tagNonConsent/ReluctanceKatherine Ch. 12

Katherine Ch. 12


This is one of a series. I suggest you read them in order.


By Monday Katherine was a wreck. She had wanted to call but knew she'd better not. She was desperate to redeem herself and had begun to work out a plan. When she arrived at work she called her friend Sandy and set a date for lunch.

Over their meal Katherine told Sandy every detail of her weekend and of her previous encounters with me. Sandy listened with great excitement to how S had been punished and how Katherine had been forced to fuck the young boy so thoroughly and while blindfolded. She also picked up on the menage a trois suggestion.

Katherine wanted to ask Sandy to join us for a menage but was afraid to raise the subject. Sandy really wanted to participate in this kind of sex but didn't know how Katherine would feel about her inviting herself in. Both women danced around the issue until finally Sandy went for broke.

"It sounds to me like you didn't like the menage a trois with S because you don't like her. You know he wants you to be part of one and you also know that I like and need to be dominated to enjoy sex fully. You and I have been friends for a long time and though we've never gotten it on, the idea has crossed my mind more than once. Why not offer me as a gift to him as part of a menage a trois with you?" Sandy suggested.

"I thought you'd never ask." Katherine confessed. "I wanted to ask you but I didn't know how to bring it up."

"Don't worry about it. I'm just glad it's settled. I really need this. It's been a long time since I've really had a good, satisfying sexual experience. Most men dream of dominating a woman but when it comes right down to it, they chicken out; even with a woman who wants it." she said. "They're afraid the women will think they're perverted and stop going out with them." she added. "What a waste of good opportunities."

Over coffee their plan was worked out.

Katherine hoped that I'd call all week. My lack of contact also raised her concern and her need to do something. It also removed any second thoughts she had had about how to redeem herself. She was on the brink of desperation when I didn't call. She decided to take the initiative.

A bouquet of balloons arrived at my office on Thursday. The note read, "Please forgive me." On the back Katherine had written, "I want to make it up to you, please come over tonight. I have a special present for you." It was signed "Katherine."

I decided to accept her invitation. Friday was a holiday, so it would be a long weekend. Late in the afternoon, I sent her a single rose with a card that read, "Yes."

Relieved that I had accepted her invitation, Katherine ran down the hall to Sandy's office to tell her the good news. Sandy smiled up at her and then coming around the desk, she put her arms around Katherine's body and hugged her close. Sandy felt a tremor run through Katherine's body as her huge breasts pressed against Katherine's firm tits but she decided not to press the matter any further just yet. She could feel Katherine's slight reluctance but knew that she would be exploring her beautiful body soon enough.

"I'm going home to get things ready." Katherine said to Sandy as she eased away from her body.

"Good. I'll stop off at home to get a few things and I'll be over around 7:30." Sandy said. Katherine smiled at her and left the office.

Sandy sat back on her chair and lifting her feet onto the desk, slid her palm along the inside of her thigh, drawing her long skirt up past the edge of her lace panties. She'd been in Katherine's apartment many times and knew the place well. She began to think about the possibilities for her being tied up in different rooms; the bed, a four-poster with a canopy, the coffee table, the bar, even the balcony. She closed her eyes and dreamt of the night to come as she caressed her aching pussy.

When she arrived at home, Katherine quickly set about getting ready for the evening. She put up a hot bath and set about putting fresh sheets on the king-size bed. She sank into the warm water of her bubble bath and then caressed herself as the warm water enveloped her beautiful body. She closed her eyes and thought about the evening to come.

Finishing her bath, she dried off and prepared herself for the evening. She put on her make-up, but just a little. Then from her closet she took a beautiful, new satin robe. She slipped it on and looked in the mirror. Her long, dark hair cascaded over the shoulders of the robe and contrasted beautifully with the pale blue of the material. The robe came just below her ass and it accentuated her long legs. She closed the robe over her beautiful breasts and tied the sash loosely.

The doorbell rang and she looked over at the clock. It was Sandy. Sandy came in and gave Katherine a quick kiss on the cheek and then dropped her bag on the sofa.

"You look delicious." Sandy teased. "Where do you want me?" she asked.

"How about in the bedroom?" Katherine replied.

