth. Kate slid her panties to the side, exposing her smooth shaved pussy to my hungry eyes.

"FUCK..." I yelled.

"Ten!" Without thinking of any of the consequences, I practically jumped at Kate's crotch, trying to eat her pussy in one bite. I flicked her clit with my tongue. Then while sucking on one pussy lip, I pushed my tongue as far into her as I could and started a licking motion.

"Good boy. I am so happy with your decision," Kate purred. She had me flip over, and placed her pussy down onto my waiting mouth. As I continued eating her desperately, Alexa resumed her assault on my steal hard cock. Kate's moans were getting louder and higher. She wiggled out of her bra and placed my hands on her breasts. When I pinched her left nipple, she started to orgasm. Alexa had me so close to the edge, I thought my cock was about to shoot its load. But Alexa sat up and just watched as Kate had a huge orgasm and my cock just stood there at attention twitching. As Kate's orgasm subsided, one single drop of cum slowly oozed out of the tip of my cock.

"God you two were hot," Alexa hissed. "I think it's my turn."

"OK, you get up here, and I'll take care of his cock from here." While they were switching positions, they took a minute to kiss. Alexa's left hand fondled Kate's breasts as Kate slid her hand into Alexa's panties.

"OK, back on task" Kate sighed. Getting down on the couch, Kate licked my cock from the base all the way to the tip causing it to jump. She sucked up the drop of cum that had dripped out earlier. I almost came just from that. Alexa slipped her panties off, then climbed on top, lowering her pussy down to my eager mouth.

Kate just kept licking like my cock was a lollipop. As I was taking good care of Alexa's pussy, she started flicking my nipples. My cock started twitching as I was about to go over the edge, but Kate sat up, removing the stimulation. My cock settled down a little while Kate picked up the chastity cage. She started to work on installing the horrible, now cold, steal cage. As she worked on the cage, Alexa's moaning got louder and louder. Finally, just as Kate clicked the lock shut, Alexa began to shutter, releasing an uncontrollable climax.

Kate gently massaged my balls for a minute. One thing the ruined orgasm last night had helped with, my balls weren't aching; yet.

"Well lover boy, we have breakfast ready if you're hungry" Kate invited. Kate put her bra back on and we walked to the kitchen, Alexa following a couple of minutes later after she had recovered from her orgasm. "Well that's already two for us, and zero for you," Kate teased.

In just their bras and panties, we all eat well, having worked up an appetite. Of course I was horny as hell, while the girls had that satisfied "freshly fucked" look on their faces. True to their word, they never stopped teasing me. While the conversation strangely seemed like nothing unusual had just happens, Kate was sitting beside me, and took every opportunity to touch me, and kept rubbing her arm and even her boobs against me. Alexa, on the other side of the table, kept finding reasons to lean over the table, giving me views down her bra, showing off her perfect breasts. It didn't take her long to somehow get her nipples showing over the top of her bra. They managed to keep my cock hard and desperate the entire meal; well, as hard as it could get in its prison. I don't really remember what the conversation was about; they had me too distracted to really pay attention.

As we were finishing our food, the conversation did eventually turn back to our recent fun. Kate started, "so I think I figured out what your punishment will be for losing our bet this morning."

"Uh-Oh," Alexa replied.

Turning to me, Kate continued, "we had a bet on if you would play the 'Christmas Spectacular'. She was sure the offer of a deep throat blow job would make her win. But I knew I could make you lust after my pussy. My pussy is like your Kryptonite. I think it can hypnotize you into doing anything I like."

"So what have you come up with? I'm going to regret this bet aren't I?"

"It's not so bad. Your punishment is..." Kate inserted a dramatic pause. "... No more orgasms for you this weekend. No more for today or tomorrow. That should give me a nice head start on our next bet."

I must have looked confused, so Alexa started explaining, "We also bet on who would get the most orgasms before Christmas. The looser only gets anal during your Christmas to New Years release."

Kate got this mischievous grin on her face, "Orgasms only count if you are with us. Oh, Alexa, since you aren't allowed any today, and this talk has gotten me kind of hot, could you be a dear and, um, take care of my pussy for me?"

