byBones Malone©

I was lying awake in bed. I couldn't sleep. Earlier that day, I was getting off the plane that had just brought me home from college for spring break. I get into the airport and see my dad waving - no surprise there. But then, I see the two people standing right next to him, which I later found out to be my new stepmother and stepsister.

"Surprise Sebastian! You have a whole new family now!" Yeah, thanks for telling me. My new 19-year-old stepsister's name is Kathryn. She's 5'3'' or so and has brown hair, blue eyes, an amazing rack, a flat tummy, great hips and ass, and when I saw her for the first time, she gave me the sweetest little smile I had ever seen. And, she currently resides about fifteen feet to my left, in the room next to mine. Gee, I wonder why I can't sleep. Looking out the window, I could tell that Kathryn's light was still on. Since I knew I wasn't going to be getting any sleep anyway, I opened the window and stepped out onto the balcony to get some air.

Kathryn's room shares the same balcony as my room. Wondering why her light was on, I crossed over to Kathryn's window to see what she was doing. As soon as I looked through the glass, I was very glad that I had decided to make the short trip. Kathryn was standing in front of the mirror in her bra and panties. At my angle, I could clearly see both her, and her reflection. My cock instantly started to grow in my shorts. She was running her hands over her nice flat stomach, making sure she was still thin enough. Her hands then moved up to her bra. She removed it and dropped it to the floor. She smoothed some of her nice brown hair back behind her ears before turning her attention to her tits. Did I mention that my new stepsister is extremely beautiful too? I had to move my cock to give it more room to grow.

She jiggled her tits, observing their springiness, lifting them, and then letting them fall again. I was so excited my heart was beating like a jackhammer. Finally, she pulled down her panties and kicked them over to where her bra was. My God, I was looking at the perfect human female form. I couldn't take it anymore; I freed my dick from my boxers, and started to jack off. I continued watching as Kathryn ran her fingers over her crotch, checking how cleanly shaven she was. Seemingly pleased with her body, she went over to her bed and lay down on her back, propped up by several pillows, with her legs spread wide open, bent at the knees. I knew what was to follow; I just couldn't believe my luck. She began massaging her outer cunt lips with her fingertips. Her eyes closed, her head went back, and her mouth opened in the shape of a moan as she wet her lips with her tongue. She brought the fingers on her left hand up to her mouth, sucked on them, and then sent them back down to work their magic on her waiting pussy. She did the same with her right hand, and kept alternating back and forth: left, right, left, right. What a show she put on! After several minutes of lubricating herself, she allowed her fingers to wander deep inside of her vagina, exploring every inch of her pussy. Her fingers worked more quickly as she rocked back and forth slightly, breathing heavily. I could tell she would come soon, (as would I).

She raised her head back up and opened her eyes so she could watch herself come. And come she did. She became tense, her legs shook in the air, and some of her juice dripped out of her cunt and onto the bedspread. At the same time, my semen shot out of my cock as I came. I quickly turned and headed back to my room, collecting the rest of my dripping cum with my hand. God, I hope she hadn't seen me. I didn't think she had. I cleaned myself up, closed my window, and got back into bed. Now, I really wouldn't be able to sleep. Nothing even close to this had ever happened to me, that's for sure. I just couldn't believe... Knock. Knock. Knock. What the heck? "Who is it?" I asked. "It's Kathryn. Can I come in?" What for? I felt like asking. How could I face her now? Good God... "Yeah, sure," I said. Kathryn opened the door, came in, and closed it behind her. She was wearing a T-shirt that came down to her thighs, and nothing else, as far as I could tell. She sat down in the chair across the room. The temperature in my room seemed to suddenly jump about twenty degrees. "I couldn't sleep," she said. "Yeah, me neither." She smiled that sweet smile of hers and asked, "So what did you think?" Uh-oh. "About what?" I asked innocently. She giggled and said, "Nice try, Sebastian. I saw you in the mirror as soon as you showed up outside the window." Shit. I was tongue-tied. What could I possibly say? I looked away, obviously embarrassed. "Well?" she asked. "Well what?" "What did you think?" I had to pause for a second to find the right words. "It was the most beautiful thing I've ever seen in my life," I answered honestly.

She giggled some more. "Really? Why thank you. Your turn now." "Excuse me?" "I get to watch you now." "You've got to be kidding me!" "Hey come on, fair is fair." Well, she had me there. I sat on the edge of my bed. "What if I can't get it up again so soon?" I asked. "Well," Kathryn said, "we'll see what we can do about that." She slowly moved her legs apart. Her shirt rode up, and I could see her beautiful pussy again. In about five seconds, I was hard again, as Kathryn quickly noticed. "There," she said, "that's better. Come over here and stand in front of me." I couldn't believe I was going to do this. I got up with my boxers still on, and a big bulge where my erection was, and stood directly in front of my stepsister. "Good," Kathryn said, "now get rid of those pesky boxers, and let's have a look at that big hard cock of yours." Like she said, fair is fair. I pulled my boxers off and threw them into the corner. My boner bounced around a little, excited yet again about its freedom. Kathryn stared at my penis for a while then looked up at my face and said slowly, "Nice cock, Sebastian."

If my cock could've possibly gotten harder, it just did when she said those words. "Now, masturbate for me, dear stepbrother." Kathryn crossed her legs, folded her hands, and awaited my one-man sex show. I felt so silly. I had no idea Kathryn would be like this. She was acting like we'd known each other for years when we'd only met that day! But, I wrapped my hand around my dick and started jerking it back and forth. My cock was a little sore from having jacked-off so recently. "Use both hands!" Kathryn said, excitedly. I could tell she was going to have fun with this. I brought my left hand over and started working my cock with both hands. "Oh yes. That's good," Kathryn said, taking deep breaths. I guess my little show was really turning her on. She pulled off her T-shirt so we were both naked. It was hot and we both started to sweat. Without any warning, Kathryn reached out and cupped my balls with her hand. It took me by surprise, but I didn't mind. It felt great! Kathryn played with my balls and felt each of her tits with her other hand while I continued stimulating myself. What a way to start spring break! Kathryn was mad with lust.

She pulled my hands off my hard-on and took it in her own hand, her other hand still holding my balls. She led me by the penis over to my bed and pushed me down on it. "I need your dick, Sebastian," she said, "I need it inside me." She started to climb on top of me. "But Kathryn, you're my stepsister!" I said. "That's right," she said smiling, "and when your stepsister needs your cock, you better share, or I'll tell Mommy." Hah! Well I certainly wouldn't want that! She lowered her waiting pussy onto my eager cock, and we began fucking cowgirl-style. (Yee-Haa!) Kathryn was so gorgeous. I reached up and squeezed her big bouncy tits as she continued riding me. She was so nice and tight. Her vagina held my dick very nicely. I wouldn't last much longer, and neither would she. She reached down and played with her clit while I held her nice ass cheeks.

We came at the same time in a great flow of sex juices. Kathryn collapsed and lay on top of me, with my cock still deep inside her pussy. I held her body close to mine, never wanting to let go. After our breathing slowed down, Kathryn asked with a smile, "Well Sebastian, how do you like your new stepsister now?" I thought for a second and replied, "You know, I think we're going to get along pretty well!" We both giggled. I reached over, flipped off the lights, and finally fell asleep while still inside my new baby stepsister.

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