tagNonConsent/ReluctanceKatherine Ch. 14

Katherine Ch. 14


This is one of a series. I suggest you read them in order.

CHAPTER 14Katherine and I continue to enjoy Sandy's bound body

Moving back to the barstool, I sat down on the edge and motioned Katherine closer to me. As she stepped in front of me, I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her tightly to me. Her naked breasts pressed firmly against my chest as I felt my flaccid cock graze between her warm thighs. I kissed her cheek and she leaned her head back and sucked my tongue into her eager mouth.

"Thank you." I whispered as she smiled up at me. Katherine stepped back and began to kneel in front of me but I held her firmly and shook my head. "Not yet, I have another idea." I whispered as I slid back in the chair and turned Katherine's body around to face Sandy. She thought I was going to have her lick Sandy's open pussy. I thought about it but had something else in mind for the moment. As Katherine stood between my legs, we both gazed at Sandy's ravaged body as she hung loosely in her bonds. Her huge tits continued to quiver as she tried to catch her breath. My hands caressed Katherine's firm body as I felt her long fingernails rake over the tops of my thighs. I nibbled on the back of her neck as my fingers pinched her hard nipples and a shudder ran through her beautiful, young body.

Sandy hung limply as her arms were still drawn over her head. She was spent and it showed in the flushed color of her entire body. Cum oozed out of her sweet lovehole and formed a small puddle on the padded edge of the counter.

"I have and idea." I whispered to Katherine. "Give me a hand." Katherine nodded and followed me into the living room. "Do you have some rope?" I asked.

"Maybe, but Sandy probably has whatever you need in her little bag of tricks." she volunteered. I looked at her quizzically. Katherine disappeared into the kitchen and returned with Sandy's bag and dumped the contents out onto the coffee table. There was some pretty interesting stuff there. Katherine picked up some of the items trying to figure out what they were.

"Nipple clamps." I said as she dropped the clamp on the table. There was a large vibrator, several different kinds of clamps, a small leather lash, a long double-ended dildo and an assortment of clips, clamps and chains. I found what I was looking for and returned to the dining area. Katherine spent another moment looking at the items on the table and then joined me.

I attached the length of chain to the overhead bar and then stepping around behind Sandy, filled my hands with her huge, panting tits. My fingers closed tightly around her swelling mounds and then closed around her hard nipples. I squeezed and pinched her sensitive nubs and she moaned loudly as I abused her titflesh. Unclipping her wrists, I pulled them free of the pole and then clipping them together again, attached them to the chain hanging from the overhead bar. She could lower her wrists now but was not free.

Coming around the counter, I motioned to Katherine and she brought the barstool closer to the counter. I turned the chair around on its swivel and pushed it firmly between Sandy's open thighs. The young beauty could feel the hardness of the wood as it pressed against the sensitive skin of her inner thighs. She wasn't sure what it was and she tried to imagine what was in store for her next.

"Pillows." I said to Katherine and she ran to the sofa to grab a few throw pillows. I placed them on the seat of the barstool, leaning against the back. Nodding to Katherine, she understood what I wanted and as we stood on either side of our bound beauty, we each slid one hand under a thigh and the other around her back. We lifted Sandy slightly and then sliding her body forward slid her off the countertop and down into the chair. Her thighs slid over the wooden arms of the chair as her ass descended onto the padded seat. The pillows forced her lower back forward as Sandy felt her arms once again being drawn over her head as her body arched over the back of the chair. Her knees continued to slide forward until they hit the decorative spindles at the ends of the chair arms and they kept her thighs raised and spread wide apart. Her seething pussy was spread open as cum continued to ooze from between her swollen labia. I pulled her chair forward as her arms were pulled back over her head, placing a slight arch in her back and then slid the step stool in front of the her.

Climbing onto the counter, I straddled Sandy's head and reached up for the overhead bar. Sandy could hear the movement behind her and smelled the unmistakable aroma of a man's crotch and immediately realized what I was doing. She lay her head back on the padded edge of the bar and opened her mouth to accept me. Katherine took more pictures as I let my balls descend between Sandy's sweet lips. I felt Sandy close her mouth around my hairy balls and begin to suck them as her tongue prodded my sack.

I motioned to Katherine to stand between Sandy's spread thighs. Nervously she obeyed and stepped up to Sandy's body. I took the camera from her hands and then took her picture as she stood naked in between Sandy's open thighs. I lay the camera on the bar.