"I'd love to," Alexa replied sarcastically. But I knew it was not real sarcasm because she dove into the task with vigour, kneeling on the floor in front of Kate. Kate leaned over and started kissing me; she ran her hand under my shirt and over my chest, running a finger over my nipple. As Alexa made Kate moan, her other hand slid up my thigh and started slowly massaging my balls. My cock strained in its confines even harder than it had been.

Just then, Kate broke our kiss and threw her head back. "Oh God! Your tongue feels amazing." Kate grabbed Alexa by the back of her head and pulled her in closer. "Right there... Uhhhh." Then she attacked me with her kiss, forcing her tongue deep into my mouth. After about a minute she broke the kiss again, and let out a loud scream as her orgasm hit her.

"You better hold her up, I think she might fall out of her chair," Alexa suggested. "God I'm horny. I can't believe she sentenced me to two days with no orgasms."

"Welcome to the club. I only have 55 days to go." I pulled her up off the floor and had her straddle me on my chair. We French kissed while I fondled her boobs. After a couple of minutes Alexa stood up.

"Damn, you make me even hornier."

We both got up and started clearing the breakfast dishes while Kate enjoyed the afterglow from her climax. While we worked I took every opportunity to touch Alexa; running my hand down her ass, or grabbing her boobs. I manage to get some kisses. Eventually, once we finished, I had her up against a counter, kissing her deeply and molesting her boobs. Next thing I know her bra fell off. When I looked up to see what was happening, I saw Kate had come over, and was joining me envying Alexa's magnificent, now bare, breasts.

I knew Alexa wouldn't take it easy on me during the 55 days of The Christmas Spectacular, so I was determined to make her two days as difficult as possible. I slid one hand down into Alexa's panties, and started gently massaging her pussy. Once she was moaning, I slid one finger between her pussy lips, running it up and down. Kate had kept up her assault of Alexa's bare breasts, finally I pushed my finger deep into Alexa's pussy, then a second finger.

Alexa loudly moaned, "God, this feels so good! Please don't stop."

"No cumming for you today Alexa," Kate reminded us in a teasing voice. Just when I was sure Alexa was about to come, I took my hand away from her pussy.

"No, no, NO!... I was so close."

"These two days are going to be so fun!", Kate giggled. "Two desperate and sexy people to torment."


Everyone was showered and ready to head out for some shopping. Alexa and I had taken turns showering with Kate. She had continued to tease us, and had edged each of us several times in the shower. Alexa and I were both super horny as we left the house.

Kate and Alexa were both dressed in sexy outfits. Kate wore a tight plunging sleeveless sweeter with white, brown, and tan stripes that highlighted her voluminous cleavage. Alexa wore a white button up shirt that barely contained her boobs, the key with its new bow visible between them. Both of them wore black mid-thigh length skirts and heals.

Our first stop was a high end lingerie shop. After each of them selected several sexy bras, we asked for a fitting room. The sales clerk found us one with a private viewing area. The girls took turns trying the bras on, and showing them off. Alexa went first, coming out of the fitting room in her heals and skirt, and the new bra. She held her chest out proudly, the bra doing a great job of showing her assets off. After she gave us a spin, Kate ran her hands over Alexa's breast, then gave them a gentle lift.

Next was Kate's turn. Alexa, still in just her bra, stood beside me as we admired my gorgeous wife's body. This time I stepped in to give the feel test. After giving the lift test (I'm not exactly sure what I was testing for), I ran my hands down her sexy ass. Each bra they showed off seemed sexier than the last one; my cock getting harder and harder locked in its cruel cage. Alexa's last bra, she came out with her shirt back on, but only the bottom couple of buttons were done up. The key with its black silk bow around her neck was pointing down into her cleavage. The white shirt and black bow complemented the black and crimson bra to produce a vision of sexiness. Then she shrugged suggestively, and her shirt fell off her shoulders. Fuck; I thought my cock was going to burst out of its prison.

Kate had the last turn, and came out fully dressed. She started swaying to the music the store had playing, and then proceeded to give Alexa and I a highly erotic strip show. She started with her skirt, then her sweeter, then the new bra. She then started fingering herself inside her panties. She pushed me into a chair, and straddled me, kneeling on the chair. Alexa came behind, and ran her fingers around Kate's breasts. It didn't take long before Kate, forcing herself to keep quite by holding her breath, came with an eye rolling, shuttering orgasm.

