tagGroup SexKathleen Finds Out

Kathleen Finds Out


It was Saturday morning, after a long hard week at work, and I was trying to sleep in. I felt the sunlight coming in the window, but I kept my eyes closed as I tried to grab "just ten more minutes." I knew Kathleen was up and about, she was an early riser no matter what, and I hoped if I stayed in bed she might come back to join me.

Sure enough, about five minutes later, I heard someone open the door and come into the bedroom. I pretended to still be asleep as I felt a knee press down the bed next to either side of my head. I thought I knew what was coming, and I loved this even more than coffee in the morning. Feigning a groggy "hnnh?" I slowly opened my eyes to one of my favorite views: Kathleen's nice red bush poised over my face, her clit somewhat aroused already, waiting for me to suck it.

There was just one problem, however - I couldn't reach it! She was kneeling almost straight up, and I couldn't bend my neck far enough to lick her. Opening my eyes wide now, I looked up and said "come closer, babe - I want to lick that lovedly pussy of yours!" She replied "Oh no, buddy.. you've been holding out on me, and I'm going to hold out on you for a while." With that she began stroking her pussy lips with her fingers, and rolling her clit, all the while teasing me by keeping it out of reach. I didn't have any idea what she was talking about, and the frustration made me moan out loud. "What do you mean, holding out?" I demanded, "When have I ever held out on you?"

I soon found out what she meant. She said "you'll find out what I mean" in a mysterious manner, and began to slowly lower her pussy toward my straining tongue. Just as I was able to reach out and flick it across her clit, I felt my stiff cock engulfed in a warm mouth! "You've been keeping THOSE secret!" she said, "and you've been keeping THIS secret, too." As she said the last, I saw a familiar thick black cock slide over her shoulder and rub her cheek. There's no way I could mistake my buddy John's cock, having sucked it and been fucked by it, and that could only mean the lips on my cock belonged to Denise, his gorgeous wife!

"I've been trying to find a way to tell you," I blurted, "but how did you find out? Denise is really good at keeping secrets." She grinned at me as she said "Yes, but poor John gave you up. Remember you had to work, so the three of us went out to happy hour by ourselves? Well, I have had an inkling that something was on between the three of you for some time. I found that rubbing John's cock under the table at the bar had an amazing effect - it loosened his tongue, and out spilled the goods."

With that, she turned her head and deftly sucked John's huge cock deep into her mouth, and then slid her mouth back to let me see, as the glistening tool slid out of her lips. John moaned, and I knew what he meant - Kathleen is an expert cock sucker, every bit as good, if not better than, his wife Denise. Speaking of Denise, she was giving me one of her super-slow, anticipation-building, cock-sucking jobs. I was going crazy from feeling her lips on me, from watching Kathleen suck John's hard cock, and from frustration at not being able to put my mouth on anybody! "Let me suck that clit now, Kathleen! I'm dying to taste that hot pussy!"

"You'll get your chance in a little while, just relax" she said, "we've got all day and all night, John and Denise are staying over." My heart thumped at the thought of what that meant. Obviously, she now knew about my bisexual adventures with John and Denise. And I had to say, she was taking it very well indeed. How many guys' girlfriends would invite his lovers for the night? "But, " she continued, "I've been holding out, too, and now is the time to come clean."

With that, she stopped straddling me, and went around behind Denise. "You see, Dave, I'm " and she bent down, and took a nice long lick at Denise's pussy lips, "bisexual too. I love a nice wet cunt once in a while. That also is part of why John gave up your secret - he couldn't help but hope I'd join him and Denise in bed." She knelt down so her head was just behind Denise's ass, pointed her tongue, grabbed Denise's hips, and shoved her tongue deep into Denise's pussy. Denise moaned and sucked my entire cock down to the balls, while John sat down on the bed to watch, stroking his cock with his hand.

"John, buddy! Don't leave me hangin' here! Let me suck your cock" I pleaded. A big grin appeared on his face, and he laid down on the bed then, his cock at my lips, and his mouth next to Denise's head. As I began licking and sucking his thick rod, he was talking dirty to Denise. "Do you like having Kathleen lick your juicy fuckhole, Denise? Is her tongue sliding in and out like a little cock? Is she sucking your clit? Don't you love sucking a cock while she does that, my lovely slutty wife? And do you know Dave is sucking my cock too, hard and fast, while you suck him?" Denise groaned and moaned, and began sliding her mouth up and down fast. Looking past John's cock, and Denise's head, I could see Kathleen with her pale freckled hands on Denise's dark brown ass, her face buried in Denise's bush, furiously working on her cunt. She must have been good at it, for it wasn't two minutes later that Denise screamed, and shuddered in a huge orgasm. Kathleen stood up, her face glistening from Denise's juices, and grinned at John and I.

