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Kate's Test


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Kate's Test

"Finally!" Kate though, her roommate had finally finished packing and had left for home. She had thought that this moment would never arrive, Claire had taken so long to get packed, and it looked that she'd never get the flat to herself.

These past months had been hard on her, having to share with a stranger, after having own bedroom for so long. She'd tried to get on with Claire, but she'd found it hard to do. She was just too set in her ways to accept another sharing her personal space.

They'd had a few chats, getting to know each other a little better, but she never felt quite comfortable around her. There was something about Claire that made her wary of opening up too much. She couldn't put her finger on it, but had a feeling that Claire was way too interested in her.

She'd known some predatory girls back at high school, and she every so often Claire had that same predatory look, usually when she thought that she wasn't being watched. That look or whatever it was had stopped her from opening too much to her.

She knew that no matter how innocently they chatted, no matter how innocently Claire always seemed to bring the subject around to boys and sex, she had this inner sense not to open up to her, no matter how outlandish and bizarre Claire's own tales were. There was no way she would ever confess to loving the feeling of being the helpless damsel, of being the maiden being tested and tormented before her prince charming arrived to save her.

So for this first term she'd had to restrict herself to subtle and "restrained fun". All she could manage with sharing the room with Claire was the quiet use of her favourite handcuffs. She often slipped into bed, and slid her hand under the edge of the bed to quietly pull the cuffs from their hiding place. Just the touch of the cool steel turned her on, making her nipples harden ever so slightly.

She'd slip each wrist into the cuffs, and burying her hands under her duvet she's close them until she heard that faint "click" telling her that she was trapped. She would have preferred to cuff her hands behind her back, but sharing with Claire made that impossible, too greater a risk of being caught, so she'd had to settle for this.

Even so, imperfect as it was, it was such a turn on to her, and quite often she rolled onto her front, pressing her breasts into the mattress, her cuffed hands busy between her thighs, eagerly stroking that hard, slick centre, her hips grinding into the mattress as she bit the pillow to stifle the sounds of her release.

Now, with Claire gone for the long weekend, she had the place to herself, and she could indulge herself to her hearts content. Almost all the other students had taken the opportunity to get away from the pressures of university life, so she told the odd little white lie, telling all that she too was going home for the weekend.

"Right" she thought, "First things first" as she made her way to the kitchen. Taking a Tupperware bowl, she carefully coiled up her release string, making sure that either end was free of the water filled bowl. One end was the loop that hooked over the nail she'd hung picture from; the other contained the keys that would open up the cuffs.

As she left the water to freeze, she returned to her room, to set up the reminder of the necessary equipment. Just the thought of what she was about to do made her legs go weak and sent shivers through her. She could feel the familiar tingling in her nipples, and she just knew that her panties had a huge damp patch, she was that excited. After all she'd been looking forward to this moment for so long.

She worked quickly, eager to get everything set up so that she could begin. As she moved the chair, wrong way round to its position under the nail, she tried to remember the exact moment when she decided to test herself in this way. Ever since she could remember she'd loved the idea of being the helpless heroine, but even that hadn't been enough for her. From this simple beginning had grown the desire to be tested, to be challenged. Her favourite fantasies always contained the same, familiar elements; a heroine, bondage, lots of great sex, and a challenge that had to be overcome so that she could be freed. Somewhere along the way it she had settled on this current plan.

What made it the more exciting was the fact that if she failed, everyone would know about it, well not all the details exactly, just that she'd done something outside the norm.

She'd laid the groundwork almost from the beginning of her university days, by joining in on the bitch sessions, making fun at those girls who had decided to augment what God had given them naturally. It hadn't taken long for her to make a bit of a name as a radical, one of those women who looked down at those women who'd undergone surgery.

It was only much later had she found out that Claire had undergone surgery herself, not for vanities sake, but to repair the damage from a bad car accident. She'd tried to make amends about her comments, but this topic had been the one unspoken disagreement between them.

Satisfied that the legs of the chair were in the right position, she went to her trunk, locked as always, as she definitely didn't want Claire to see what she kept away from prying eyes.

Inside were her vibrators, the rest of her cuffs, her clamps, and most importantly, her latest additions, four heavy, titanium rings, in two sets of two.

As she held them, she wondered if she could really go through with this, was the risk worth the probably intense emotions she'd be going through. If she couldn't last the distance she'd end up marking herself, probably forever. Even as her mind wondered about the wisdom of her plan, she couldn't take her eyes of the rings.

The larger pair had a circumference that would just slip over her breasts, gripping them in a cold, hard bondage. She'd practised breast bondage before, safely at home, and had discovered exactly the right diameter that would cause her breasts to swell, to be held proud and taught. She had been blessed with a natural D cup, which needed the support of a decent bra. When she'd bound them up tight, she had found that they didn't show any signs of sagging, that they pointed straight out of her chest. She'd tried walking, even jogging, and they hadn't moved, well not much, they were just this solid mass of flesh, looking exactly as if she'd had them stuffed full of silicone.