We bought all the bras.


Later, when we got home, I went for a run. Recently I hadn't been running as often as I would have liked, but today I needed the opportunity to clear my mind. When I came back in the house, there on the table was three drinks, one full, two half empty, but the girls were nowhere to be seen.

That's when I heard them, the unmistakable sound of sex. Turns out they were up in our room. Kate was eating at Alexa's 'Y', while fingering herself. Alexa appeared to be very close to cumming. "Please Kate...Uh god, please! I'm... so close..."

Kate was expertly edging Alexa. She is so cruel. I was instantly horny. I quietly walked over to Kate, and slid my hand down her ass to her pussy. As Kate moaned, I slid two finders into her slit while she kept fingering her clit.

"Kate, please don't stop..." but Kate was now too distracted, her voice getting louder, then she came with a loud shuttering orgasm, then she collapsed. I decided I better take over from Kate, and keep edging Alexa. "Please, it feels so good."

I managed to keep her on the edge, using my mouth and hands. She was pleading with me to let her cum, but I was enjoying the revenge too much. Finally, Kate now dressed informed us it was time to eat. I got off the bed, and watched as Alexa's desperation slowly subsided. Kate kissed me, "good job. I have a reward for you later." While that sounded great, I suspected it wasn't going to be quite what I had in mind.

Kate and I went to retrieve the drinks, and sat down on the couch. We started talking about the day. When Alexa came to join us dressed in just a t-shirt, and obviously no bra, she joined the conversation.

"I wanted to bite the hostess's nipples." After shopping we had gone for supper at one of those 'brestaurants'. The staff wore very short skirts, and their tops more highlighted their bra than cover it. The hostess was a cute 18 year old with small cute breasts, and her nipples had been poking through quite obviously. "They looked so scrumptious," Alexa continued.

"Well you seemed to enjoy our waitress." I added.

After the hostess had told us 'BOYS can't touch the servers,' Alexa had gotten a little handsy with Jill our waitress. Once we had finished our meal, Jill sat down with us; that was one of the gimmicks of the restaurant. Jill had commented on our shopping bags of lingerie.

With her hand sliding up Alexa's inner thigh, Jill asked her to try on one of the sexiest bras. 'Um... I don't know,' Alexa hesitated.

'Go on, it will be fun,' Kate encouraged.

I think Jill's hand was pressing against Alexa's panties. 'OK,' she hurried off to the ladies room with one of the bags.

Jill had a mischievous look on her face. 'God she is gorgeous. Is she single?'

We had both looked at each other, and then started laughing. Finally Kate had answered, 'Ya, I think she's single.'

When Alexa had come back, she looked mostly the same. Her boobs were pushed up a little more, and she was a little flushed. Jill had stood up and held her wrists. 'You look so sexy... Here, let me adjust you a little.' Jill then undid each button on Alexa's shirt. She opened it wide enough that Kate and I could see exactly what happened next. Jill cupped Alexa's breasts, and then lifted each one. With her eye were glued to Alexa's eyes, it had looked like she was trying to judge the quality of each breast. When Alexa's nipples became erect, poking through her lace bra, Jill started using her thumbs to rub them through the thin material. Alexa inhaled sharply, and then started quietly moaning.

Then Jill stepped back as if to showcase her handiwork. There weren't a lot of people in the restaurant, but every one of them was watching Jill and Alexa. Jill refastened one button just below Alexa's boobs, and then tied the bottom of the shirt exposing all of that sexy toned tummy. Jill then pulled open the top of the shirt as far as it would go, revelling Alexa's chest, deep cleavage and most of her bra. Jill ran a hand down through Alexa's cleavage, and then gently fingered the key with the black bow resting there.

"I like your necklace." Kate had started to rub my caged cock. I thought it might explode.

Jill leaned into Alexa, both of their arms wrapped around the others bare midriff. Jill whispered something into her ear that Kate and I couldn't quite hear. Jill then walked away as if nothing had happens. Alexa had just stood there in shock for a minute; none of us could believe what had just happened. Alexa looked a little embarrassed, but with lust burning in her eyes. My cock strained to get hard, and Kate had moved my hand between her legs. I slowly rubbed her pussy while Alexa sat down.

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