tagNonConsent/ReluctanceKatherine Ch. 10

Katherine Ch. 10


Ch. 10: Katherine is Shared

This is one of a series. I suggest you read them in order.

We drove across town to a home I own in the suburbs. It was currently empty and I was looking for renters. The backyard had a high fence and shrubs and a very private pool. I ushered Katherine through the house and then into the yard.

I returned to the house as Katherine slipped off her top and stretched out on the chaise lounge, trying to look as sexy and inviting as she could. She was so horny that she couldn't remember the last time she'd felt this frustrated. She wanted to touch her body and relieve her itch but knew she'd better not.

Inside, I called a friend of mine at a local pizza shop and had him send over his young delivery boy with a pizza. The boy was in high school and though quite nice was not particularly good looking. I'd watched him when I'd been in the restaurant and from the way he watched the girls, it was easy to tell that he did a lot of fantasizing and had very little experience. That was about to change.

I returned to the yard and found Katherine lying on the chaise. She had removed her bra and raised her knee giving me an inviting view of her barely covered pussy and her upper body leaned forward as she tried desperately to please me. Her long hair hung beautifully over her shoulders and her face was filled with lust.

"You are soon going to learn your second lesson of the day." I said.

"What do you mean?" she asked as she realized that all of her efforts to seduce me were failing.

"Do you remember what I told you this morning when I slapped you?" I asked.

"That I did not control your body." she replied. After a moment of thought she added. "and something about my body, I think."

"Correct." I said as I handed her two soft leather wrist cuffs, each with a small metal ring. "Put these on." I said. Katherine paled a bit as she buckled the soft leather around her wrists. "I told you that not only didn't you control my body but that you didn't even control your own body. You are about to have that fact demonstrated to you." I told her. Katherine could not imagine what I had planned for her but she felt her pussy start to get moist.

"Come over here." I said and Katherine stood up and walked over in front of me. "Turn around." I instructed and she obeyed. I looked up at her firm ass as the thong bikini slid up between her firm cheeks Her bottoms were very small and held in place by a string over each hip tied in a bow.

"Turn around." I instructed and Katherine obeyed. She stood with her thighs slightly apart, her pussy scant inches from my face. She was trembling slightly. I slid my fingers under the soft material of her bikini and pulled the material tight together. Katherine felt the material pinch and slide in between her engorged pussy lips. She looked down at me hoping I would fondle her pussy or at least her bare breasts. Katherine wasn't sure what I was doing or why but she kept silent.

"Go sit down over there." I said and Katherine returned to the chaise. I rose and walked over to her. I took her hands in mine and raised them in front of her bare breasts. I clipped her wrists together.

Stepping behind her, I instructed her in a very stern voice. "From this moment on you will not say one word unless instructed to. Do you understand?" I said. Katherine nodded. From my pocket I took a strip of black cloth about 3 inches wide and drew it over Katherine's eyes and tied her blindfold in place. She was frightened but did not say anything. I checked to make sure it was tight and covered her eyes. "Can you see anything?" I asked.

"No." she replied, a touch of fear and excitement in her voice. She had never been blindfolded before, at least not in this kind of situation.

"I want you to lie face down on the chaise and fold your hands under your face." I told her. Katherine turned her body and stretched out on the chaise. She placed her hands under her head with her arms at shoulder height. She felt the warmth of the pad against her bare skin as the sun beat down on her back and ass. "Now slide your feet over the edges of the chaise." I instructed and Katherine slid her legs open until her feet dangled over the sides of the chair.

I looked down at her and she truly looked delectable as her long hair lay across her cheek partially obscuring the view of her blindfold. Her body looked beautiful with her bra clearly gone, her thighs parted and her swollen labia peeking out around the sheer material of her thong as it was drawn up tightly into the crack of her beautiful ass. She looked perfect for what I had in mind.

"Pizza!" a voice called from the side of the house.

"Back here." I yelled and Katherine's heart went into overdrive. She could hear the voice of a teen-aged kid and realized just how exposed she was lying on the chaise with her bra gone and her bikini drawn tight up into her asscheeks. The kid came into the yard and I looked up at him. "How much do I owe you?" I asked.