Reaching out for Katherine's wrists, I drew her hands to my crotch and she wrapped her fingers around my rigid shaft. She stepped up onto the step stool and her sweet pussy was even with Sandy's. I felt her massage my cock as Sandy sucked on my balls. As I nodded to Katherine, she lowered her body and wrapped her lips around the head of my cock. The position was a bit awkward and though she wasn't fully thrilled about the idea, Katherine realized she would need to lay her body firmly across Sandy's.

Placing her hands on the countertop, Katherine lifted herself a bit and then stretching her legs, lowered her body into Sandy's warm saddle until her naked tits mashed down against Sandy's. She felt her pussy rub firmly against Sandy's mons and felt Sandy grind her pussy in return. Again Katherine wrapped her lips around my shaft and I enjoyed the exquisite sensation of having my cock and balls sucked on at the same time by these two beautiful women.

Lifting my body slightly, I slid forward until I felt Sandy's tongue dive into my asshole. She sucked, kissed and prodded with amazing skill and zeal as Katherine continued to work her own magic on my cock. I could see and feel Sandy as she ground her body against Katherine's as the two women pleasured me.

Sandy rocked her body slightly and then with great effort straightened her long legs and lifted them over the spindles of the chair. She spread her legs wide apart and then wrapped them around Katherine's sweet ass as Katherine slid into her warm saddle. Then easing her grip, Sandy let her legs slide down over the backs of Katherine's soft thighs and then wrapping her legs over Katherine's, trapped Katherine hard against her own body. Now when she ground her pussy against Katherine's, she was able to pull her beautiful friend even closer.

Both women could feel my impending climax and redoubled their efforts. It only took a moment until I felt Sandy thrust her talented tongue deep into my ass as Katherine's tongue flicked across the tip of my cock and I emptied my balls into her sweet mouth. Both women continued to suck on me as the last drops of my cum oozed into Katherine's mouth. Katherine too had become quite aroused as she felt her body grind against Sandy's. She had not expected to feel this way.

I wrapped my fingers through Katherine's long, silky hair and then gently lifted her face off of my cock. Lifting my body slightly, I eased my ass off of Sandy's mouth and then let my cock brush against her open lips. I lowered my cock into Sandy's hungry mouth as she continued to grind her pelvis against Katherine's hot little pussy.

"Lift her legs back over the arms." I instructed and Katherine reached down to Sandy's thighs and stepping back, lifted her friend's legs up and draped her knees over the spindles once again. Sandy could feel the stretch in her spread thighs but also knew that in this position she was totally available. Reaching up to Sandy's wrists, I unclipped her from the chain and her hands quickly moved around Katherine's body. I lowered my lips to Katherine's ear and whispered to her. "Make love to her."

Katherine wanted to please me and was becoming consumed by the heat and excitement in Sandy's beautiful body. The heat burned against her pussy and her breasts as her firm tits mashed against Sandy's huge mams. I eased out of Sandy's mouth and climbed off the counter.

Sandy's hands found Katherine's neck and she drew her lips close to her own. Sandy kissed Katherine and then thrust her tongue between Katherine's lips and the two began to writhe and squirm against each other. I sat back down on the barstool and watched these two beautiful women grind their lovely bodies against each other. I decided it was time to move into the bedroom.

Stepping up behind Katherine, I slid my hands around her body and caressed her firm breasts as Sandy continued to grind her pussy hard against Katherine's mons. She could feel my cock as it pressed gently between her golden asscheeks. I pulled her body away from Sandy's and then stepping to the side, I helped Sandy out of her chair. She stood in front of me and seemed a bit wobbly. Her entire body glistened with sexual excitement. I wrapped my arm around Katherine's shoulder and pulled her close to me. I felt her fingers descend and wrap around my flaccid cock. Her long fingernails teased my shaft as she cupped my balls in her palm.

Placing my other arm around Sandy's shoulder, I pulled her close to me and she too, reached down to my cock with her hand. As she fondled my rod, she could feel Katherine's hand and they both reached around and began to caress my ass. I laughed as I leaned down and kissed Sandy, thrusting my tongue into her eager mouth as she sucked more and more of my tongue between her lips. I smiled at Katherine and as I released my grip on her shoulder, she came around to stand beside her friend. We each took a hand and we led her down the hall to the bedroom.

