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Katherine's Moaning


I was seated in a small bar in New Orleans. I love bar food especially in Louisiana. It always tastes better than the restaurants uptown. My names Jamie, and I used to live in St. Bernard Parish, a small suburb outside the Big Easy. At least I did until that BITCH Katrina ruined it in 2005. I live in Hammond now, but frequent New Orleans what I deem to be way to much. It's just the kind of place that always makes you feel comfortable. There really is no place like the home. I love everything about this place. I live for Mardi Gras, the Sugar Bowl, and my personal favorite Decadence Fest. Decadence Fest for those of you who don't know is a celebration of gay culture. It happens on Labor Day weekend, and can get just as crazy if not crazier that Mardi Gras. At Decadence there's more raw sex in the streets. It was about two weeks before the celebrated weekend, and I wanted to see the decorations being put up and remember the Quarter without all of the debauchery of the impending weekend.

Seated at my little table alone I had a perfect view of the patrons, and anybody else coming in the doors. Now I am not the type of girl to know what I like and go for it. I am generally a go with the flow kinda girl. I'm not beautiful and I don't have a perfect body. I'm about 5'5 and around 155 pounds. So I had a little meat on my bones. I did have one great quality. I had luscious 36 C breasts. A good size and no signs of premature sagging. I had a round bubble but that I thought was a little large, but most women found it irresistible.

I soon felt the wind of the door opening, and the smell of the streets coming in. That's when I looked up and saw her walk through the door. I had heard some rumors that Katherine Moennig and a few other members of the cast of the L Word were in town. She had walked in alone though. I smiled to myself as I pictured her naked, sitting on my face. Katherine was a frequent fantasy of mine. She looked over at me and I winked letting her know I knew who she was. She smiled back at me and grinned devilishly. She sat at the bar though which disappointed me. I just figured in a few minutes after I stopped picturing myself fucking her, I'd go get a drink and try to start a conversation. That's when she headed my way, but it was only to use the restroom, whose doors were located somewhere behind my table. When she returned she smiled at me and to my surprise sat at my little table.

"Would you like an autograph?" she asked rather casually.

"No I'd like to throw you on the table and fuck you," I thought in my mind. But alas I was a little more polite.

"WOW, I'd absolutely love one," I said while trying not to think about what I'd rather be doing between those legs. After she autographed a napkin for me, we started talking about the upcoming festival. She was in town to promote the show and generally have a good time. We started talking about ourselves, and me being a fan knew a little about her but not enough to be bored by our small talk. I was beginning to feel more comfortable as she talked about how she loved the city. I realized that she actually respected it and knew more about it than the dates of Mardi Gras and Decadence. She really appreciated the beauty of New Orleans. I was surprised at how she knew seemed to know her way around and didn't trip over the streets impossible to pronounce names.

"I've always wanted to live here," she confessed, "I'm actually house hunting right now, I want to live here when I'm not shooting the show." I was surprised as well as intrigued to know that I may see more of her.

"Would you like to come along with me while I look for a place. I'm sure I can make it more interesting than it sounds," she cooed. Of course that got my interests peaked.

"I'd love to go house hunting with you," I readily agreed. "Are you going with or without a realtor agent?" I asked.

"I have three sets of keys in my pocket right now. I had originally just stopped in to grab a quick drink, but when I saw you I thought it might be more fun to stick around," she replied, winking.

I grabbed my jacket and napkin as we left. The first house we checked out was on St. Charles. I though it seemed a little too ritzy for someone so laid back, but we walked through it anyway. As we walked up the stairs Katherine stopped and asked me a strange question. "Do you think a place like this could be haunted?" she asked, seeming genuinely intrigued. I looked back at her and that's when I realized she was checking out my ass.

"Well if you were checking for signs of ghosts, instead of my ass, maybe we could determine the possibility of spirits." though I ruined the pissed off effect by winking and trying to look at her ass. "Sorry," she laughed, "but the view was rather nice."

"But seriously how do you check for signs of a haunting?" she inquired.

"Well you see ghosts can be very jealous and possessive over people. So I think if we kissed we could definitely determine if there are spirits," I replied, surprised at my boldness.

It was there standing on the stairs of a beautiful St. Charles home that we kissed. It wasn't as brief as I had meant it to be. Katherine deepened it by opening her lips and allowing our tongues to meet. She started to rub my back, moving down to my ass, as I entangled my hands in her short hair. I sensed that she'd be the aggressor in our little tryst. She began running her hands along my stomach and up to my bra enclosed breasts. She slipped her hands under the wire, as I started feeling her ass. We haphazardly walked down the stairs while still kissing and fondling. When we got to level ground we sunk to the hardwood floors. And Katherine began unbuttoning my pants. I was already wet and she could feel it through my panties.

