tagNonConsent/ReluctanceKatherine Ch. 05

Katherine Ch. 05


Ch. 05: Taken in Her Office

This is one of a series. I suggest you read them in order.

Katherine arrived late to work and could not keep her mind on what she was doing. All she could think about was the last 18 hours of sex, orgasms and how much being dominated excited her. She also began to realize that her body was exhausted and sore - especially her sweet pussy. But she did like the feeling.

"What's happened to you? You're useless today." It was the voice of her co-worker and friend Sandy. "What, did you get lucky this weekend?" Sandy chided her.

Sandy was a tall brunette with a beautiful body. She had shoulder length hair that framed her very pretty face. Her breasts were full, her waist slender and her hips nicely rounded. Being tall, her legs were long and nicely shaped. She took very good care of herself.

Sandy dressed very conservatively for work but her beauty and her body were only accentuated by her modesty. In private life, she was a sexual inferno - a fact she and Katherine had discussed several times, though Katherine had not spoken much about it in the past.

Looking up from her desk, she smiled at Sandy and said, "Yeah, I know. It was a long weekend." Katherine remembered back to some of their previous conversations. In particular, one they'd had several months ago that had shocked her at the time. She'd listened, almost in disbelief, as Sandy had described being overpowered and abused by a lover and how she'd had incredible orgasms during their lovemaking.

For a moment Katherine thought of telling Sandy about her weekend experience but decided against it. She tried to remember as many details as possible from their previous conversation about her domination. She only remembered bits and pieces. Something about being free to enjoy sex freely when she was tied up, also some stuff about being beaten with a strap or a paddle and after that, an evening of unbelievable fucking. She remembered how Sandy had wanted to repeat the entire session and even go further but her lover had been too embarrassed by what he thought was getting carried away and wouldn't do it again. No amount of pleading by Sandy had been able to get him to abuse her again, even though she wanted and needed it. By lunchtime Katherine could not contain herself. She had already masturbated at her desk three times and finally called Sandy on the intercom, to set a lunch date. After two glasses of wine, Katherine broached the subject.

"Do you remember a conversation we had last November?" she asked. Sandy knew exactly which conversation but didn't let on too quickly.

"Which one?" she asked. Katherine swallowed hard.

"The one about being tied up." she said with a quiver in her voice.

"What about it?" Sandy asked not wanting to make it too easy for Katherine or to frighten her into silence.

"Well,...." Katherine started and the whole story came out - in every detail. Sandy sat listening attentively, drinking in every word and wishing it had been her. Lunch became an entire afternoon and by the end, both women were terribly aroused.

"You know I'm absolutely drenched." Katherine confessed. She remembered how she'd sat in another restaurant the previous evening with her body juicing out of control.

"Me too." Sandy agreed, her own body quite aroused as her own fantasies ran wild. She wanted to join the act and was trying to figure out how. She knew that Katherine would not agree to share her lover and she did not want to risk their friendship by out-flanking her friend.

"Want to do something about it?" she asked. Katherine looked up at her.

"About what?" she asked.

"About being drenched." she said with a knowing smile. Katherine knew what Sandy had in mind - a little lesbian loving back at the office. She had never done that and didn't particularly want to begin now.

"Thanks, but no thanks." she quipped. Sandy smiled at her, not surprised by the answer.

Upon returning to the office, Katherine and Sandy both told their secretaries they did not want to be disturbed and closing the doors to their respective offices, lifted their feet onto their desks, drew back their skirts and masturbated.

I had told Katherine I would be out of town for a week on business. She was disappointed but I wanted her to be thinking about her experience of the previous weekend and fantasizing and dreaming about our next encounter. All week long she and Sandy had been talking and sharing their sexual fantasies and experiences.

On Friday, Katherine checked her calendar and discovered, to her disappointment, that she had a late meeting at 4:00 with a Ms. Phillips. She had hoped to get out of the office early but realized that was not in the cards. Looking up at her secretary, who was coming in the door, she asked, "Who is this Ms. Phillips?"

"Oh, her office called from St. Louis and said she'd only be in town for the day and needed to see you about some new material. I saw your calendar was clear, so I made the appointment. I hope you don't mind." the woman said.