Once inside, I nodded to Katherine and letting go of Sandy's hand, she climbed onto the huge bed. I guided Sandy to the edge of the bed and as she sat down, she felt Katherine's hands on her shoulders. She turned her body and then lay back on the mattress, bringing her long legs up onto the bed. Sandy slid closer to Katherine and made room for me. I slid in beside her.

Gently I began to stroke Sandy's huge chest with my fingers and then took hold of Katherine's hand and placed it on Sandy's full breast. A shudder ran through Sandy's body as she hoped that she would, at long last, be able to pleasure and be pleasured by Katherine's beautiful body.

"Make love to her." I whispered and though I was talking to Katherine, Sandy thought I was talking to her. She quickly slid her hand to the side and let her fingers graze against Katherine's smooth hip. In an instant, she rolled on her side and began to caress Katherine's beautiful body and to kiss her. Sandy's fingers slid up over Katherine's breasts and then to her face. She pulled Katherine's lips to hers and kissed her gently. She could feel Katherine's lips react and then she pressed her tongue between Katherine's sweet lips and probed her mouth with her tongue. Katherine moaned softly and then felt Sandy's hand slip back down to her full breast. She felt her friend's fingers close around her hard nipple as the warmth of Sandy's huge breasts pressed against her side. Katherine felt her body begin to succumb to the passion of Sandy's lovemaking. She was overwhelmed by the intensity of Sandy's kisses and the intimacy of her caresses. Sandy knew how to electrify her lover and what would feel best to another woman.

I lay back on the side of the bed and watched as these two beautiful women went at it. Sandy rolled over onto Katherine's body and began to grind her pelvis hard against Katherine's tender pussy. Slowly and deliberately, she began to lick and kiss her way down Katherine's lithe body bringing her lips to Katherine's hard nipples. She gently sucked the nubbin between her lips as her tongue began to caress it. Her teeth held Katherine's nipple, biting at it gently as her fingers teased their way down between Katherine's warm thighs.

Katherine let out a deep moan as Sandy's fingers slipped gently between her engorged pussy lips. She felt her body overwhelmed with passion as her friend caressed her most intimate flesh. She had never believed she could be aroused this way by another woman. Sandy continued to kiss and lick Katherine's tits and then slowly began to work her way down between her new lover's thighs. Katherine eased her legs apart as Sandy's mouth descended to her mons. She felt Sandy's tongue flick across her pussy lips and then part her moist lips and enter her seething cunt.

Even with her eyes blindfolded, Sandy could easily find Katherine's clit and she devoured it. Katherine's body began to buck as Sandy teased her love button. I watched as Katherine's fingers wrapped themselves into Sandy's hair and held her head firmly in place. Sandy continued to suck and tease Katherine's clit as orgasms began to ripple through her beautiful, young body. As Katherine's body continued to buck with intense orgasms, I watched as Sandy's legs slid off the edge of the bed. I decided that I had done enough watching and now that my cock was hard again it was time to fuck the shit out of Sandy.

Walking around to the side of the bed, I slipped my hand down between Sandy's thighs and she immediately spread her legs as wide as she could while keeping her mouth firmly attached to Katherine's sweet pussy. Leaning forward, I pressed my cock between her open thighs and thrust deep into her seething pussy. My movements pushed her mouth hard against Katherine's gushing quim and she thrust her tongue deep into Katherine's love hole as I thrust my cock deep into her own.

Sandy's arms slid under Katherine's hips in order to hold herself in place as my thrusts became deeper and more powerful in her own pussy. I could feel Sandy's pussy begin to cream over and over again as I thrust into her tight love hole. Katherine's body continued to convulse with orgasms until finally she released her grip on Sandy's hair and collapsed back in exhaustion crying, "Enough!" I laughed.

Katherine fell back against the headboard as her long legs framed Sandy's face. Taking hold of Sandy's hip, I began to pull on it and she turned her body. Without leaving her pussy, I raised her leg and then carefully rolled her body over. Once on her back, the young beauty stretched her legs out and raised her arms over her head. She looked delicious as her huge chest heaved with sexual passion. Leaning over her body, I thrust deeply into her clenching love muscles. She was unbelievably tight. I was fascinated by the way her huge tits rolled on her chest with each thrust of my cock. As she felt me begin to move onto the bed, she slid her body up further making room for me but being careful not to let my cock slip from her quivering pussy. I lowered my chest to hers and she wrapped her legs over mine and began to thrust her hips up to meet my every thrust. Her powerful love muscles were amazing. I felt them clench and ease with every thrust as her arms wrapped around me and she began to kiss me passionately. My fingers closed around her heaving tits and I pinched them hard as she moaned deeply and tightened her grip on my thrusting cock.