"This is going to be good, " she said, and walked up next to John and I. "Suck the cum from him, Dave! I want to see cum dribbling from your lips!" With that, and Denise having rolled off to rest for a minute, I turned over and began sucking John in earnest. He's about eight or nine inches, and thick - he fills my mouth when I try to stuff as much in as I can. Bobbing my head up and down, I slid down fast, and sucked hard in the upward direction. I know he loves that, Denise told me. Kathleen stood right next to us, watching, and probing her pussy with two fingers. I reached over to her, and put my right thumb in her hot hole. She moaned, and squeezed it with her powerful pussy muscles. I knew she wanted me to bring her off, but my purpose right now was to get my thumb lubed up. Her eyes opened with surprise when I removed it, and then she understood as she saw me press my thick thumb to John's puckered asshole. "Gawd yes, do it Dave" he said, and I pressed my thumb inward, invading his tight hole. This caused his cock to jerk and twitch, and he felt bigger, if anything. Keeping the pressure up, I pushed my thumb forward until it was all the way in his ass. Then I began a rhythm, sliding my mouth down his cock as my thumb came out, then sucking slowly back up it as my thumb pushed in. I worked on him for a couple of minutes, then began sucking faster and faster as I heard him moan more, and I began shoving my thumb in harder each time.

Kathleen cried out "Cum in his mouth, John! Cum as he fucks your ass, cum for me, cum for me" as she furiously finger-fucked her pussy. Denise crawled over to watch as well, both of her fingers working her clit, and said "Yesssss! John, give him a big load of hot jizz from that cock!" Hearing Denise say that was apparently the trigger, for he began spurting right then and there! I gulped and began to swallow what I could, but John always came in such large amounts there was no way I could keep up. Cum began to dribble out of my mouth, and down his cock. This sight put Kathleen over the edge too, and she crammed her fingers up her pussy, letting out a big moan, and shook like a tree in a hurricane. She always came in such a big way - one of the things I loved about her. Then she got a little weak in the kness, and moved to sit down on the bed next to Denise, who stroked her softly and smiled up at her.

I was still rock hard, of course, and straining for release. I began to rub my swollen member, but Kathleen grabbed my wrists and stopped me. "Wait, there's one more thing I've been holding out!" she said, "wait!" With that she got up off the bed, and walked to the closet. I watched as she stretched to reach the top shelf - her ass and legs were great and I never tired of looking at them. She grabbed a gym bag, and came back to the bedroom chair with it. I wondered what she was up to, I'd been to the gym with her but this wasn't her regular bag. She had her back to us, then turned around as she pulled out a harness and a big dildo. It was comical as all three of our jaws dropped open at once. "This is the last secret, I promise" she said. "Can you deal with it?"

We were speechless for a moment, then the room dissolved in a babble of dumbfounded exclamations. I think every one of us wanted to "deal with it," but at last I exclaimed "Somebody better deal with this damn hard-on, and soon!" That had more than the desired effect, as they all turned to me at once. Denise grabbed me, and in a maneuver I have yet to figure out, rolled onto her back with her legs hooked behind my shoulders with her lips locked on my cock. John grabbed the lube and began massaging my asshole with it, while Kathleen affixed the harness and dildo, then came around to where I was beginning to lick at Denise's clit, and put the head of the dildo right in front of me. "Can you see this, Dave?" she said, as she pushed the dildo just a bit into Denise's pussy. "In a minute, I'm going to put this in your tight ass, like this..." she panted, as she slid it all the way into Denise, "and then I'm going to do THIS!" And with that, she slid the dildo out until just the head was inside, then slammed it in so hard I felt Denise shudder! Just the thought of it made my cock twitch and my ass grab John's fingers tightly.

"He's ready, Kathleen" said John, and he moved to switch places with her. I licked lightly at Denise's clit while I watched John's re-hardened cock push into his wife, one of my favorite positions. But this time there was a twist - I felt Kathleen put the thick head of the rubber cock against my ass and push. I moaned loudly as she kept pushing it in, deeper and deeper, with no pauses at all. The damn thing had to be bigger than John's cock! It was stretching me tight and filling me up like practically nothing before. "Nnngh! Kathleen! That is wonderful!"