"$20.50." he said as he held out his hand. I paid him. As he turned to go, he saw Katherine spread out on the chaise and stopped dead in his tracks. He gazed down at her body and his mouth began to water. I watched as he reached into his pockets and began to rub himself.

"I see you enjoy looking at my friend here." I said to the young boy.

"Yeah." was about all he could choke out.

"Good." I said. "You can do me a very big favor." I continued.

"Huh?" he grunted not taking his eyes from Katherine's bared asscheeks.

"K. here has delicate skin and I'm afraid that she is going to get a sunburn. Since I'm ready to eat my pizza would you be good enough to put some suntan lotion on her body?" I asked. Katherine's heart began to pound in her chest as she realized what I'd just offered to boy.

The kid looked at me in astonishment. "I mean it. You wouldn't want her to burn herself, especially her beautiful ass." I said. The boy nodded in silence. Katherine thought she would die. I handed him a bottle of lotion as Katherine's mind was racing. Who was this person who was about to rub her body and intimately, she felt sure given the situation.

The boy took the bottle and went over to sit down beside Katherine. He squirted some lotion on her back and Katherine shuddered as she felt the cool liquid on her warm skin. He began to rub the lotion into her soft shoulders and Katherine could sense his trembling as he rubbed her almost naked body. His hands worked down the middle of her back and Katherine was trembling with fear and some anticipation as she imagined what was going to happen next.

The boy smoothed lotion onto Katherine's lower back and then casually brushed his hands over her exposed asscheeks hoping she wouldn't protest. Katherine remained silent as the boy gained a little confidence and rubbed her asscheeks more thoroughly. She felt an excitement in her loins as finally someone - anyone was touching her body and so close to her sex.

"Why don't you sit down between her legs." I suggested and the boy looked up at me. "It's okay." I assured him. He stood up and then looked down, trying to figure out how to sit down without sitting on the beautiful woman stretched out in front of him.

"K. Put your feet on the deck." I instructed and Katherine nervously parted her thighs, dropping her legs to the deck. The boy gazed down between her spread thighs and saw her swollen pussy lips peeking out under the sheer fabric of her bikini bottoms.

"Have a seat." I said and the boy straddled the chaise, lowering his body between her widespread thighs. He looked up at me and I nodded. Katherine could feel his eyes burning into the flesh of her ass as she lay almost naked before him - a total stranger. Taking the bottle, he squirted some lotion on the backs of Katherine's thighs and as he touched her body, he felt a shudder run through her as a deep moan escaped her lips.

As he rubbed the lotion into her thighs, his fingers brushed closer and closer to her pussy. He could feel her open thighs tremble with excitement. Katherine could feel her pussy juicing and wanted this total stranger to rub her right between her legs. She spread her thighs a bit wider in hopes of encouraging him. The boy couldn't believe what was happening but he continued to rub her open thighs and then let his fingers brush across the soft material wedged between her pussy lips. He felt Katherine shudder as her body creamed. She was humiliated and excited at the same time as she lost control of her body.

"You haven't enjoyed the pleasures of too many women have you?" I asked him as I ate the pizza.

"No." he whispered in embarrassment as his fingers continued to stroke the backs of Katherine's thighs.

"Well that's about to change." I said. "The woman whom you are massaging is to be punished for her arrogance." I continued. "I want you to help me." I said.

The boy looked up at me puzzled. "K. is to be punished, and her punishment is one of pleasure - yours and hers. You can enjoy any part of her body as much as you want and as long as you want, in any way that you want. You can ask her to do anything you like and she will. The punishment for her is that she is blindfolded and will never know who you are." I said. The boy looked up and realized that she was indeed blindfolded. He slid his fingers over Katherine's asscheeks again and felt her body tremble.

"Are you sure?" he asked in astonishment.

"Tell him." I said.

Katherine lifted her face and said, "Yes." The boy went back to rubbing the tender flesh on the inside of Katherine's thighs but let his fingers graze against her exposed pussy lips. He heard her gasp as another shudder ran through her body.

"She is so horny right now that she'll cum at the touch of your hand. Just rub her pussy and watch." I instructed. Katherine felt the boy's fingers reach between her open thighs and rub across the crotch of her bikini. Her body convulsed as a powerful orgasm ripped through her loins.

