tagRomanceKatherine and Steven's Get away

Katherine and Steven's Get away

bySatin and Lace©

We were so looking forward to this weekend getaway. Glenn Meadows was very rustic, secluded and very romantic. Steven hadn't had a vacation even though this was a weekend we were still excited. Him being the provider made sure he shopped for food. I looked at the food being placed into coolers. We could feed a third world nation. Steaks, pork chops, Salmon. Veggies, fruit we remembered a small Mom and pop grocery close to our turn off.

"Steven I don't see anything else we could possibly need. Not food wise." I grinned as I came up behind him to squeeze his tight buns.

"That's the plan Katherine take care of the basic and we can be free to play." He winked as his hands reached around and squeezed my ass.

We had already lost some time he had to work later than we planned. If his hands and mine didn't get off each other's asses. We could count on leaving in the morning.

He twisted around lifting my face to his to kiss me lightly. I closed my eyes for the sensuality of being kissed with anticipation promised. I decided on a summery dress that wrapped around fastening with only two hooks. He chose to wear shorts his calves were distracting me.

"Well, Katherine its all packed let's get out of here." Steven swept me into his arms.

"Steven I'm so excited to see this place again. Being with you in the wilderness." I laughed at the thought.

Our drive was beautiful. As soon as the city fell away. The distance from one town to another became longer. The scenery was hopelessly romantic. As dusk was falling we fell quiet lost in our thoughts. Then the trees became guardians of the hills. Sentries to keep the busy city from coming in. They were magnificent, having them so close. I felt protected, Steven was at my side. Nothing could happen to us now.

The roads became narrowed and twisting. We finally saw the grocery store. Dimly lit we weren't sure they were open. We found out they were. Steven purchased more food. I laughed at his mind focused on food. I stood outside watching the magical fire flies zipping all around me. Then I heard a rustle and I jumped opening the door as Steven was leaning to come out.

He almost lost his balance. I was shaking, which Steven saw immediately.

"What's the matter sweetheart?" Steven asked alarmed.

"Noise, I heard noise." I could only say.

"Sweetheart we are in the woods. Noise is normal, Come on lets get to the cabin." Steven said smiling at me.

Steven pulled me to him, I snuggled into him glad he was here. He placed his hand on my thigh. Drumming his fingers upon my bare thigh. I forgot the noise, I only knew Steven was playing with fire. I had been wanting him the last one hundred miles. He was playing the piano on my thigh. I was trembling.

"Oh Katherine are you cold?" He grinned cocky.

"Steven isn't that our cabin straight in front of us?" I pretended not to know he wanted me to admit I wasn't cold.

Stopping and getting everything inside was easy we carried large loads. It was cleaned, fresh flowers cut on the dining table. Steven placed the food in the refrigerator and cabinets. I went about looking at the views. Thousands of stars were glimmering, bright diamonds showering their light for us. We were so lucky.

"Katherine.. Katherine you haven't answered. What would you enjoy for dinner?" Steven asked seriously.

I kept my back towards him slipping my fingers down to my waist. I unclasped my dress. Slowly I turned as I got face to face to him I opened my dress. I was naked as the day I was born. Smiling I looked him in the eyes.

"Dinner, well let me see is there anything you want?" I grinned.

His face went pale, his tongue wiped his lips. I saw his cockiness go away. He was clear across the cabin. I knew he could bound over the sofa and be at me in a matter of seconds. His brow broke out in sweat. His eyes narrowed as he looked me straight in the eyes. He loosened his belt, unzipped his shorts they fell to the floor. We were at an impasse.

"Katherine come here to me?" Steven asked softly.

I shook my head no and stood there. His smile broke out into a grin. His walking towards the living area made my stomach weak. I felt once he got to me he was going to have to spank me. I got so excited, so many feelings were running through my mind. I closed my eyes, I was nervous he was close I could smell his scent. I felt his hand caress my face.

"Katherine you know you should have came to me." He whispered quietly.

My body was shaking anticipating the first touch. He bent me over the sofa softly rubbing my ass. Speaking to me in whispers, kissing me tenderly. I was tensing he only rubbed my ass more softly.


I felt the sting of his hand spanking my ass. I was almost thrown forward. I stayed standing though I wasn't going to let him know how much it hurt. His hand returned caressing my ass. Wiping his mouth where his hand print was embedded by now.

"I see your wet, Katherine. I love you wet. You will cum when I spank you again."He said with passion.

Steven picked me up sat down on the sofa. Lifting the dress up he had me across his lap. He started rubbing my ass, I started to squirm. He liked that he was afforded the view of my wet pussy being wet as it opened. My pussy opened and closed winking at his handsome face.


I screamed out his hand immediately.


Started to rub my ass softly. His lips kissed my ass tenderly. He was finished with my punishment. Cradled me into his arms, he softly kissed my lips and face. I responded with tears streaked face. Hungrily wanting his softness. His cock was rock hard, dripping of precum.