"God, you're pussy is so wet," she moaned, as our kiss broke and she removed her top. I also removed my top along with my jeans. Our kisses became more passionate as she played with my pussy through my underwear. Her mouth left mine as she moved to my neck and down to my breasts. She purposely avoided my nipple and slipped a finger into my wetness.

"OH GOD PLAESE," I moaned.

"Please what," she asked as her mouth finally found my painfully hard nipple.

"Fuck me, bite me, lick me, use me. Anything just do it hard," I panted.

"MMMMMM, you want it rough?" she coyly asked as she slipped another finger in me.

"YES UUUUUUUUUUUHHHHHHHHHH, do whatever you want, PLEASE I want it so bad. FUCK ME," I practically begged.

She removed my panties and then removed her own corduroy pants. She revealed she had on no underwear and she had a completely shaved cunt. I was so turned on I could have eaten her up right there, but she climbed on top of me and inserted three fingers into my pussy. She started going faster rubbing my clit with her thumb and bringing me closer to the edge. Just as I was about to cum on her magic fingers she stopped.

"What are you doing? PLEASE DON'T STOP," I pleaded.

She shut me up real fast by leaving a trail of kisses down my stomach and stopping inches from my fiery pussy.

"You don't want me to stop do you?" she asked as her tongue touched my cunt.

Unintelligible moaning was all I could get out. She started sucking and lightly biting on my clit as she fingered me. She removed her fingers and started fucking me with her tongue. Plunging it as far as it would go into my pussy. As she tongue fucked me she brought her hand up to play with my clit. She then inserted one finger into my dripping pussy hooked it just right and hit the spot. As soon as she did she stated sucking on my clit, and brought me over the edge.


"Liked that?" she asked resurfacing from my dripping cunt.

"Yes, God you're amazing," I said.

"MMMMMMMMMM........ you're tasty," she said, as her face dripped with my juices.

She brought her lips to mine and kissed me. I always loved the way I tasted on a beautiful woman's lips.

As she kissed me, my own hand snaked down to her dripping pussy. I inserted a finger into her dripping hole, as I trace kisses down to her perky breasts.

"MMMMMMM......fuck yesssss," she hissed ad I found her nipple and bit it lightly.

I moved to her other nipple as I put another finger in her hot pussy. I let my thumb gently brush over her sensitive little nub.

"UUUUUUUHHHHHHH FUCK," was all she could say.

I started biting her nipples harder, and allowed my fingers to move inside her pussy at a rapid pace.

I left her breasts and kissed my way down her body. My face was inches from her beautifully shaved cunt, but I instead kissed her thighs and all around her pussy. Not touching it with my tongue.

"FUCK, LICK ME PLEASSSSSSSSSEEEEEE. I WANT TO FEEL YOUR TONGUE INSIDE ME. PLEASE," she whimpered as I purposefully ignored her dripping hole.

"I want you to sit on my face," I implored.

"Fuck, anything," she replied, as she climbed atop my face.

When she was seated comfortably on my mouth I dug in to what was the most luscious tasting pussy I had ever encountered. I feasted in earnest on her delectable cunt. I started fucking her with my tongue, and she humped my face. Pulling my hair to try and bring me closer.

"MMMMMM......FUCK. That's it bitch, lick my cunt you whore," She screamed.

I love when a woman talks dirty and this was no exception. She rode my face like there was no tomorrow. Humping my mouth and screaming profanities. I brought my hand to her pussy and started playing with her clit as she fucked my face. This pushed her to the limits.

"FUCK YOU DIRTY WHORE. EAT MY PUSSY YOU CUNT. FUCK MY HOLE WITH YOUR TONGUE. FUCK YEESSSSSSSSS. UHHHHHHHH, THAT'S IT BITCH. EAT MY CUNT YOU FUCK TOY, I'M CUMMING YOU PUSSY SLUT," she screamed in orgasm. I continued licking her until she calmed down, and she climbed off my face.

"Fuck, that was amazing. You're amazing Jamie," she said as she laid down next to me.

"Thanks," I said, exhausted from the events.

Katherine laid back and stared at the ceiling. She seemed to be thinking, and in true lesbian fashion, I wanted to know about what.

"What's going on in that pretty little head of yours?" I asked

"Just that I really love this house. It's a little fancy, but I like it. Plus I was thinking that you're a great reason to visit New Orleans a hell of a lot more," she said, making me blush.

"So does that mean you're no longer worried about the ghosts?" I asked.

"As long as you're here. I think I'll be fine," she said sleepily in my ear.

Soon after she fell asleep, and my peaceful slumber soon followed.

This is my first story. Tell me what you think, and be honest, I can handle it.

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