The breast rings, as she thought of them were an inch deep, to emphasise the unnatural shape they'd force her breast to take. If she failed then these would adorn the base of her breasts, making low cut tops, bikini's etc a thing of the past.

The inner surface of each of the rings had been engraved with lots of tiny teeth, all set to face the same way. These would slip on easy enough, but the teeth would dig into her skin, preventing removal.

Next to the larger pair was a similar pair, just smaller, ready to take her nipples into the same restrictive bondage. If these ever got unto her nipples, she'd be forced to go around with permanently hard nipples, nipples which would poke through pretty much anything that she currently owned.

All that was left to do was to set up the lab equipment that she'd "borrowed." It had been too easy to wander past the chemistry labs, and to take the odd set of supports used to support al that chemical apparatus.

It took longer than she would have thought to get the supports holding the bands set up just right. Eventually she had them set just as she'd imagined them. Now if she lowered her breasts onto her apparatus, the larger bands would grip her breasts and the smaller ones, her nipples.

Next came the silk cord, for strength, which was threaded through the rings, and tied to her favourite nipple clamps. These were something special, they didn't open up from side to side, and instead they opened like a grabber, like those you got at the fun fair for grabbing the stuffed toy. These would grab her nipples evenly around the tip, holding them ever so tight.

The silk cord led from the clamps, through the rings, around the simple pulley she'd fitted to the base of each set of supports, and into the bathroom, where the cords were looped over the shower rail and tied to a bucket, which was set underneath the shower head.

Even though setting up the necessary equipment had taken a little time, in fact longer than she'd originally thought, it hadn't dampened her excitement; if anything it had only increased the depth of her desire.

Her nipples were already aching, and she hadn't even attached the clamps yet! All that was left to do was to retrieve the now frozen length of string, and to set up the finishing touches.

She quickly stripped, and got her vibrators ready. She always felt so sluttish, getting ready. There was something pretty decadent in kneeling on the edge of the bed, naked, with a handful of vibrating toys. First up, literally, was her anal vibe. A quick slide into her hot pussy, and it was covered with enough of her juices to enable it to slide into her ass with little trouble.

She knelt there, enjoying the way her ass slowly opened up to accommodate the intruder, first past the outer ring, a pause, then past the inner. It wasn't that large, but it felt that way once she'd nestled it deep in her ass.

Next was the vibe for her pussy, this was a little larger, curved slightly so that it pressed against her clit from the inside. Together they filled her pretty full.

Finally was her butterfly vibe, carefully placed over her hard and expectant clit. Moving carefully, she then stepped into her tight latex pair of panties. These she slowly slid up her legs, until they firmly gripped her ass, ensuring that all her toys would be held in place.

Next up was her gag; somehow loosing the ability to speak was such a turn on. The feel of the soft rubber as it slipped behind her teeth, holding her mouth open, was such a rush. With deft practice she did up the buckles, ensuring that she couldn't shake the gag off.

Gingerly she went into the bathroom, and turned on the shower, until there was a slow and steady drip of water into the awaiting bucket. Moving as quickly as she could, she returned to the set up by the chairs and before she could have too many doubts, she cuffed her ankles to the chair. Now she was held firmly in place, all that was left was to turn on all of her toys, and to bend forward and to slip the clamps over her nipples.

She paused, for a moment, it wasn't too late to back out, but before she could really articulate the thought, she cuffed her hands behind her back, trapping her in her own experiment. As the cuff closed around her wrist; she felt a heady rush that left her weak. It was too late for her to have second thoughts now. Now she'd have to endure her test until the ice melted and dropped the keys into her hands.

She could feel the vibrators all working between her thighs, trapped in her latex panties. What made them work so well on her was the fact that they all pulsed at different rates. One would be on, then another, then two, and eventually they would synchronise and she'd get the full effect of all three working their way on her.

This moment was so intense, such a turn on; she had to fight the need to make it. She could already feel the pull of the weight of water in the bucket, and she could watch as her breasts were being pulled towards the waiting bands. If she came now, she'd come off her high too soon, and she'd be unable to withstand the steadily increasing pull until her hands were free.

Stifling a groan, she tried to think of something else, like numbers tables, but the thrice damned vibrators were working their magic on her tender parts.

Currently her anal vibe was working in harmony with the butterfly on her clit, sending shudders through her, and the pull on her tits was just enough to help turn her on more and more.

She could feel her pussy awash with her juices, the panties trapping her juices next to her skin, making her feel all slick and hot. The butterfly cut out, to be replaced with her pussy vibe. The feel of it as it vibrated against her anal intruder was almost too much. She could feel the thin membrane that separated them being pounded into submission.

All the while the pull on her nipples increased, and she had to lean forward, trying to reduce the pull on her nipples.

She was lost in that moment, between heaven and hell. Her nipples and breasts were becoming increasingly painful, but the combination of vibrators and the situation she was in was just keeping her too turned on to care.

She was startled out of her fugue by the feel of the cool metal as her breasts brushed against the top of the bands. She's almost got too lost in the moment and had almost fallen into her own trap.