"I love you Katherine." Steven whispered in my ear as his lips found mine.

I was enjoying the after care of being punished. His hands were tender his lips found mine willing to give into him. He allowed his hand to travel down my bare stomach and land upon my mound. I was anticipating his next move. Slipping his fingers into my slit his middle finger slid in effortlessly. I moaned being covered by his mouth.

He started to slowly twitch it, finding my g spot. I was eagerly waiting for his fingers to own my pussy.

The first stroke was feather light. I shivered, excited by the finger play. I took my hand covered his and pressed it harder. His laughter rang out in the walls of the pine cabin.

"Oh Katherine, patience my pet." Steven said grinning from knowing I was wanting him.

I laid there my mind was trying to get his cock to penetrate me. I managed to move rather quickly spreading my thighs out over his. His cock was bouncing around as though it was saying "Put me in coach, I can fuck her."

"Now Steven, how about some pussy pounding? I want you, baby. Please, please? I

need your cock inside of me, now." I pleaded near tears.

Steven was losing his resolve I placed my pussy directly above that handsome cock.

I started making circles with my hips, barely above the head of his noble shaft. His eyes were watching the hips moving. He grabbed my back, shoving me down forcefully as his hips took off like a rocket off the launch pad.

"Oh Steven yes. Yes! Yes! I need you to fuck me." I gasped.

His pelvis was shoving it home. Making each motion count.

"So you need fucked Katherine? How's this?" He whispered as he plunged back inside.' Or this? you like this?" He laughed as he fucked me harder slipping a finger in my ass.

My brain was disconnecting he was making me lose my inhibitions. I only wanted him in every hole I had. I wanted his body to power fuck me. Piston pumping. My eyes

kept rolling back in my head. I heard screams I assumed was mine. I felt constant motion, Steven was fucking me every way he could think.

Moving me like a rag doll. He tossed me on my back. Grabbed my body turned me as he pressed my face down. He entered me with force rocking his hips. I fell off the sofa he didn't care. He slid down and kept assaulting me. Grinding me into the floor.

I felt his body changing. Back straightened, knees digging into the floor. Thighs were so tight, ass was tucked in fucking me to the hilt. His upper body was shaking, his cries were coming out softly moaning. I felt his stomach tighten rigid, pressing into my pussy.

"Ohhh my God Katherine I am cumminng noww!" Steven hollered as he let out a scream like a wounded animal caught in a trap.

"Me tooooooo......" I joined into his orgasm.

Our bodies twisted, teased, turned wrong side out. Every action caused a reaction. The screaming was blending into one loud scream. We collapsed legs and arms swinging all over the place. I laid my head upon his shoulder. His finger wiped away a tear. Kissing me softly.

"Steven I think I'm hungry now." I laughed.

"Oh, Katherine you got me laid out here without legs to stand on. What are you hungry for?" Steven teased.

"Do we have some peanut butter?" I innocently asked.

Steven got onto his elbows, looking me in the face. Pretending to be upset.

"I have half a cow, pork and you want peanut butter?" He said with a little amount of miff in his voice.

I smiled tilting my head down and looking up at him thru my hair. He was smiling back at me. He nuzzled my neck and we kissed. He suddenly stood up grabbing my hands. We walked towards the kitchen hand in hand. Neither one of us heard a rustling sound outside our window.

Sitting on the stools around the island in the kitchen, Steven managed to fry some bacon up. We shared our dreams for this trip. I was looking forward for the fishing. Not that I had caught any fish. Steven was telling me in detail how to hook a fish. We talked until we finished our sandwiches. He put his arm around me we made the walk up the central staircase. I leaned my head on his broad shoulder.


The sun broke over the steep hills slicing through the limbs of the tree's. Dancing upon the grass and the wild flowers. The slight wind made the sun beams bounce across the lake. We stepped into the shower playing playfully. Nothing serious just being close. We dried each other off, I went about putting on a short beach cover. Tied my hair up so it would be out of my way. Steven wanted to show me fishing.

We packed a lunch basket grabbed a blanket. Steven wore shorts and a crisp yellow shirt. As for me I wanted to try the water so I didn't dress. Just tied two scarves in strategic places. Walking to the beach we caught sight of some big fish. Steven was beginning to walk faster. I was running to keep up. We had everything done and ready to cast out the reels.

"Katherine its a wrist action. Just watch my wrist." Steven was focused.

I looked at his wrist saw his gold watch and thought how sexy that was. It laid next to his natural dark skin. His trim waist was more so with his shirt stuffed into his shorts.

Only hearing the water did my eyes look towards the water. There it was his bobber standing up so proudly. A grin a mile wide on his face.

"Now Katherine you watched all that. You can do it too. Bring your arm back when you feel it you allow it to move fluidly past you. Watch your line, you will feel the water suck it down." He said so serious.