"See?" I said. "Now untie the strings over her hips." With trembling fingers the boy reached out and untied the two bows and as I nodded, he lifted the ends of the strings until the soft material peeled back a little. He dropped them and went back to massaging her ass and between her thighs.

"A woman is not only aroused by having her genitals rubbed but by having all of her body rubbed. Slide forward so you can rub her ass and her back at the same time." I instructed. The boy slid his body forward and Katherine felt his ramrod wedge hard against her spread pussy. She wanted him inside of her but knew he was still wearing his shorts and so she ground her pussy hard against his raging cock. For several minutes the boy fondled her ass and thighs as Katherine rubbed herself against his cock as hard as she could.

"Son, stand up and move down to the other end of the chaise." I said. Reluctantly he rose to his feet, still gazing down at Katherine's spread thighs and luscious ass. "Take off your shorts." I said and he slid his shorts and briefs down his legs. I motioned him to sit in front of Katherine's face and he straddled the chaise. Katherine felt his weight on the lounge in front of her and raising her body on her elbows inched forward. The boy looked down and saw her bound wrists as she reached out to caress his cock. He was stunned when he saw her bindings but his concern disappeared when her fingers wrapped around his raging shaft. He had never had a woman caress his cock and Katherine could feel his excitement as she held him.

Easing herself forward a bit more, she lowered her mouth to his cock and wrapped her eager lips around his cockhead. The boy moaned loudly as Katherine sank her face onto his rigid shaft. Picking up my camera, I began to take pictures of the boy as Katherine sucked on his cock. He was so excited that he couldn't control his body and in a matter of seconds gasped as he shot his load into her mouth.

Katherine had anticipated this happening and was prepared as she sucked hard to get every drop of his cum. She was sure that this was the first time he'd ever cum without using his own hand. He looked up at me a bit embarrassed by the quickness with which he came.

"She has as talented a mouth as you could ever hope to have wrapped around your cock. I don't blame you for coming quickly. Next time K. knows some ways to keep you hard for a much longer time to add to your pleasure and hers." I said as he looked down at her head still moving up and down on his shaft. He realized from my comment that he was going to enjoy this exquisite pleasure again as Katherine's tongue continued to tease his cock. I took some more pictures.

Slowly Katherine eased his cock from between her lips. I touched her shoulder and she pushed her body up to a sitting position. He gazed down at her naked breasts and Katherine could feel his eyes burning into her naked flesh. As he looked down between her wide-spread thighs he could see the loose string of her bikini stuck to her skin as it draped over the crease in her hip. The soft material over her pussy hung loosely from her body.

"Lie back." I said and I helped Katherine ease her body back onto the raised pad of the chaise. The boy looked down at her body as she was spread out before him. He looked a little nervous.

"Here, put on some more lotion." I said handing him the bottle. As he rubbed the lotion on Katherine's naked breasts her nipples got unbelievably hard. He looked up at me and I nodded. He closed his fingers around her hard nipple and began to tease it as a soft moan escaped Katherine's lips. Her legs came up to the pad and wrapped around his hips. She pulled him closer with her legs until she felt his cock press against the soft material of her bikini.

Reaching up to his face with her bound wrists she pulled his face to her breast and guided his lips to her nipple as her pussy ground against his rising cock. The boy licked and kissed her breast and then began to suck on it. He could feel her body respond and felt her pussy grinding against his cock. Katherine guided his mouth across her breasts from nipple to nipple as his fingers continued to fondle her. She lifted her arms over his body and I unclipped her wrists so she could rub his back and neck.

As he eased his body forward to kiss her mouth, Katherine felt his cock rub hard against her sheathed pussy and the idea of initiating a virgin into the pleasures of sex overcame her. As he kissed her, she practically sucked his tongue out of his mouth as her hips ground against his cock and her nails raked his back. She pressed his head back down to her breast and he sucked her nipple into his mouth as his teeth gently nipped at her tender bud. He felt her hands press against the top of his head and realized that she was pushing his face in the direction of her spread pussy.

