I lit a cigarette and started walking down the sidewalk. It was a beautiful day -- seventy degrees with a slight cool breeze. Perfect weather for the middle of June. Briefcase and blazer in one hand, I crossed the street and began heading toward my upper flat four blocks down. I blew a thin stream of smoke and began reminiscing about my long day at the office. I had had a presentation that day with a large Internet firm, so I had been up late the night before preparing. I was slightly tired and was looking forward to relaxing on my sofa with a stiff drink, hoping to catch something good on the television.

So of course, my mind was on other things and I wasn't paying attention as I turned the corner by the bookstore. Due to my absent-mindedness, I ran right into a young woman hurrying in my direction, knocking her off her feet. As I helped her up, apologizing, I couldn't take my mind off how beautiful she was. She appeared to be in her mid-twenties, with long flowing blond hair and eyes that you could get lost in. She was of good build, not terribly skinny, with a full bosom and long beautiful legs. She squinted against the sun through her small wire-frame glasses and kept repeating her apologies. She explained that she was on her way home from a long day at work as well, and was thinking about other things. I couldn't pass up this opportunity.

I asked her if she would be interested in joining me in the little cafe nearby, and she obliged. We sat there talking for over an hour, and I learned a great deal about her. Her name was Katherine, age twenty-five, and she worked at large law firm on the other side of town. She had just come out of a bad relationship, in which her boyfriend cheated on her with her best friend. I sympathized, for I had had a similar recent experience, involving coming home to find my fiancée with another man. We sat there by the window, discussing our lives over our espressos. Near the end of our meeting, I finally gained the nerve to ask her if she would interested in coming to my place for a drink. She gratefully accepted my invitation, saying that it had been a long time since she could really talk to someone who was willing to listen.

I hailed a taxi to take us back to my apartment, because it had begun to sprinkle and neither of us had an umbrella on hand. When we reached my building, I tipped the driver and helped her out of the cab. She followed me up the three flights of stairs to my door, where I fumbled my keys while unlocking it. Upon entering, almost before I had set my briefcase down, she exclaimed how nice my place was. I tossed my jacket onto a nearby chair and offered to give her a tour. She seemed thrilled to the rest of my flat, which wasn't very large to begin with. I poured us each a glass of wine and began showing her the rest of my living room (she kept saying how soft my leather sofa was) and proceeded to take her into my small dining room/kitchen. After remarking how beautiful the view was from my large window, she asked me to show her my room. I obliged and she followed me down the hall.

She walked into my room, took a seat on my full size bed, and took a sip from her wine glass. She motioned for me to come sit next to her, which I did in a heartbeat. As we sat there talking, she cautiously touched my thigh and slowly began to move her hand upwards. Sensing a cue, I set my glass down on the nightstand and took her hand in mine. I moved my head toward hers, and engaged our lips. I kept kissing her soft full lips for quite some time before I felt her tongue slide into my mouth. I put my arm around her and we both fell back onto my bed, kissing like we had never been kissed before.

After a short time, my hand slowly moved from her back to the front, where I began to lightly massage her breast. This seemed to turn a switch on inside of her, and she moved her hand down to my crotch and began groping the growing lump in my pants. I slid my hand up her blouse and started to rub her now-hardened nipples through her bra. I moved my mouth away form hers and kissed her cheek, then her upper neck, and then her collar. Before I knew what I was doing, I was unbuttoning her white blouse, exposing her firm breasts that were supported by a thin black brassiere. I moved my lips farther down her cleavage, as if I were following a trail, while I was undoing the clasps of her bra. She smiled at me and slid it off, revealing the most perfect breasts I have ever seen. They were round and firm, with small pink nipples. They were the perfect size -- not too bug, but certainly more than a large handful.

As I moved my hand cupped her now bare breast, she let out a little giggle. I kissed her nipple, and slowly moved my tongue around the outside of it. She gave a small moan, and took in a large breath as my lips closed around it. I began gently nibbling and sucking her; all the while she struggled with my fly. I stopped for a moment, removed my shirt and unbuttoned my pants, looking into her lustful eyes. She kept her fiery gaze on me while she slid her skirt off, revealing a lacy thong. Staring at her nearly nude body, my erection throbbed in my pants. She noticed as well, for she moved to a sitting position on the edge of my bed and began pulling my boxers off.

I massaged her breast and she took my nine inches in her hand and began stroking it. Before long, she stuck out her tongue and ran it up the length of my shaft and around the swollen head. She gave the end of it a kiss, and then wrapped her moist lips around it. She slowly began to slide her head downward, pushing more of me inside her mouth, until I could feel the tip of my penis touching the back of her throat. I was surprised, because I had never been able to find a girl who could deep throat me. She started moving her head up and down, slowly at first, while stroking and massaging the base of my over-appreciative member. I let out a low groan as I felt the first surge of pleasure shoot through my body, and she took it as a sign to pick up the pace of her rhythmic sucking. After a few short minutes, I felt my hot semen burst out of the head of my penis and down her throat. She gladly swallowed my entire load, and proceeded to lick me clean.

I leaned down and gave her a kiss, and laid her down on the bed, with her knees hanging off the edge. I knelt down between her legs and began running my finger along the moist crevice of her mound. I kissed her groin, and slid her thong down her legs. After tossing them to the floor, I leaned back forward and gave her slit a nice long lick. Her whole body let out a tremor, and I smiled as I pressed my finger between her lips. I slowly moved my finger in and out of her, while licking her above her hole. With each insertion of my digit, I felt her become tenser and more wet. I finally removed my finger and began kissing her clit. I spread her lips with my fingers and slipped my tongue inside of her. She pressed herself tightly against my face and began moaning as my tongue worked its magic. Before long she came, and I kept my mouth there to suck up all of her sweet juices.

After I came back up, she grabbed my face and started tongue kissing me. She grabbed my newly re-hardened penis and gave it a few strokes before pressing it inside of her. I stood up and grabbed her knees while thrusting my long penis inside of her. She now moaned more than ever, and soon grabbed my pillow and started screaming into it. I stopped for a quick moment to catch my breath and change position. I laid down beside of her, turned her on her side and lifted her leg. I pushed myself back into her, feeling her pulsing tightness graciously accept. I got myself into a rhythm, and moved myself in and out, gradually picking up speed.

She motioned for me to stop for a second and rolled me onto my back. She climbed on top and lowered herself onto my throbbing erection. She moved up and down on top of me, moaning and rubbing her nipples. By this time, I was close to ejaculating a second time. She must have known somehow, for she suddenly climaxed all over me, then got down on her stomach and used her lips and tongue to work my juices out. She again swallowed my fluids, and lay back down beside of me, grinning. Breathing heavily, we soon fell asleep in each other's arms, exhausted from a tiring day of work and an even more tiring evening.

When I awoke the next morning, Katherine was gone, with no trace of her anywhere. For a moment I wondered if it was all a dream, that I had just drank too much and passed out naked on my bed. But no, I turned my head and there was her wine glass from the night before, still sitting on the nightstand. I smiled and rolled over, thinking about calling sick into work.

I never saw Katherine again.

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