I hadn't looked so I was going to have to fake it all. First I raised my pole straight over my head. I closed my eyes and threw it out I could hear the reel spinning. Then quietness. Except Steven laughing so hard. That pissed me off. I looked for my bobber didn't see it. Steven was trying to calm down his laughter. He pointed up in the tree above my head. Sure enough the bobber was swaying in the wind. The line was tangled to every branch.

I was so embarrassed, I started to cry. Steven came running and pulled me to him. He was patting my back soothing my heart. We both hear the water break, that fish looked like a whale. It broke next to Steven's line. Then his line started being dragged into the lake.

"Katherine get my pole. Don't let go of it. I'll be right there." He shouted trying to get untangled from my line.

My hands were shaking the pole was bending. I was scared, what if that fish had gotten hooked. I just knew he would be mad. I got excited, it broke surface it was the big fish.

"Hurry Steven it's the big one." I shouted knowing he would run to pull it in.

He finally cut himself free. The sequence next was going to be debated for years. He walked fast, not ran towards me. I heard his speaking but panicked and didn't hear anything he said. He said, "Just for me to hold steady" I felt the pole bending in half.

So I did what was natural I landed this fish.

I closed my eyes yanked that pole. Like I was pulling a molar out and the fish came flying out. Steven screams were echoing I'm sure to the Mom and Pop's grocery.

"Katherine Angeline, you are doing it wrong" Steven said rattled.

The sound of skin hitting skin caused me to open my eyes. The fish was slapping Steven in the face. His face was so shocked it was my turn to laugh.

"Katherine Angeline this isn't funny." Steven said sternly.

I muffled my laughter I thought it was funny. Steven was by the numbers stodgy at some things. Steven allowed the fish to flop on the ground. His yellow shirt was brownish. He started to walk towards me. I don't know why I started backing up I wasn't feeling the ground but it was starting to slope.

Splash .. Splash ..

The water was so cold it was like a million pins sticking me all at once. I saw my scarves get whipped away I was fighting for air. Being a spring fed lake it was ice blue clear. I looked at the surface and Steven was screaming.

"Katherine, I'm coming." He shouted.

When he jumped into the water, he swore later his cock shriveled crawled into his stomach. His balls felt like they could shatter off.

"Oh my God Katherine. Jesus it's so cold so damn cold. Are you okay?" Steven said teeth chattering.

I swam to him and hugged him without trying to pull him under. My lips were blue, his were colorless. We were together being alone and it had to be hilarious once we had time to think.


He got the cover covered me first. "So I suppose you truly never been fishing before today?" Steven smiled.

"No, it didn't look hard you made it look like it was as easy as one-two-three." I laughed.

"It's a little tougher than that Katherine. Are you warming up? I swear my balls will never resurface!" Steven laughed until tears came flowing out of his eyes.

We set there I was listening to his heart. It seemed to say my name Katherine over and over. The blanket was getting warm, I let it slip off my shoulder a little.

"Looks like somebody took a dip?" The man's voice was such a shock.

Steven shifted his weight in the position of protection.

"I, am sorry we didn't hear you come down to the river. We didn't expect and know of company." Steven said matter of fact.

Steven kept his hands on my shoulders, I was nude.

"I'm sorry I'm Rash, Reverend Rash Mom and dad's said we had new guest." He stood for a moment then made gesture to move on.

"Well, thank you for dropping by. We are fine, fishing, swimming. Katherine it's our 30th anniversary." Steven laughed. 'Actually we have been married thirty years." Steven was smiling but making no move to shake hands with Reverend Rash.

So I brought out one long slender arm and shook his hand. He had no doubt I was naked. I had no care he knew. Steven watched him walk around the boulders.

"Katherine, you didn't have to show him you were nude." He said a little miffed.

"I couldn't be inhospitable. He is a man of the cloth." I said in my defense.

"Yes, with a hard on that looked like a third leg." Steven said as he pushed me back.

Steven was going to take me there. He unwrapped my body and started licking me with determination. Running my long fingers in his hair I kept mashing his face with each orgasm. We forgot the outdoors, his eyes told me he saw nothing past my breast. At this point I could care who saw the wild abandonment wanton woman that was getting my tits ready for serious play.


I took my cum and spread it around my breast, he watched with hunger in his eyes.

I even sucked my fingers, giving an invitation for Steven to devour my breasts. His first teeth marks made me shiver. His licking his allowing my breast to slip out drove me so fucking crazy. Naturally my hands went to his balls. They had come back down so I rubbed them with tenderness. Hearing Steven moaning as he bit me I knew he was in Nirvana. We had learned to fuck each other to the ultimate. Action for reactions. Touches for touches. We were a little older but I knew spreading my legs for his eyes only. Would only ignite us to explode into subspace. It wasn't the orgasm, it was the journey. The tongue play, the finger play, it was making up as we went.

We were in nature and we were in no hurry. Who would be around to watch his fat, hard cock open my every opening?

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