"It's OK. Bring me the files, will you?" she replied. The woman nodded and went to get the materials. "Listen. I have a 3:00 with the boss and I may run over. If she gets here ahead of me, let her wait in my office." Katherine added.

It was 4:10 when Katherine hurried back to her office, pleased with the results of her meeting with her boss. Her secretary looked up and said, "Your 4:00 is in your office but it's a man." she said. Katherine shrugged her shoulders and opened the door.

"Hold my calls." she said as she entered her office smiling. She did not see anyone on the sofa or in the conference chairs as she closed the door.

"Hello." she called out softly.

"Hello." I said as I spun around in her high-backed desk chair. Katherine smiled broadly when she saw me. "Lock the door." I added and Katherine slid the latch. Her face lit up as she turned around to face me.

"You look good enough to eat." I complimented her. "Let's have a slow, sexy pirouette." I said. Katherine held her arms out and gracefully spun around on her toe. Her skirt flared out gently and her long hair cascaded over her shoulders.

"Your panties please." I said with a smile. Katherine's hands reached under her skirt and in a moment she held out the silky garment. I nodded and she lay them on the desk in front of me. She was wearing knee-high stockings and was glad she hadn't worn panty-hose today. I rolled her desk chair back and gestured her to sit on the desk in front of me. She moved quickly, coming around the desk and leaning against it in front of me. It was a large desk and fortunately she liked to keep the top of it cleared except for the phone and intercom.

"Lift up the back of your skirt and sit on the edge." I instructed her. Katherine drew her skirt up in the back and eased her ass onto the hard, wooden desktop. She gasped at the coldness of the wood against her warm skin. I looked up at her silk blouse and saw that it was buttoned up over her swelling breasts. I leaned forward and kissed her covered breast. Her arms came to my shoulders as I playfully bit her nipple through the soft material.

Katherine realized that the drapes were open and the entire wall behind me was a window. She knew that the glass outside had a mirror coating but also knew that it was possible to see in, if you looked carefully. Her office was on the ground floor and people were always walking by. But all that didn't matter right now. What did matter, was the feel of my mouth teasing her hard nipple. Reaching down, Katherine unbuttoned her blouse and guided her firm nipple to my mouth. A loud moan escaped her lips as I teased her nipples with my tongue.

"So much for appetizers." I quipped as I pressed her body backwards. Katherine put her arms behind her to support her body as I lifted her legs onto the chair seat on either side of my legs. Katherine looked down as I ran my palms up the backs of her long legs and then slid her skirt up over her knees. Bringing my hands to the tops of her knees, I then slid her skirt all the way back over her thighs, revealing her soft pubic thatch, open to my pleasure. I could smell the sweet scent of her arousal as her pussy hairs were glistening in anticipation.

I kissed her thigh and then lowered my mouth to her sweet quim. Katherine spread her thighs wide and at my first caress, bent her arms, leaning back on her elbows. She was so excited that her juices were already flowing in her tight love hole. I slid my tongue across her engorged labia and sucked them between my lips. Her legs started to quiver as my tongue pressed between her moist lips and tasted her sweet flow.

Katherine was lost in lust as my lips trapped her rigid clit. She knew what came next. She felt my teeth slide over her sensitive love button and then felt my tongue flick across the tip of it. She felt tremendous suction and then a shift in pressure and her loins erupted with buckets of cum. She let out a gasp as her body shook. Again I teased her clit and I felt her thighs clamp around my ears.

Easing her grip on my head, Katherine lay her body flat on the desktop. Her hands stroked through my hair as I continued to suck on her pussy. My tongue probed deep into her seething quim as I tried to drink all of her sweet nectar. Katherine was moaning with pleasure as my tongue caressed her quivering womanflesh. As I continued to nibble on her sensitive clit, I lifted Katherine's feet off the chair seat and draped them over the arms of the chair. I stood up and let the chair roll back against the window. I folded her skirt back across her slender waist and then lifted her legs straight up in the air, holding her knees together.

