tagNonConsent/ReluctanceKathi on the Couch

Kathi on the Couch


My wife Karen and I had tickets to attend a concert, and one of the planned attendees backed out on us at the last moment. Since there was such little notice, and since I didn't know if the concert was sold out, it seemed that there would be no chance for us to sell the tickets, so we decided to invite along my wife's niece Kathi.

Kathi is a tall, voluptuous girl. Just on the edge of being "fat," she has very nice boobs. She likes to dress in lacy, "girly" sorts of clothes, and sometimes she nearly seems to be falling out of them. This particular evening, she was wearing a pair of jeans and a vest-like blouse over a lacy black camisole. The top of her boobs looked like they were trying to escape, and I noticed that a few times before we left for the show, she had to turn away and sort of "adjust" herself to get them to behave.

Kathi, Karen and I had a good time watching the music, but Kathi had quite a bit to drink there. We had to help her to our car, and she was passed out by the time we got back to our house. Karen and I helped Kathi into the house, but it was obvious that she wouldn't be driving home. We got her some spare blankets and pillows so she could sleep on the couch in the living room and made her as comfortable as possible. She was asleep in just a few minutes, snoring quietly in passed out slumber.

I had to go to work the next morning, so Karen and I went off to bed as soon as we knew that Kathi was okay.

The next morning, I walked out into the living room. During the night, Kathi had thrown off most of her covers. She was lying on her side facing into the room, and her boobs were revealed to well below the nipples. My dick got hard in my pajamas, and I was going to go jack off in the shower.

It was a little chilly in the living room, so I picked up one of the blankets from the floor and put it over Kathi. As I did, she moaned a little in her sleep and reached out at nothing. I said something like, "It's okay," and she responded incoherently. I spoke to her again, and again she slurred out some unintelligible response. I realized that she must have had way more to drink last night than I thought, and she must still be drunk.

This gave me an idea. I put my hand on one of her nipples. She moaned a little, and the nipple got hard. My dick was now at full erection. I pulled my pajama bottoms and my underwear down far enough that my erection stood out freely in front of me, then I started rubbing her nipple softly. Again, she moaned quietly, and I moved to put the head of my dick right in front of her mouth. I rubbed her boob a little harder, and then as her mouth opened, I put the end of my dick between her lips. She muttered a little again, swallowed, and closed her lips a bit over the tip of my penis. I pushed it a little bit forward, and it slid between her lips. Her mouth was so hot around my dick. It was fucking incredible.

I started sliding my dick forward and back between her lips, and she moaned a bit. I tried to be as slow as I could, leaning my arms on the back of the sofa for support. She would move her tongue just a little bit at times, and that felt great. Before long, there was a little bit of saliva built up on her lips and my dick, and I knew that I was dripping my pre-cum into her mouth. I was astounded that she didn't wake up, but she seemed to still be sleeping, with just a few little moans to indicate that anything was happening.

I gradually got a rhythm going, with my dick just going an inch or so into her mouth. I wasn't moving very fast, but I was building up toward my orgasm just the same. Knowing that I was doing this with my niece, and with my wife sleeping just a few feet away, built the excitement up even more.

Before too long, I felt the familiar pressure building at the base of my dick. I stopped fucking her mouth, but with the head of my dick still inside. I started stroking from the base of my dick up nearly to her lips. It only took three or four strokes before I could feel my head swell up inside her mouth. She moaned a little louder, and I moaned myself as I shot my load of cum into her hot mouth. She swallowed reflexively a couple of times, but still didn't wake up.

When my dick softened, I pulled it out of her mouth. A little trickle of white cum followed it out and spilled onto the sofa cushion. I went into the bathroom, got a washcloth and cleaned up the cushion as well as I could without disturbing her. A little bit of cum was still dribbling from the edge of her mouth, but I couldn't reach it without moving her, so I just left it.

I went into the bathroom and took my shower. It made me so horny, thinking about what I had done just before, that I wound up jacking off again in there. I finished getting ready for work and walked back out in the living room. Kathi was still asleep in the same position as before. I cleaned up a little more of my fluid from the couch, then I kissed her on the forehead and went to work.

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by Visionmetal01/04/18

Short but sweet

I liked the premise of this story but it was far too short. Would love more action next time round

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