Taking a deep breath she pulled herself more upright, but the strain on her breast was incredible. The pain was just on the edge of being too much for her, but the toys kept things almost bearable.

She was shocked to realise that this time she maybe had set her sights too high, and she desperately turned her head, trying to judge how much longer it would take for the ice to melt, but judging from the amount of ice she could just catch a glimpse of, she realised that she'd well misjudged how much she could take.

Again she felt her breast meet the cool bands, but this time coincided with all three of her vibrators switching on together. This boost was all she needed to lift herself up again, She was poised right on the edge of making it. It felt that this moment could go on forever, balanced as she was.

Her heart leapt into her throat when she heard a key in the lock. She was supposed to be alone for the weekend. "Kate" she heard Claire call, "I've a surprise for you" she said as she opened the door and stepped into the room.

Claire's mouth just hung there, open, catching flies as she tried to make sense of the scene in front of her. There was her roommate, Kate, naked apart from a pair of black, shiny panties, her breasts stretched into an incredible shape by the weight pulling on them.

After an eternity, Claire managed a half hearted explanation, "I'd forgotten my reading texts and I though I'd best come back and retrieve them." and with that Claire leaned against he door frame, trying to make sense of the muffled sounds coming from Kate's gagged mouth.

Regaining her composure, Claire then stood, and her eyes followed the string from nipples to bathroom. "I always thought you were a secretive one" she said, "and now I know exactly what you'd been holding back from me"

Kate, for her part, wanted nothing more to drop through the floor, the shock at being discovered had jump started her mind, and for the moment she managed to forget the pleasures and pains that were coursing through her body.

She tried to make Claire understand that she just wanted release, so that she could sort of explain everything, but all she could manage were muffled, unintelligible gibberish.

She watched as Claire returned from the bathroom, her fingers tracing along the silk cord, until the met the bands that had been threatening to trap her breasts.

"Oh My!" Claire exclaimed, "I see what you were doing, and here I thought you absolutely hated girls with artificial breasts. Now I know how much you wanted to be like them"

"But I don't" was Kate's mental cry, "It was just a test" she thought, knowing full well that Claire was ignoring her gagged cries.

At that moment the vibes kicked in again, taking her mind of Claire, and back to her predicament. Her thighs were aching, and she knew that the next time all three set off together would be the time she came. Already she'd lasted longer than she thought she would have managed, the threat of the bands had been just enough to hold her off from making it.

As she concentrated on the feelings deep within her, and tried to block out the terrible tugging on her breasts, she watched, fugue like as Claire walked past her, and deftly removed the key from the hook.

"I'm sorry Kate, but I really want to see how this works out" was Claire's response to the question in her eyes. "I've often lain in bad, listening to your furtive movements, wondering how I could ensnare you, and all the while all I had to do was to wait and you'd fall into my hands"

With that, Claire quickly dived into the bathroom and returned with a bottle of baby oil. "Let me help" Claire cooed cruelly, liberally covering her hands with the oil.

Kneeling beside Kate, Claire then gently took her straining breasts in hand, and softly massaged them, working the oil into the taught, stretched flesh. "Doesn't that feel good?" she asked, as she slowly cupped her hands and started to gently squeeze her tits, squeezing them as if she were milking a cow. Kate found she couldn't disagree. The feel of Claire's hands as they massaged her aching breasts was such a pleasant and unexpected turn on.

Claire tilted her head, seeming to listen to the pitch of the vibrators as they kicked in, one after another until all three were working their magic on Kate's trapped body. Claire could visibly see Kate's struggle with the sensations that were running through the centre of her being, and the strain of keeping her breasts free of the bands that would trap them.

Judging her moment to perfection, Claire put her hand between Kate's shoulder blades, and pressed down firmly, forcing Kate's torso towards the floor.

Kate couldn't resist the pressure, and she felt her oiled breasts slip into the bands. "Oh My God!" Kate thought as she felt the bands constrict her breasts as they slipped onto them. "Claire, STOP!" she tried to say, but if Claire understood, she showed no signs of obeying.

The feel of the bands as they slid along her taught breasts and permanently trapped them was the final straw, and Kate could feel her orgasm building deep within her. She forgot what was happening to her, what it would mean for her future, and instead just concentrated on the feelings, from the vibes in her ass, pussy and on her clit, to the feel of the cool metal as it slipped around her breasts.

With a guttural cry, her hips started to buck as she came, and came hard. Her whole body felt as if she were on fire. She could feel herself make it time and time again, until she was totally lost in the intense feelings that were coursing through her. Some dim part of her brain was vaguely aware that she had clumped down, and with Claire's help her nipples too were now banded.

Her limbs were still trembling as Claire undid all the cuffs and clamps, freeing her, before helping her onto the bed. She could feel Claire's fingers tracing around the bands, stroking and fondling her breasts which were now turning a fetching shade of pinky purple.

"Now Kate" Claire cruelly cooed, "We both know what you've done, and I think that this will be the beginning of a beautiful relationship."

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