Katherine's arms slid up and out as she reached out for the corners of the desk to give herself balance. As I began to ease her legs apart, Katherine smiled up at me and as I let go, she opened her legs as wide as they would stretch. She was so very inviting. I looked down at her as she smiled up at me. Her nipples were hard, her face filled with lust and her legs spread open for me. I opened my pants and retrieved my ramrod. I slid the head over her drenched pussy lips and then eased it into her tight love hole. Katherine gasped as she felt my cock stretch the walls of her pussy as I penetrated her body to the hilt. I could feel her powerful love muscles close around my cock as I flexed it deep inside her luscious body.

Placing my palms on the desk beside her, I began to stroke into her open body. Katherine's head rolled from side to side as her breathing became heavier. I wrapped my arms over her hips and slid her ass to the very edge of the desktop. As I continued to pound into her body, I could see her biting back cries of lust as her hips gyrated and her legs locked around my hips. Now she had the leverage to really respond to my thrusts. Her hips rose to meet each thrust as her muscles grasped at my cock with each stroke. I looked down at her as her face was filled with lust and her beautiful breasts bounced wildly on her chest. As I was building toward my own climax, a voice came over the intercom.

"Excuse me for interrupting but I'm leaving now and just wanted to check if you needed anything." It was the voice of the secretary. Katherine knew she had to compose herself enough to answer the woman. She looked up at me for help as she reached over for the button on the intercom. Just as she pressed it, I rammed deep into her quivering body as she tried to speak.

"Thanks." she said with a very shaky voice. "Have a nice weekend." she continued, her voice getting even weaker as I pounded into her dripping pussy. Katherine looked up at me with a mixture of lust and anger as I brought my fingers to her nipples and squeezed them playfully as I thrust into her love hole once more. I was laughing at her and she knew it.

"Are you OK?" came the voice from the intercom. "You don't sound too good."

'If she only knew how good I was right now,' Katherine thought to herself as I shifted my angle a bit and thrust deep into her body once more, bringing her to another orgasm as she tried to speak. "I'm fine." she said but didn't sound good at all. "Goodnight." Katherine added with a note of finality as she closed the intercom and I started to laugh.

"Oh you...!" she glared at me as I thrust again into her tight lovehole, causing another orgasm to ripple through her body.

"I like to watch you try to keep your composure when your body is out of control. It's like the other night in the restaurant." I reminded her. Katherine blushed - she knew I was right. Her mind flashed to the face of the waiter, who was looking at her when I made her cum right in front of him.

Lifting her arms around my neck, I lifted her body off the desk. Her tight quim slid all the way down my shaft as she gasped. I slid my hands down under her knees and said, "Unlock your legs." Katherine released her grip around my waist and her feet brushed against my thighs. As I sat down in her chair, Katherine looked over my shoulders and watched hundreds of people walking around the parking lot, only a few yards from where she sat, impaled on my cock. Anyone who looked carefully through the window, would be able to watch us. If they only knew to look. Reaching for the top of the chair back, she rolled her hips over mine, grinding her clit against my body. I leaned the chair back against the window and braced my feet against her desk.

"It's your turn." I quipped and Katherine didn't waste an instant. Her body began to pump up and down on my shaft as she rolled her hips with each plunge and massaged my cock with her powerful love muscles. Every few moments she gasped and I could feel her muscles contract and then, the sweet sensation of her orgasm, as my cock was bathed with her sweet flow. She loved the feeling of impaling herself on my ramrod. I loved it too.

Katherine could sense that my own orgasm was building and she redoubled her efforts to make me cum. As she pumped her body up and down my cock, she looked out the window and saw several of her co-workers and Sandy standing right outside the window, oblivious to what she was doing as she fucked me silly. The danger and thrill of the moment caused her to orgasm again as she plunged hard onto my shaft with a loud scream. The sweet sensation of her orgasm and the force of her thrust, caused my balls to erupt, spewing hot cum deep into her twitching pussy.

Exhausted, Katherine sank onto my cock and leaned forward, bringing her breasts to my face. I licked her breast and then sucked her hard nipple into my mouth. As I did this, I could feel her inner love muscles contract once again. Pulling her to me, I kissed her deeply and smiled at her. I leaned her body back against the desk and stroked her sides and breasts as she caught her breath. Her pussy remained impaled on my cock as her legs splayed out on either side of me. Finally my cock softened and slid out of her warm body. Katherine pouted.