I screamed "give me more, fuck me with your cock!" She pressed it in until I felt her hipbones at my ass, and then true to her word, quickly slid out and slammed back in! John began fucking Denise hard and fast right in front of me, while my girlfriend began slamming her huge rubber tool in and out of my ass. I heard Kathleen moaning and grunting as she put her whole body into it, fucking me every bit as hard as I fucked her when we "went animal" as she called it. Each thrust slammed her whole "cock" into my ass, causing me to shudder and moan. It didn't take long before I felt my balls, swollen with desire, begin to pump "I'm cumming, cumming, cumming!" I cried out, as I began shooting spurt after spurt into Denise's waiting mouth. Kathleen moaned and grabbed my hips, impaling her tool deep within me and holding it there while I continued to shake and cum hard. John must have been very turned on, too, because he came in just another second, setting off Denise. I could see his cum, dribbling out of Denise, and I longed to lick it but I couldn't move to reach it just yet.

We all settled down onto the bed with contented sighs, and various body parts began sliding away from each other. "Wow... am I glad we have no more secrets, Kathleen! That was hotter than I deserve!" was my immediate comment. John and Denise said "we're glad too - that was about the hottest thing since we took Dave to bed!" We were beginning a round of caresses and squeezes when Kathleen noticed John's cum dripping from Denise's wet cunt.

"That mess will never do, hun" she said, "Here, let me clean that up for you!" With that, she crawled between Denise's legs, the dildo still jutting out of her pubic mound, and began lapping up John's cum. The sight of her red bush with the long "cock" in front of it, and her long tongue snaking over Denise's pussy, was causing John to become hard again. I was still spent, so I motioned to him to do her "doggy style." John grinned with an impish grin, and instead, grabbed the lube again. When his thick greasy thumb pressed Kathleen's ass, she twitched, moaned, and turned to look at him. "John, Denise and I do lunch together sometimes, so I know just what to say"

Kathleen purred "I want that damn fuckpole in my hot asshole, stud! Fuck my ass with that greasy big cock, fuck me till I faint!" Denise chimed in "Give it to her John, you know I'm too tight to take anything up my ass, and you want to FUCK HER ASS don't you?" John did as asked, and pushed his hot black tool right up her ass! As he began sliding in and out, Kathleen turned to Denise and said "you're too tight? It hurts?" When Denise nodded, Kathleen said "mean old, thick-fingered men! You just haven't been fucked by someone who played the flute before!" It was true, Kathleen was an expert flute player, and had long limber fingers to show for it.

With that, she put one of them to Denise's very tight little pucker, and began to slide it in. Denise's eyes showed shock and amazement when she realized it wasn't hurting at all. Kathleen's one slender finger pushed in and in and in, and her lips and tongue went back to sucking cum from Denise's hot pussy. Denise was groaning and thrashing her head back and forth - I don't think she'd ever been so aroused in her life! John, watching his wife have her ass invaded for the first time, began to fuck like an animal, grunting and slamming in and out of Kathleen's ass, his balls slapping against her freckled thigh.

He soon reached his climax and screamed out "Denise! I'm gonna shoot a big load of cum in this redheaded pussy! It's so tight on my thick hot rod! Here it cums! I want you to cum for her too, let's cum for Kathleen, together!" With that he began cumming in Kathleen's ass, and Denise grabbed her head, holding it to her pussy, and screamed out "finger fuck my ass while you lick my cunt clean, you hot whore" and shivered over and over as I saw orgasms wrack her body. I began cumming too, shooting cum onto Kathleen and Denise from where I was watching, stroking my cock for all it was worth. I saw Kathleen shudder once, stiffen, and then she screamed out "ahhhhhh! Cumming soo hard!! mmmmmm! Nnngghhh." It looked almost as though she really had fainted, because she became limp, spent, and rolled onto the bed to rest.

We all slept very well that night, of course, with John and Denise staying over in the guest bedroom. The months after have been heaven - what more could a man want? A hot woman who will fuck him when he needs it, and a pair of friends who join in when the mood is right! I foresee a long, happy relationship, and maybe we'll have more adventures worth sharing in the future.

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