Easing off of her body, I sat back and brought my knees forward under her thighs. Sandy placed her feet on either side of my hips and arching her back, she raised her hips and began to grind her pussy against my impaling cock. I sat very still as the young beauty writhed before me. She raised and lowered her pelvis and thrust her hips forward as she tightened her pussy around my ramrod. Her huge tits rolled back towards her chin but she did not stop for an instant.

Katherine lay propped up on the pillows watching me fuck her good friend when I motioned to her. She lifted herself up and then straddled Sandy's face. Sandy felt her presence and lowered her hips to the mattress as she felt Katherine's pussy descend onto her lips. She thrust her tongue up into Katherine's twat and once again began to lick the sweet nectar that oozed out of her friend's love hole. I lifted Sandy's legs and Katherine took a hold of both her ankles. Holding Sandy's legs wide apart, I slipped my cock from between her throbbing labia and then lowered my face to Sandy's huge tits. I bit and nipped at her taut nipples and she moaned deeply with excitement as her tongue thrust back into Katherine's pussy.

Working my way down the front of her quivering body, I closed my lips around Sandy's erect love button for the first time. Her thighs tried to close around my ears as my tongue flicked across the sensitive tip. Her entire body went rigid as her insides let go with buckets of hot sweet cum. Katherine felt Sandy's orgasm as she felt her tongue thrust up into her own seething pussy. I closed my lips over my teeth and pinching Sandy's clit between them, I used my tongue to tease my former girlfriend.

Sandy's body convulsed in a powerful orgasm as my teeth bit gently into her clit and my tongue flicked across the sensitive tip. I continued to tease her clit as I had done to Katherine so many times and in moments I was able to have her cum at will. Sandy was beside herself as orgasms small and large rippled and ripped through her amazing body. As each one passed over her, her own tongue brought similar results from Katherine's body and she felt like she was swimming in cum; her own and Katherine's.

As Sandy's body continued to buck, Katherine was having a hard time holding onto her ankles. The young woman's body was powerful and the orgasms were even stronger. Finally as her body continued to buck and Katherine tired from repeated orgasms, she finally let go and collapsed onto the bed.

As she fell forward, she rolled to the side and nearly fell off of the bed. I lifted my head out of Sandy's pussy and my cheeks were covered with her sweet cum. Crawling forward a bit, I was able to reach Katherine and I kissed her deeply as my hands reached up to caress her beautiful breasts. As I sucked on her tits, I moved my body around and then nibbled my way down between Katherine's thighs. She opened her legs and I slid my tongue into her seething womanflesh.

Sandy groped around trying to identify the body parts that were touching her and who they belonged to. I felt her fingers on my thighs and then she slid them up around my cock. I raised my leg and then felt her lips on my ass. Sandy licked my ass and then I felt her talented tongue slip between my asscheeks and tease my tight asshole. I enjoyed the feeling of her tongue as it caressed my ass.

Pulling on Katherine's body, she moved slightly and I shifted my position until I was facing her and I slipped into her warm saddle. Sandy lay beside her as I began to stroke slowly into Katherine's tight pussy. I felt Sandy's hands on my back and then I felt her lips licking at my ass once again. I continued to thrust into Katherine's clenching love muscles as I felt Sandy moving behind me. As my cock thrust into Katherine's body I felt Sandy's fingers tighten around my balls as her tongue pressed into my ass once again. The combination of Katherine's unbelievably tight and wet pussy and Sandy's long fingernails caressing my balls as her tongue thrust into my asshole, brought me over the edge in seconds and I filled Katherine's pussy with buckets of hot cum.

I relaxed in Katherine's warm saddle as Sandy continued to caress my balls and ass. Katherine was moaning deeply as my cock continued to move in her tight love hole. She looked up at me and I smiled at her. I kissed her deeply and her arms wrapped around me tightly. "You are forgiven." I whispered and she pressed her tongue into my mouth as she kissed me passionately.

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