"It happens." I teased as I kissed her.

"I have an idea." she said as she lifted her body up onto the desktop. Spinning around, she positioned herself so that she lay flat on the desk with her head dangling over the edge facing my cock. I got the idea and standing up in front of her, I let her maneuver my body and then guide my spent cock into her eager mouth. She wrapped her arms around my hips and pulled me all the way into her mouth. I stood motionless in her mouth as her tongue and lips teased my cock. I could feel her moist breath as she exhaled, tickle my balls.

Reaching out with my hands, I began to tease and play with her erect nipples. With her neck stretched back this way, I could see her throat muscles as they contracted while she sucked on me. As my cock started to grow in her mouth, she held me firmly. I realized what she was going to try to do and decided to ease up on her breasts and let her focus her concentration. Slowly my cock grew larger in her mouth until it filled her mouth completely. I watched as its length forced its way past her tonsils and deep into her throat. She was trying hard not to gag as my shaft pushed deeper into her throat. I stood very still watching in fascination. I was amazed that she was able to swallow all of it.

Finally she released my hips and I knew she was in control of her throat muscles and then she pulled my hips forward again. I brought my hands back to her breasts and took more control of my movements in her sweet and talented mouth. Each thrust brought my cockhead to her lips and then back down deep into her eager throat. As my cockhead passed her tonsils, I could feel and watch the natural contractions of her throat muscles and see my shaft as it filled her throat. The sensation was not to be believed. To this she added the suction and caress of her talented tongue. I wasn't going to be able to hold out much longer.

"You're about to reap the fruits of your labors." I teased as I felt her tongue flick across my cockhead. "Shall I come in your throat or do you want to taste it?" I asked. She waited until I was all the way in to her throat and then moaned. "Then that is where it will be." I answered. I increased the rhythm of my penetrations and shot my load all the way down Katherine's throat. Her throat muscles went wild as she swallowed every drop of my load. I leaned over her body and kissed her mons as a chill ran through her body. I even felt it in my cock.

I eased out of her mouth and sat down again. I kissed her cheek and she pulled my lips to hers, practically sucking my tongue out of my mouth. I smiled at her and helped her to sit up and spin around on the desktop. She slipped onto my lap and kissed me as her hand massaged my cock and my hands caressed her breasts and her face. She kissed me on the cheek and then getting up, looked down at the front of my pants. They were soaked with her cum.

"Oh, my..." she gasped as she looked down at my crotch.

"Don't worry, I brought another pair of pants." I teased her. She realized I'd planned this all along.

Katherine padded into the bathroom to clean up as I opened my briefcase and took out another pair of slacks.

"Shall we?" I asked as she returned, her hair brushed and her clothes back in place. She picked up her purse and taking my arm, we crossed the room to the door. As she reached up to turn off the light, I stopped. "Forget something?" I teased. Katherine turned and kissed me, her hand reaching down to stroke my recently spent cock.

"Thank you, but that's not what I was thinking of." I said as I nodded in the direction of her desk. She saw her used panties laying on the corner.

"Can you imagine if the custodians had found those?" she gasped.

"Yes." I answered with a laugh. She scooped them up and put them in her purse. "Not so fast." I teased. Katherine looked up at me with a smiling frown. It was an adorable sarcastic face that said, 'give me a break'. It was one of the many things about her that I liked. From my pocket I pulled a small gift-wrapped box and handed it to her. She reached up and kissed me as she took the box.

"You always give me such interesting presents. I wonder what this is." she smiled. Opening the box, she found two small egg-shaped balls. "What are these?" she asked.

"Pick them up." I said and she did. Immediately she realized that one was hollow and the other one filled and heavier. She looked up at me. "They're called Ben-Wa balls and they come from the Orient.

"And just what do I do with these 'Ben Wa-balls'?" she asked with a note of sarcasm in her voice.

"You wear them - or shall I say more correctly, you carry them." I teased.

"And just where do I 'carry' them?" she bantered with that same look on her face.

"Two guesses." I quipped.

"Oh, and just what is it that they do?" she asked.

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