"How about in here?" Sandy suggested, leading Katherine back into the kitchen area. Between the kitchen and the dining area was a long counter that served as a breakfast bar. The edge on the kitchen side was squared off but the other side had a padded leather strip running the length of the countertop. At the end of the counter there was a tall metal pole that attached to the ceiling and had another metal pole that ran horizontally back to the wall with several plants hanging in decorative pots.

Sandy looked the place over and started to think how she should position herself. She slid off her coat and Katherine could see that she wore a silk teddy and a thin choker around her neck.

"Nothing subtle about you, is there?" Katherine quipped. Sandy smiled reaching out to caress Katherine but Katherine avoided her touch.

Sandy picked up her bag and Katherine watched as Sandy prepared. From her bag, Sandy took four leather cuffs, each lined with thick sheepskin and proceeded to strap them around her wrists and ankles. Katherine noticed that each cuff had several rings and that a clasp had been attached to each cuff so that they could be connected. Looking up at the pole, Sandy reached back into the bag and pulled out a short chain with clasps on either end. She attached it to one of her wrists.

"Can I move these?" Sandy asked as she looked up at the plants.

"Sure." Katherine replied and the two women removed the plants. Sandy stood in front of the pole and then raising her arms over her head, started to look around for ideas on how to position herself for my pleasure and her own. She saw two small tables and immediately went to get them. She placed them on either side of the pole about a foot or so apart. She then placed one of the barstools directly in front of the pole but a bit distant from the bar. Lastly, she went and brought in a small step stool that Katherine had in a corner of the kitchen and placed it directly in front of the pole, in the place where she'd stood.

"Ready." she announced as she looked at Katherine.

"Now what?" Katherine asked.

Sandy moved back to the pole and standing on the footstool, her ass just reached the countertop. Lifting her body onto the counter she leaned against the pole and then raising her feet onto the two small tables she spread her thighs wide. She looked incredibly sexy as she lifted her arms over her head once again and grasped the pole. Holding it tightly, she slid her firm asscheeks to the edge of the counter and then over the padded edge. Her thighs tensed as her weight was supported by her open thighs and her back arched over the edge of the counter. With Sandy's knees spread open her ass dropped down lower than her knees making her pussy that much more inviting. Katherine watched as her friend began to rotate her pelvis and move her hips up and down adjusting to the feel of the padded edge in the small of her back. Satisfied by her preparations, she pulled herself back up onto the counter.

"Almost ready." Sandy said. "Have you got the camera ready?" she asked. Katherine nodded in the direction of the living room.

"Good, now hand me the blindfold." she said. Taking the blindfold from Katherine, she slipped it over her eyes, checking to be sure she could not see. Raising her arms over her head, Sandy crossed her wrists around the pole. "Good. Now clip my wrists together behind the bar." Katherine stepped forward between Sandy's open thighs and reaching up to the pole, clipped Sandy's wrists around the pole. As she leaned forward, her full breasts brushed against Sandy's raised tits. Sandy arched her back, bringing her tits firmly against Katherine's and moaned loudly.

"I'm all yours." Sandy teased. "And his." she added. "Do you want to caress me?" the bound beauty asked.

"Not just yet." Katherine said as she backed up and sat down on the barstool. It was actually a captain's chair on tall legs that swiveled. She put her feet up onto the foot rest and gazed up at her friend who sat bound before her on the counter. She tried to imagine how I would feel sitting in the same place in a little while. Katherine looked up at the clock, I was late and she was worried.

Katherine was relieved when she heard the knock at her door. Closing the kitchen door, she stopped in the hall to check herself, in the mirror. She looked good. Katherine greeted me with a huge smile and a nervous look on her face. She was so relieved that I had come. She slid her arms around my waist and kissed me. She was so thankful when she felt my arms wrap around her body and hug her to me. She raised her lips to mine and kissed me passionately, relieved that her exile was over. I felt her gently rub her pussy against the hardness in my crotch and then, taking my hands, led me into her apartment.

"Please forgive me." she said. "I've been miserable all week. I know I..." she said as I put my finger to her lips. I handed her a bouquet of roses and pecked at her lips. Katherine did not reply, except to wrap her arms around my neck and to kiss me passionately.

"I'm so glad you are here and I am so sorry for being so stupid last week. It'll never happen again. I

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