Slowly he licked his way down her body, thinking of all the porno movies he'd ever seen and sliding back on the chaise, kissed the smooth skin above her mons. Sitting up for a moment, he picked up the strings of her bikini and pulling slowly, lifted the sheer material, soaked with lotion and her pussy juices away from her body.

Katherine felt a rush run through her body as she lay totally naked and spread in front of a total stranger whom she would never know and whom she was about to introduce to the pleasures of sex and her own body. The boy lowered his face to her spread thighs and kissed her softly just at the edge of her soft, pubic thatch. Her fingers stroked through his hair and she guided him to the opening of her love hole. The sweet scent emanating from her loins was overpowering and the boy slid his tongue between the swollen lips of her pussy. Katherine felt her juices flow even faster as she guided his tongue to the depths of her seething womanflesh.

Katherine's body quaked and shook as orgasms rippled through her loins. Her clit wanted attention and badly as she guided his mouth to her erect love button. As his lips sucked on it, her body convulsed with passion as I continued to take pictures of both of them.

"Fuck me. Now." she hissed as she pulled up on his body. The boy felt the hardness of his cock as it slid along the pad and then felt Katherine's fingers wrap around the head as she guided his cock between her open love petals. "Fuck me, please." she begged.

As his shaft entered her warm, tight hole, he gasped with pleasure. He gazed down at her beautiful body, still not believing this was happening to him. He lay across her body and felt her wrap her powerful thighs around his hips. He began to thrust into her pussy and could not believe the sensation when he felt her love muscles begin to massage his shaft as he thrust into her body.

"Oh, fuck!" Katherine gasped. I took some more pictures as he thrust into her spread pussy. His thrusts became harder and deeper as Katherine realized that he would shoot his load soon if she didn't control the situation. Gripping his hips tightly with her thighs, she slowed him down as her inner muscles eased their grip on his rampaging cock. He could sense the difference and decided to follow her lead.

Katherine pushed up on his shoulders and the boy sat up on the chaise, his cock still buried deep in her drenched pussy. Katherine held out her arms and he helped her to sit up. She sat astride his hips, her pussy impaled on his young cock. Easing his body back onto the chaise, she slid forward bringing her thighs right across his hips. Placing her feet firmly on the ground, she tickled his chest as her hips rotated on his cock and her muscles teased his ramrod.

Leaning forward, Katherine rose slightly and began to impale herself over and over on his rigid pole as he gasped with pleasure. Another orgasm rippled through her body as I continued to take pictures of them both. Katherine's face was filled with passion as was the boy's. More pictures of them from front and back.

Katherine bent forward, bringing her breasts to his lips as her hips ground hard against his impaling cock. He sucked on her nipples as she teased his cock. As he lay his head back, Katherine rose and then began to skewer her pussy on his raging shaft as all of her skills as a lover were exercised to please this young boy. More pictures.

She could feel his body start to tremble and hear his rapid breathing as she clamped her pussy muscles around his shaft. He could not withstand her skills any longer and with a loud grunt shot his load deep into her twitching pussy as her own body erupted in a powerful orgasm. He looked up at her, his face filled with pleasure but she could not see him. She did continue to milk his cock with her talented love muscles until he was totally dry. He reached up and pulled her body down across his and kissed her deeply. Katherine responded to his somewhat awkward lovemaking as she stroked his body.

Sliding back across his legs, she felt his softening cock slip out of her pussy. Sitting between his knees, she lowered her head to his cock and sucked his spent tool between her lips. He sighed with pleasure as her lips and tongue caressed his spent shaft. He looked down at her, unable to believe that this beautiful, seductive woman, almost ten years older than himself, sat between his legs with her lips wrapped around his shaft as if thanking his cock for having fucked her pussy. His experience to date with women or girls had been at best very limited. He'd never forget this day or this woman and he wasn't through yet. There was more to come.

I took another picture of him as he sat on the chaise his legs open and Katherine's face buried in his crotch. When she had finished licking all of their cum from his cock, she sat up and faced him her fingers still teasing his cock.

"Rest here for a few minutes, we'll be right back." I said as I touched Katherine's upper arm and she released her grip on the boy's shaft and stood up. I helped her off the chaise and led her into the house.

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